C9—- Promotion Match

The time of the week arrived, and everyone had their second in-track PK[player killing] competition.

Each track had to be sharply reduced from the previous 12 to 4 advancement slots, 3 students were directly selected on the spot by the Star Promoters to advance, and the remaining advancement slot was awarded to the one with the highest popularity among the pending players after a week’s popularity hit list comparison.

Compared to the preliminaries, where there was no limit on the number of potential contestants, this time there were only three potential contestants, so the competition was very tough.

The morning recording was the beauty track, the afternoon recording was the original track, and the evening recording was the magic sound track.

The intensity was a bit high, but the program wanted to save some money on the venue rental fee.

Even though this was a group competition, the other two tracks and the star promoter could be watched live during the evaluation, which was considered to have a feel for the future competition between the opponents.

Chu Yuefei and Jiang Yu, the two Star Promoters, sat on the left and on the right side of He Lulu, like two knights.

When Jiang Yu saw Shi Fei come out, he winked at him and shouted, “Go for it!”

The undisguised action didn’t make people doubt anything. There were many other players in Shi Fei’s direction, so everyone thought he was cheering for the players.

There were long connecting chairs on both sides of the Star Promoters for the players to rest and sit down, and behind them were spectators holding lights.

The host Lu Peng stood on the stage wearing a handsome suit and said calmly: “There are a lot of fans on the scene today. Seeing the lights behind you, I don’t know what kind of thoughts the players have?”

Everyone talked with the microphone in turn, which was probably their first time seeing their fans. The contestants were all excited, and even He Xiaobei showed excitement and greeted the direction where he had only a few lights.

Shi Fei knew that these people from the scene were basically not fans, the program hadn’t been broadcast on the Internet yet. With the videos recorded for the popularity vote, one could only attract a few fans, let alone fans that came to watch them perform.

These light signs should have been prepared by the program team and distributed in order based on seating.
Next Lu Peng began to announce the rules of this competition. After the pending elimination, there were still 12 popular contestants left in the Beauty track, and the most popular had the privilege of not being eliminated, meaning that even if he didn’t perform well, the Star Promoters could only make him a pending contestant, and as long as he was popular enough he could still be pushed back by the fans.

After the battle of public opinion three weeks ago, Shi Fei experienced a decline in popularity and returned to the Popularity King position again.

This time it was a group PK [player killing] and the order of appearance was decided by He Lulu.

When the host asked who would be the first to perform, He Lulu thought about it and said, “The first person, I think we need to send a more stable person that won’t make the two competing star promoters next to me look bad.”

He Lulu’s eyes looked over the rows of beauty track contestants and finally said, “Duan Cheng I’m sending you to make your debut, I hope you can blow up the entire stage.”

Duan Chen was a singer and dancer, and his level of both singing and dancing wasn’t bad, just not top-notch either.

The first one to appear on stage was actually at a disadvantage, and without comparison, a bad score would inevitably appear to raise the promotion’s expectations a bit.

A section of singing and dancing came down and blew up the venue, probably because, Duan Cheng was nervous about his first appearance, he sang out of tune in two places, and his performance was not particularly outstanding.

As a result, Duan Cheng was eliminated.

The first contestant to appear was eliminated, creating a certain amount of pressure on the contestants after him.

The second singer on the stage was Ding Chen, who had impressed He Lulu with an ancient Chinese song in the first preliminaries, and this time he continued his previous style and sang an ancient song as well, singing very steadily and with a very accurate pitch.

Thinking that he would definitely get through this time, He Lulu gave him a pending slot.

The third contestant on the stage was Yu Ji, who rapped, and He Lulu commented that his rap lacked infectiousness and layers and directly eliminated him.

The three consecutive contestants who did not have a chance to advance directly to the next level made everyone nervous, and the entire venue was somewhat depressed.

The host Lu Peng joked to ease the atmosphere in the venue.

“The next person up is He Xiaobei, I want you to surprise me.” He Lulu said as she looked towards He Xiaobei, who was dressed in black.

He Xiaobei squeezed the microphone tightly in his hands, his palms were sweating, even though he had been training all these days, he was still nervous when he was about to enter the stage, especially when the previous one didn’t even advance, it felt like Miss He Lulu had raised the bar a lot this time.

Shi Fei patted his shoulder and whispered, “Come on, just play normally.”

He Xiaobei steadied his mind and went on stage.

The lights on the stage dimmed, leaving alone a circle of light in the middle, next to the white smoke about to rise.

As the backing track played, He Xiaobei’s aura and eyes changed, from the original little puppy to a man with sharp eyes.

Storybrooke itself was a dark genre, and the MV of the original song was very abusive. It was not difficult to sing this song, but it was difficult to sing the essence of this song.

Many people were not very optimistic about He Xiaobei, and they felt a little displaced when they knew that he chose the song.

After all, He Xiaobei looked like a pure and harmless person, plus an unintelligent temperament at ordinary times, which seemed to be a person who couldn’t control this style.

A person’s character had a great relationship with his singing style.

As a result, everyone was surprised when they heard the first note, especially He Lulu, she stared at the stage and was conquered by his eyes.

His every eye movement, with the lyrics, made people feel scalp pins and needles and a cold back. It seemed that there was a pair of hands pinching everyone’s neck in the dark.

After a song ended, the host Lu Peng took the microphone and said, “Wow, He Xiaobei gave me a big contrast today. I didn’t expect you to sing such a song. I had goosebumps, and I still feel scared. Your eyes were too sharp and good. Although I am not a star promoter, I don’t know what kind of decision they will have, but you have been promoted successfully in my heart. ”

Lu Peng indirectly put in a good word for He Xiaobei.

He Lulu took the microphone and said, “You surprised me very much this time. I hope you can continue to surprise me in the future. Whether it is the song or your eyes, you performed very well, which made me forget your appearance. When you were singing, I seemed to see the devil standing in front of me. My decision for you is to advance.”

The audience immediately applauded, and He Xiaobei was the first person to win the quota.

Chu Yuefei picked up the microphone and joked: “Your voice is quite unique. I remembered you when you opened your mouth. Are you interested in coming to our magic soundtrack?”

He Lulu pretended to be angry, “Teacher Chu, this is too arrogant of you to poach my contestant in front of me.”

Chu Yuefei laughed and said, “I’m the Star Promoter of the Magic Soundtrack, I think He Xiaobei’s tone is more suitable for my team.”

He Lulu pretended to be serious and said, “I don’t want you to think about it. I think that He Xiaobei is more suitable for my beauty track, there’s no need to discuss this matter, just listen to me, it’s decided.”

Lu Peng smiled and answered, carrying the show on.

The next person to go on stage was Zhuang Xinran, He Lulu commented, “Last time you moved me with a beautiful love song, let’s see what kind of surprise you can bring me this time, please start your performance.”

Zhuang Xinran stood in the center of the stage and smiled a bright and friendly smile at the audience, with two shallow little pear dimples that were very bright.

His voice was soft and gentle, and from the first line he sang, he firmly grabbed the attention of the crowd, and it was like everyone was deeply trapped in the gentle net he had woven, willing to die.

After the song was sung, the audience at the bottom applauded, and Zhuang Xinran was also very confident in his results, he had just overplayed the song “I’m in Love Again”, even better than he had in the rehearsal. The song was no worse than the song he had sung before, and he had great confidence in his ability to advance.

Chu Yuefei: “Mr. He, it seems like your track is full of experts, I thought my opponent would be the original track, but it seems like I have to guard against you more.”

The expression on He Lulu’s face looked a bit heavy, and finally announced, “Zhuang Xinran, your song is good, it makes me feel like I’m falling in love again, but I’m giving you a pending result.”

Zhuang Xinran had a smile on his face one second, when he heard the next sentence, the smile instantly cracked, he never thought he would fail.

Standing there with the microphone, his lips trembled, and eventually, he reluctantly asked, “Teacher He Lulu, may I ask why?”

He Lulu took the microphone and said, “I remember each of your previous debut performances clearly, some of you were singing love songs, some of you sang rock songs, and no matter which style of music you chose, since you passed, you definitely all had points that moved me. But I want to see you guys breakthrough, not build on your strengths, otherwise there’s no point in you coming to this show, which is about picking the strongest idol.”

He Xiaobei looked up at Shi Fei, if he hadn’t listened to Brother Fei in the first place, he might have been placed on pending as well, fortunately.

On the stage, Zhuang Xinran had a deathly pale face, he had purposely chosen a love song in order to defeat Shi Fei, but he didn’t expect to lose to it.

His eyes looked in the direction of Shi Fei, he didn’t know if it was his illusion, but he saw a hint of mockery in Shi Fei’s eyes, and then looked again but only saw him talking quietly to He Xiaobei.

“The next person on the stage, Shi Fei, please let us all enjoy his performance.”

Shi Fei wore a well-fitted suit today, a pair of straight and slender legs wrapped under his suit pants, his trimmed black hair paired with a handsome and expressionless face, simply a walking hormone machine.

The audience in the singing arena had already blushed and started screaming one by one before he even started singing.

“Shi Fei, Shi Fei, Shi Fei…

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