C17—- The Believer

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“Ah, benefactor!” Seeing Mu Sichen, the girl’s eyes lit up as she dragged Mu Sichen inside the office.


Mu Sichen was about to go in and obediently entered with her.



The situation was a bit bizarre, but Mu Sichen still chose to believe the girl.



This belief didn’t stem from the fact that the two were both players, but was based on an objective analysis of the facts.



Mu Sichen came to the sanatorium less than an hour, and when he saw Shen Jiyue’s medical records, it was only ten minutes before he arrived. At that time, Shen Jiyue’s attending doctor was called Ke Yi.



In just ten minutes, this girl went from the square through the fog to the sanatorium. She had to understand the rules of the sanatorium and cure a patient. Her registered name happened to be the same as Shen Jiyue’s attending doctor, which was simply an impossible event.



Unless this girl had entered the game at a different time than him, and it had been more than two days.



But this was also impossible, because in the square, the girl was affected by Feather Eye dependent’s move to kill the players, and narrowly escaped being contaminated by the big-eye, a person who could treat a patient and become a doctor had long subconsciously subscribed to Tongzhi Town’s underlying logic, and their san value wouldn’t fall wildly due to the death of a heretic.



The only explanation was that it was the girl’s ability to play.


It was also for this reason that Mu Sichen chose to believe the girl.



As soon as he entered the door, Mu Sichen saw a middle-aged woman bundled up on the floor without a jacket, with “Patient: Ji Lian” written on her badge.


Mu Sichen turned to the girl, “Your name is Ji Lian?”



The girl’s eyes lit up slightly, and she said in surprise, “Benefactor, you’re too good, are you omniscient? Why do you know that my name is Ji Lian?”



Mu Sichen felt that her attitude was overly enthusiastic, he took a step backwards and pointed at the unconscious middle-aged woman on the ground, “I’m guessing that she’s the doctor, Ke Yi, what did you do to get the two of you to exchange your badges?”



The matter of exchanging chest plates was something that Mu Sichen and Shen Jiyue had tried.


It wasn’t so much that Mu Sichen was to replace Shen Jiyue, but the two discussed the possibility of breaking the rules.



Since they couldn’t agree with the sanatorium’s rules and didn’t have the ability to rebuild them, they tried to find loopholes in the rules.


Unfortunately, as soon as the badges were exchanged, the handwriting on them automatically changed, changing back to the two’s original names, so this path wouldn’t work.



He didn’t realize that Ji Lian had a way to exchange the chest plate with Doctor Ke.


“It’s an incidental ability of my initial tool,” Ji Lian took out a large pair of scissors, “The system said that I have the ability to ‘cut and paste’, and instead of removing the badges, I cut and pasted the two badges and the words on them were exchanged.”



It was only after Ji Lian recounted it a little too enthusiastically that Mu Sichen realized what had happened.



Seeing Mu Sichen walking away, an impulse rose in Ji Lian’s heart to gather the courage to follow Mu Sichen into the mists.



But she was scared, her speed was even slower than Mu Sichen’s, and her sense of direction wasn’t very good. After walking for a long time, she didn’t find the sanatorium, but she met the doctor, Ke Yi.



Ke Yi was out looking for patients, and when she saw Ji Lian, she enthusiastically coaxed her into the sanatorium.


Ke Yi swore that she had seen Mu Sichen, so Ji Lian foolishly followed Ke Yi into the sanatorium.



“I was so stupid that I didn’t realize I was being tricked until she tricked me into the office to tie me up and send me through the admission process,” Ji Lian recounted.



“And one thing that was particularly strange was that I obviously had good physical strength, but I just couldn’t make it in front of her, and I had a feeling of being overpowered.”



“Good thing I still have game skills and my blue bar is full, so I directly cut off her chest plate with a pair of scissors, and that feeling of being suppressed disappeared immediately, and I immediately replaced the chest plate and tied her up.



“After that, I didn’t know what to do, and decided to look for a way to leave the sanatorium, I didn’t expect to see you, Benefactor, just before I went out!”



“It should be that the doctor’s identity has an innate suppression on the patient.” Mu Sichen said.



He was a family member and didn’t develop this feeling when facing Yao Wangping.



“It should be, after changing the chest plate, I knocked her out with just one punch, she didn’t even have the strength to dodge.” Ji Lian pointed at Ke Yi and suddenly let out an “eek”, “Benefactor look at her, how did she become like this?”


Mu Sichen looked in the direction she was pointing, and saw that Ke Yi’s neck had a lot of blister eyes growing out of it, and her body was changing.



“She changed and became a patient.” Mu Sichen briefly explained the rules within the sanatorium.



“Scary.” Ji Lian patted her chest, “I was a patient as soon as I walked in the door, luckily I changed my badge in time, or else I’d really rather die if I turned into this scary-looking person.”



Mu Sichen frowned, “How could you be a patient?”


“Hmm?” Ji Lian, who knew little about the rules of the sanatorium, looked at Mu Sichen in confusion.


Mu Sichen held up his badge, which read “Family”.


According to Shen Jiyue’s understanding, ordinary people would become family members when they came here, and only heretics would become patients.



If a doctor brought a family member into the sanatorium, then that doctor would also have to find a way to contaminate the family member into a patient, otherwise it would not be considered that the doctor had brought a patient to the hospital.



Although the Feather Eye dependent tagged them heretics when it saw the rebels, the sanatorium had a clear rule that the true heretics were those who believed in an existence other than the Big Eye.



Mu Sichen didn’t have any beliefs, he was just an ordinary person, so he would be assigned a family member’s badge.



Ji Lian was a player just like him, and should be a family member, so why did he become a patient once he entered the sanatorium?


“When did you enter the game?” Mu Sichen asked.


“It’s been four or five hours since I came in, I didn’t wear a watch, so I can only estimate based on how hungry I am.” Ji Lian said.



Four or five hours, that was to say, she should have come here at about the same time as Mu Sichen.



“Where were you when you first arrived in this world? Did you see any radios, flashlights, and did anyone proclaim the name of any great being to you, like Qin Zu or something?” Mushen asked..


As he asked the question, Mu Sichen suddenly felt a slight pain in his chest, the pain wasn’t serious, kind of like the feeling of being gently jerked by a bar.


Thinking of the totem’s appearance, Mu Sichen felt that he had been whipped in the chest by Qin Zeu’s tentacles.


Why did you hit me? Mu Sichen covered his chest, confused.



At this time, Ji Lian replied, ”No ah, my initial room was like a small dark room, the house was full of people, even the windows were sealed, there was only one bed. I turned the house upside down before I touched a few words carved on the bed. It looked like someone carved it out with their fingernail, it’s quite tragic.”


Mu Sichen asked, “What kind of words?”



Ji Lian: “Carved with ‘I want to go home, I miss the spirits town, great Lord of the night, please grant me the end of my soul to return to my hometown’, there was no light in that room, and the word ‘spirits’ were so hard to read, luckily there was enough time for me to touch it , moving stroke by stroke as it was written, before I could barely tell that it was the word ‘spirits’.”



“Spirits town, Lord of the Night?” Just by repeating the name of this town, Mu Sichen felt the blood in his entire body turn cold.



This was the third town name he had heard besides Tongzhi Town and Xiangping Town, and this “Lord of Night” must be, like Big Eye and Qin Zu, another monster of the divine realm, dominating Spirit Town.



Mu Sichen had always thought that there were only Qin Zu’s subordinates within the Town, but currently, there was more than just one force lurking in this town.



Thinking about it.



According to the underlying logic of this world, god-level monsters needed both believers and souls, and they also needed to get people into the “pillars” to maintain the realm, and this series of moves would obviously result in a serious shortage of population.



In this case, every town would want to add new people.



How can people fall in love, get married, have children, and raise the next generation in such a bizarre town where they are either insane or numb?


A faster way to increase the population than procreation was expansion.


This town’s Lord of Night must have its eyes on Tongzi Town as well.


Perhaps, Big Eye would also send his subordinates to infiltrate other towns.


However, due to the existence of the Pillar, most of the heretics weren’t doing well, whether it were Yao Wangping, Shen Jiyue under Qin Zu, or the original owner of Ji Lian’s room.



As expected, the “pillar” could only be broken from within the town.


“Do you have no faith at all in this Lord of Night?” Mushen asked.


“No ah, how dare I believe it.” Ji Lian’s expression was very normal, completely unlike the appearance of madness, “I thought that this sentence was a game clue at that time, through the two words ‘spirit town’, I guessed that this was a psychic game, I had already prepared myself mentally to encounter a group of ghosts after leaving the room, but I didn’t expect to see a group of eyes, it’s too nauseating, I would rather have a pretty stern ghost sister!”


When Ji Lian thought of the eyes again, the emotion of despair gradually disappeared, and instead, she was in a more bright mood.



Mu Sichen felt that Ji Lian’s state was much better than when they initially met.



Problem in this world, with no god-level monster’s blessing, how could her mental state be good? Mu Sichen himself wasn’t in the mood like her.



Here, one couldn’t be in good spirits without being mentally ill!



Mu Sichen looked at Ji Lian with a suspicious expression.


Seeing him doubting her, Ji Lian’s heart broke and she said with great sadness, ”How can you not believe me? I was just playing a game, and I was inexplicably brought to such a world where I lost my life, and if it wasn’t for you saving me, I would have died long ago, and would have died a particularly ugly death. In this world, I can only trust you as well, how can I trust other messy things.”



Mu Sichen: “……”



Ji Lian’s words reminded him of the self sticker he had previously affixed to Ji Lian’s body.


Wait, wait a minute. What did she just say? He was the only one she believed?



An unbelievable thought arose in Mu Sichen.



The one who made Ji Lian have faith, become a heretic, and turn into a patient, could it, be him?



Just as he thought of this, the system that had been silent for a long time finally popped up a dialog window.


[Congratulations to the player for obtaining 1 believer and activating the believer playstyle. Activation condition: you need to put a self sticker on another person and gain the other person’s heartfelt trust, and you must have a knowledge reserve in the divine realm in order to obtain a believer].



Mu Sichen: “……”



He didn’t realize it was really true that Ji Lian was his believer!



The conditions for activating the Believer playstyle were harsh, acquiring other people’s trust was something that would be hard to do even in the age of peace, and the point of having to have a stockpile of knowledge in the god-level domain could jam up countless players.


The knowledge of the god-level domain was knowledge that had to be stolen by looking directly at god-level monsters with one’s own eyes and withstanding the devastating mental blows that god-level monsters brought to people.



Mu Sichen wasn’t boasting, he felt that the players who could reach this condition were almost a phoenix feather, ninety-nine percent of them collapsed and died at the first sight of a god-level monster, not even able to maintain their human form.



Even his peeking into this bit of knowledge was luck plus the foolish boldness of the ignorant, and if he had to do it again, he might not dare to look directly at the big-eye once more.


The system also didn’t tell him what the use of believers was, and what power obtaining more believers would enhance.



Of course, Mu Sichen was also clear that the system didn’t say because this was something he couldn’t know, and needed his spirit to reach a certain level before he was qualified to understand.



As of now, the biggest benefit of having a believer was that Mu Sichen had gotten a teammate that he could completely trust.



This teammate’s strength wasn’t bad, and she was also able to cut and paste the badge, so they had a teammate who was actually not a patient, but a doctor!



Mu Sichen immediately thought of Shen Jiyue.


If they changed Shen Jiyue’s name plate, would he not have to be sacrificed?


“How many more times can you change your chest plate?” Mu Sichen asked.


“Just this once.” Ji Lian pointed to the top of her head, “It can only change once then my blue bar will be empty, and it’s so strange ah, my blue bar is currently capped at 100, but the system shows that the energy value consumed by cutting and pasting is 120, and I don’t know where the 20 energy value in excess comes from.”


A bad feeling suddenly rose in Mu Sichen’s heart.


“Did …… when you were casting your skills,” Mu Sichen was embarrassed for a moment, but still asked strongly, “Did you think of me?”


“Yes!” Ji Lian affirmed, “I was thinking that I was going to die this time, and I didn’t know if Benefactor would be able to save me again!”



Mu Sichen felt a pang of heartache, he opened the system panel to take a look, and sure enough the energy value that had been recovered to 30 with great difficulty was now only left at a pitiful 10, 20 had been borrowed by Ji Lian.


Mu Sichen didn’t know exactly what benefits the believer could bring him, but the downside he did know.


Just now, when Ji Lian prayed to him in a time of distress, he responded and was docked 20 energy value!


As soon as his energy value recovered to 33, he could use his “digging” skill once more, but he had 3 points left, and now he was back to square one again.


Only one believer almost deducted all his energy value, if there were more believers, his poor 100 energy value would not be enough to share.



Moreover, this believer’s play style wasn’t reasonable at all, he didn’t mind lending Ji Lian 20 energy value to save her life, but could she inform him first?


At least let him agree or something, can you not deduct his energy value without saying anything?


Would he have to do this from now on? Then his plans would be disrupted indefinitely.



[The boss is the one who has to be hands-on in the early stages of the business, but not when it develops later on.]


The system popped up this sentence at the right time.


Mu Sichen: “……”


The broken system hid everything now it even looked down on him?



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