Qiao Nan’s facial expression suddenly became ugly.


Listening to the child, this woman should be similar to a human tr-afficker, she saw the little boy alone and wanted to take him away to do something else.



If she was good, he’d be brought back to the house as a servant, or he’d probably be sent into the mine as hard labor, or …… captured to be a higher magical beast bait.



Regardless of which, it was difficult to accept.


Qiao Nan also didn’t expect to encounter this kind of thing after coming to the magic domain, he moved the child behind him: “If you don’t have a suitable reason, I won’t let you go.”




Lilith’s level was quite higher than Qiao Nan’s, but he wasn’t afraid.



Nothing could be said today that would allow her to take this child away.



“I’m not!” Lilith also didn’t expect Amos would say so, for a while her anxious words couldn’t come out: “That one, that one is-”



She originally wanted to directly reveal Amos identity, but she subconsciously swallowed the words when she saw Amos’s eyes.


It was dangerous.



If she said it, she’d be k-illed by Lord Amos!



Lilith immediately wimped out, but she wouldn’t admit her identity as a tr-afficker, “Sorry, I just thought he looked like my brother and wanted to ask him something, I’m really not a tr-afficker.”




Qiao Nan looked at Lilith suspiciously.



Lilith seemed very rich, a look showed that she was a noble lady or a powerful noblewoman, she held power in her hands and already had money and status so she just wanted to make her life a little happier.




Human beings were all like this, not to mention that they preferred to conform to their original intentions and enjoy themselves.





As long as they were happy, it was all right. They wouldn’t play with their lives.



Lilith’s eyes were very righteous, but unfortunately it couldn’t impress Qiao Nan.




“What about your escort and maids?”





How could Lilith know where the guards and maids were?



She had gone to the palace to look for Amos, but didn’t expect to wait until Amos came and showed disdain for her, she hurriedly chased after him, only to find that the omnipotent lord she remembered made himself dirty, and then disguised himself as a beggar.


How did this ……


Lilith felt bitter, and she didn’t know how to shield herself from Qiao Nan’s suspicious eyes.



Lord Amos was also here, if he wasn’t here, why would she allow this human to be so presumptuous in front of her?





She really couldn’t understand why Lord Amos would care so much about this human.





Obviously, he was just an ordinary guy who didn’t dare to show his face!





Seeing Lilith was about to get down, Amos tugged Qiao Nan’s sleeve: “isn’t this a misunderstanding?”


Qiao Nan also thought, dressed like Lilith was, she shouldn’t be guilty of abducting a dirty-looking child, his defensive mind calmed down, but he didn’t lower his guard.



This child was dirty like this, how could she see his face through the dirt? At least Qiao Nan could only see that this child looked barely decent.



His eyes were good-looking, very eye catching.




Fearing that the child would suddenly eat hard and hurt his stomach, Qiao Nan bought the child some porridge and other liquid food, and he put the rice in the child’s hand: “Since it’s a misunderstanding, we’ll leave first.”



Lilith was busy nodding and watched them leave.




How could Lord Amos just leave like that!



The Lord easily left, everyone was waiting for the Lord to return to the magic domain to preside over affairs, who would have thought that after he left the castle not only didn’t he return to the castle, he also disguised himself as a castaway to catch a human?



What was so great about that human being?




Lilith was extremely puzzled.



She stood in the same place for a while, then she stomped her foot, turned around and went back to the carriage, and ordered the carriage driver to drive back to the castle.




She needed to discuss with other city leaders. They had to bring Amos back before the succession ceremony started.




Now there was no proper master of the Abyssal Demon Realm, Lord Amos could clearly replace the one who had long fallen into a deep sleep, the so-called Demon King Qiao Nan!



Lilith was just a newly promoted noble, less than five hundred years old, she felt her strength was very high and her natural ability was also relatively special, so she was able to climb to this position at a young age.


But …… Lilith still had her own plans.


She adored Lord Amos.



She was very young, born when the so-called Lord Demon King had fallen into a deep sleep, it had been Lord Amos that dealt with all kinds of affairs, to eliminate the danger for the demons.



In Lilith’s heart, Amos was the strongest person in the Demon World!



He was the master of the Demon Realm, not the so-called Lord Demon King.



Since he had fallen into a deep sleep, he should let go of the position and give it to someone in need! Why did he want to hog that position and not let go?



She had managed to climb to her current position, and even become one of the 72 city lords, in order to make Lord Amos the Demon King of the Demon Race!





Only Lord Amos could lead the demon  race to the top and pull that da-mned god of Light down!



Lilith rushed back to where she was now living.



Soon, there would be a grand festival in the demon domain that happened once in one hundred years. The seventy-two city leaders would come to the City to celebrate the festival in advance, except those who were stationed outside and were performing tasks.



Once a hundred years festival scale was huge, it took a lot of preparation, they would even invite guests from other races to come over to participate.


There weren’t many races that made friends with the Demon race. The sworn enemy, the heavenly race, would definitely not come. The elf race had always avoided the world and certainly wouldn’t come. The relationship between the sea race and the Demon race was flat, and they weren’t sure whether the other would come.



Lilith as one of the seventy-two city lords, naturally also had her own things to do. She was able to find out that Lord Amos had left the castle in the abyss before everyone found out, naturally she had her own channels, and she thought she could go and brush up on his impression of her.



She also thought she could go first to get a wave of good feelings, then express her love, but she didn’t expect Lord Amos to actually, unexpectedly!!!!




“Lord Lilith, where have you been? Lord Kelantriar is looking for you for a meeting.” Lilith had just entered the door when the butler called her, “It’s about the festival matter.”



“I see.” Lilith couldn’t be angry at the housekeeper, so she could only answer with an iron expression.



The housekeeper had been alive for thousands of years old, he was said to have served the demon king, even Amos was very much in awe of him, Lilith simply didn’t dare to offend him.


What should she do if the other snitched.



“By the way, Amos’s personnel ……”


“You don’t need to mention Lord Amos’s matter.” Even if he was nearly two thousand years old, the butler’s face still remained in a young state, his smile unchanged, but his tone was much colder and harder: “If you delay, Lord Kelantriar will be angry.”



Not being able to pry information about Amos, Lilith looked a little annoyed, she grunted, but could only hurry to the meeting.



Don’t let her find a chance to see that human again!





“Where do you live now?” Qiao Nan asked Amos as he sat in the booth, “Eat slowly so it won’t burn you.”



Amos was familiar with how to play a little poor person and said carefully, “I have no home, I’ve been wandering.” He drank all the porridge: “Thank you very much for your help, but I don’t have any money ……”



“That’s okay.” Qiao Nan cocked his head: “Then do you know why this place is so busy?”



“Because it’s time for the 100-yearly festival.” Amos said in a deep voice: “In order to commemorate the Demon King, Lord Amos deliberately chose the day the two met as a memorial day, once a year festival in addition to praying for His Majesty the Demon King’s grace, there are good wishes for him.”



Qiao Nan: ……



Amos tried to hint wildly with his eyes, but unfortunately Qiao Nan didn’t get it at all.



“It was Amos who suggested it?” Qiao Nan felt a toothache.



Amos nodded, his face unchanged: “Lord Amos cares a lot about His Majesty the Demon King.”


Qiao Nan hissed.


“Then who is the King of the Demon Realm now?” Qiao Nan asked again.


“It’s still Qiao Nan.”



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