The human-faced spider didn’t quite understand the meaning of what Qiao Nan said, she just shook her head, hand on her chest, then a ring floated out of her chest, it floated in mid-air, as if waiting for Qiao Nan to reach out and catch it.

Qiao Nan stretched out his hand.

The ring landed on Qiao Nan’s hand, and sank into his palm.

  [Congratulations to player [Qiao Nan] for obtaining [Lucky Key], random form: ring]

  Qiao Nan took a careless look at the ring’s attributes, and Qiao Nan, who had seen many good things, was surprised by it.

The attribute was …… luck.

  After a newcomer entered the game, the game would be equip them with a storage package of only one cubic meter, specifically for storing portable items and mission items, with future tasks, it took good luck to get more advanced storage items or to earn money to buy them, if the newcomer didn’t have either then they could only keep using this.

  The storage ring had a capacity of about a hundred cubic meters, it wasn’t much space, but it was useful.

He had had lucky rings and props.

  But the enchantment of this ring was [Luck MAX].

The other attributes were mediocre, but this [Luck MAX] was extraordinarily eye-catching.

Luck was also a part of strength, with good luck, if he opened a chest, he would get good items.

Qiao Nan wasn’t without lucky enchanted items, but he wasn’t a lucky person, and the items he used that were luck enchanted were either low in grade or difficult to carry with him.

And it didn’t matter whether it had a bonus.

He was only lucky once in a while.

  ”Is it for me?” Qiao Nan asked joyfully.

The human-faced spider nodded and rubbed the top of her head against Qiao Nan again, gesturing for Qiao Nan to sit on her back.

  Qiao Nan looked at her furry back and righteously rejected her, “No, I can go to Bangal City by myself.”

He took out a handful of what looked like black melon seeds from his backpack and put it in the human-faced spider’s hand, “Eat this if you’re hungry, don’t eat people, or I’ll get angry.”

 These black translucent stones emitted a rich darkness, a stone unique to the magic world that could store dark magic, and the energy contained within could feed the still hungry spider.

Qiao Nan didn’t want the spider to eat people, Bangal City was the main city, there were powerful magicians and swordsmen there, the spider that had only just broken through would definitely not be able to beat them and would definitely die.

  He didn’t want the magical beast to die.

The spider understood Qiao Nan’s meaning and pointed in another direction, gesturing for Qiao Nan to follow her.

  ”Wait a minute!” When they saw that Qiao Nan was going to follow the magical beast and leave, the Freckle-faced man who had been watching from the carriage couldn’t help but shout: “Where are you going?”

Qiao Nan looked back: “I don’t know.”

  This human-faced spider was very simple, and full of good feelings towards him, it definitely wouldn’t harm him, in fact, he was also curious about where  she wanted to lead him.

“It’s dangerous! Aren’t you afraid she’ll eat you?” The girl asked nervously.

Even if this human-faced spider didn’t hurt them, they refused to believe that this magical beast was harmless, looking at her face made them afraid,  looking at her body also made them scared.

As long as it wasn’t human, it made them uneasy.

This phrase had been deeply imprinted in the hearts of all humans.

  ”She’s a good kid.” Qiao Nan explained, “You don’t have to worry about me, that’s Bangal City over there, there’s no more danger around here, you can walk there by yourselves.” Qiao Nan’s eyes fell on the carriage that came down just now.

  ”By the way, that carriage driver, turned into a red name, will you guys solve it or should I?”

  This topic turned suddenly, the others didn’t react for a while, so Qiao Nan took advantage of their turned heads to leave with the human-faced spider.

  If she didn’t leave here, the people of Bangalore City would find her.

At that time even she couldn’t save herself.

And …… Qiao Nan didn’t lie to them, the original coachman who brought them here had turned red at this point, turning from neutral to hostile.

Qiao Nan walked further down while counting down to ten.

At the count of ten, Qiao Nan signaled the spider.

The spider understood and spewed out poisonous silk towards the place where the two came from.


[Congratulations to player [Qiao Nan] for killing [Bandit Leader], [Bandit Warlord], [Old John], and several [Ordinary Bandits]]

  A system prompt suddenly popped up in front of Qiao Nan. He didn’t personally take on those bandits, but he let the spider kill them …… but the experience fell on him.

In the level leader board, because Qiao Nan leveled up twice in a row, he moved upwards by hundreds of places.

And the place that the spider brought him to was clearly the base camp of those bandits.

The bandits didn’t know how long they had been here, and the basement was filled with money and all kinds of material weapons they had looted.

The worst was a white grade weapon, the best was a blue weapon, and the rest of the materials were the kind that weren’t particularly cherished but quite useful and could fetch a good price.

  Even the few treasure chests that the spider got went to him.

  Thanks to the contribution made by these bandits, Qiao Nan not only rose by two levels, he also got a lot of good things and three treasure chests.

One was the bandit leader’s, and the other was the bandit warlord’s and carter’s.

The coachman also gave Qiao Nan a surprise, a low level small but useful gadget exploded from his body.

  [Old John’s Disguise]

Effect: After wearing it, you can obtain [Old John’s Disguise] for thirty minutes, during which the player can randomly change his identity and appearance with someone of the same level, but with limited skills [except for special skills].

In other words, when he wore the pendant, he would randomly turn into the appearance of another person, this skill was very convenient, if there was any danger and he needed to get rid of pursuers, he could completely turn into another person to escape the eyes of others.

Qiao Nan was very satisfied, and then opened the treasure chests of the bandit leader and the warlord.

At this time, Qiao Max realized what [Luck Max] meant.

Inside the chest of the level forty BOSS, he actually found a purple suit!

The equipment level inside the game “Sanctuary” was white <green <blue <purple <orange <gold=god level.

Generally speaking green and blue were the most commo, purple would only appear on a level eighty or more BOSS, orange was for a level ninety or more BOSS, and the odds were pitifully small, as for the gold god-grade equipment, so far no player could get it at all.

Except for Qiao Nan.

There were seven God-grade weapons inside his backpack, not counting the ones on his waist and the others he wore on his body.

After he conquered a race, he would be rewarded by the system with a treasure chest, from which he could get all kinds of things, and for Qiao Nan, every time it was guaranteed for him to get a god-grade weapon, as for the materials ……

 His luck wasn’t very good.

It was simply like a BUG.

But to say that he was lucky, except when opening artifacts, the items he opened in other boxes were just above average.

But Qiao Nan always got the best weapons inside the best treasure chests.

  As for the other artifacts ……

  A few are made by his own collection of materials, and a few were given by his friends, such as this sword around his waist. It was sent by Amos, a friend he made in the abyss demon domain during his first reincarnation.

The material was the fire essence ore from the magma hell, and the gem set on it was said to be the fire god essence passed down from the ancient times, which waa a very rare artifact that could be used without level requirement.

The two purple weapons were put away by Qiao Nan, as he thought of selling them at the auction house for a good price, and only then did he turn over the other things inside the box.

A potion for restoring energy, food for restoring physical strength, many gold coins and something similar to a wanted order.

If he took this to the city center, he would get a bonus.

Qiao Nan put away some of these things, put all the things to be sold separately in a storage package with a capacity of only two cubic meters, and didn’t clean up the mess, instead he left directly.

  The human-faced spider had been standing on the side since a while ago, it didn’t move, and when it saw that Qiao Nan had finally finished, it rubbed itself against him and spit out another thing from its mouth.

Just as Qiao Nan caught the glowing green object, a golden announcement that was different from the other announcements appeared on the world channel, along with a string of large golden letters that surfaced from in front of all players.

[System Announcement] Congratulations to player [Qiao Nan] for reaching the hidden mission, hidden copy [Brawl] opened, obtaining the title [Herald], obtaining the reward [Number of Draw Spins*1], [Chaos Attribute Weapon: Book of Sacred Farewell]

With this announcement, another golden announcement appeared in front of all players.

[System Announcement] Congratulations to player [Qiao Nan] for being the first to reach level 40, gaining the title [Hidden First] and receiving the rewards [Number of Draw Spins*1], [Spider Silk*10]

The world channel, which had been brimming with excitement, was quiet for a few seconds for a rare moment.

Even Qiao Nan was dumbfounded, he didn’t expect to just pick up something and suddenly reach level 40.

“Found-” the human-faced spider who had never spoken had a twisted face at this time and spat out a few words from its mouth: “You ….. ”

Its eyes were pitch black, but it suddenly became red, it began to tremble, its legs could no longer support its huge body, making it collapse to the ground.

Qiao Nan immediately tore open the scroll of sealed healing spells, as he used several of them, the human-faced spider’s situation became better.

Qiao Nan knew the spider couldn’t speak, he put his hand on the spider’s forehead, and reached into the sea of consciousness of the spider.

Inside was violent darkness and raging energy, and a man in a black robe, who was looking for something in this darkness, turned his head violently after Qiao Nan entered.


He ran towards Qiao Nan with great effort, but when he was about to touch Qiao Nan, he exploded into a black mist and disappeared into the darkness.

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