C11—- Shen Jiyue


Mu Sichen was sent to this town by the game pod, saw a lot of weird and scary things, he thought he had seen a lot, but still didn’t expect to see this scene after opening the door, he was really shocked.


This was different from the risk of looking directly at the big eye.


At that time, he had made sufficient psychological preparations and preset all the terrible things he could imagine. The biggest impact that the big eye boy gave him was the invincibility of power, not the visual and spiritual fright.



This time, the rules he just saw downstairs showed that the four identities of medical personnel, volunteers, family members, and patients could be exchanged. At that time, Mu Sichen took it for granted that the patients should be the same as him, and perhaps they could also communicate.


He never expected to see this scene as soon as he opened the door, Mu Sichen received a great shock, the new self sticker instantly turned to ashes, but his san value was relatively stable, no change occurred.


He leaned against the door, calmed his heartbeat, tried to regain his sanity and continued to think about the matter.


At this time, Mu Sichen felt some itching on his palm, he looked down and saw two small blisters growing on his palm, the blisters were white, and there was a black dot in the middle, which looked very much like fish eyes.


Mu Sichen: “……”


He finally understood why the followers at the door didn’t check whether he was a heretic or the authenticity of the personal information he filled out.


Because it wasn’t necessary at all.


The gatekeeper’s follower had said that the name “Sha Dayan” was very nice, because people who believed in the Big Eye had a great fondness for eyeball words and objects, and the name “Dayan” alone could make the gatekeeper feel good.


If a family member who believed in big eyes opened the door and saw such a patient, the first reaction was definitely not to be frightened and close the door, but to go up and admire the dead fish eye bubbles.


This was a kind of protection.


Mu Sichen didn’t have this layer of protection, under the huge mood swings, he lost the protection of self stickers, while being contaminated by this patient.


Obviously there was no direct contact, he also maintained a safe enough distance, but because of the mental stimulation, he was contaminated.


Did it mean that the higher the negative emotion, the greater the possibility of being contaminated?


In this case, the believers who loved the eye from the heart, in turn, wouldn’t be affected.


Mu Sichen tried to control his emotions, telling himself to be normal, even if he didn’t like that look, at least he should be treated as a normal person.


Unfortunately, he couldn’t do it.


He just recalled the scene he saw in the ward, he felt his scalp tingling, while the back of his hand also sprouted two small blisters.


It was really killing him.


The more he thought about the negative emotions, the stronger the negative emotions, the more blisters appeared on his body, the more blisters appeared on his body, he couldn’t help but think back to the patient’s appearance, fearing that he too would become like that, and then the negative emotions became even stronger.


This was a negative cycle that struck fear directly at the heart of people.


How a patient became another identity was unclear to Mu Sichen, but how other identities become patients was already well understood by Mu Sichen.


If this continued, he was afraid that he would also become a patient.

Mu Sichen recalled his senior math textbook from last semester, and a mathematical symbol like an astronomical one appeared in his mind. A question that he had not done correctly in the final exam of last semester clearly emerged. Although he still couldn’t do this question, his mood had stabilized.


The problem hadn’t been solved at all. However, Mu Sichen had already figured out what to do next.


There were two ways.


The first, wait another 20 minutes, his blue bar would be able to return to the previous one-third level, he may be able to use the “digging” skill on the patient. At that time, whether it was to change the patient’s status, or to obtain a self sticker, he could save himself.


The second was to actively search the hospital and find a way to change his identity.

Mu Sichen wasn’t a sitting duck character, he decided to take a two-pronged approach. He wanted to make full use of the 20 minutes waiting for the blue bar to recover and figure out the rules of this sanatorium.


But how to go about exploring the sanatorium rules? Waa it to find the medical staff and volunteers? Or sneak into the various offices of the sanatorium to look for information?


As Mu Sichen pondered on this difficult decision, he tried not to look at the blisters on the back of his hands, and constantly recited the mathematical formula, so that rational thinking occupy his brain.



In the midst of rational thinking, he thought of one thing.


He had been away from the ward for some time and the patient didn’t chase him out, either the patient was unable to leave the ward or the patient actually didn’t have the ability to initiate an attack.


The patient …… sanatorium ……


Wait, this was a mental sanatorium, not a hospital for the treatment of diseases. In other words, the purpose of the sanatorium wasn’t to treat the patient with this blistering eye, but to treat his spirit.


Under ordinary circumstances, one would normally think that treating a mental problem was to restore a person to normal. But this was different, this is the town of Tongzhi, a bizarre town dominated by the big-eye.


The townspeople who believed in the Big Eye, if they grew blistered eyes, they would only feel that they were cared for by Big Eye and feel happy and joyful. This was the “normal” recognized by Tongzhi Town.


Instead, it was disgust and resistance to blistering eyes that were the “mental problems” in Tongzhi Town, right?

Even with a final conclusion, it was still a bit difficult to actively open this door and enter.


Mu Sichen squeezed the flashlight, gritted his teeth, and pushed the door open.


The patient was still sitting on the bed, and in addition to looking a bit chic, he didn’t show aggression, but looked at him with those big eyes that almost fell out of their sockets, with a circle of water hanging around their eyes.


The unusually other large watery eyes.


Mu Sichen this time also looked at the bloody thing in the patient’s hand, it was actually a red fresh meat packing bag, and half a piece of bread inside.


The fishy smell was the smell of the blisters ruptured on the patient’s body, half of this patient’s facial blisters were ruptured, flowing yellow pus, the taste wasn’t good.


Mu Sichen shifted his gaze, his eyes fell on the chest plate on the patient’s left chest, which read “Patient: Shen Jiyue”.


A good name, but the person had become this way.


Mu Sichen spoke tentatively: “You have to cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, don’t resist, then you can be discharged as soon as possible.”


Shen Jiyue looked at him compassionately, lowered his head and bit into the bread fiercely, eating while saying, “Get away if you don’t want to die, a bunch of brain-damaged things!”


The force he exerted touched the wound on his face, and he grimaced in pain. But he didn’t scream out, his expression twisted for a while, and then he continued to chew the bread, the movement was much lighter.


The man’s attitude reassured Mu Sichen, he tried to approach Shen Jiyue, found no attack, and slowly relaxed.


Above the bed was bracket hanging infusion bottles, hanging above was a small handwritten book, the book was filled with the patient’s medication.


Mu Sichen boldly came to the hospital bed, alerting Shen Jiyue while taking down the small book and reading the contents on it carefully.


Patient: Shen Jiyue
Disease: Stubborn heresy
Clinical manifestation: He refused to accept the gift of the Great Being, and tried to destroy the gift of the Great Being by self-harm many times. He has the potential to become a dependent, but he resists stubbornly, and is a difficult patient to treat.
Treatment record: 1. Purification. He had asked the feathered eye dependent and the eye to purify him, but failed to do so due to the gift of the Great Presence;
2. Spiritual baptism. The medical staff and volunteers recited the deeds of the Great Presence day and night, but the treatment failed because of their stubborn heresy;
3. Family persuasion. While the treatment is in progress, one family member is sent to persuade each day. After one family member persuaded yesterday, the family member successfully received the blessing of the Great Presence and returned to the protection of the Great Presence. The patient witnessed the sacred picture of the family member being accepted by the Great Presence, and was greatly moved and loosened in spirit. The treatment is effective and under continuous observation.


Mu Sichen: “……”


He no longer knew what words to use to act on the content of this treatment record.


It turned out that the so-called family members, was a medicine used to treat patients!

He had no idea what the structure of Shen Jiyue’s spirit was. Even after becoming like this, he still maintains human thinking, lived strong, and attempted to save himself by destroying the blister eye, but unfortunately failed.



He even carried the purification of the feather-eyed dependent, and defied the daily brainwashing of the followers, remaining as firm as ever.



Only after a mentally normal family member, mutated by his spiritual pollution, did Shen Jiyue’s spirit loosen up.


This was actually a very noble spirit, he was nearly frightened by Shen Jiyue’s ghastly appearance just now and almost smashed Shen Jiyue’s head with a cross-axe.


Mu Sichen put down the medical record book and tentatively said to Shen Jiyue, “You have to thank the Great Being, without him, there would be no food, clothes and warm town for us.”


Shen Jiyue’s “big watery eyes” turned upward and he said righteously, “There is no such thing as getting something for nothing in this world, you are deluded. The real good life has to be created with your own hands, not waiting for that evil thing to turn out for you. The town of Tongzhi has long since fallen into purgatory, only Xiangping Town has a chance of survival, I am here to help you!”


Mu Sichen’s movements froze.


Despite hearing the familiar name “Xiangping Town”, Mu Sichen remained vigilant and continued: “You are the brainwashed heretic, after the cataclysm, guarding us is the great existence. Continue to be influenced by heretical thoughts and you will be abandoned by the Great Being.”


Shen Jiyue saw that this “Sha Dayan” looked obsessed, so he didn’t bother to communicate with him, he continued to eat bread, while hating: “If not to use this useful body to wake up you people who don’t have completely broken brains, I will not eat this kind of food full of pollution. ”


After eating the bread, Shen Jiyue’s scratched blistered eyes recovered a lot, his body’s fishy smell also faded a lot.



Seeing him so refreshed, Mu Sichen didn’t directly express his identity to Shen Jiyue, but said lightly, “I’ll go to the doctor to ask about today’s treatment plan.”


“Is it treating me or ‘treating’ you?” Shen Jiyue looked at Mu Sichen, “Yesterday I was influenced by you guys, it was my will that wasn’t strong enough, today I won’t be influenced.”


Mu Sichen swept his eyes at Shen Jiyue’s waist, there was a chain around Shen Jiyue’s waist that tied him to the bed, unable to leave this room.


Mushen didn’t say anything, but turned around and left the room, ready to go to the doctor.


He already knew the functions of the patients and families, he still needed to find out the specifics of the volunteers and medical staff.


He had to get a handle on everything in order to figure out the hidden rules and restrictions behind the scenes, in order to save himself and save Shen Jiyue at the same time.




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