C8 — Give A Helping Hand




The ground was dry and clean, as if those players had never appeared.



Mu Sichen didn’t know if those four players would still be resurrected, he wasn’t optimistic about it and could only hope that they could still be resurrected.



The other three docile players were not far from Mu Sichen’s thoughts, they kept their heads down and didn’t dare to move or make a sound, but when the followers allowed the crowd to get up, Mu Sichen clearly saw their san value plummet to below 50, apparently already terrified and unable to control themselves.


The san value of the townspeople didn’t change in the slightest, their eyes were stiff and they didn’t seem to be interested in the things around them.


What surprised him was that the san value of ” 528″ had increased to ” 543″.


san value was the sanity value, sanity was originally a fluctuating emotion, under normal circumstances, within 20 fluctuations were very normal things. But when it came to this kind of thing, generally people’s san value would fall a little, why was this person able to improve?



Mu Sichen temporarily suppressed his doubts and waited to see what would happen.


At this time, the feather-eyed dependent said aloud: “Residents of Tongzhi Town, who guarded us after the cataclysm?”


“It was the Great Being.” The townspeople said in unison, their voices calm and emotionless, like robots.


“Exactly, without the watchful eye of the ‘pupil of the sky’, we were displaced, unable to clothe ourselves, unable to feed ourselves. I am grateful for the blessing of the Great Being.” The feather-eyed dependents said.


“I am grateful for the blessing of the Great Being.” The townspeople’s voices got a little more agitated.


Mu Sichen followed everyone to do the lip-syncing, but didn’t make a sound. Even so, hearing these voices made him dizzy and his san value fell uncontrollably.


When the four players died, Mu Sichen produced the emotion of a rabbit dying and dropped 10 san points uncontrollably, and now after such a spiritual baptism, his brain was in chaos.


The feather-eyed dependent continued: “Even if ‘night’ falls, under the blessing of the ‘pupil of the sky’, we still have food, clothes, houses and a safe town.”


Along with his words, Mu Sichen only felt that the choir in his head was singing some thrilling songs in his ears in unison and at a very fast pace, making him unable to think properly.


In order to combat this confusion, Mu Sichen began to question the words of the feathered eye dependent, there was questioning, there was thinking, there was thinking to stabilize the sanity.


The basic necessities of life, which needed to be manufactured by human labor, nothing appeared out of thin air, but from the description of Tongzhi town, it seemed that the people here didn’t need to grow crops, develop farming, or carry out light industry.


It wasn’t scientific that all their necessities of life were graced by the big eye.



Unless this town, which was really a copy of some game, would be programmed to provide the necessities of life.


For a while, Mu Sichen even had the illusion that this place was actually a game that he would resurrect after death, and he could act boldly.


In front of his eyes, illusions gradually appeared.



After saying something to make people thankful, the feather-eyed dependent kindly let the people rise.


He raised his head and his eyes fell on the location where the four players had died in the square.


In a trance, he seemed to see these four players resurrected and were sitting around, discussing how to fight the boss.


The pistol player said, “I lost, we’re not strong enough to fight the copy boss right away, we have to develop a bit first. My weapon can only hold six rounds of ammunition, the limit is too big, should have gone for bullets.”


The sledgehammer player nodded: “We should fight the small monsters first, break those followers one by one, and then deal with the Feathered Eye dependent after we gain experience and upgrade.”


The Rope player said, “We are still missing teammates, Pistol and Sledgehammer are attackers, I favor control and support, Scissors has the ability to heal wounds, we are missing a teammate who has strong defense and can draw enemy fire.”



Scissors player said, “I’ll turn on nearby mode and see if there are other players around. This broken game, players and in-game NPCs dress exactly the same, it is impossible to tell who is a person and who is a game character.”


After seeing the scissors player nod twice in the air, he looked up at Mu Sichen in surprise and said, “You’re a player too, what skill are you? Let’s team up together.”


Mu Sichen was in a trance, and his fingers under his cloak moved slightly, wanting to go and hold the friendly hand extended by the scissor player.



At that moment, a player walked past Mu Sichen in a daze and murmured in a low voice: “My initial tool is a wheelbarrow, the wheelbarrow can stand up and use as a shield, the defense is very strong, I ……”



His voice was very low, only Mu Sichen alone could hear. However it was this extremely small voice that made him jerk awake, he raised his hand to cover his right eye, his bloodshot left eye saw a very different picture from the party.


There was no resurrected player there at all, instead there were four streams of air mixed with countless colors that were crossing the mist and being absorbed by the tightly closed eye in the air.


That mix of intense colors, were like the extreme feelings of a person before death, there was sadness, excitement, panic and fear of death.



This extreme emotion, converging into a painful soul, was absorbed by the big eye.


Mu Sichen even saw that after absorbing the four streams of air, the eyelashes of Big Eye full of worms twitched a few times, as if to wake up.


The good thing was that the eyelashes only twitched slightly, it didn’t wake up.


The four players didn’t revive at all, everything was an illusion. Only his left eye, which had looked directly at the big eye and withstood the great shock but was not completely blind, was able to see what was really happening.


The wheelbarrow player who passed by Mu Sichen, while the san value kept falling, showed a happy expression, generating an extremely happy and joyful emotion, which was now turning into an intense red color, slowly releasing from the player’s eyes and flying into the air.


Mu Sichen immediately realized that if he was left alone, the player would die.


Whether it was san value dropping and the soul being absorbed by the big eye with the intense emotion; or being discovered by the feather-eyed dependent and treated as a heretic.


They were dead ends.


Mu Sichen wasn’t reckless to kill, but he also wasn’t indifferent to the extent of watching someone’s death.


Before he didn’t have the ability to save the four players, now the wheelbarrow player just walked past him, if he didn’t do something, Mu Sichen thought, even if he lived, his emotions would certainly be affected, then whether the san value fell, or san value suddenly rose, it wouldn’t a good phenomenon.


To save him, Mu Sichen didn’t plan to throw himself into it.


Fortunately, there were a lot of people in the square. Feather-eyed dependent was dedicated to preaching the greatness of the big eye children. Some of the townspeople were numb and listening carefully, some kept repeating the action of touching the eyes with their hands, and some knelt down to worship, which seemed very pious.


It was also because the townspeople’s movements were different, that the player’s movement wasn’t found by the followers.


But if the player really walked to the location where the four players died, running to chat with the illusion, then he would certainly be seen as abnormal.


Mu Sichen’s mind moved, with the help of the cloak’s cover, he took out the cross pickaxe.


The pickaxe handle of the cross pickaxe was only a meter long and could be completely blocked by the cloak, as long as it wasn’t swung vigorously, not too much could be seen.


Mu Sichen gently picked up the crossaxe and smashed it on the player’s foot.


The blow was a little painful, and the player let out a low cry, at which point Mu Sichen immediately took the cross pickaxe back into the weapon bar, grabbed the player, and opened his mouth to say, “Praise the eyes, praise the light, praise the greatest being.”


“Huh?” The trolley player was somewhat frozen.



Mu Sichen continued to recite the teachings of the Great Presence like a dumbfounded townie: “Whatever may deceive you, touch, sound, what you touch and hear may be false, only the eyes, under the shelter of the Great Presence, there is only truth in our eyes.



“Cherish your eyes, protect them, it is the gift of the Great Presence.”


The choir sang these brainwashing lyrics in Mu Sichen ears over and over again, which made him open his mouth to recite the doctrine, there was no need to think back at all, he just read it according to the choir’s song.


As he spoke, he also covered the cart player’s eyes with his hand, blocking his view and preventing the cart player from seeing where the four players had died.


Except for the initial smashing of the trolley player with a crossaxe, Mu Sichen behaved like a devout town resident of Tongzhi town, he looked more like a follower than a follower.


At this moment, Mu Sichen was like a believer who had been brainwashed by the big eye and was preaching to the others.


The Feathered Eye dependent had so many pairs of eyes that he naturally noticed the contact between the two, but after he heard Mu Sichen’s fluent words, he shifted his eyes with relief.



The cross-axe already had the skill of “digging in”, and with Mu Sichen’s strength, it wasn’t enough to convert the followers, and he needed to use Qin Zu’s broadcast to do so. But for the players who weren’t brainwashed, it was much easier to “dig in”.


The cross-axe smash woke the cart player, and Mu Sichen’s dull eyes and words made the cart player realize that he had seen a hallucination.


He blanched, but the good thing was that his desire to live was very strong, he wasn’t stupid, after regaining his senses, he immediately realized that he had just walked in front of a ghost gate.


He blinked repeatedly and followed Mu Sichen’s words, “Gratitude, gratitude.”



The cart player didn’t even dare to say who the object of gratitude was, and it certainly wouldn’t be the big eye anyway.


After the cart player was completely awake, Mu Sichen saw an additional self sticker in his hand.


This ego sticker was much smaller than the one from the follower, and it looked like its power had diminished quite a bit.


But it was still a sticker, taking the risk of stopping the cart player wasn’t a waste of effort.


Mu Sichen slapped the self sticker on the back of his neck, and the coolness was conveyed from his cervical spine to his brain and spine.


He felt a lot more comfortable in his left eye, the blood color diminished, there was just a foggy patch in front of his eyes, unable to see things, and the sound of brainwashing chants constantly echoing in his ears disappeared.



Mu Sichen looked like he had put a suit of armor on himself and was slightly relieved.



His san value stabilized at 62, finally staying above the passing line and not continuing to fall.


Since Mu Sichen acted too much like a brainwashed townie, the player couldn’t determine whether he intended to help or saved him by accident.


He didn’t dare to talk to Mu Sichen, took two steps backwards and shrank aside, keeping a distance not far from him.



Mu Sichen also relaxed.


However, at this time, he felt someone looking at him.


Mu Sichen looked, but saw that “543” glanced at him vaguely, and immediately withdrew his sight.




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