C18 —– Gathering Wool

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After Ji Lian knocked out Ke Yi, she was scared and didn’t know what to do.


Who knew that the benefactor would appear in front of her again, as if he had come specifically to save her.



This made Ji Lian even more grateful to her benefactor, and her heart was full of worship, as if her benefactor was her god.


She looked longingly at her benefactor, who looked at her with a strange look, as if she owed him eight million dollars.


She was confused and checked herself, seeing that there was no abnormality on her body, she innocently asked, “Benefactor, what’s wrong with me? Am I contaminated by something?”


“No, there isn’t.” Mu Sichen shook his head.


He was the one who nearly lost control over the 20 points of energy value he had lost, and was tempted to press her head and gouge the ego sticker off the back of her neck.


Was a believer this kind of existence that was going to keep pulling his wool over his eyes? Then what did he need believers for?


There should be other uses for the believers, but at the moment there were too few believers, so he could only pay them first, and when there were more believers, or when he found the “pillar” and completed the newbie mission, he could reap the interest from the believers, right?



Mu Sichen had already regarded Ji Lian as a teammate who owed him money and would continue to borrow money from him in the future.



“Let’s still discuss how we should accomplish the mission.” Mu Sichen said, “After you entered the game, did the system issue you any quests?”



“Yes,” Ji Lian was unguarded against Mu Sichen and answered frankly, “At first, the system told me to find the ‘Pillar’ and build the ‘Security Department’, but then the mission content suddenly changed.”



Mu Sichen: “Changed into what?”


Ji Lian: “It asked me to assist a player named Mu Sichen in building an ideal town that belongs to him. Benefactor, who is Mu Sichen? Do you recognize him?”



Mu Sichen: “…… It’s me.”



The name written on his badge was “Sha Dayan”, so Ji Lian probably thought of him as “benefactor Sha Dayan'”.



She was pleasantly surprised, “That’s great! When the system issued the quest, I was quite reluctant, thinking, “Why are you asking me to help a player I don’t know? It turns out that you, Benefactor, are Mu Sichen, so you’re my captain! Just order whatever you want me to do!”



Mu Sichen: “When did your mission change?”


“I only realized that the mission was modified after I left the plaza, before I was scared by the Feathered Eyes dependent and I didn’t have the energy to check the system panel, I’m not too sure when exactly.” Ji Lian said.



That should be after the self sticker was applied. Mu Sichen secretly analyzed it.



Despite losing 20 energy points and more in the future, it was always a good thing to have a teammate who could be trusted and whose abilities were still special, Mu Sichen secretly comforted himself in his heart.


In particular, Ji Lian was now a doctor.


Since Yao Wangping had added to the rules, doctors could now enter any room within the sanatorium, and the real doctor, Ke Yi, had replaced Ji Lian as a patient again ……



Mu Sichen suddenly realized that it seemed like he didn’t need to add any more rules to sneak into the discharge registration room on the first basement floor to take a look.



Just treat Ke Yi and then have Ji Lian take Ke Yi to the first basement floor.


This could save Shen Jiyue, but once he or Ji Lian healed Ke Yi, it was the same as them agreeing with the rules of the sanatorium, they would be reduced to the big-eye’s believers.



Moreover, destroying the “pillar” required Qin Zu’s power, Ji Lian was his believer, but he wasn’t as strong as Qin Zu, so there was no way to lend Ji Lian the power to destroy the “pillar”.



This way wasn’t feasible.


However, her existence still had its benefits, their team had an uncontaminated doctor.


Mu Sichen didn’t know what this could do, but he always felt that it was useful.



“By the way, Captain Mu,” Ji Lian changed her way of addressing him, “I just went through Ke Yi’s office and found something.”


Ji Lian pulled out a diary and handed it to Mu Sichen.


Mu Sichen: “……”


Why did people in Tongzhi Town love keeping journals so much?


Ji Lian flipped the journal to the middle page and pointed it out to Mu Sichen, “It says here that the Feathered eye dependent had told Dr. Ke that as long as the nine lost children were allowed to return to the arms of the ‘Pupil of the Sky’, the doctor could be discharged from the hospital.”



Mu Sichen looked at the diary but didn’t see what she had seen, he only saw some ghostly prescriptions with handwriting that resembled a doctor’s prescription in reality.



“Ke Yi herself recorded that she had found eight lost children and would go for the last one today. Do I count as the ninth? Now that I’ve taken her place, won’t I be discharged?” Ji Lian said.



Mu Sichen frowned, “I didn’t see the words you said.”


He took out a pen and book from his game backpack and copied down what he saw and showed it to Ji Lian.


Ji Lian: “…… Captain Mu, what kind of ghost writing is this? Can’t you see what’s written in this diary? Can’t you read it? Every word is clear ah, Dr. Ke’s handwriting is very neat!”


“If you’re not deceiving me, there’s only one answer, only the medical staff can read what’s in the diary.” Mu Sichen’s expression became grave.


“I’ll vouch for it with the sticker on my neck, there’s no way in hell I’d lie to Captain Mu!” Ji Lian’s expression was resolute, looking like she was dangerously close to losing her mind.


“I didn’t suspect you.” Mu Sichen said.



If Ji Lian was the type of person who wanted nothing and trusted Mu Sichen crazily, Mu Sichen would have instead suspected that Ji Lian was contaminated by someone or something. But now that Ji Lian was a gold swallowing beast, a believer raised with energy value, it was hard for Mu Sichen not to trust her.



Because there was no way to borrow power from him with insufficient faith.



The truth was truly heartbreaking, Mu Sichen felt that he had to find a way to raise the upper limit of his energy value and quickly restore it as soon as possible, otherwise he really couldn’t afford to raise believers.


“I knew you would believe me!” Ji Lian said happily.


Mu Sichen, however, was not happy.



Although he didn’t suspect Ji Lian, this incident made Mu Sichen wary, and he began to doubt Shen Jiyue’s words.


This didn’t mean that Mu Sichen suspected Shen Jiyue as a person, but rather suspected the information Shen Jiyue obtained.



Because the information patients, family members, and medical staff obtained was different, the information Shen Jiyue got, was it really all?


Mingmu Sanatorium …… Mingmu …… exactly what kind of people, could get all the information?



Shen Jiyue had said that only the patients could really get out of the sanatorium, others had no way out at all. So he thought that the patients were discharged from the hospital on the first floor was the “pillar” of the location. But this was the information obtained by Shen Jiyue, who was a patient, so he only got the information that the patients were discharged from the hospital!


And Ji Lian, being a doctor, saw in other doctors’ diaries the way doctors left the hospital.


Yao Wangping had also turned a doctor’s office upside down, and Mu Sichen recalled the images from his contact with Yao Wangping and remembered that there seemed to be one of those journals flipped open on his desk as well.


On that diary, the same ghostly symbols that Mu Sichen couldn’t understand were written.


Could it be that those ghostly symbols recorded something similar to what Ji Lian had seen?



Patients, family members, volunteers, medical staff of the Mingmu sanatorium, there were four identities, there was no such thing as a possibility, that was, these four identities, in fact, each of them had a corresponding discharge, but because the four identities were opposites, they couldn’t read the handwriting that the other side saw, could it be that in fact, the four sides didn’t know the full details?


‘Big Eye’s’ title was ” Pupil Of The Sky”, and the image he displayed was a large eye shrouded in the sky. His ability was related to the eye, and he could blind people’s vision with mist, and drive them crazy with illusions.



Judging by the energy that Big Eye had shown so far, it shouldn’t be difficult for Him to shield people’s vision and make different people see different words.



No one would be able to get the real information in this sanatorium, because what each person saw was very different!


Mu Sichen fell into deep thought, Ji Lian imitated her benefactor’s expression on the side, frowning slightly, eyes half-lidded, hand gently resting against her chin in a deep-thinking gesture, but in reality, her head was empty and she couldn’t think of anything.



“We don’t have enough manpower.” Mu Sichen suddenly said, “I need manpower!”



“There was another player with me earlier that came with me to catch up with you, but the fog was too big and we got separated as we walked.” Ji Lian raised her hand, “You saved him before as well, although he didn’t put on a self sticker, but if he also entered the sanatorium, he should be able to team up with us, right?”



Mu Sichen thought about it briefly and knew that Ji Lian was talking about the cart player.



So he shook his head, “Even if he enters the sanatorium, he will only be a family member, we already have three identities now: patient, family member, and doctor, and I need a volunteer, but the volunteer must be a believer of the Big Eye, so that’s a bit difficult to do.”


“You can turn a family member into a volunteer,” Ji Lian pointed to herself, “I have the cut and paste function, it’s just a matter of changing the badge.”



Mu Sichen: “Your energy bar is already at the bottom, and you alone don’t have enough to perform this skill.”



Ji Lian’s eyes glowed as she looked at Mu Sichen, “Captain Mu, you must have a way, right?”



Mu Sichen: “……”


He covered his heart and felt heartache. There was no money in the startup boss’s account either, and he was only a novice player, and the energy value limit was only 100, so he simply couldn’t afford to be so consumed ah!



But if this method wasn’t used, the volunteers and their identities were completely opposed to each other, and it would be impossible for them to access the information that could only be seen by being a volunteer.


Mu Sichen was so worried that his SAN value was about to drop.


While Mu Sichen was having a hard time, his chest throbbed slightly again, the octopus totem was thrashing his chest again.


He didn’t know whether Qin Zu could hear their conversation or was urging him to act.


Mu Sichen thought it should be the latter.


His thoughts were all in his head and not spoken, even if Qin Zu could hear their conversation through the totem, it was impossible for him to read his mind.


Mu Sichen had been mind-read by the touch of a tentacle, he knew the feeling of having his mind read, it was a feeling of the sea of consciousness being enveloped by a huge force peering into it, and he believed that even if it was Qin Zu, if his true body wasn’t at Tongzhi Town, it would consume a lot to perform this ability.



At the moment, Mu Sichen wasn’t feeling like he was being mind-read, and he believed that Qin Zu hadn’t guessed what he was thinking, but was only urging him to act as quickly as possible to increase the number of believers for Qin Zu.


How come Qin Zu wasn’t afraid to increase the number of believers? Was his energy value that much, so much that believers woolgathering couldn’t finish it?



Since Qin Zu had already sent him to the door, he wasn’t polite.



Mu Sichen said to Ji Lian: ”We can’t do it blatantly, go and trick a few volunteers to come to the office and have them come in one by one. Just say …… that there is a patient in the office who needs to be transferred to the ward, and let them help.”



Volunteers were there to assist the medical staff, and Ji Lian had the authority to do so.


Ji Lian agreed readily and darted out of the room.


Mu Sichen, on the other hand, summoned his crossaxe and stood behind the door.


Not a moment later, the door to the room opened and a volunteer walked in.


Mu Sichen showed no mercy, and swung his pickaxe down.


When he lifted the pickaxe, Mu Sichen felt a huge amount of energy transferring from his chest to the pickaxe, which was the power lent to him by Qin Zu.



If Mu Sichen had time to check his status at this time, he would have realized that his blue bar limit had become “∞”, there was no limit at all.



A pickaxe smashed down, and the blue number “-2847” appeared on the pickaxe.



This meant that the “Digging” skill executed by this pickaxe alone had consumed 2847 of Qin Zu’s energy value.



A self sticker with a flashing silver light fell into Mu Sichen’s palm, and the pattern on it was clearly visible.


Previously, the pattern on the self sticker was blurred, Mu Sichen could only see the blurred shape, and was not sure what his self sticker looked like at all.


It wasn’t until this moment, with the help of Qin Zu’s power, that Mu Sichen could see the pattern clearly.



It was a pair of patterns that resembled both wings and palms, with both hands or wings unfolding to cover the three patterns that symbolized the sky, the ocean, and the earth.


Mu Sichen understood what the pattern symbolized with just one look.


It was a pair of hands that could not be imprisoned no matter the sky, the ocean, or the earth, hands that controlled their own destiny.


This was the totem that belonged to him.


One would also have to use the power of other god-level monsters to see his totem. Mu Sichen smiled to himself.



A tentacle totem suddenly appeared on the back of the head of the volunteer who fell to the ground after being smashed in the head by Mu Sichen, repairing the wounds he had received from the crossaxe.


The volunteer climbed up and knelt on one knee, his gaze looking in a distant direction as he said earnestly, “General Qin, I will definitely liberate Tongzhi Town and make it peaceful and tranquil.”


Mu Sichen: “……”


What a large proselytizing scene.



Fortunately, the big-eye’s eyes were closed in the “black night”, otherwise their actions would definitely not be able to escape its line of sight. They didn’t have much time, so they had to destroy the “pillar” in the Sanatorium before the “day” came!



Unfortunately, the badge on the volunteer’s chest quickly changed to “patient”.



He lost his volunteer status.


This way, they couldn’t get a companion who had the status of a volunteer.


At this time, the diligent Ji Lian tricked in another volunteer.


Mu Sichen didn’t hesitate to swing the pickaxe.


But this volunteer was surprisingly stronger than the previous one, he also installed a pair of eyes on his back, two holes were hollowed out in his clothes, and a pair of eyes looked at Mu Sichen without blinking, deftly avoiding his attack.



The volunteer with eyes on his back immediately screamed, “Differ ……”



It was a pity that before he could shout out the word “ent”, his mouth was covered by the previous proselytizing volunteer.



The proselytizing volunteer nodded to Mu Sichen and said solemnly, “I’ll assist you, come on!”


Mu Sichen: “……”



He swung the pickaxe again, and with the deduction of the blue “-3126” energy value, the volunteer with eyes in his back also became a believer of Qin Zu, another patient.


And Mu Sichen also got a second self sticker that shone with silver light.



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