C9 – Free Action


The feather-eyed dependent was killing players to establish their authority and brainwashing, which lasted for more than 40 minutes before it ended.


Mu Sichen noticed one thing, that was, the townspeople’s san value had been fluctuating in a stable range, almost without too much change.



On the contrary, several players san value fell very hard, reaching below 40. It wasn’t easy to keep from shouting.


Obviously, as long as they heard information about Big Eyes, they would feel dizzy, and wearing a cloak would continue to decrease their sanity. Why was the state of these townspeople so stable?


At this point, the feather-eyed dependent finally ended his speech, and one of his followers beside him said: “Compassionate townspeople, the next free time to move around, just return here by 19:55 and go back to your rooms. During this time, you can enjoy your lives and walk around as you please, and the doors of any part of the town will be open for you.”


It was free to move around “night”, Mu Sichen thought they would be trapped here until the “day” to keep brainwashing.


If the “night” was so safe, why would the diary owner rather starve and eat books than leave the room?


Mu Sichen felt that the world in the eyes of the diary owner, and he saw a clear difference in the attitude of the townspeople.


At this point the follower continued: “Under the shelter of the Great Presence, Tongzhi Town is an absolutely safe town, an ideal home for everyone. But, only if you thank and revere the Great Presence from your heart. Those heretics who lurk in the crowd and would endanger the peace of the town will be purified by the Great Presence. Those who are not sincere enough and whose faith is not strong enough, please step forward and accept the baptism, otherwise you may encounter danger.”



After waiting for a while and seeing that no one had stepped forward, the Feathered Eye said, “Beloved ones, I wish you eternal joy and happiness within the town of Tongzhi.”


After saying that, he unfolded his feathery wings and flew into the mist, disappearing.



The followers also chose different directions to enter the light mist.



Those townspeople also seemed to have their own destinations and chose a path with a clear goal.



Within five minutes, only Mu Sichen, three surviving players remained in the square, even ” 543 ” didn’t stay, he followed a dozen townspeople who acted in groups and left.



The crowd left, a player could no longer hold on and fell to the ground, sitting on his butt, his face was white, lips dry and cracked, his whole body couldn’t stop shaking.



He couldn’t control his tears, his voice trembled as he stammered, “I, I, I …… just wanted to go offline, I secretly opened the system panel, looked for half a day but couldn’t find the button to go offline, can we really, really, can we go offline?”



Another player’s san value was as low as 26, and she didn’t speak, sitting on the ground scratching her eyes all the time, mouthing off about bugs in her eyes.


The wheelbarrow player looked at Mu Sichen and pulled out a friendly smile with difficult, “Thank you so much just now, thanks to you saving me, you …… are also a player, right? I just felt you hit my foot with something, it was a meter long iron, but you don’t have a weapon under your cloak right now, it was put into the weapon bar, right?”



The wheelbarrow player wasn’t stupid, he was able to analyze Mu Sichen’s identity with details.


Mu Sichen didn’t admit or deny.


The player laughed bitterly, “Did you also receive a game pod in the mail from My Ideal Town? I originally thought it was my luck that I was chosen by such an awesome game, but I didn’t expect ……”


Through his words, Mu Sichen determined that the other players had the same experience as him, they all received the internal test notification, filled in their addresses, got the game pods and were transported here.


“What’s your name?” Mushen asked.



“You can call me Old Bull, my game ID is Old Yellow Bull who brushes daily.” The wheelbarrow player said.


“Call me Xiao Mu.” Mushen said.



“What should we do? Continue to stay in the square and wait until 19:55 to go back to the room?” Old Bull asked.


“I’m afraid not.” Mu Sichen looked around, the fog was getting thicker and thicker, the square had been shrouded in fog, and in a few minutes, the fog would be so thick that it would be too hard to even see the people around.


This wasn’t a safe world, stopping in place and exploring in the fog was the same level of danger. Sitting on the sidelines and actively seeking survival, the latter may be more likely to encounter danger, but at least there was a chance of survival.


Mu Sichen took out his crossaxe and came to the two players who were getting frustrated, one at a time, and gently smashed the tops of their feet.


The crying player looked at Mu Sichen with tearful eyes.


After using two consecutive cross picks, Mu Sichen’s blue bar immediately emptied and two self stickers appeared in his hand.



He put the two self stickers on the back of the two players’ necks, and the player who was shouting under her breath about bugs in her eyes immediately looked up at Mu Sichen, who was a young girl.


Mu Sichen said to the two: “There is only so much I can do, the rest is up to you. You all have the game system and the initial tools, make good use of the system and protect yourselves.”



The young girl touched the back of her neck, she was so uncomfortable that all she could see in front of her eyes was a group of black worms drilling into her eyes, she kept yanking the worms with her hands, but the more she yanked, the more there were. She was scared and anxious, and even had the urge to reach out and dig out her eyes.



The man in front of her tapped the back of her neck, a cool air from the back of the neck straight to the brain, her eyes instantly cleared, the worms all disappeared.



Only then did she realize that everything was an illusion just now.


The girl asked: “What exactly is this place? What was that feathered long-eyed monster just now? What did you put on me?”


Mu Sichen looked at her sticker of self, he barely rose to 30 san value and shook his head, “I can’t tell you, I can only remind you that here, you shouldn’t listen, and shouldn’t see, keep your sanity.”


This was a world where mere understanding was tainted, and players with only 30 san value left were unable to withstand the spiritual impact of the truth.


As a player, Mu Sichen wouldn’t refuse to save someone if he had the ability. But again, he wasn’t the savior, and with his current abilities, he couldn’t do too much.


After the cross-axe attack, he could trigger the “digging” skill to produce a self sticker.


The activation condition of the “digging” skill was Mu Sichen’s own power.



The follower who was brainwashed by Big Eyes, Mu Sichen hit him numerous times with his crossaxe, but it wouldn’t trigger the “digging” because Mu Sichen’s strength wasn’t enough to “dig” from Big Eyes, but Qin Zu could.



The person who was contaminated by the spirit of the feather-eyed dependent, he attacked the other party with a cross-axe to trigger the “digging”. But his power was limited, after making three self stickers, the blue bar was empty.


Blue bar and blood bar would slowly recover over time, the blood bar recovery depended on the severity of the injury, the more serious the injury, the slower the recovery, too serious and he wouldn’t be able to heal himself; blue bar only used three hours to fully recover.


In other words, after three hours, he could still make three self stickers.


In this case, it was already the limit for Mu Sichen to divide two self stickers between two players who were almost crazy.


Any more than that, he couldn’t do.


The fog was getting thicker and thicker, and Mu Sichen said, “The visibility here is too low, and I don’t know what dangers are hidden in the fog, I need to get out of here.”



“I’ll go with you!” The three players said in one voice.


Mu Sichen shook his head: “The place I’m going to should be very dangerous, your spirits may not be able to withstand it.”


“So how are we going to survive?” The crying player asked, “How can we get home?”


“I’m not sure how to get home, I can only act according to the system’s instructions, since the system brought me here, since I am weak, I can only listen to it for now.” Mu Sichen said, “As for living, although I can’t tell you what’s going on here, I can offer you a choice. Is it confused and happy to live, or sober to survive, how do you choose? If you choose to live sober, then I still won’t say anything, you need to explore everything yourselves.”



The young girl, perhaps having personally experienced hallucinations and nearly gouging out her own eyes, was saved by Mu Sichen after being saved, and her mind cleared up quite a bit. She asked, “Confused and happy to live, you mean those townspeople, right? Like them, you can become very safe.”



“Yes.” Mu Sichen nodded his head.


This was also what he had just thought of.



The diary master and the numb townspeople were the same townspeople, one eventually went crazy, while the other ones lived well and didn’t change too much after listening to the brainwashing san value of the feathered eyed dependent. Mu Sichen had been thinking about why there was such a big gap between the two, just now, he heard the followers mentioned “heretics in the town will encounter danger, feel that faith is not strong enough to accept the baptism”, Mu Sichen understood.



The reason was whether to believe in the big-eye.


When the sanity was normal, hearing the deeds of the big-eye, the brain would protect itself and produce a resistance reaction, so it would be dizzy, and the san value fell. But if it was like the townspeople, give up the resistance, and trust the big eye from the heart, the san value wouldn’t change again, they’d be numb but safe.



But like the diary owner, knowing the truth, he was very resistant to the big-eye, and couldn’t resist the power of the big-eye, the ultimate fate was madness.


Mu Sichen didn’t want to become like the townspeople, the road ahead of him was only sober to fight with madness this one way.



The three players were silent for a while, the crying player gritted his teeth and said: “At least you can live, right? Tell me first, and then I will choose whether to do so.”



Seeing that he was very insistent, Mu Sichen sighed, walked up and whispered in the crying player’s ear the way for the townspeople to be safe.



The crying player froze for a moment, and then understood the reason why Mu Sichen refused to say.


It was just something as simple as opening the mind. If Mu Sichen didn’t say, he couldn’t think and would always try to resist. But Mu Sichen told him, this thought would follow him forever like a curse, as long as he encountered a little danger, the thought of “forget it and give up” would rise, and would never dissipate until he died or became a believer in the big-eye.


He smiled bitterly and said to the old bull and the girl: “He is right, if there is not enough resistance, we really shouldn’t know anything, ignorance is safer than knowledge. Unfortunately, I’ve already heard it, and you guys …… better not listen if you want to stay awake.”



The girl and old bull experienced the pain of being dominated by hallucinations; they wanted to be awake and not live in them.



The fog had become so big that they could only see each other on the opposite side, Mu Sichen put on the hood and covered his face, “I’m leaving, the place I’m going will definitely be very dangerous, I can’t protect you guys. If you have to follow me and encounter danger, I will not come to the rescue, I may not even be able to protect myself.”



After saying that, he walked towards the direction where ” 543″ was advancing.



” 543″ san value was so abnormal, he was definitely a heretic, and the strength wasn’t bad.


Mu Sichen had to find the “pillar”, he wasn’t sure what it was, but he knew that it must be something enough to cause harm to the big eye.



If he were “543” and ventured to Tongzhi Town, he would definitely be the enemy of Big Eye. In that case, following “543” was the most likely and certainly the most dangerous way to find the “pillar”.



Mu Sichen disappeared into the fog, and the girl and old bull looked at each other. Both of them ran in the direction where Mu Sichen disappeared.





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