Qiao Nan was confused.



He didn’t even think that Norman would say such words, nor did he think that Norman’s heart was holding the idea of god-slaying.



And the god of Light ……



seemed to be one of the victims?



According to what Norman said, when he first left this copy, it looked a lot like the God of Light moved against him, then he left the Heavenly Clan copy when …… the god of Light was also there.



Qiao Nan took a deep breath.



Fortunately, the game was in accordance with the history of the human race, if it was the history of the Celestial Race, the god of Light would probably want to fight!



Qiao Nan secretly breathed a sigh of relief, he reached out to pat Norman’s back, signaling him to let go of him, but Norman didn’t want to let go at all, and his grip got a little tighter.



“I won’t let go, if I let go, teacher is going to go again, right?” Norman buried his head into Qiao Nan’s neck, his breath hit Qiao Nan’s collarbone, giving Qiao Nan goosebumps.


“That’s not what I said, I have my own things to do, I can’t stay here all the time.”



“Where is teacher going?”



Hearing that Qiao Nan wanted to go, Norman stiffened, the look in his eyes darkened a lot: “Can’t you stay all the time? I can protect the teacher, the teacher is only level 50 now, it’s dangerous if you run around.”



“I don’t fear danger, but worry about the absence of danger.” Qiao Nan directly tore away from Norman: “Norman, you are no longer a child, don’t be capricious, you should know how annoying it really is to cause trouble for others.”



Norman was obviously quite a bit taller than Qiao Nan, but at this time he was like a small quail that didn’t dare to move, he could only look at Qiao Nan pathetically.



“But …… it wasn’t easy for you to come back ……”



“Since I came back, that is something.” Qiao Nan deeply understood the meaning of give a slap then give a sweet date: “It’s already unexpected, so don’t cause trouble, wait for me to finish what I want to do, I’ll come back to you, at that time I’ll accompany you.”



“When will you come back?”



“I’m not sure, but I will.”


Of course, Qiao Nan didn’t know that it would take more than one copy to finish. He had stayed in the copy before, from one hundred to five hundred years, or even a thousand years. He didn’t know what would happen or whether there would be accidents, it depended on the situation.



However, the demon’s copy shouldn’t take too long.



As long as he took it step by step, even if there was a change in the task, it wouldn’t matter much.



Norman was obviously not happy.



Of course he wasn’t happy, he had a hard time waiting for the teacher, and even showed his identity, his hope was that the other could stay, even if he was no longer a demigod.



It didn’t matter, as long as he came back, and teacher still remembered what happened at the beginning, that was a surprise.



“So when are you leaving?” Norman asked.



It was okay that he couldn’t stay, he could disguise himself and sneak straight over there when the time came, he was now more powerful than even teacher, he definitely wouldn’t catch him.



In Qiao Nan’s friends list and teacher-apprentice system, Norman’s avatar lit up.



Qiao Nan taught Norman how to learn, how to deal with those incomprehensible nobles, naturally, he also had a deep understanding of Norman’s character, although a long time had passed, as long as the other wasn’t a completely different person, then his way of acting wouldn’t change too much, so Qiao Nan understood that the other may be thinking of some secret tracking method.



He took the time to glance at the background and found that Norman’s avatar lit up in the background friends list, and immediately had a countermeasure.



Even if Norman changed his face and figure and changed his name, he still had no way to get rid of the system’s monitoring, as long as he was still in his friends list, then he could see the status of the other party.



The players could set their own friends in the background, but Norman was an NPC, NPCs didn’t have the system, after adding a friend the other party’s status was clearly displayed on the backstage, except the more private thing, Qiao Nan would know everything about Norman’s status.



Even if he turned into a female, Qiao Nan could recognize him from his friends list.



“I will not leave until Bangal City is stabilized, now you should go to work, the residents of Bangal City still need your help, you have to deal with the follow-up of this time.”



Qiao Nan poked Norman’s soft spot.



He was now the city lord of Bangal City, so naturally he had to do his best for the stability of Bangal City. Now that such a big thing had happened to the city lord’s residence, as the city lord, Norman certainly couldn’t leave his hands unattended, much less leave Bangal City behind to follow Qiao Nan to the demon domain.



He needed to stabilize Bangal City.



Teacher promised to wait for Bangal City to stabilize before leaving, so he would have enough time to keep the teacher, and could take advantage of this time to cultivate a good relationship with him.

Teacher certainly wouldn’t lie to him, he had always kept his word, it was impossible for him to leave him behind.



Norman, who thought he was thinking seamlessly, very obediently let go of his hand, he was sent away, except that he never took his eyes off Qiao Nan.



“Then we have a deal, no leaving without talking to me.” Norman grabbed a corner of Qiao Nan’s robe and followed him out the door, “I’ll be angry if you leave suddenly.”



“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely talk to you when I leave.”


Qiao Nan cleared all the overflowing magic qi inside the boundary, then packed up the cor-pses inside, and finally untied the boundary protecting the city lord’s residence, allowing fresh air to pour in from outside.



Except that the beginning of Ferguson’s attack was extraordinarily loud, the rest of the sound was all blocked by Qiao Nan’s boundary, when people who heard the sound came over to check, they could see only a demonstration of the boundary, as to what happened inside, only the people inside know.



When Qiao Nan removed the boundary, many people had already gathered outside, both ordinary people and escorts who heard the sound to see if there was an enemy attack.



“Lord, City Lord!” As soon as Norman went out, he was surrounded, and Norman couldn’t make a move on them, but could only separate them and talk to them from afar.



Qiao Nan, on the other hand, took advantage of the fact that the other was pestered by ordinary people and quietly took Eugene away from the city lord’s residence.



He didn’t tell anyone, only taking Eugene.



Without him, Eugene was likely to not get out, otherwise he didn’t even want to bring Eugene.



Qiao Nan didn’t want to be delayed, he still had many things to do, even if Norman wanted him to stay, he didn’t want to stay.



His home turf was in the demon domain, not the human race.



If it was before, he might have stayed here to keep Norman company, but not now.



He had his own things to do, and seeing that the possibility of leaving the game was just around the corner, he was definitely not going to waste time here.



Being able to leave the game one day sooner would mean that he could avenge his mother one day sooner and be able to take care of those people in the Qiao family with his own hands.



“Qiao, where are you going?” Eugene also followed Qiao Nan, and the two of them directly used the teleportation scroll to teleport outside the teleportation array of Bangal City.



Norman hadn’t had time to block the teleportation formation, it was still usable now.



Such an important thing as a teleportation array, it was impossible to seal off, if not cleared in advance, it was easy to stir up the spatial order, people would be trapped inside, disappearing in the space-time turbulence.



Norman only said the transmission array was broken in order to keep Qiao Nan.

“One gold coin for one person, level ten or higher to use.” The person in charge of managing the teleportation array said to the two without raising his head.



Qiao Nan wasn’t short of money, Eugene wasn’t short of money, but he just got his hands on the money, so he thought the price was too expensive.



A gold coin, if often used every month, was a lot of gold coins.



However, ordinary people didn’t use the transmission array



Only rich people did.


“I want to go to the demon domain.”



“Demon domain is ten gold coins.” The administrator said again, “What about you?”



“Me, I’m going too.” Eugene subconsciously said.


“You can’t go, your physique is not yet able to resist the magic qi of the magic domain, after going there your cultivation speed will become slower.”



“Then where should I go?”



“You can go to all of them except the demon Domain, you can go to the Heavenly Clan.”



“The passage of the heavenly clan has been closed for a long time, I suggest going to the imperial capital, such young people are most suitable to go to the imperial capital to see the world.” The administrator casually interjected, “Of course, I’m just suggesting it.”



“I think it’s okay, go to the imperial capital to cultivate well.”



“Then ……”



“How much is the total?” Qiao Nan didn’t give Eugene a chance to speak, he paid after the administrator said how much, and dragged Eugene into the teleportation array.



He didn’t leave without saying goodbye, he left a letter to Norman before he left, so that Norman could see it after he returned.



From the time he left that letter to enter the teleportation array, it was less than ten minutes, even if Norman reacted, Norman certainly couldn’t get out of the city master’s house in a short time to teleportation array with those people surrounding him.


After entering the transmission array, even Norman wouldn’t know where Qiao Nan went, and there was nowhere to start.


Qiao Nan took Eugene into the teleportation array, dropped Eugene in the direction of the imperial capital, and found his way to the demon domain by familiarity.



The city of Bangal was relatively close to the magic domain, but the two places were in completely different spaces, even with the teleportation array, it would take nearly ten minutes to get there, and this cross-domain transfer required a lot of energy, the sense of transport was also very poor, overwhelmed by the chaotic space-time turbulence, he almost vomited.



His destination wasn’t the imperial capital, if it was, he’d be easily found by Norman, so Qiao Nan randomly found a main city near the imperial capital, and then use the teleportation scroll to the capital.



Qiao Nan didn’t stay here long, he tore open teleportation scrolls, all the way to the outside of the gates of the demon domain.



The valuable transmission scroll outside was just a consumable for travelling here. After using it, Norman couldn’t trace him.

There were still traces to follow in the transmission array. After all, there were only a few exits. After leaving the transmission array, where could Qiao Nan hide?



The magic in the air for the current Qiao Nan still had an impact, he could feel the magic in his body after his cultivation speed slowed down a lot, it was probably worse in the human race.



The birth point when entering the game was randomly assigned, and all players all defaulted to the human race, if you liked other races, you could go to the appropriate area to change race and occupation after level 10, so there were often cases where you obviously liked the heavenly race but was born in the arch rival demon domain.



Being born in the main city of the human race in turn was more fortunate, because cultivation in the demon domain would be very slow, there would be DEBUFF, than other areas were cultivation was nearly twice as slow.



Qiao Nan changed into an unobtrusive black robe, draped in a cloak with a hood that could block his face, and quietly appeared outside the demon imperial capital.



The majority of them were local NPC residents, and a small number of them were players who had just arrived in the game.



The difference between players and NPCs was obvious, and that excitement was completely different from the aborigines.



Qiao Nan hid all his characteristics belonging to a player, and like an ordinary aborigine, he submitted his name plate and registered to enter the City.


The city was even more lively than he remembered.



The red moon hanging in the sky, the faint red moonlight spilling into this black and prosperous city, the air filled with restlessness and enthusiasm well neutralized the viciousness of the demonic aura.



The streets were decorated with lights, and there were many vendors selling things on the roadside.



If not for the red moon in the sky, Qiao Nan would have thought this was the imperial capital of the human race.



Since when did the demons start making trading markets?



Qiao Nan was standing by the side of the street when he was pushed and a man’s cursing voice rang out, “Don’t you have eyes?”




“I’m sorry.” Qiao Nan knew he was standing here in the way, so he apologized and moved to the side, he seemed to have kicked someone, he turned his head to look and saw a small, thin figure shrank against the wall, wearing ragged clothes, his exposed skin showed numerous scars.


“Going to see a doctor?” When Qiao Nan saw this child, he suddenly recalled when he first met Amos.



At that time, Amos was also so thin and weak, alone and pitiful, shrinking in the corner.



But it was still winter, so a small child hiding in the corner was almost buried by the snow, Qiao Nan couldn’t bear to leave him there.



Now that he had returned to the demon domain, he had come across another extraordinarily miserable child ……



Qiao Nan walked over and squatted as he asked softly.



The little boy raised his head, revealing crystal bright golden eyes, his face was dirty, his hair had turned into a mess because it hadn’t been cleaned for a long time, and two tiny black horns stood on the sides of his forehead, he looked pitiful.



“I’m fine.” The boy whispered, “Just, just give me a little food.”



“Then wait for me here for a while, I’ll go get you something to eat.” Qiao Nan looked around and found a place that sold food, then went to buy food for him.



The things he could eat inside his backpack were all magical, and this kid was just an ordinary kid who probably didn’t have any immunity to magic.



“Lord Amos.” Seeing Qiao Nan walking away, a woman wearing a long black dress came over: “You’d better go back to the king’s palace-”



“No need.” Amos maintained the posture of sitting in the corner with his knees hugged, and the pathetic expression just now faded: “Don’t meddle in my affairs.”



He deliberately waited here to give his dear sire an unexpected chance encounter.



“Then I–” the woman was just about to say something when she saw Qiao Nan walking back, however, her movements were no faster than Qiao Nan’s eyes, and as the two looked at each other, Qiao Nan brushed her off and moved in front of Amos.



“What do you want?” Qiao Nan asked the lady, “If something is wrong, you can talk to me.”



“No, nothing.” Lilith took a step back and looked at Amos as if for help, hoping that Amos could help explain.



It was a pity that the current Amos didn’t want to care about Lilith at all, he reached out and grabbed the corner of Qiao Nan’s coat, tears suddenly welled up in his eyes: “She tried to take me away!”




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