“Next, Wang Yuan.”



The provincial team coach’s words were like a thunderbolt falling beside him, scaring Wang Yuan into sitting up, and his whole body shivered from top to bottom.



In terms of skating talent, he could already be counted above ordinary people, he was very outstanding, after years of hard work and hard practice, the results had been good.


But because there were always two monster geniuses overhead, and no one cared, no matter how big a breakthrough he made or how good the results were, as long as it was compared, it would become nothing.


Now that the two geniuses had been away from the club for a year, his chance had finally come, but at the most most crucial point, Lin Lang suddenly came back.


In this year, although he did improve quickly in terms of technology, he had a very fatal problem for skaters.


Mental problems.


Except the daily cynicism, he didn’t really feel much pressure.


After all, after being bullied for so many years, the cowardly Lin Lang could sit on the position, which showed it wasn’t difficult.


He was just born at the wrong time, lacking an opportunity.


Before this, Wang Yuan always thought so.



Later, after the bully incident, Lin Lang was immersed a shadow and couldn’t get on the ice and Yao Qing changed his nationality and fled to the United States.



The focus of the whole club fell on him, and Wang Yuan finally became the key training object in everyone’s eyes.



At the beginning, his momentum only lasted for less than half a month. Half a month later, when the initial excitement passed, he suddenly found that he was afraid to go on ice.



“Go Brother Wang! Let that punk see what you’re made of!”



Wang Yuan sat on the chair, staring at the ice rink in front of him, gulped hard, he was already very nervous.



After the praise of the people around him, he only felt the pressure in his heart was even heavier.


This was the most important competition he had participated in since his debut, and it was an opportunity he had waited for nearly ten years to finally get.


He couldn’t afford to lose, and definitely couldn’t lose.



Wang Yuan stood up with his eyes on the ice in front of him, trying hard to look calm and collected in front of people.



But he could fool others, but he couldn’t hide from Lin Lang, who was sitting on the side.


“Brother Yuan! What are you waiting for! Hurry up!”



The few brats on the side were still shouting wolfishly, and even tried to use it to disturb Lin Lang’s mind.



But Lin Lang, who was sitting on the side, only stared at the ice rink without distraction, as if he had never put him in his eyes.


It wasn’t even necessary to speak, just this attitude, could break the defense of his mind.


The only good thing was that when Wang Yuan stood up and was about to walk to the ice, the club coach gave him a look that could be considered as feeding him a heart relieving pill.


Wang Yuan’s anxious heart slightly relaxed for the time being.


The provincial team’s selection wasn’t only based on the results of this one game, but Wang Yuan had been following Yao Qing for so many years and knew how he got along with the club coach.



As early as half a month ago, when he learned of the news of the provincial team selection, Wang Yuan had already asked his family to give the coach a lot of money.


This time, even if he didn’t win completely over Lin Lang’s confidence, as long as the difference wasn’t too much, he would able to get the spot even if he didn’t perform well with virtue of his usual performance during training, and the coach’s highly guaranteed recommendation.


He didn’t have to win, he just had to do as much as he did.


Wang Yuan thought so, blinked repeatedly and stepped onto the ice with a swaying expression.



But surprisingly, the result was really a lot better than his usual performances.



Although it wasn’t his best performance, but at least it was on par with his regular training sessions.



This was quite rare in the year when he was mentally unstable.



He jumped three times and executed two perfectly. Even those kids who had been very aggressive before were almost dumb.


It wasn’t until Wang Yuan’s performance gradually became normal, stabilized, and he executed 2A jump, which was like a master’s skill, that he finally felt some arrogance.


There were six common jumps in figure skating, which were divided into:


Axel jump (A jump).
The hook jump (LZ jump).
Back inside point jump (F jump).
Back outer loop jump (LO jump).
Back inside loop jump (S jump).
backward outer point jump (T jump).



In the case of the number, the more difficult the jump was, the higher the score would be. In this case, the most difficult A jump was just like a killing weapon.



The reason why Li Bing noticed him in the first place was precisely because of Wang Yuan’s Axel jump with a very high success rate.


The A jump was the only one of all jumps that started forward, because the direction of starting and landing on the ice was different, so much so that turning during the jump required more than several other jumps.



So in the 2A jump, the number of turns required was actually two and a half.


This also made the jump much more difficult.


But the difficulty of 2A was definitely not enough if he wanted to get to the international arena.



But in this period that weren’t much talents nowadays, as long as the seedlings could execute a 3A jump, they could basically enter the national team, entering the provincial team with a 2A jump shouldn’t be a problem.


Although he fumbled in the first half of the game due to psychological problems, Wang Yuan still had the highest score on the court according to the current chart.


He wasn’t afraid of the others. The only thing that worried him was Lin Lang, who was ranked last.



And now because the coach gave him that piece of mind, he didn’t even care about Lin Lang.


He hadn’t set foot on the ice for a year, even if he was talented,his performance couldn’t be better than his.


This provincial team’s quota was his for sure.



Wang Yuan’s performance was so bright that it drew the attention of everyone present to him.



Only Shen Lianqiu still sat in the stands, staring at Lin Lang with no expression, his gaze so focused that even Li Bing, who was on the side, couldn’t help but follow his line of sight.



But he saw a child with a wide hat, huddled in the shadows.


He was thin and small, and he couldn’t see his face with his hat. He sat in the corner. It could be said that his sense of existence was quite low. If he wasn’t curious about what Shen Lianqiu was looking at, Li Bing might not have noticed him until this evening.


Just now he did hear that there was a child who came to pick up a registration form.



In this case, it should be him.


He had never seen him, so he didn’t know his level.


Li Bing squinted at Shen Lianqiu, who was now focusing on the rink. He vaguely felt, as if he had seen his youthful appearance again.


Although Shen Lianqiu wasn’t a professional player, he grew up in this ice rink, as a child, his hobby was to observe the various details of the habits and performance of the players here.


Some coaches would even have to give way to his sharp eyes.


Li Bing didn’t know what kind of relationship he had with the boy in the hat, but since he could make Shen Lianqiu care so much, he must be a character.


He may also be the one he had been searching for to succeed him.



Li Bing cupped his chin and looked at Lin Lang at the rink from top to bottom, while the competition was coming to an end at this moment.


Finally, it was his turn as the last one on the field.



The lights of the ice rink were bright and dazzling, and almost everyone’s eyes in the arena converged on Lin Lang at this time.


But he remained calm, he calmly stood up, took off his wide hooded sweatshirt, revealing a normal black T, and walked straight to the ice.



As his figure stood in the center of the ice rink, a few seconds later the music started, and when he opened his eyes again, he was completely different from the non-existent Lin Lang who was present at the rink.



The firm eyes, the aggressive aura, and the unconcealed charm that emanated from his body, from the inside out.



As soon as Lin Lang took the stage, he had already completely grasped the hearts of the audience, making it impossible for everyone present to take their eyes off of him.



It was like a demon king on the ice, powerful, flamboyant and dangerous, yet no one could escape from his grasp without being attracted to him.


Today’s venue wasn’t large, the audience was scattered, and there weren’t many people.



That was one of the reasons that Lin Lang was even able to master the emotions of each and every audience 100%.



For example, Shen Lianqiu, who had been staring at him, was the most eye-catching person in the audience, so at the beginning of the show, he blew a kiss with a smile, which made his heart beat faster, and his mind relaxed in an instant.


Li Bing beside him, was so excited that he subconsciously stood up and held the railing.


This kind of expressiveness had always been the most lacking in China, and his glide was also very good.



As long as he could execute a 3A jump, he could be regarded as a star.



At this moment, Li Bing ignored Shen Lianqiu beside him. He was totally focused on Lin Lang on the ice, and even his eyes were shining with great anticipation.


However, he shouldn’t be too greedy. A sixteen year old child couldn’t do a 3A jump. What was more, Lin Lang looked very thin and weak.



Li Bing didn’t expect much of his jumping because of his current shape.


Those could be practiced later, it didn’t matter if he was a little worse, but a player’s performance and understanding of music, these things couldn’t be easily developed overnight.


Li Bing just thought about it like this, then he saw Lin Lang on the ice rink looking back, then he turned around and took off.



This action, won’t it….

2A? !



The only person who wasn’t shocked by this was Wang Yuan, who seemed to be used to it.



Lin Lang was a monster who could execute a 2A Jump without being on the ice for a year.


But what’s the use of that?



Not to mention that his jump wouldn’t necessarily be successful, even if it was successful, as long as the coach of the club stood on his side, the provincial team spot would still be his.



Wang Yuan couldn’t help but lower his head and laugh sarcastically, but he didn’t expect that he had just moved his eyes from Lin Lang one second ago, and the next second he was suddenly pulled back by the shout of the whole audience, and he met the figure of Lin Lang just jumping from the ice.



Although the height of the jump was so overhanging that even the shaft had been skewed to the point of being outrageous, Lin Lang still landed smoothly in the air after completing a three-and-a-half turn in one piece.



“Surprisingly, it was 3A ……”



The moment Lin Lang landed smoothly on the ice, the field was suddenly enveloped in a burst of awe.



Wang Yuan was the only one, still sitting frozen on the bench, chanting in a daze.


“How is this possible ……”





This year, although Lin Lang didn’t take to the ice, he didn’t stop land training for a single day.



Although his muscle strength had decreased due to malnutrition, and his body was still a little uncomfortable with ice, but at this moment Lin Lang could still rely on the experience of his previous life to forcibly save everything.


It was just that such non-standard jumps, in addition to requiring higher skills, often put more pressure on the knees and ankles, making it easier to get injured.



But he was reborn and back on the ice for the first time, and in a moment of excitement, he forgot to consider the error caused by the pair of utility ice skates he was wearing today.



In his last life, he was so accustomed to wearing all kinds of customized skates that he subconsciously forgot that he was now a serious pauper, and that the public skates he was wearing weren’t so supportive of his ankles.


The good thing was that he had a lot of experience, so he wasn’t going to get hurt directly because of this deviation.



After the performance, Lin Lang came down from the ice rink and took a small sip of water while walking back against the stands.


Along the way, besides all kinds of awe and praise, there was no shortage of some other sayings and remarks.



“But it’s just a provincial team selection, it’s too much. According to his performance, as long as he executes a 2A jump, he will be stable. It’s too desperate to take such a big risk ”


He hadn’t been able to get on ice for a year, and he executed a 3A jump as soon as he came back. No matter from any angle, it was quite competitive.



It was a pity that it didn’t really matter what happened on the ice.


What was more, the complex friendship between people in Yao Qing’s small group and the ice rink club coach.



If he hadn’t fought so hard, would it have been his turn for this spot?


Lin Lang thought, and looked at Wang Yuan, who was sitting not far from him, obviously furious, while drinking water, he gently smiled.



And at the same time, located in the bleachers directly above his head, Li Bing was still shocked.


“Surprisingly it’s him ……”



Li Bing turned his head, and then wanted to say something excitedly to the person next to him, but found that Shen Lianqiu had ran to the lower side of the stands.



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