C10—- Bright Eyes Sanatorium



Since leaving the room, that sense of prying eyes had disappeared.

Mu Sichen wasn’t sure whether this is because the big-eye closed, or because he left the room, or both.



What was certain was that after getting rid of that feeling of being spied on all the time, Mu Sichen was in a much better mood, and even when walking in the light fog with very low visibility, he didn’t have much fear.


Mu Sichen didn’t know if he could keep up with ” 543 ” along this direction, in fact, it was the best way to follow closely behind. But at that time he couldn’t stand by and watch the three players despair like this, and secondly, he had already attracted the attention of ” 543″, and he didn’t want to follow too closely, not wanting ” 543″ to pay too much attention to him.


He and ” 543 ” didn’t know each other, he couldn’t conclude based on the other party’s san value that he wasn’t a believer of the big-eye, perhaps they had the same purpose, but this didn’t mean that Mu Sichen would trust ” 543 “, nor would he put his hope in a stranger.


He only wanted to follow ” 543 ” to find the clues, as for how to go on, he’d take one step and see how it was.


So Mu Sichen wasn’t so demanding on whether he could follow ” 543 “, he just followed the same direction to search.


But he was a heretic, and had no sincere faith in the big-eye, encountering danger was certain.


Mu Sichen walked very slowly, but also very carefully, he always paid attention to the movement in all directions, to prevent the sudden appearance of any monster attack in the mists.


About half an hour or so of walking, the faint appearance of buildings was revealed in the mist ahead.


Mu Sichen moved to take the flashlight out of the backpack and hold it in his hand.


The cross-axe was too bulky, to deal with sudden attacks, a flashlight was more convenient.


Walking towards the building, Mu Sichen soon saw a large door, the left side of which was hung with the plaque “Bright Eye Spiritual Retreat”.


The door was open, and there was a duty room in front of it, where a follower with a san value of -63 was sitting.


The follower looked like a human, except that he couldn’t be beaten, eyes appeared in his wounds, and he could heal himself.


This follower wore the uniform of a security guard and handed out a book after seeing Mu Sichen, “Volunteers who come to the sanatorium for the first time should register their information.”


Mu Sichen took the book and carefully looked at the previously registered information, and unexpectedly found the contents recorded in this book to be incredibly normal.


Whether the text, name, contact information, registration time and the number of visits, it was no different from reality, if it weren’t for the shiny three attribute values on the heads of the followers that reminded him, he almost thought he had returned to the real world.

Mu Sichen made up a “Sha Dayan” name to register, imitating the previous registrant, he made up a cell phone number, seemingly with a calm expression but he actually fearfully returned the registration book.


He paid extra attention to the dozen names in front of him, he remembered a first-time visitor, called Yao Wangping.


This was the name he filtered out based on the registrant’s personal information that most resembled ” 543″.


“Sha Dayan, you have such a nice name.” The follower enviously touched the name on the register, “Is it the name you changed after believing in the Great Being?”


Mu Sichen nodded.


“This is your badge,” the follower took out a badge and handed it to Mu Sichen, “wear the badge, as long as you are under the blessing of the Great Presence and follow the rules, you will be safe.”


Mu Sichen looked at the badge and saw that the name “Sha Dayan” was written on it, and there were patterns around the name that were very similar to eyes, and the three words “Sha Dayan” were written exactly where the pupils were, as if they were located in someone’s eyes.


Wearing this badge, he felt like something bad is going to happen, but without the badge, he couldn’t enter the sanatorium.


Even if he refused to enter the sanatorium, it might not be safe in the mist, and the next venue might not be accessible.


At the moment, he could only be glad that the name he wrote down wasn’t his real name.


When he made up this name, he was full of thoughts of the silly big eye, and he could say that he didn’t have the slightest respect for that great being.


He took a deep breath and put the badge on his left chest.


Nothing happened for the time being, and he walked into the sanatorium.


Mu Sichen walked into the most central building, the lights inside the building were on, but due to the presence of fog, it still gave a very dim feeling.



From time to time, people walked through the lobby on the first floor, and Mu Sichen found himself unable to see the san value on them.


From the time he entered the sanatorium, his own attribute bar also entered a hidden state, and he couldn’t see the values without opening the system panel.


He could only rely on his face and badge to recognize people.


It was like, entering a space that was more harsh than the town.


Mu Sichen tried to return, but found that the entrance door had disappeared, and there were corridors and stairs in front of him, and corridors and stairs behind him.


There was a piece of paper taped to the wall with the “Management Regulations of Bright Eye Spiritual Sanatorium” written on it.


Mu Sichen read the above silently: “First, in this sanatorium, all must wear a badge to distinguish between patients, family members, volunteers and medical staff, the consequences of losing the badge is severe;


“Second, different personnel have their own duties; medical staff are responsible for treating patients, volunteers are responsible for assisting medical staff, family members are responsible for calming patients, and patients should receive treatment; please strictly observe professional ethics;


“Third, the orders broadcast by the hospital are absolute and must be carried out immediately upon hearing them;


“Fourth, medical staff and volunteers must get enough contribution value to leave the sanatorium, family members must find a replacement family member before they can leave, and patients are not allowed to leave until they are cured.


“Fifth, these regulations are the general rules of the Spiritual Sanatorium, and other provisions may be added to the terms.”


Next to the Administrative Regulations was a piece of paper with a supplementary clause already on it: supplementary one, medical staff can enter any room in the sanatorium.


Supplementary provisions were written, it was neat and clear, obviously handwritten, but it looked like a print font in general.



Mu Sichen carefully read the above rules, and always felt that there were many traps hidden inside.


It seemed that in the nursing home, the most powerful should be the medical staff, they had the initiative to treat patients, as long as the medical staff decided on a treatment plan, volunteers and family members must implement, and patients could only accept.


He looked down at his own badge, when he first received it, it said “Volunteer: Sha Dayan”, but now it became “Patient’s family: Sha Dayan”.


Mu Sichen frowned.


How come after entering the sanatorium, the identity was changed? Could it be that these four identities were interchangeable? What were the rules of exchange? Were there other hidden rules outside of the governing rules?


Moreover, this place seemed to be out of place with the whole atmosphere of Tongzhi Town.


Whether in the room or in the square, Mu Sichen could clearly perceive that Tongzi Town was a town with an extremely strict hierarchy led by Big Eyes.


In Tongzhi Town, Big Eye was the absolute ruler, the rest of the people couldn’t resist Him, they couldn’t even look at Him, His will was absolute.


With Mu Sichen’s limited understanding of Big Eye, he knew that this guy was an existence that transcended humans and was moving to a higher realm. He didn’t care about humans, He could absorb the souls of four players, it seemed like He got stronger by absorbing souls, but He raised many townspeople and let them live numbly, if they believed in him, he wouldn’t absorb the souls of the townspeople.


The second was the dependents, dependents had extraordinary power, but they weren’t unstoppable, there should be a way to kill them. The dependents would preach the deeds of Big Eye, so that the townspeople believed in Big Eye, and at the same time removed the heretics. The heretics who were cleared by the dependents would have their souls absorbed by Big Eye.


Then came the followers, who were subordinates of the dependents, responsible for maintaining order in the town, carrying out the orders of the dependents, and assisting in the management of the townspeople.


From the current structure of the town of Tongzhi, Mu Sichen detected a sense of incongruity.


That was, if Big Eye needed to absorb human souls to become stronger, why did he need to keep so many living and still mentally sound townspeople?


Couldn’t he absorb souls after being cleared by the dependents, like those players?



It was like, the Big Eye needed both the townspeople who obeyed Him and the heretics who disobeyed Him, he couldn’t have one without the other.


And in the town of Tongzhi, which was absolutely ruled by Big Eye, there was a place like the Bright Eyes Sanatorium, which was out of place in the town, and the townspeople who believed in Big Eye would volunteer.


The difference between the sanatorium and Tongzi town gave him hope that he hadn’t found the wrong location, and that this place might really be related to the “pillar”.


Of course, all this wasn’t what he wanted to consider at the moment.


What he wanted to do now was to get enough contribution value to leave the sanatorium.


The feather-eyed dependent had said that they must return to the square before 19:55, and then return to their rooms in unison, if he arrived later than this time, he wouldn’t be able to return to his room, the “day” would come, and he’d be exposed to the sight of the big eye.


Mu Sichen was protected by his self sticker, and nearly died when he took a last look at Big Eye before the “night” came. If he was unprotected and got exposed to the bug eye, he would certainly die.


Now an hour and a half had passed, with only 10 hours and 25 minutes left until 19:55.


He had to find the “pillar” in the process of gaining contribution value and return to the square peacefully before 19:55.


As he could see from the management rules, the patient’s family’s task was to take care of the patient’s emotions or find another family member to take over.


The current thing he had to do was to find the patient he was in charge of.


Mu Sichen carefully observed the badge and saw a small line “Room 704” on it.


Instead of taking the very closed elevator, he ran quickly down the stairs to the seventh floor and arrived at room 704.


He stood in front of the door for a while, waiting for his breathing to calm down, before pushing open the door.


As soon as he entered, he smelled a fishy odor. A person whose eyes seemed to be bulging out like dead fish, and whose face, neck, hands and other exposed skin were covered with bubbles like fish eyeballs, was sitting on the bed, eating a bloody mess.


Mu Sichen expressionlessly said, “Excuse me, I’ve gone to the wrong room.”


After saying that, he decisively closed the door of the room, leaving this room that made people’s san value drop to the extreme.



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