Above the clouds, the lofty white city gleamed in the sunlight, its rich magic almost turned into substance and shined with golden light.

This was the City of Holy Light, the highest temple of the God of Light.

In the spacious central square, Qiao Nan slightly closed his eyes, he sat on a high-backed chair inlaid with various colored stones, his golden silky hair flowed down, his body was draped in red velvet silk, which hung down from the foot of the stool, scattered on top of the steps. A pale, holy golden glow filled the palace, making him look even more holy and unsullied.

Several young people crouched on their knees, secretly tilted their heads and gazed wildly at him.

This young man sitting on a high seat, as delicate and flawless as a rose, even the God of Light had to carefully treasure the holy son, was the sun in the sky, was the pearl in the sea, was the treasure of the entire race.

Qiao Nan was oblivious to these burning eyes, the fact that he was still sitting there, was the gift of the God of Light to them, the people.

He had waited for a long time, today, as long as the papal scepter and crown was given to him, he could leave this world.

Qiao Nan needed to get out of here and return to the real world.

After he had tried every way he could imagine, he chose the most difficult, but also the most likely path.

Become a god.

All he had to do was complete all the quests, brush up on all the prestige values he could earn, and reach every achievement he knew.

If one world didn’t work, he restarted another one. Except for the first Abyssal Demon Realm that trapped him in the game, all the other realms had already reached their achievements.

And now, he was working on the last part of the Celestial Race.

The young bishop, dressed in pure white robes, slowly came from outside the hall, holding a two-meter-long scepter, which was golden in color, with a fist-sized transparent diamond-shaped gemstone set at the top, retro and noble in shape, it emitted a strong power of light.

This scepter was the symbol of the Pope of the God of Light Temple.

Qiao Nan opened his eyes, his eyes fell on the scepter in the bishop’s hand, and there were a few moments of uncontrollable excitement in his heart.

The achievement value progress bar had gone to 99% and the prestige value had reached the highest point, as long as the scepter was obtained and the coronation ceremony was finished, the last full achievement of the heavenly race would be completed.

After this ended, he would have brushed up on all the quests in the game.

And now, it was the moment to confirm his suspicions.

Even though he had been cultivating his body for hundreds of years, Qiao Nan was still doubly excited for this moment to come.

Qiao Nan didn’t hide his excitement, the fingers on the armrest curled gently because of hus excitement, he looked at the man who slowly walked towards himself, waiting for him to walk to the bottom of the steps, then he stood up and slowly walked down the high throne.

The white hem of his coat slid down to the marble floor, and the rustling sound of clothesline and the crisp clash of trinkets echoed in the empty hall.

Qiao Nan walked gracefully from the top to the man.

The man’s breath was slightly shaky, his face was vaguely flushed, his brown eyes were filled with excitement and restraint, he gazes at the child he had brought up to be favoured by the gods, and carefully handing him the scepter.

The scepter was a very heavy scepter, it was cold and slender to the touch, as he grabbed it, he quickly opened the data of the scepter.

Super top god-grade weapon with various attributes above SSS level!

Now, it was his!

The smile on the corner of Qiao Nan’s mouth softened his unattainable aura by a few points, and the believers kneeling on the ground blushed and lowered their heads, their faces still not hiding their fanatical infatuation.

With the scepter in hand, half of the Heavenly Clan’s mission was complete!

As long as he got the papal crown, he could complete all the tasks.

Qiao Nan, holding the scepter, walked against the light, the sunlight traced a circle of gold around him, the hair raised by the breeze almost turned transparent white, making him look holy and powerful.

In that trance, the believers thought they saw god who hadn’t come for a long time.

A high platform was erected in the square outside the sanctuary, and at some point, all the inhabitants of the City of Holy Light gathered in the square.

The inhabitants of the Heavenly Clan were the people of the God of Light, they were born from the cradle in adult form until death, they had wings on their backs, and they were powerful, almost everyone was a powerful warrior.

However, when these people saw Qiao Nan, they knelt down in unison, prostrated on the ground, and faced Qiao Nan with the most devout posture.

A beam of light tore through the clouds and fell on Qiao Nan. The light was gentle, full of tolerance, and contained surging power.

It was the God of Light who created the City of Holy Light and the Heavenly Clan who descended!

Qiao Nan’s movements stalled, he was completely unable to figure out why the senior NPC, who only appeared when he became a holy son, would appear here? Fortunately, his movements had become elegant and faultless after years of inculcation, and at the first sight of the God of Light, he gracefully bowed his head and bent down in salute.

[TN: NPC—- Non playable character]

“Father god ……”

“My son ……” The god of light’s voice was ethereal and majestic, he gazed at the handsome and flawless teenager and his extremely gentle movements, then he gathered divine power and formed a gorgeous high crown. The high crown was inlaid with various colored gems, engraved with various patterns, two golden threads hooked into the ribbon hanging behind, creating the end of the two red gems pendant.

The god of Light, who hadn’t descended for tens of thousands of years, at this moment came down just to crown his beloved son, such an honor, in the history of the Heavenly Clan, it had never happened.

Qiao Nan took a step back and bowed his head slightly, the long hair that was neatly tucked behind his ears slipped out.

“I am very happy.” The god of Light lowered his eyes, and stretched out a hand to pull the strands of hair that had fallen behind his ears, “You have finally come to my side.”

Qiao Nan blinked, and didn’t respond.

As long as the god of Light gave him the crown, he could pat himself on the back and go away, who cared what the other came over for?

After waiting for half a day, Qiao Nan who was waiting for the god of Light to put the crown on him, looked up in confusion and looked at the god of Light with a confused expression.

He looked lovely.

The god of Light subconsciously hooked the corners of his mouth into a curve, with Qiao Nan’s confused eyes on him, he lifted the crown, and gently put on his head, his slender fingers moved along his hair, and finally rested on his cheek.

Restraining the urge to kiss Qiao Nan in front of the crowd, the god of Light placed his hand on his forehead and recited his blessing to him.

You are my favourite person and deserve the best.

I have watched you grow up slowly, from a tiny teenager to the flamboyant man you are today.

You are so beautiful and flawless, more precious and dazzling than this world I have created.

You are the treasure that this world has given to me.

“In the name of light . Righteousness bless you ……”

Qiao Nan no longer cared about the words that followed the god of Light, he couldn’t control his smile as large golden letters with pompous firework effects appeared in front of him, and the mechanical system voice kept ringing in his ears.

Congratulations to player [Qiao Nan] for completing the quest [Believer of the God of Light].

Congratulations to player [Qiao Nan] for reaching the achievement [Pope].

Congratulations to player [Qiao Nan] for passing the copy [City of Holy Light].

Congratulations to player [Qiao Nan] for obtaining the God-grade weapons [Pope’s Scepter] and [Crown of Glory].

Congratulations to player [Qiao Nan] for completing the hidden quest of [God of Light] ……

A dozen task completion prompted one after another, the system read the reward voice in extra lively voice, looking at the rich rewards, Qiao Nan was unable to hold back his joy.

At the same time, the god of Light finished saying the last sentence, and the light on his body shone even brighter.

Qiao Nan felt the game experience value wash over his body, and the barrier that had long since stopped at level 99 showed signs of loosening.

When the rewards were all announced, Qiao Nan felt that the layer of confinement completely disappeared, and the power of the light attribute became chaotic and completely became another power that Qiao Nan was very familiar with.

It was the same as the power from the God of Light.

It was divine power.

Congratulations to player [Qiao Nan] for opening the hidden mission [Road to Godhood]

Mission requirements: all race achievement full, [6/7] all race task full [6/7], all race reputation full [7/7]

Task reward: God’s lattice

Qiao Nan noticed the change in his own power, and the god of Light naturally also noticed it, and he found that Qiao Nan had broken through that bottleneck directly after he was crowned as the Pope .

In this world, another god was going to appear?

Sure enough, this child was the one who could be with him forever.

The god of Light smiled and extended his hand, “Congratulations, my child, you have stepped into the divine realm and become a new god.”

Qiao Nan blinked.


After becoming a god? Could he leave this game?

The god of Light didn’t see the look in Qiao Nan’s eyes, it was a look of obsession and despair at reaching what he wanted.

His path wasn’t wrong, this end of the road finally gave him a new answer.

He pursed his lips and nodded gently.

All-race achievement full [6/7] and all-race quest full [6/7], the race that wasn’t completed, should be the magic race.

Qiao Nan came to this game when the choice was the magic race, he had just arrived, despite the tasks and achievements, he didn’t spend much time in the magic race, or finish the tasks.

Qiao Nan didn’t regret, anyway, he had countless opportunities to start over.

Since the Heavenly Clan mission was reached, he didn’t intend to continue to delay in this copy, when the system popped up the dialog box of whether to end the world, he didn’t hesitate to click [OK].

The scene in front of him was fixed like a photograph, the clouds stopped in the air, even the breeze was still, and the god of Light in front of him still kept his hand outstretched, with a look of horror in his eyes.

Qiao Nan couldn’t understand the meaning of that look, when the world collapsed abruptly into darkness.

The suspended space was running again after Qiao Nan disappeared, and the god of Light’s outstretched hand faltered, but failed to grasp the golden point of light that drifted away into the palm of his hand.

Just a moment ago, his treasure …… in front of his eyes, was killed by the will of the world!

The divine power surrounding the body of the god of Light became uncontrollably violent, and even the city he had built became unstable.

Their Lord was angry.

The celestial inhabitants prostrating in the square trembled in fear.

Before all the points of light disappeared, the god of Light sealed the last ones that hadn’t yet dissipated carefully. The firefly-like points of light lost all their vitality and vigor and laid dead in the boundary.

Since there was still such a little remnant left …..

He may be able to try to resurrect him.

The god of Light’s eyes showed a trace of tenderness.

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