C38 – Demolition Reconstruction

Ying Mao’s life ended in the “pillar,”  but his soul followed the self-sticker back to Mu Sichen’s hand.


When he put on the sticker, Mu Sichen felt that there was a soul in his palm.


He received the information that Ying Mao had sent back with his soul, and he silently made a promise to Ying Mao.


He would bring Ying Mao’s soul home.


He wouldn’t let Ying Mao’s soul be consumed by the Pillar and dissipated in this cruel and brutal world.


It was only the second time that Mu Sichen had come to this game, with no more than 12 hours of online time, yet he was burdened with countless promises.


But this time, unexpectedly, Mu Sichen didn’t feel heavy.


It was as if the soul lodged in his palm gave him endless strength.


Mu Sichen handed his mobile phone, which still had power, to Chi Lian, pointing to Ying Mao’s picture on the TV, and said, “Take a picture of his face so you can use it to change.”



The “Pillar” sent Ying Mao’s appearance to the entire processing plant, which made it easier for Chi Lian to capture the surface image.



She took a few pictures with the mobile phone and said to Mu Sichen, “Are we going to use this face now?”


“Wait a minute.” Mu Sichen said, “After all, Ying Mao’s soul escaped; it will definitely suffer the harshest punishment. If he was caught by the supervisors in the breeding area, I’m afraid they will try to suppress his strength, and then he won’t be able to move freely in the breeding area.”



“What are you going to do?” Cheng Xubo asked.



Mu Sichen pointed in the direction of the breeding area and said, “I’m going to sneak into the breeding area.”



Cheng Xubo asked, “I remember you saying that there are supervisors guarding the area, there are high-voltage power grids blocking the area, and there’s no telling what the situation inside will be like, so can you sneak in successfully?”



Mu Sichen said, “That’s why we need the strength of the four of us.”



Four people…



Chi Lian and Cheng Xubo looked stunned.



Even though Ying Mao had already sacrificed himself, Mu Sichen still regarded him as a companion fighting side by side.



Cheng Xubo clenched his fist and said, “I’ll do whatever you say; let the monsters of this world see our fighting spirit!”



Chi Lian also slammed her fist on the energy machine and then grinned as she covered her hand in pain.



Mu Sichen said this and that, and the two nodded repeatedly.


Afterwards, Mu Sichen opened his backpack, ignoring the small octopus’ aggrieved eyes. He divided the snacks into three, and the three of them ate them together.


They needed enough physical strength.


After distributing the snacks, Mu Sichen rubbed the octopus’ head in a very scummy way, picked up the much lighter backpack, and led the two of them to the power grid between the energy area and the breeding area.



On the way, they met a group of supervisors searching for Ying Mao’s whereabouts everywhere. With a photo of the missing person, they carefully observed the faces of Mu Sichen and his three companions, confirming that they weren’t wanted criminals, and then walked away with a proud attitude.


During this time, one of the supervisors also wanted to touch Chi Lian’s face. Cheng Xubo stepped forward to stop them and was punched a few times, but finally Chi Lian wasn’t insulted.


“When we occupy the ‘Pillar’, we’ll purify him! We don’t want this kind of townpeople!” Cheng Xubo covered his stomach and gritted his teeth.


Mu Sichen also clenched his teeth.


It wasn’t that they couldn’t defeat these supervisors, but they had to endure at the moment; they had to reach the power grid first.


After this incident, the three of them accelerated their pace, dodging several interrogations along the way before arriving at the power grid at around 18:00 Tongzhi Town time.


Due to the escape of a low-level employee, the number of people guarding in front of the power grid had increased; there was only one person when Mu Sichen came before, but now it has turned into 8.


But it didn’t matter, even if it was 8.


The three took a deep breath and thought back to their wonderful world.


A sense of superiority couldn’t come from the town of Tongzhi; once the source of superiority was related to the town, it was the same as identifying with the big eye, and they’d be contaminated in an invisible way.


Their sense of superiority came from the peaceful real world.


“What are you guys doing? Get away from here!” A supervisor spotted them and shouted at the trio with his whip.


The three looked at each other and nodded.


Mu Sichen was the highest ranked; his speed, stamina, and defense had all been greatly improved, so he rushed out first. His left hand, which was attached to Ying Mao’s sticker, gently explored and actually snatched the supervisor’s whip.


And that supervisor hadn’t realized that the whip had been taken away, foolishly continuing to wave his weaponless hand.


When he struck, Mu Sichen used Ying Mao’s skill, “Wonderful Hands.”.


His soul, hope, and self were all lodged with Mu Sichen, and likewise, his ability came to Mu Sichen.


So at this moment, even with only his soul left, Ying Mao became Mu Sichen’s believer and was able to use Mu Sichen’s energy value.



Ying Mao’s level was very low, and casting Wonderful Hands would only consume a mere 50 energy values.



Mu Sichen casually waved his hand and handed the whip with the electric shock function to Chi Lian.



Chi Lian’s energy value had been depleted in order to change her face, and she didn’t have a weapon that she could use, so Mu Sichen helped her get one.



After upgrading, Chi Lian’s physical strength and speed had also increased accordingly; although it wasn’t as much as Cheng Xubo’s and Mu Sichen’s, it was enough to be an even match with a strong man. Adding to this, her sense of superiority filled her chest at this point, and with the rule’s added strength, she shared half of a supervisor’s strength.



She reached out and swung her whip. An electric light flashed, and the supervisor who had his whip taken away was rolled up by Chi Lian and thrown hard onto the electric grid. Numerous terrifying electric currents spread over, and the supervisor’s whole body was scorched black and slid to the ground without them knowing if he was dead or alive.



Mu Sichen’s movements were non-stop; relying on his speed advantage, he stole all eight whips with several strikes in a row.



This time, not only did Chi Lian have a weapon, but Cheng Xubo was also equipped with a whip, and both of them had double whips.



Mu Sichen used ‘Wonderful hands’ in the front, while Chi Lian and Cheng Xubo followed closely behind. The three of them cooperated harmoniously, and in less than five minutes, the battle ended, and all eight supervisors turned into black charcoal.



At the same time, the voice from the radio resounded throughout the processing plant.



“Important notice, important notice. There are three senior employees who are injuring people at the junction grid between the energy area and the breeding area. All employees, please stop these three people as soon as possible.”



“Repeat, important notice…”



They didn’t have a TV on hand, but they believed that their new faces should be on the wanted notices once again.



“So consuming, there really aren’t enough faces to go around.” Chi Lian laughed to herself.



“Time is running out; help me change my face.” Mu Sichen said.



Chi Lian looked at the mobile phone photo and changed Mu Sichen from He Fei’s appearance to Ying Mao’s again.



Mu Sichen’s hand grabbed the void and took out the long-lost crossaxe.



The level of upgrade for the crossaxe was different from his. He needed to use self-stickers to upgrade, and after reaching the pillar level, the self-stickers at the beginner’s level could no longer help him upgrade.



However, the crossaxe was upgraded as soon as he performed a skill, and now that Mu Sichen was level 10, the crossaxe was somehow upgraded to level 15 after the battle in the sanatorium, making it 5 levels higher than Mu Sichen.



Now the system’s introduction to the cross-axe was: Pillar-level weapon, level 15, evolved due to having borrowed the power of a half-step god and gained invulnerability to creatures below the Hidden Star level. It’s angry due to it being weaker than the Guardian Sword, and when encountering the Guardian Sword again, it will be able to perform the “Angry Crossaxe,”; this special skill can only be performed within a 20-meter radius of the Guardian Sword.



The new introduction of the Crossaxe showed that it had too much to complain about.



The fact that the level was even higher than its master, Mu Sichen, wasn’t a problem, but “borrowed the power of a half-step god” had confused him at first, but he knew who the system was talking about, it was Qin Zu!



god-level monsters were divided into Hidden Star, Sheltering Sun, and half-step Mitian. It’s strength was almost enough to reach the Mitian level. Qin Zu was much stronger than the Big Eye.



In addition, if a tool could feel anger, would it have a soul and personality in the future? Then Mu Sichen would only feel horrified.



It could even perform special skills when it encountered the Guardian Sword!



Given the special nature of the crossaxe, Mu Sichen was sure that the power grid within a single pillar in the area could never be a match for the crossaxe.



The Demolition Skill came online once again.



Mu Sichen slammed down hard against the power grid. A faint electric current passed through the wooden handle of the crossaxe, but it wasn’t very strong. With his current defensive strength, he was able to withstand it.



Quickly, the power grid was smashed into a big hole by the crossaxe.



But Mu Sichen was very cautious; he didn’t pass through immediately, but he picked up a supervisor and threw it over.



Invisible electric currents once again appeared in the large hole where the power grid broke open, electrocuting the already black charcoal supervisor into an even more inhuman form.



The high voltage current didn’t disappear because the wire mesh was broken; the mesh was only the first layer of defense, and the current was the second layer.



But this wasn’t beyond Mu Sichen’s expectations; they had already thought of a countermeasure.



“My turn!” Cheng Xubo took out his wheelbarrow.



His wheelbarrow was tiny, and it looked like it could only carry a small child of about one meter four, but Mu Sichen, who was one meter eight, was able to sit in the wheelbarrow with ease and even felt that there was a lot of space inside and that he could come in with another person.



Cheng Xubo instructed: “The wheelbarrow has its own space inside; it should be able to help you block the high voltage current. I’ll push the barrow into the grid with force, and it will roll over there. You must occupy the ‘pillar’ so that I can go in and bring the wheelbarrow back; this is my only initial tool!”



Mu Sichen made an ‘OK’ gesture.



The wheelbarrow didn’t have a lid, but there was an invisible space on it.



Cheng Xubo pushed the trolley to the hole, exerted a forward force, and pushed Mu Sichen out with force.



This action seemed to have angered some force, and countless silver currents struck towards Mu Sichen as if they were lightning strikes.



However, the currents froze at 10 cm above Mu Sichen’s head and could not get closer, no matter what.



And Cheng Xubo was on the other side of the grid with his eyes tightly closed, seemingly struggling to hold on.



Luckily, it was only a split second before Mu Sichen passed through the power grid without any problems.



He stepped off the wheelbarrow and shouted to Cheng Xubo, “Thanks a lot! I will definitely return the wheelbarrow to you.”



Cheng Xubo panted, “How strong is this current? My little energy value wasn’t enough; I borrowed 1,000 points from you to hold on; do I still need to return it?”



Mu Sichen: “……”



Cheng Xubo’s wheelbarrow didn’t consume much energy value, and every time he used it, it would automatically deduct energy value based on the properties of the items loaded into it.



Loading people deducted more, with 50 points deducted per person. The energy value required for non-living or non-containing special energy items was extremely low. Last time, during the demolition of a sanatorium, only 0.5 points were deducted for transporting construction waste, which was particularly economical.



Now Cheng Xubo had also upgraded to level 5, with a usable energy value of 1000 points.



Previously, when putting in the supervisor, because the supervisor had special energy and wasn’t an ordinary person, Cheng Xubo was deducted 150 energy points.



After that, Cheng Xubo used the spatial transfer function; even though he only transferred a little finger, he also consumed 300 points, leaving 550 energy points.



Mu Sichen thought transporting himself would consume at most 150 energy points; he didn’t expect the energy used to be carried over the grid attack would actually consume energy value, and he consumed so much that Cheng Xubo’s original energy wasn’t enough, so it also used 1000 points from Mu Sichen!



After using the wheelbarrow for such a long time and consuming energy points, he realized that the wheelbarrow was actually a defensive item!



Previously, Chi Lian continuously borrowed 800 energy points from Mu Sichen. Mu Sichen used 500 energy points to dig up the emotions of the supervisor, and now 1000 points was borrowed by Cheng Xubo. He had currently consumed 2300 energy points, and he had a total of 5000 energy points, leaving only 2700 at the moment.



He didn’t know if it was enough to seize the pillar. Mu Sichen thought anxiously.



It seemed that no matter how much energy he had, it wasn’t enough; he didn’t know how Qin Zu achieved infinite energy.



Mu Sichen placed the wheelbarrow by the grid and looked back at Chi Lian and Cheng Xubo.



The two of them were holding whips with both hands, standing in front of the power grid, and not far behind them were the supervisors who were chasing after them.



Mu Sichen was a little worried.



Chi Lian, however, waved her hand and shouted, “Come back quickly to this entrance; we’ll guard it for you.”



Cheng Xubo also shouted, “Punch the pillar for Ying Mao. I know pillars are invisible energy, but it’s best to punch it!”



Mu Sichen suppressed the gratitude in his heart and shouted, “Take care of yourself,” and turned his head to run towards the breeding area.



Chi Lian responded, “Of course I will take care of myself; don’t worry; if I really can’t beat it, I will borrow your energy to change faces to escape; save yourself, ah!”



Mu Sichen slipped on the soles of his feet after hearing this and nearly fell.



All his feelings of gratitude were scared away by this group of corrupt believers.



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