C4—– Followers

“A little petty, ah, the diary owner wrote Qin Zu so many times, and you didn’t bother.” Mu Sichen said.



There was no feeling of being gazed at.


Mu Sichen smiled slightly.



He had been “marked” and got a little worried. It was good he just marked his presence and didn’t bother with him.



But he just called out Qin Zu’s name and was watched, that was enough to prove how strong the so-called “great existence” of this world was.


Even in this book, it didn’t dare to write down the name of the master of the town of Tong Zhi directly, but only dared to use the term “great existence” to describe it.



If he knew the real name of the “Great Existence” and accidentally said it, he would probably also be watched.



It wouldn’t be as gentle as Qin Zu.



The system told him to light up the icon and build his own ideal town, was it for him to fight this kind of existence?



Mu Sichen looked at the crossaxe in his hand and felt that this matter was no longer a matter of being difficult or not, it was a delusion that shouldn’t be dreamed of.



Fortunately, he seemed to have a golden finger. The system brought him to the world, but it didn’t immediately kill him. At least it gave him a relatively safe room, which was a bit scary; Gave him access to information, which almost drove hi! mad; He was given a crossaxe but didn’t know how to use physical weapons to deal with mental pollution.



Mu Sichen rubbed the corner of his forehead and compared the battle power of the enemy and him!


By his side, was a crossaxe, “digging” skills, the physical strength of an ordinary college student; on the great existence side, the endless number of followers, unspeakable abilities, the mere understanding of it would cause contamination.



The good thing was that it wasn’t a desperate situation.


From the known information, it could be presumed that “day” represented the great existence with open eyes, and “night” represented the great existence with closed eyes.


When “night” fell, the power of the Great Presence would temporarily move away from Tong Zhi Town, and that was a good time for him to move.



The system didn’t tell him to make an enemy of the Great Presence immediately, but to find the “pillar” and build a safe house first.



A safe house was easy to understand, it should be a space that wouldn’t be eroded by the Great Presence, but what was a “pillar”? What did this word mean?


Mu Sichen’s understanding of the information was still too little, he needed to go further into the town.


He had to wait for the “dark night”.


And the occurrence of another event.


Mu Sichen looked at the door of the room, he had been in the world for some time, so it was almost time, right?

There was no clock in the room, but Mu Sichen was wearing a watch, which worked normally after entering this world and could help him recognize the time.



He glanced at his watch, three hours had passed since he entered the game, and he also had a sense of hunger.



The hunger made Mu Sichen’s heart sink, the fact that he was hungry proved that time was indeed passing, and if he could rely on this world’s food to fill his hunger, it meant even his body had transmigrated.



Maybe that wasn’t a game pod, but a transporting device.


But at this time, Mu Sichen couldn’t care less about the original world, the most important thing was to live.



He walked to the door of the room and waited patiently.


There was a mirror hanging on the wall next to the door, and through the faint light, Mu Sichen could see that the person in the mirror looked exactly the same as him, even the mole on his left earlobe was the same, so it seemed that this was really his body.



The sound of footsteps came from outside the door, Mu Sichen turned off the flashlight and the room went dark.



The footsteps stopped in front of this door, someone knocked on the door, and a male voice that spoke very much like he was reciting something he read, sounded outside the door: “Town person 629, please read aloud the deeds of the Great Being, and after half an hour of reading aloud, please open the small window on the door, and I will provide you with food.”


It turned out that this was how the town of Tong Zhi treated the townspeople who refused to believe in the Great Presence, reading aloud the contents of the book before giving out food, and reciting the contents of the book for the sake of food, over time, they would naturally become the followers of the Great Presence.


After experiencing the baptism of radio and books, Mu Sichen had some resistance to the contents of the book, and reading aloud for half an hour shouldn’t pollute his spirit. However, if he did so, he would be kept in captivity by Tong Zhi Town, and one day he wouldn’t be unable to resist this kind of pollution.


Mu Sichen cleared his throat and casually said two words from the book that impressed him: “The eyes are the window to the soul, pure eyes symbolize the purity of the mind, protect the eyes from ……”


His voice came to an abrupt halt, and the person outside asked, “Why did you stop?”


Mu Sichen said, “The light is too dark, I can’t read the words in the book.”



“You townspeople have no shelter from the Great Presence, your eyesight is too poor, you can turn on the lights in the room.” The person outside the door said.


Mu Sichen pretended to take two steps away from the door, “The light may be broken, it won’t work, is the power out?”


“Lies! We ensure the supply of water and electricity, it must be you who deliberately smashed the lights and rejected the gift of the Great Being.” The person outside the door said sternly.


The lights in the room were really smashed, leaving only this strong flashlight.



“It’s my fault,” Mu Sichen paused, “but I’ve begun to feel repentant for my actions, and without the light, I can’t read the words with my eyes.”



“I’ll go get someone to fix your light.” The man at the door said.


“No need,” Mu Sichen said hastily, “or you can come in, with your eyesight, you will be able to read the words on the book, then you can read it once and I will read it aloud after you, how about that?”



“We have been devoted to preaching the deeds of the Great Being, and it is you townspeople who resist our entry.” The person outside the door said, “Open the door.”



He stood behind the door with his cross-axe and opened the unlocked door.



The light outside the door shone in, and Mushen saw a figure with a dinner plate walk in slowly, with his back to him.


When the man completely entered the room, Mu Sichen put his foot on the door and quickly locked it. Immediately, he swung his crossaxe with both hands and hit the man heavily on the back of his head.



He was merciful. Instead of using the pointed or flat head of a crossaxe, he used it horizontally, using the hardness and weight of the iron itself to inflict a blow on the other.



Mu Sichen didn’t know whether ordinary physical attacks could cause damage to this man, but he acted with great certainty.


According to the description in the book, Mu Sichen determined that the population structure of Tong Zi Town could be divided into the following categories: Great Existence, Dependents, Followers, Townspeople and Heretics.



Among them, the townspeople were ordinary people like the diary owner, who would become followers once they went crazy. Heretics, on the other hand, were the group of people who remained calm and even have the ability to fight against the contamination of the Great Presence.


The book didn’t mention the heretics, but Mu Sichen believed there must be such a group of people around, otherwise there was no way to explain why there was a radio in the diary owner’s room that was powerful enough to fight against spiritual pollution.



The dependent should be the leader of the followers, as they increased the number of their eyes, they were no longer considered human. The radio mentioned that Xiangping Town had been cleared of nearby “dependents”, and Mu Sichen thought that those dependents and “dependents” should be the same kind of thing, perhaps a monster-level existence, but humans and followers saw dependents differently.


The dependents mustn’t be easy to deal with, but the followers wouldn’t be too strong.



The follower outside called him a town person. They just sent someone to brainwash him. There was no need to send powerful dependents.


The system provided him with a crossaxe. If the axe couldn’t defeat even an ordinary follower, he didn’t have to play anymore. He’d just give up resistance and recite the deeds of great existence aloud. If he was mad, he would be happier.



Mu Sichen was sure of this action. There were only two results. One was that he subdued his followers to further understand the world; Another was that the follower subdued him, and he recited the book to protect his life. Everyone would go crazy together.


It wasn’t a bad ending.


Sure enough, the axe was effective.



The follower fell heavily to the ground, and a wound appeared on the back of his head, but it didn’t bleed.



Mu Suchen inexplicably felt a sense of crisis, he lifted something, he quickly aimed at the back of the follower’s head, and pressed the switch of the flashlight.


At the same time, the wound on the back of the follower’s head suddenly opened up, revealing an eye that was seven or eight centimeters long, staring at Mu Sichen viciously, and it let out a shrill shout: “Heresy! It’s a heretic ……”



But before his voice could come out, it came to an abrupt end.


A strong light was aimed at the Eye, stabbing it so hard that it couldn’t open and was in pain.



“It really works.” Mu Sichen whispered to himself.



Before he put the flashlight into the backpack, the system’s description was “a rather offensive flashlight, unexpectedly suitable for this town”, combined with the great existence of the ability to embody the eye, Mu Sichen concluded that if the strong light was aimed at an eye, it could produce unexpected effects.



There was just a subtle phrase in the description, “unexpectedly suitable for this town” – who exactly said this? Was it proof that there was originally no such flashlight in the town of Tong Zhi and that the flashlight came from outside?


There were many mysteries that needed to be solved by him little by little.


The follower struggled desperately, but couldn’t make a sound.



Mu Sichen stepped on his back, pressed the cross-axe on his legs, and held the flashlight with an unusually steady hand, and the strong light shone accurately on that eye.



After waiting for a while, the follower didn’t move, and the eye on the back of his head tightly closed.


Only then did Mu Sichen put away the flashlight and squatted down to check the follower’s condition, still holding the cross-axe.



“Don’t die, what I want isn’t a dead follower.” Mu Sichen said to himself.



[The player’s current battle power is not enough to destroy the follower, now opening the blood bar and blue bar interface for the player.]


The system suddenly prompted.


Mu Sichen saw two bars appear above the follower’s head, a red one with only 1/3 of blood left, the other was blue and already depleted.


The blood bar and blue bar were common attributes of a game, the blood bar represented the player’s life force, the player would die when the blood bar was depleted; the blue bar represented the player’s magic/spiritual power and other values, in short, when the blue bar was depleted, the player wouldn’t be able to use any special skills.


In other words, the follower in front of him was a captive who was seriously injured and unable to use special abilities, which was exactly what Mu Sichen wanted.


“Surprisingly, there is still a blood bar and a blue bar, it now seems more like a game.” Mu Sichen muttered.


But there was no resurrection function of the game, only one life could be consumed, so what was the difference with reality? If he used this to regard the world as false, it would kill him.



Mu Sichen picked up the seriously injured follower, tore off a piece of cloth, and covered his eyes. Then he put him in front of the desk, tied him firmly with sheets, and put the axe upside down beside his head.



The follower looked like an ordinary adult male at this point, but Mu Sichen didn’t underestimate him.


He now had very few means to subdue the enemy, he just didn’t know how to use the “digging” skills, even if he subdued the follower, he didn’t know how to make the follower behave.


Mu Sichen said in a soft tone: “Don’t worry, I’m not a bad guy, I just have some questions I want to ask.”



The follower twisted his face to the side and said nothing.



Mu Sichen sighed and said with great difficulty, “I didn’t want this to happen, I just told myself that I wouldn’t rely on Qin Zu, I’m really out of line.”


Despite some reluctance, Mu Sichen didn’t hesitate to turn on the radio and put it in his follower’s ear.


“Don’t always focus on Tong Zhi Town, let’s see the outside world together.” Mu Sichen smiled amicably.



I’ll go back in a bit and replace Hitomi with Tong Zhi town, my bad 🚣🕳

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