Amos also loved cleanliness.


When he was a kid, he didn’t have that condition, but now that he had it, he certainly couldn’t get dirty.



But he was in pursuit of the real thing, so all the dirt on his body was real, not fantasy, he put up with it for so long, now that he had the chance to get his body clean, of course he had to go and wash.


Especially when he thought that His Majesty would be waiting for him in the room, he couldn’t wait.



Amos cheered himself up.



He was …… looking forward to it.



His Majesty would take out his own clothes for him to wear, and would comfort him gently ……



But he didn’t expect! He came out from inside the bathroom and saw such a scene!



His Majesty and an unknown elf rolled together on the bed, their hair tangled and their clothes all rolled together.



This …… this unexpectedly ……!


Amos could barely hold back his anger and almost launched into a rage on the spot.


He stood in the doorway and gazed coldly at the two guys rolling on the bed.


Calm down.


Amos, you have to be calm.


Never, never do anything to disgust His Majesty.


His majesty was with an elf that came out from nowhere. It hadn’t been a long time so nothing happened!



Calm down!



Amos’s constant thoughts suppressed his irritability, and the expression on his face was also distorted.



Reason told him this, but his feelings told him….


He was about to die of anger.


“Mr. Qiao!” Amos shed tears, “Don’t you like me anymore?”



“Hey?” Qiao Nan opened his eyes wide. “Ah Mo, what are you talking about?”



The elf who were pressed down now had empty eyes, and his face was extremely red.


King… Your Majesty


He looked more like him when he got closer!



Ah ah ah ah ah!!!!


The elf suddenly pushed Qiao Nan away. “Sorry!”





Qiao Nan was pushed to the ground, the upper half of his body laid on the floor, the lower half of his body was still on the side of the bed, he looked at the pink ceiling in confusion.



Was there something he didn’t understand ……



Amos got scared when he saw Qiao Nan lying on the floor without moving, he thought he hit his head, so he rushed over to try to pick up Qiao Nan, but Qiao Nan just looked at the ceiling in a daze.


“Mr. Qiao?!” Amos only wore a bathrobe. His body hidden in his clothes was thin and full of scars. The bathrobe was too big on him, so he needed to roll up his sleeves.




“It’s okay.” Qiao Nan put his hand on Amos’s hand, “It feels ah ……”



“I’m so sorry!” The elf also reacted at this time, he hurried to pull Qiao Nan up “I used too much force!”



“It’s okay.” Qiao Nan rubbed the back of his head and sat on the edge of the bed “It just felt …… Like the wife catching the mistress.”



He seemed to feel the ambiguity, and hurriedly explained “I’m not saying you’re a mistress, it’s just a description.”



Compared to the elf’s relief, Amos’s attitude was obviously a little too cold, he bristled “there is nothing to explain.”



He said so, but in his heart he was happy.



The king meant that he was the queen of the palace?


Was it possible that in the impression of the teacher, he was the only one …..



Amos could hardly restrain his elation.



“It is good that there is no misunderstanding.” Qiao Nan breathed a sigh of relief, “Amos, why did you come out? You were only in for a few minutes? Did you wash up?”




From going in to coming out, Amos took a total of less than five minutes, there was still no water on his body, he didn’t look like he had taken a bath.



Qiao Nan had always kept the habit of bathing, unlike the people on this side that used cleaning techniques. It wasn’t that he couldn’t use it, it was just that he never got used to it, if he didn’t wash with water, he felt uncomfortable and unclean.


Amos had no magic, reasonably speaking, in his state, he had to take at least two hours, but he came out in three minutes.


Amos “…… I was on my way.”



Amos grabbed the bath towel and ran in again in a flash, snapping the door back.



The elf was still standing on one side, his face was red and his hands fiddled with the bed, “That …… sorry, I didn’t mean to just now, I apologize.”


Qiao Nan didn’t care much about this. Besides, the elf wasn’t very old, so he didn’t care too much.



“Ah Mo, can I help you?” Qiao Nan rubbed the back of his head and went to the bathroom door.



“… no need.” Amos shouted.



Are you kidding? How could he let him in at this time.


Amos became an adult again. His dirt had been cleaned by him with a cleaning technique. He was surrounded by a white bath towel, and the bathtub was full of water.



After entering the room, Qiao Nan surrounded the room with a boundary. People outside couldn’t hear the sound inside, but he could hear anything that happened outside.


Why didn’t the teacher guess his identity even though he had said it so clearly?


Did he really have to go up to him and say, “Your Majesty, I am your dear Amos”?



He put a boundary inside the bathroom and took the time to take care of the official business he had forgotten about.



He left the palace in the abyss directly after he found Qiao Nan’s trail, before he had time to set up the task afterwards.



Counting the time, even if His Majesty hadn’t woken up, he should have come out from inside the palace.



Two more days was the festival, he couldn’t leave his hands unattended.



This Domain was a responsibility left to him by His Majesty, and he couldn’t just leave it alone.



“Now the guests who received the invitation are coming to the Magic Domain one after another.” Amos connected to the communication with the headquarters.



His projection appeared in the middle of the conference hall, only his current projection was a black mist, and Amos’s current condition couldn’t be seen over there.



Amos also wouldn’t let them see him naked in the bathroom, he wasn’t a pe-rvert.



“The Elves, the Celestials, as always, the Sea Clan declined the invitation this year, so only representatives of the Orcs, Dragons and Humans came.” The demon in charge of welcoming guests reported with a glance “we’ve arranged them in the city of Lucian Phil, the representative of the orc race is Prince Luang Pei, the dragon race is the dragon king Cyril, the human race …… is your good friend Norman. The first two have already come to the City, while Mr. Norman has not yet departed and is expected to wait until that day.”


Norman ……?


He forgot that Norman was also coming, he wasn’t afraid, but Norman’s attitude towards his majesty was also very intriguing, it was a kind of intuition, could be called love rival radar.


But what Amos couldn’t understand was that Norman obviously had a person he liked, why was he suddenly interested in his majesty? To the point of liking His Majesty.



His Majesty was certainly very good, worthy of everyone’s love, but Norman showed a deep love that didn’t seem to be fake.



Or did the other move on?


Then his like wasn’t worth much.



Amos, who had wanted to stop the other man, gave up trying to stop him.



Just as well, after he came over, he could show His Majesty how hypocritical this guy really was.


“…… let Norman live close to the palace.” Amos said, “And …… I want to make an announcement at the festival.”





What exactly was His Majesty trying to avoid?



“What’s the announcement?” Lilith, who was also present at the meeting, muttered in a low voice, “It can’t be an announcement that you’ve found your princess, right?”


Her voice wasn’t loud, but the people present were all strong, even if Lilith was sitting at the back and her voice wasn’t loud, they could still hear.



“What a joke.” A slender woman sitting in front hummed disdainfully “Amos’s true heart for His Majesty can be seen in heaven and earth, what, are you in love with His Majesty …… or with Amos?”



Lilith seems to have been poked, “Don’t you like Lord Amos?”



“I don’t.” The woman stretched out her fingers, admiring her newly made nails, “I certainly love His Majesty the Demon King more, or rather, no one here will hate His Majesty.”



The vast majority of those who could now sit here in the meeting were old people who had lived for thousands of years, they followed Qiao Nan to fight the world when Lilith wasn’t even born, they were more calm than the young and vigorous Lilith, and wouldn’t be panicked by the slumber of His Majesty.



Amos was the one His Majesty trusted, then they wouldn’t doubt Amos.



Much less would they doubt Amos’ love for His Majesty.



The others nodded their heads in agreement at the woman’s words.



Lilith was a newcomer, and they didn’t really want to bother with children, “You might as well save your breath, Amos won’t like anyone else even if he ends up alone.”



“Huh? Impossible.” Lilith stood up “Today I also saw His Majesty turn into a child, to touch a human, and use means to stay by his side.”



The conference room was quiet for a few seconds.



“…… eh?” Amos didn’t disconnect so he naturally heard Lilith’s words, the black mist representing his figure surged violently for a few moments, then calmed down.



Amos sat on the edge of the bathtub, resting his chin on his side and listening to Lilith’s words.



“Wait for my news tomorrow.” Amos said indifferently.



“Lord Amos!” Lilith’s voice rose a few notches “Do you like that human?”



“Tomorrow night, I will bring the man back.”




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