C32 – Extra Emotions

Mu Sichen stepped forward to stop him, pointing at the van and asking knowingly, “Is this the bread that is given to the townspeople every day? Is it shipped from the assembly area?”

The man gave Mu Sichen a wooden look, his reaction extremely slow.

He just glanced at him, then pushed the cart and continued to walk forward, without answering Mu Sichen’s question.

It wasn’t that he didn’t understand Mu Sichen’s words, it wasn’t that he was arrogant and didn’t want to pay attention to him, it was that he wasn’t the least bit interested in his surroundings.

He wasn’t interested in understanding Mu Sichen’s words, nor was he interested in answering his questions.

“This person is so rude.” Chi Lian said as she looked at the man’s back.

“He probably doesn’t even know what politeness is.” Mu Sichen thought about it and felt that he couldn’t just rush into the energy zone; he had to make some preparations.

He opened his backpack, the octopus doll saw that he was going to take the snacks and opened its tentacles to hug all the snacks with a look of reluctance.

Mu Sichen, however, coldly and forcefully snatched two bags of instant noodles and two small cans of cola, splitting them into two and handing them to Chi Lian and Cheng Xubo.

“Why are you giving us this?” Cheng Xubo asked in confusion.

Mu Sichen said, “I’m worried that we’ll be separated once we enter the energy zone, so I’m giving you some food that’s enough to satiate your hunger and quench your thirst.”

“Didn’t you say that there’s a lot of food in the energy zone?” Chi Lian asked, “Are we not allowed to eat the food here? I ate bread and milk from the followers when I first logged into the game.”

“That shouldn’t matter, I ate it too.” Mu Sichen said.


There was an eye in the bottle of mineral water at that time, but that didn’t matter. Even if Chi Lian and Cheng Xubo had been slightly contaminated, they’d been purified by the pillar while at the sanatorium.

“It’s just being prepared, I guess… I just think that the followers are too enthusiastic, kind of like a pyramid scheme to pull people in.” Mu Sichen, who had rich working experience, said, “Usually when you meet this kind of person, don’t take any of the favors he gives, or you’ll fall into a trap.”


“That is, we shouldn’t eat the food provided by the energy zone, right?” Cheng Xubo asked.

“Yes.” Mu Sichen said.

It wasn’t that Mu Sichen didn’t want to give more, but with Chi Lian and Cheng Xubo’s clothes, all they could fit was these two relatively small food items.

They both wore mobility-convenient sportswear, and their clothing pockets were especially large.

The three of them arrived at the energy area, where a workshop director with two pupils in his eyes greeted them warmly.

“Hello, three, on behalf of the Bright Pupil Processing Plant, I would like to welcome you three talented individuals.” The workshop director said, “Don’t worry, the treatment in our energy area is very, very good, you all have independent rooms, and it really won’t be tiring at all, as long as you press the start button of the machine every day.”

As soon as he heard about the independent rooms, a sense of uneasiness rose in Mu Sichen, he glanced at the two of them and signaled them to protect themselves.

The three were taken to different rooms.

There was a follower waiting in each room.

Mu Sichen’s room was a suite of more than a hundred square meters, with a bedroom, living room, separate bath and sitting room, the only thing that was missing was the kitchen.

The room that was supposed to be the kitchen had a machine placed in it.

The machine was like a game pod, just enough to accommodate one person to lie in.

The follower introduced the energy machine to Mu Sichen: “This is our workbench, you only need to lie in it every day and press the ‘inject energy’ button, then you can rest. There are transportation pipes underneath the energy machine, which can deliver energy to the assembly area.”

“In less than five minutes, the job will be done. For the rest of the time, you can do whatever you want.”

“This TV can be connected to a game console that has Super Eyeball, Crazy Stuffed Sight, Eyeball vs. Demon, Defend the Pupil, and many other classic games, so it doesn’t matter how long you want to play.”

Mu Sichen: “….”

These classic games didn’t sound like something he wanted to play.

Seeing that Mu Sichen wasn’t very interested, the follower continued to introduce, “There are also movies and TV shows, all very popular classic movies and TV shows, you can take a look at the list.”

Mu Sichen thought that it was TV dramas such as When the Eye Socket Loves the Pupil and The Eyeball That Lost Its Eyelashes, but who knew that after seeing the movie list, his heart was viciously shocked.

It was actually the real-world popular classic movie and TV dramas he was familiar with, such as XX Biography, X Sword, X Journey, X Wolf, XX Lake, and so on.

“Where did you get these movie and TV dramas from?” Mu Sichen asked, “In our Tongzhi Town, is there anyone else who shoots movie and TV dramas?”

The follower said, “That’s unknown then, but the favored Heavy Pupil said that it came from outside.”


“Outside? Other towns? That’s all heresy.” Mu Sichen said.

The follower was busy shaking his head, “We wouldn’t dare to broadcast something heretical, I heard that it’s even more outside, more distant than distant.”

Was it the movie and drama resources brought by the player who died before? But no, other than him, the others couldn’t even bring in their cell phones. Mu Sichen put down the movie list thoughtfully.

“Are there any entertainment programs yet?” Mu Sichen asked.

“Of course there is!” The follower brought him to the back door, opened it and said, “There’s a soccer field, basketball court, tennis, badminton, ping pong field, swimming pool, golf course, ski slope and various other sports venues, and there are quite a lot of senior employees playing in there right now.”

“Can I go take a look now?” Mu Sichen asked.

The follower shook his head, “Oh no, you can’t, you can only start the recreational activities after work is over. Chun Xiaoyuan, please work, it’s easy.”

“What if I don’t want to work?” Mu Sichen asked, “Will you beat me and force me to work?”

The follower’s face stiffened, but he still spoke politely, “How could I? Of course not, all our work here is voluntary, I’ll wait until you want to work.”

“What if I never want to?” Mu Sichen asked.

The follower’s smile gradually lost its emotion, “Then please wait here all the time, no food, no sleep and no entertainment; you can’t leave until you are willing to work.”

It didn’t matter if he didn’t eat or drink, he could support himself for a few days without sleeping, but not being able to leave wouldn’t work; in another seven or eight hours the big-eye would be awakened, and a heretic like him would be forcibly absorbed by the big-eye if he didn’t quit the game.

But Mu Sichen felt that if he laid into that energy pod, he would lose something very important.

Mu Sichen asked, “Can I violently attack you?”

The follower smiled confidently, “Mr. Chun Xiaoyan, each of the followers are carefully selected and have enough self-protection ability, please don’t try to use violence.”

Yeah, this follower looked like he was particularly capable of fighting.

“But I’m still confident in my strength, maybe I can really injure you?” Mu Sichen asked.

“Sir, it’s really beyond your control, but I can tell you that I have to report your work situation to the workshop director every two hours. If I don’t report, the entire energy area will arrest you. Once caught, it’s not up to you to decide whether to work or not.” said the follower.

That workshop director had double-pupil eyes, and he didn’t know if he was the legendary Heavy Pupil Dependent.

Mu Sichen felt otherwise.

He didn’t feel a pressure similar to that of the Feathered Eye Dependent on the workshop director, he just felt that the workshop director was stronger than ordinary followers.

Mu Sichen smiled, “Two hours before the workshop director is informed, it’s still bearable.”

After saying that, he slightly shook his palm and took out a crossaxe.

Seeing the crossaxe, the follower immediately said, “I’ve seen this weapon before, this is the weapon that Sha Dayan has on the wanted notice, what is your relationship with him?”

“The relationship of eating the same bowl of rice.” Mu Sichen swung his crossaxe and heavily slammed it into the follower.

The follower suddenly fell backward, his body almost folded backward and leaned down, completely against the common sense of the human body.

It was the first time Mu Sichen’s crossaxe swung empty.


After upgrading, his speed, stamina, defense, and energy value had all taken a qualitative leap. The current Mu Sichen was able to punch through walls in the game, jump to the ceiling in one leap, and would probably only be bruised when hit head-on by a car traveling at 60 kilometers per hour.

With such speed, it was surprising that it would be dodged.

Moreover, after Mu Sichen tried swinging the crossaxe, his strength seemed to have become weaker.

The followers inside the food processing plant were incomparable to the ones outside, ah.

“Attacking a staff member, you have already violated the processing plant’s rule against violence.” The follower leaned back in a folded position, slapped the ground with both palms, and jumped up with his entire body in a bizarre position.

He turned in the air, his hands and palms hung straight down as sharp barbed nails grew from his fingertips.

The nails pierced deeply into the ceiling, and the follower crouched down on the ceiling, drooling at Mu Sichen, “Great, great, great! The employee is using violence, so I can lock you in the energy pod and force you to keep pressing buttons until you degrade into a mid-level employee!”


His eyes grew bigger and bigger, constantly protruding, eventually changing into eyes like those of a dragonfly, firmly staring at Mu Sichen: “I see you, you can’t escape oh.”

Mu Sichen: “……”

What a strange behavioral species!

The big-eye really did the ultimate in using his eyes to disgust people, he was always coming up with new ways to use his eyes to make people’s sanity level drop.

The Dragonfly Eyes Follower’s legs exerted force, his leg muscles bulging high as he charged towards Mu Sichen.

Mu Sichen immediately put away his crossaxe and quietly placed an object in the palm of his hand.

The speed of the Dragonfly Eyes was far beyond human imagination, and the speed of this jump was comparable to a bullet launch, so a normal person wouldn’t be able to dodge it.

Even the upgraded Mu Sichen wasn’t as fast as him.

Mu Sichen simply gave up resisting, only using his arms to protect his chest.

The dragonfly eyed man crashed heavily into his body, and Mu Sichen even heard a crisp “click” sound coming from his left arm.

His left arm was fractured.

The dragonfly eyed man held onto Mu Sichen firmly with both hands and legs, binding him like a rope.


“Mr. Chun Xiaoyuan, didn’t I say that followers have the ability to defend themselves?” The dragonfly eyes were almost on Mu Sichen’s face.

It was too ugly, Mu Sichen averted his eyes.

“Come on, come on!” The follower said happily, “Come and provide energy, provide energy so we can have a constant supply of food.”

Sure enough.

Mu Sichen had long felt that the so-called energy was probably something in their bodies, possibly even the power of the soul.

Once they were coaxed into pressing the “energy injection” button, they would definitely lose something important.

There seems to be a rule at the processing plant that the energy must be provided voluntarily by the employees.

But also, if an employee violated the rules and harmed a follower, the follower could force the employee to provide energy by force.

The dragonfly eyed man dragged Mu Sichen towards the energy pod.

When he reached the vicinity of the energy pod, Mu Sichen who had been half-pushing suddenly refused to move, his legs firmly nailed to the ground, not letting the follower push him into the energy pod.

“Don’t think you can resist me just because you’re strong; our processing plant has a rule, as long as you’re in the Heavy Pupil energy zone, if you haven’t started to work yet, half of the employee’s physical strength will be automatically allocated to the follower. With the follower’s original strength, you will definitely not be able to resist me.” said the Dragonfly Eyed man.

No wonder he felt that his strength shouldn’t be like this, no wonder the follower was so emboldened.

But there was still a need for a stalemate if only half of his physical strength was shared.

Mu Sichen was still dead set against entering the energy pod, and the follower’s hands had to release his body to push Mu Sichen in with force.

Mu Sichen waited for this opportunity.

The moment the followeret go of his hands, he quickly raised something in his hand, pressed the switch, and aimed it at the man’s eyes.

What he had quietly hidden in his hand before was precisely the flashlight that he had gotten in the initial room.

The strong light shone on the dragonfly eyed man’s terrifying eyes, and the man instinctively went to cover his eyes.

Taking advantage of this moment, Mu Sichen dropped the flashlight, held the crossaxe in one hand, and heavily hit the man eyes.

The “digging” skill was successfully executed, and the system deducted 100 energy value from him.

At the same time, a different color of black appeared on Mu Sichen’s badge.

It was also Mu Sichen’s first time using the upgraded “digging” skill, he saw that 100 energy value was deducted and simply hit the man several times; after the fifth time, the system prompted him that the energy consumed by digging further would increase exponentially, so Mu Sichen stopped.


At this time, Mu Sichen’s chest card, had more than five distinctive colors, while the dragonfly eyed man stared blankly at the ceiling, his eyes gradually become numb.

Mu Sichen dug away his “feelings”.

Just as Chi Lian’s ability upgrade allowed her to cut abstract images, Mu Sichen’s skill upgrade also allowed him to dig up more than just believers, upgrading to “emotions”.

In fact, when he helped Chi Lian, Cheng Xubo and others to remove the contamination of the feathered eyes dependents, digging out the spiritual contamination was also a kind of emotion.

It was just that this kind of emotion that didn’t belong to the body could easily be eliminated from the body, so the amount of energy consumed was relatively small.

Faith, on the other hand, was an extremely firm emotion, and the amount of energy value needed to try to convert someone was quite considerable.

Now that Mu Sichen had dug up several emotions that weren’t considered very important to the follower, the energy value deducted was very little.

If he continued digging, he would dig into the more important emotions of the man, and the energy value consumed would increase, so Mu Sichen naturally stopped.

These five emotions were Malice, Greed, Appetite, Diligence, and Pain, and they transferred to Mu Sichen.

The first was Malice.

That was why Mu Sichen continued to attack without any emotion after a single strike, and each strike was filled with malice.

These extra emotions affected Mu Sichen.

He raised his crossaxe again; he could use his skill to directly dig out the life of the Dragonfly Eyed man, after all, his left arm was hurting so much right now, thanks to him.

The moment he lifted the crossaxe, the number provided by the system appeared in Mu Sichen’s mind, it needed to consume 2000 points of energy value.

“It’s only 2000 points, is your life so cheap?” Mu Sichen asked.

The crossaxe swung down heavily, but he changed direction before it hit the side of the man’s face.

Mu Sichen shook his head and put away the crossaxe.

In this world, in order to protect himself, he could eliminate these monsters.

But right now, he wasn’t trying to attack out of his own will, he was affected by the follower’s malice.

Mu Sichen forced himself to pick up the backpack he dropped during the fight, yanked the octopus doll out of it, and spoke to the octopus doll with difficulty, “Lend me some sanity, whatever you ask me to do is fine.”

The octopus doll revealed its round head, seeing that Mu Sichen’s state wasn’t right, it stretched out its tentacles, probing Mu Sichen’s brow.

However, Mu Sichen looked at the octopus doll, and the more he looked at it, the more he felt that it looked like jelly.

As the short tentacle crawled hard to Mu Sichen’s lips, Mu Sichen didn’t hold back and opened his mouth to bite the tentacle.

The octopus doll immediately retracted its hand, and the water vapor in its large eyes seemed to increase as its watery eyes looked at Mu Sichen.

“Not delicious, I thought you were sweet.” Mu Sichen licked his lips.

Mu Sichen then gave his face a quick punch and said to the octopus doll, “Sorry, I was affected by the appetite of that follower and didn’t control myself; if you do it again, I promise I won’t bite your tentacle again.”

The doll was silent for a while, then deciding to trust Mu Sichen’s willpower, it once again reached out with its tentacles.

At this time Mu Sichen licked his lips and asked, “Is your head sweet? It looks easy to bite.”

Octopus Doll: “….”



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