C13—- Pillars


Mu Sichen thought the tattooed totem was going to be up close and personal, but he didn’t expect it to be drawn far away.


Yao Wangping told him to close his eyes because he didn’t want him to see what was happening. Mu Sichen thought it wasn’t necessarily hidden, according to this world’s “can not see directly” “can not understand” characteristics, perhaps it was for his protection.


Fortunately, Mu Sichen’s left eye could also see things, it could see a slightly different picture than the right eye. The right eye was the appearance, while the left eye was something that wasn’t visible to ordinary people.


This was the ability obtained by peeping at the big-eye.


Mu Sichen thought about the process of getting the ability, to use the crossaxe – trigger the “digging” skill – get the self sticker – peep at the big eye god-level monster, can get a little bit of this monster’s ability.



Combined with the name of the skill “digging”, Mu Sichen felt that this might be his real ability.


Mu Sichen couldn’t help but think about what abilities he would gain by looking directly at Qin Zu.


Of course, he was just thinking about it.


The big-eye was just a god-ranked Hidden Star, the lowest level of the gods, while Qin Zu gave off a much stronger feeling. Just one look at the hidden star nearly killed Mu Sichen, if he accidentally saw a higher level of existence, maybe he would have turned into a puddle of monsters on the spot.



Mu Sichen obediently stood against the corner, closed his eyes, and slightly pulled the collar of his shirt to reveal his shoulder.



At this moment, his left eye “saw” the Q-shaped octopus on Yao Wangping’s shoulder in a mist, spreading countless tentacles, firmly trapping him.


A tentacle reached out in front of him and rested on his forehead.


He gulped nervously.


With the touch of the tentacle, a voice came into Mu Sichen’s mind, “Your idea, should work.”


These words made Mu Sichen realize that just by virtue of the tentacle touching his brow, Qin Zu had read his thoughts.


Mu Sichen chose to let Yao Wangping tattoo his totem as a reluctant move, but he also had his own plan.


Qin Zu’s totem made Mu Sichen think of his self sticker.


It suddenly occurred to Mu Sichen that totems and self stickers were the same ability?


Both were leaving some patterns on the body, and whether it was spiritual pollution, staying awake or becoming a believer, all were abilities that could have some effect on the spirit. It was just that his ego sticker was a tattoo sticker that could be washed off at any time, while Qin Zu’s totem was a tattoo that was hard to get off, so maybe there was just a difference in strength between the two.


This made Mu Sichen think of a way.



He thought he could temporarily accept Qin Zu’s totem, and subsequently use the power of the totem to turn Big Eye’s followers into Qin Zu’s followers, a process that would allow him to obtain the ego sticker as long as he used the cross pick.


He would help dig up the believers of Big Eye to give to Qin Zu while getting the ego stickers. After he had saved up a certain number of ego stickers, he would stick them all on Qin Zu’s totem, and maybe he could offset both and wash off the totem.


Mu Sichen felt that this was a surefire deal.


Unfortunately, the ideal was plump, but the reality was a white knuckle.


The power gap between him and Qin Zu was still too large, Qin Zu’s real body wasn’t even here, with just a brief contact in power, he could read his plan.


But Qin Zu actually said that his idea “feasible”?


This made Mu Sichen a little puzzled.


Under normal circumstances, reading his idea, shouldn’t he be angry? Surprisingly, he also approved of his plan?


The tentacle seemed to feel Mushen’s confusion, the voice continued to echo in Mu Sichen’s mind: “I can lend you power.”


In other words, Qin Zu agreed to be gleaned by him? Mu Sichen thought deeply.



From the time Mu Sichen was marked by Qin Zu for calling out his name, it was clear to Mu Sichen that Qin Zu was by no means a good person. He may not be as extreme and frightening as the big-eye, but it was absolutely impossible to guess Qin Zu’s thoughts from the perspective of a normal person.


The reason for lending him power would never be “to see him as a moldable talent decided to train him”.



Thinking back on what he did when he came to this world, Mu Sichen felt that the only place he was worthy of Qin Zu’s attention was his ability to “dig”.


He once tapped a follower of Big Eye to Qin Zu.


Big Eye was spreading his deeds everywhere and spreading spiritual pollution in Tongzhi Town; Qin Zu had his own people lurking in Tongzhi Town and acting secretly.


At the moment, it seemed that they both needed believers.


Qin Zu should have seen his ability to dig up believers, and even though he knew he had bad intentions, he was still willing to lend him power.



It was a win-win situation, right? But Mu Sichen wasn’t sure if his spirit would be tainted after accepting Qin Zu’s totem, and if his mind would change.


Originally, he hadn’t thought of this, but now, Qin Zu was thousands of miles away and had guessed his thoughts just by touching his brow with the totem’s tentacle, this spiritual perception was too strong, not something Mu Sichen could resist.


“I allow you to keep your ego,” reading his thoughts, the tentacle once again responded, “only if you keep your ego, can you perform that ability.”


So that was it. Mu Sichen was slightly relieved.



He didn’t suspect that Qin Zu had lied to him, after all, there was a huge difference in strength between them today, so Qin Zu had no need to lie to him.


“Okay, I’ll get you enough believers.” Mu Sichen thought, passing the idea on.



“Not just believers, there is something more important than believers within the sanatorium, assist Yao Wangping to find it.” The tentacle passed on a task to Mu Sichen.


Before he had time to ask Qin Zu what he was looking for, the tentacle left Mu Sichen’s brow and rested on his exposed left shoulder.



Mu Sichen waited for a while, but didn’t see the tentacle left totem, he was wondering, but saw that the tentacle entered his lapel, landed on the left chest, it was the location of his heart.


The burning sensation came, Mu Sichen felt as if countless dense needles stabbed on his left chest, it was very painful, but only a momentary thing.


Then he heard Yao Wangping say, “You can open your eyes now.”


Mu Sichen opened his eyes, ripped open his collar and looked down to see a tattoo on his left chest.


The tattoo looked like a man with open arms, arms in the bend guarding a spherical object, like a man guarding the earth with his own arms.



It was just that this person has a little too many arms, densely protecting the Earth inside, which didn’t seem like a guardian, it was more like possession.



Mu Sichen tied his coat buttons and met Yao Wangping’s eyes, and saw that a trace of envy actually flashed in this man’s eyes.


“Admiral Qin actually placed the totem on your heart.” Yao Wangping said.


Mu Sichen’s face was expressionless as he asked, “Is this something good? What’s the difference between the shoulder and the heart?”



“Not everyone can get Admiral Qin’s totem, the people of Xiangping Town had to go through a heavy examination to get the qualification of giving the totem, and even if they got the qualification, different positions represent different duties. The shoulder connects the arm, representing the left arm of Admiral Qin.”


After Mu Sichen tattooed the totem, Yao Wangping’s trust in him increased a lot and he was willing to spill some information about Xiangping Town.



“There are very few people who can directly obtain the totem given by Admiral Qin, generally speaking, it is Admiral Qin who chooses some people to give the totem, and the person who gets the totem then chooses his own pattern and gives it to others.”



“You were led into Xiangping Town by me, and by rights, I should be the one to leave a tattoo of a sword-wielding arm on your left shoulder. But I never thought that just now Admiral Qin would directly grant you the complete totem and leave it on the heart, why is that?”



Mu Sichen felt that this model of developing a downline in Xiangping Town was particularly like a pyramid scheme, and by associating it with the pyramid scheme, he could guess why Qin Zu was doing this.



Quite simply, the downline that Mu Sichen could bring to Qin Zu was obviously more than Yao Wangping, so Qin Zu would naturally make Mu Sichen a key training target, and was even willing to grant him a certain degree of freedom.



In order to cooperate with Yao Wangping in a friendly manner, Mu Sichen relieved him, “When I obtained the totem just now, I received an order from Admiral Qin to assist you in finding a very important thing.”


“That’s right.” Yao Wangping’s expression came down firmly, “The location of the totem is not important, what is important is to find the ‘pillar’ and liberate Tongzhi Town!”


“‘Pillar’?” Hearing this word, Mu Sichen almost shouted out in surprise, he used all his reason to make his voice seem calm and normal, “What is that? Is it the ‘pillar’ of pillar?”


“Among the existing towns, Xiangping Town is the strongest, and Admiral Qin can definitely defeat any monster.
“But currently each town is supported by its own domain and does not interfere with each other. Even Admiral Qin cannot break it from the outside, but can only disintegrate the pillars of the town from the inside and destroy the town’s domain.”


“Only then can Admiral Qin personally take action to get rid of Big Eye and liberate the survivors within this town.”


Until this moment, Mu Sichen had only roughly understood the outline of this world.



On the initial map of the system, there were many small towns, each with clear borders that did not interfere with each other, and even the borders didn’t even exist.


It turned out that these towns were not towns in the geographical sense, but a kind of independent space. Each space was supported by the so-called “pillars”, after the destruction of these “pillars”, the space wouldn’t be able to maintain.


The system’s task was for him find the “pillars”.


At present, he and Qin Zu’s purpose was the same. But after finding the “pillars” ……


Mu Sichen covered his heart and tried to suppress his thoughts, he didn’t know if his thoughts would be transmitted to Qin Zu through the totem, he could only temporarily not think about what would happen after that.


He wasn’t sure what the system wanted him to do to find the “pillar”, so for the time being, he didn’t think about what came after that and focused on the search.


“You found this sanatorium, does it mean that the ‘pillar’ of Tongzhi Town is here?” Mu Sichen asked.


“I’ve been lurking in Tongzhi Town for a month, and every ‘dark night’ I’ve come out to look for it, looking for several locations, and finally locked this sanatorium. This should be one of the ‘pillars’.” Yao Wangping said.


“One of them?”


“Of course, a domain can’t have only one pillar. If one pillar is destroyed, it will not affect the operation of the entire domain, it will just cause a certain degree of domain collapse.” Yao Wangping said, “The big-eye is very weak, and we presume that the ‘pillars’ of the town of pupils are about three to four, not many.”


“How many more would it take?” Mu Sixth asked.



“As far as we know, Xiangping Town has at least eight ‘pillars’ in support. Admiral Qin is very powerful, even if four ‘pillars’ are destroyed, our town will still be able to function normally.” Yao Wangping’s eyes were filled with longing and admiration.


Eight “pillars”, exactly the eight tentacles of the octopus ……


Mu Sichen couldn’t resist the idea of blaspheming the god-grade monster, when his heart ached.


The pain wasn’t serious, like someone gently whacked him in the chest in general.


“Since the sanatorium is one of the ‘pillars’, we must find the location of the ‘pillars’ as soon as possible. It is more convenient for the medical staff to move within the sanatorium, so you need to become a medical staff as soon as possible to facilitate our movement.” Yao Wangping said.


Finally mentioning the key point, Mu Sicen’s spirit lifted, “How do we have to switch identities?”


“Treat the patient.” Yao Wangping said calmly, “Aren’t you in charge of a patient? Turn him into a believer of the wide-eyed boy, let him out of the hospital, and you can become a doctor.”


Mu Sichen gave a slight pause as he looked at Yao Wangping, “I contacted that patient, he is a person who is sane and can still maintain his original mind even though his body is mutated.”


“So what?” Yao Wangping said.


“He is also from Xiangping Town.” Mu Sichen emphasized again.


Yao Wangping: “Then it’s more convenient, persuade him, he will understand.”


Mu Sichen couldn’t help but frown.



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