C3—- Qin Zu


“…… has cleared all dependents within Xiangping Town, and Xiangping Town has become a completely safe and harmless safe zone. Please ask the survivors of other towns to hold on and not be contaminated by the dependents and not be swallowed up by the town they are in. Xiangping town is expanding, we have to believe in Qin Zu, if we believe in Qin Zu, we will be saved, he is the last hope for humanity …… repeat, Qin Zu has cleared Xiangping town ……”



The old radio within the repeated this paragraph, Mu Sichen listened with a frown.


He didn’t know how strong this person called Qin Zu was, but wasn’t it a little too heavy to put the hopes of the entire world all on one person?


Mu Sichen remembered the diary, the owner of the diary was probably like this, listening to this broadcast repeatedly in a dark room, eating less and less food, waiting for Qin Zu to come to his rescue, and eventually fell into madness.


The owner of the diary wasn’t only mad, Mu Sichen also vaguely felt a hint of hatred in his diary.


Before going crazy, he was already hating Qin Zu, who didn’t come to his rescue in time.



Could a person withstand so much expectation and hatred? Unless he was a god.



Of course, in this bizarre game world, there might really be a god.


Mu Sichen shook his head and turned off the radio.


“I wouldn’t expect you to save me, Qin Zu.” Musichen whispered to himself.


After the death of his parents, Mu Sichen had fallen into a period of low, when he felt that he was the most miserable person in the world, longing for his parents to come alive to accompany him and guard him as before; longing for someone to save him and take him away from the mire of pessimism.


But it was useless to blame others, everyone had their own life, had their own difficulties, other people could only provide temporary help, if they wanted to stand up, they had to rely on their own strength.



When Mu Sichen came to a strange world, he didn’t expect the help of the so-called “last hope of humanity”. He would find a way to return to reality on his own.


If there was no way to go back, he would also find a place suitable for his life in this world.

After saying these words, Mu Sichen suddenly felt an extremely sharp line of sight fall on his body, he swung back with a cross-axe, but behind him there was nothing.



It was different from the previous sense of prying eyes.


The sense of prying eyes in the darkness was more like watching through a door, like knowing that there was a person in the building next door, but not knowing exactly what that person looked like, not knowing exactly where that person was, and only being able to observe the building in secret.



This sight, on the other hand, was rather like a person staring straight at him, with a sight so obvious that it was impossible to ignore.



But there was really no one behind him, where was this line of sight tell


[The player didn’t guess wrong, you are indeed marked by the unnameable presence.]


A prompt came from the system.


“You’re still somewhat useful.” Mu Sichen said.


[The system will only tell the player what you already know.]


“Then what’s the use of you?” Mu Sichen felt that the system couldn’t do anything but set traps for people.


[It isn’t good for the player to know too much about the unknown, the player will understand later.]



“No need for later, I understand now.” Mu Sichen picked up the diary and the book on the desk and had a basic guess about his current situation.


When he opened the book about the “eyes”, he became dizzy and even confused, he didn’t understand why this happened. After reading the diary, he understood the current situation.


It was not a problem with books or knowledge, it was a problem with “understanding” itself.


The owner of the diary reminded himself countless times not to read the book, but outside the house someone often came to ask him to read aloud the contents of the book, to check his understanding of the “knowledge” of the book.


And when one day the diarist really ate the book and “understood” its contents, he went crazy.


This was a crazy world, with some unknown fears, and these “unknowns” were unspeakable and incomprehensible. The more you “understand”, the closer you would get to these “unknowns” and fall into madness.




But if he didn’t explore the world and didn’t “understand”, he would be like the master of the diary, forever trapped in this room, until his destruction.


No matter what he did, he was always wrong.


And just now, he didn’t know what “marked” him.


Mu Sichen examined himself, he could still rationally analyze the situation in this world, his sanity was normal, which proved that the “mark” should only be a kind of observation, and didn’t actually do anything to him.


In that case, he shouldn’t think about the “mark” for the time being, maybe the “mark” itself was harmless, but the more he thought about it, the easier it was to be affected.


Focus on himself, stay rational, listen less and think less was probably the way to live here.


Mu Sichen put the “mark” behind him and thought about how he should act next.


Always staying in the room wasn’t feasible, he would either starve to death or go crazy, no matter what the danger outside was, he had to go out to see.


But it wasn’t feasible to be in danger without preparation.


Mu Sichen’s fingertips tapped on the diary, and soon he had a solution.



He sat down at his desk, opened the book about “eyes”, and also turned on the radio, so that the radio looped the broadcast about the “last hope of mankind”.



This kind of broadcast, which repeatedly instilled the same phrase, had a brainwashing effect in itself, and likewise, the contents of the book could also cause changes to the human spirit.


Since the diary owner was able to rely on the radio for support until the food ran out before he went crazy, it proved that the brainwashing effect of the radio was resistant to the mental pollution here, and could counteract the dizziness and dizziness.



Mu Sichen wanted to live and complete the tasks issued by the game system, it was impossible to sit and wait for death. But once he listened, saw and thought, he would go mad again.


The only way, was probably to fight poison with poison.


Mu Sichen raised the flashlight, concentrating on the contents of the book, he suddenly felt vertigo.


At this time the radio came “…… Qin Zu …… hope …… safe zone… …Xiangping Town ……” and other words, again allowing Mu Sichen to immediately regain his wakefulness.



He used this wakefulness to read through the book.


Mu Sichen felt like he was back in high school, listening to English speakers while feeling sleepy, half-understanding the listening content while dreaming and waking up, and relying on his intuition to choose the right answer.



Under the power of this confrontation, Mu Sichen finally read half of the book’s content.



This book wasn’t about eyes, but about a great being who gazed at mankind.



Seeing the suffering of the earth and people constantly thirsting for guardianship and light, the Great Being couldn’t help but have compassion in His heart and gaze at the earth with His benevolent gaze.



The area where His gaze was directed formed this “Hitomi Town”.


As long as they were under the gaze of the Great Presence, the inhabitants of Hitomi Town would always be happy and tranquil.



But the Great Being was too tired to keep His eyes open forever, and He always closed them to rest. When He closed His eyes, the town of Hitomi would fall into darkness and despair.



In order to keep the Great Presence awake all the time, the townspeople decided to become the eyes of the Great Presence.



They protected their eyes, made them brighter and sharpened their vision. Some townspeople who loved the Great Presence deeply would try to increase the number of their eyes and dedicate their vision to the Great Presence, and such townspeople would become the dependents of the Great Presence.


As the townspeople and the Great Presence knew and loved each other, the Great Presence was awake longer and longer, the “day” was longer and the “night” was shorter and shorter.


But there were still some heretics in the town who didn’t understand the Great Presence and didn’t trust it, but they weren’t bad people, they just didn’t understand it.



So the townspeople had to actively tolerate the heretics, so they’d understand the greatness and hard work of the Great Presence, and they told them the story of the Great Presence to convince them.



One day, the day would come when people would understand each other, the Great Presence would never sleep, and Hitomi Town would finally become the ideal home for everyone!



After reading this book, Mu Sichen rubbed his eyes in pain.



He could no longer recognize the word “eyes”.


At the same time, he had subconsciously picked up a pen and wrote on the entire desk.


Looking with a flashlight, the desk was covered with the words “eyes” and “Qin Zu” in a twisted manner. When he was confused, he would write down the word “eyes” on the desk, and then the radio would wake him up for a moment, so Mu Sichen would write down “Qin Zu”.



Mu Sichen only glanced at the desk and moved the flashlight away, not daring to look again.



He felt that he had transferred all the influence he just received to the desk by writing. At this time, anyone who tried to see what was written on the desk would go crazy immediately.


This was really a chaotic and crazy world.


Under the influence of this power, it seemed that only crazy people could live happily, and sober people only felt pain.



But was such a way really the right one?



Mu Sichen carefully recalled the contents of the book, some words were really worth pondering on.


For example, “the people would find a way to increase their eyes”, how was it increased? Another example was “the great being will always look at the town of Hitomi when awake”, how did he look? Everywhere was His eyes?



Mu Sichen didn’t even dare to carefully think about these questions, once he thought carefully, he almost couldn’t control his impulse to draw eyes on his arm.



Fortunately, the radio was there.



Mu Sichen remembered the word “Qin Zu” on the table and felt sweaty, he just swore that he wouldn’t rely on Qin Zu, then he immediately used the name of Qin Zu to resist spiritual pollution, he was indeed a little embarrassed.


“It was my bad just now, I’ll try to defeat the pollution on my own as soon as possible, Qin Zu.” Mu Sichen assured himself.


Just after he finished speaking, he felt the same sharp sight again as he did just now.



It was as if someone had looked at him again.


A thought suddenly rose.



He subconsciously wrote down Qin Zu’s name to fight against the spiritual pollution of Hitomi town, did it mean that Qin Zu had the same power as the so-called great being?


The two times he said “Qin Zu”, he received a sharp look.



“Is it Qin Zu who is looking at me?” Mu Sichen tried to say the name again.



Sure enough, the feeling of being stared at came again, but this time the sight was no longer so sharp.


“Could it be that everyone who calls Qin Zu’s name, Qin Zu can look at them? How many Qin Zus are written on this diary, did he look at the diary owner a few times?” Mu Sichen asked.


At the same time, he received four more gazes.


“Qin Zu Qin Zu Qin Zu Qin Zu ……” Both sides were “marked”. Mu Sichen wasn’t afraid. He repeated the name to test whether it was so accurate.



This time, he didn’t feel his sight. Maybe Qin Zhu was too lazy to pay attention to him.



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