Qiao Nan’s teeth hurt a little.


“His Majesty the Demon King has been asleep for nearly two thousand years, and knows that there are few others.” Amos saw that Qiao Nan’s expression wasn’t quite right and quickly explained, “Your Majesty is more like a spiritual boost for us.”



But … Wasn’t it just like a mascot?



Qiao Nan subconsciously fondled his ring.



It seemed that his position in this copy should be similar to the god of Light, everyone knew there was such a person, but no one had ever seen him.



He should be safe in the magic domain, as long as his identity wasn’t discovered.


Sure enough, it was better to use a fake name.



“What’s your name?” Qiao Nan pondered for a moment, then pulled his hood up a bit, revealing his nose and lips, he took a sip of his black tea, “It’s too dangerous out there, it’s better to grab a place to stay, you should be able to work at this age.”



Amo revealed the scar on his neck: “…… No store would want to hire a slave.”



The scar had long been scabbed over, and it could be seen that it was branded on a long time ago, and was now somewhat blurred.



In the magic world, sla-ves could be said to be the bottom of the food chain, no one would hire a sla-ve to work, after all, in their view, spending money to hire a worker was better than paying for a sl-ave to work, that was foolishness.



“…… you were not captured?”


“I escaped from there, and …… they are all dead, this sl-ave seal has been invalidated, no one will take me back.” Amos lowered his head, “I tried to dig out this piece of flesh before, but after digging it out the flesh that grew out still has traces.”



“So.” Qiao Nan held his chin, “so then there is no way ah.”



He seems to have made up his mind: “Let’s do this, follow me, then after some time I’ll take you to the human race, people don’t care about this, by the way, what’s your name?”



“Amo, my name is Amo.” Amos came up with a very unorthodox name, it didn’t matter, the important thing was that he could stay.



He was also not worried that Qiao Nan realize his identity, because his disguise wasn’t anything special, or he was doing it just to let Qiao Nan find out about him.



This was exactly the state of his own childhood when he first met Qiao Nan, the name he chose was close to explicitly hinting at who he was.


His aim was to let Qiao Nan find out his identity.


But he forgot that the name Amo was quite common to ordinary people, Qiao Nan had lived for so long, he had met almost a hundred people called Amo, so hearing that name meant nothing to him.


“I’m Qiao.” Qiao Nan also said his own very unorthodox pseudonym.


But compared to Norman, Amos had less of a problem hearing Qiao Nan’s pseudonym.


Because he knew very well that Qiao was also part of Qiao Nan, he used the name ‘Qiao’, purely because he felt that his own name was strange …… or it was dangerous.



A name was supposed to be a curse, just like someone could summon magical creatures by the virtue of their name, if the other side knew the real name, it was hard to guarantee that they wouldn’t do anything.


Where was the transfer place?


Did it open at night?


Qiao Nan was thinking about this.



If it didn’t open… He’d go to a hotel and wait for it to open tomorrow… Well, as for Amo, the kid…


He’d keep him for the time being. He shouldn’t be in the way. Before that, he needed a good cleaning.


He was too dirty.




“Really? Can I follow you for now?” Amos whispered somewhat incredulously, “I can do everything, cleaning and cooking, as long as you will allow me to stay with you.”



“Oh?” Qiao Nan raised an eyebrow, “Why do you want to be with me, aren’t you afraid I’m a human tra-fficker?”



“You are a good man.” Amos held the corner of his shirt: “Because you bought me something to eat.”


Qiao Nan lost his smile: “Thank you for the compliment, now, I’m going to take you to wash and clean up, then go rest.”


Amos pursed his lips, trying to let his tears fall.


“Boys shouldn’t cry.”


“Sorry, because I’m too moved, it’s a bit unbelievable.” Amos held back his tears.



Sure enough, no matter what time of the day, His Majesty was always so kind.



But he hoped more than anything that this tenderness would always belong to him.



“Eat up then we’ll find an inn and get a room.” Qiao Nan paid, and packed a new meal, casually found a a luxury-looking hotel, took Amos in and paid for a room.



The receptionist looked at Qiao Nan with strange eyes, then she looked back and forth at the two people, “I’m very sorry, sir, because of the festival relationship, our hotel only two sets of the most expensive rooms left, a set of couples room, a set of family rooms, you ……”


Qiao Nan, of course, choose the family room, he was just about to pay, when a family of five came in from the entrance of the inn.



The visitor didn’t look like a demon, but rather like an orc, the husband came to discuss with Qiao Nan: “I’m really sorry, can I change with you? Our family ……” his tone held some difficulty, Qiao Nan understood his meaning, he gave the family room to the man, and took the couples’ room.


Anyway, they were only here for one night, Amo was still a small child, staying in such an ambiguous room wouldn’t mean anything.



On the contrary, Amos was a little excited when he heard that the two were going to the couple’s room.



Rounding up! It meant sleeping together!



His mood was quite good, he followed Qiao Nan up to the third floor, led by the waiter down to the door of the room.



The interior of the couple’s room was quite intriguing, the interior decoration was all full of hints of burgundy, the heart-shaped bed was also covered with a layer of rose petals, the luminous beads emitting light was light pink.



“Go take a shower.” Qiao Nan came back without finding a clothing store, so he had to look for clothes inside his own storage ring.



During this search, he found someone he forgot about.



Bought back by him at a great expense, the elf.



The elf was still sitting in the cage, looking quite awake, he was wearing a rather ero-tic white gauze robe, he didn’t know if the auction house made him wear it.



“Sorry, I forgot you were still here.” Qiao Nan handed him some of his own clothes: “I am now in the magic domain, if you want to come out, I can take you out.”



But the magic domain people weren’t very friendly to the elves, if this elf rashly went out, he’d be targeted.



Especially since the other party wasn’t in a very good situation right now.



“…… you, what exactly do you want to do?”


“I originally wanted to send you away, but something went wrong and I came straight to the magic domain.” Qiao Nan hugged the clothes as he explained, The elf got dressed and started to relax from curling up in the cage. “If you really mean that, let me out.”


Qiao Nan thought his attitude was unexpectedly good. He was locked up here for an afternoon and a night, and he wasn’t furious.


Those human beings bought elves back to satisfy their dirty se-xual desires, didn’t they?


He’d pretend to flatter him, and then find a chance to ki-ll him!



He even found a weapon.



When Qiao Nan put him in the storage ring, he didn’t isolate him, but put him in a corner.


Usually when Qiao Nan dropped his equipment into the ring, he didn’t pick it up. Those new dropped weapons were just thrown away at random. He could reach for the nearest one. When Qiao Nan was busy with other things and didn’t pay attention to it, he had used that weapon to keep his cage open and cut off the chains that trapped him.



But the dru-g effect on him hadn’t disappeared, and there was no way to use magic, otherwise he would have gone out of the cage now.


Qiao Nan took off his hood and revealed his face, “You want to come out of it? When tomorrow dawns I can send you to the teleportation array and get you out of here.”



The elf froze and looked at Qiao Nan’s face, his mouth fell slightly open, eyes a little dull, he seemed to be in shock.


“…… are you listening to me?” Qiao Nan saw the elf ignore him, and repeated the question.



The elf’s grip on the weapon hand loosened slightly: “Sorry. You look like someone I know.”



The elf wasn’t old, not even a hundred years old, at his age, cultivation to level fifty was already considered very good.



The higher the level the slower they aged, but it generally stopped at level twenty.



Of course, if some people were too poor in talent, they reached level twenty when they were already thirty or forty, then their appearance would be a thirty or forty year old person.



The younger the person, the higher the level, the more powerful the talent, this elf looked like he was only sixteen or seventeen years old, his talent was good, he just didn’t know how he was accidentally caught by someone.



If he hadn’t been bought by him, no one could tell what exactly he would face afterwards.



“Is that so?” Qiao Nan smiled, “Want to go outside with me and wait? It might not be very comfortable inside the space.”



Qiao Nan took the auction and gave him the key to open the cage.


The elf hesitated, tucked the dagger into his arms, and then put his hand on Qiao Nan’s outstretched hand.


It was warm.


The elf was in a trance for a moment.



The temperature of elves was cold, and when he suddenly encountered normal human body temperature, it felt a little uncomfortable.



He knew that he shouldn’t trust others casually, but…..



This man looked like the King.



The elf was pulled up by Qiao Nan. Instead of releasing his hand, Qiao Nan took the elf with one hand and gave something to Amo with the other, and left the space with the elf.





Qiao Nan appeared in the room.



When Qiao Nan entered the space, he stood at the bedside, and when he pulled him out, the elf landed on the bed beside him.



Soft bed with burgundy sheets, red rose petals sprinkled all over the bed, the elf didn’t think he would land on the bed, his unstable feet plus his weak body that didn’t have much strength, so he fell directly to the bed. And Qiao Nan had been holding the elf’s hand, so he was also caught off guard and was pulled to the bed.


The two people suddenly fell together.



“You two ……”




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