The laptop popped up with hundreds of windows at once, which would have caused an ordinary computer to get stuck or even crash.


The laptop was still running very freely, not limited at all.



It took about twenty minutes for the computer to beep, and Shi Fei called up the screen.


Inside a black van, there was a surveillance intersection with a flickering image captured resembling Wei Ru.


Shi Fei zoomed in proportion to compare again, then the corners of his mouth slightly curved: “Found it.”



This was yesterday’s surveillance video, now a day had passed, he didn’t know how it would be.



He followed the route of the car all the way, but when the car reached an unsupervised location, the lead was cut off. Shi Fei clenched his fists tightly.

The number one alliance group chat had a message.


Eagle: [Found it and sent it to you, a dime to make me do so many things, you’re really shameless.]



Purple Soul: [I also found something and sent to your mail.]



Poison Scorpion: [Give me two more minutes. Just now, I was happy to grab the red envelope, and my fingers trembled a bit with excitement. So I’m a bit slow.]

Quickly, Shi Fei also received an email from the Poison Scorpion.


Panda: [Thank you, I’ll buy you dinner some day.]


Eagle: [Come on, even a ghost won’t believe it, we don’t even know if you’re a man or a woman or a human or a ghost.]


Panda: [There’ll be a chance to know, I have to get off first.]



Shi Fei immediately exited the WeChat chat interface, but when he exited, ‘Fool’s Wharf’ came online. With an excited expression on his face, he asked, ‘Is the panda here? This guy hasn’t been online for a long time. Come out and have a fight with me.’



Eagle: He’s already offline. You better keep rolling.



Fool’s Wharf: …..



Usually there were a few chatterboxes in the number one alliance group, so he basically screened off the group messages, and they would communicate privately anyway.



Seeing the messages they sent, Shi Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly, with a hint of danger. “It’s true that it has something to do with that bastard.”


Shi Fei took a light breath, then got up and returned to the bedroom. He opened the wardrobe and wanted to change to a white sweater. After thinking for a moment, he shook his head and said, “No, white is too easy to get dirty, it’s troublesome to wash.”


Then he changed into a black hooded sweater, put on relaxed casual pants, carried his laptop, put on sneakers, and went out.



When in the elevator, he buttoned his sweater and hat and put on a mask.



But when he got to the door, he remembered that he didn’t have a car yet and needed to take a taxi.


He picked up his phone and called a certain CEO, “Mr. Gu, I need to go out and do some errands now. It’s not convenient to take a taxi. Can you find a trustworthy driver to pick me up? Of course, if you want to show off, this is also a good opportunity.”


Gu Yueze asked, “Where are you?”


Shi Fei: “In front of home.”


Gu Yuezhe: “Wait ten minutes.”


Shi Fei: “Ten minutes, so soon?”


Gu Yuezhe: “I happen to be in the neighborhood for business.”


Shi Fei: “Okay, then I’ll wait for you.”


The summer sun was a bit poisonous, Shi Fei found a shaded corner position, pulled the shoulder bag and waited.



In less than ten minutes, a car pulled up in front of him, Gu Yueze got down from the back seat, wearing a black suit, and looked at Shi Fei: “What’s going on?”



“Let’s get in and talk.” Shi Fei habitually went to enter the passenger seat, but when the big president glared at him, he helplessly spoke: “I know, the passenger seat is dangerous, I’ll sit in the back.”



Shi Fei opened the door of the back seat, sat in, and then he also sat in.


Shi Fei reported an address and asked Zhang Wu to go to that address.



Along the way, he briefly talked to Gu Yueze about the matter. Zhang Wu, who was sitting in front of him, felt helpless. He looked like he was going to cause trouble, so why include him?



Gu Yueze: “So you found out the address?”



Shi Fei flipped open the notebook and quickly typed, Gu Yueze saw a lot of windows popping up on his notebook, it looked like a certain neighborhood surveillance video.


“You know how to use computers?” Gu Yuezhe asked.


“A little, just a little.” Shi Fei quickly pressed his two fingers together, but kept his head lowered.


The car stopped near an apartment complex, Shi Fei got off with a computer in one hand, and carried his backpack in the other.


Gu Yueze followed the car and asked, “What are you going to do?”


Shi Fei once again pulled his backpack, “Of course it’s to go in and find her.”


Gu Yueze looked at the security room at the entrance, then looked around the security cameras, “I’ll handle these, go in without worry.”


Shi Fei said, “Do you want to smash it? No, you don’t need to. Keep the money for me to use in the future.”


“No.” Gu Yueze said, “The same way as you.”


At this time sitting in the driver’s seat, Zhang Wu, hung up the phone, “Mr. Gu, it’s done.”



As his words fell, Shi Fei found that all the surveillance images on his laptop had turned black.



Obviously those monitoring was turned off, Shi Fei looked at him.


Gu Yueze said with a calm expression, “This area is all owned by the Gu Group.” Handling the monitor in the residential area was just a phone call away.


Shi Fei gave him a thumbs up, he was indeed a wealthy person.


He returned the laptop to the backpack and said to Gu Yueze: “Do you want to wait for me in the car first, I’ll come out soon?”



Gu Yueze nodded: “Be careful.”



“Will do.” Shi Fei handed his backpack to Gu Yueze, then put on his sweatshirt hat and went inside.


Most of the people were at work at this time of the day, and it was really lucky that he didn’t meet any people along the way.


Shi Fei sat in the elevator, took out his phone, played a recording, and kept listening back and forth in his ear.



The elevator stopped at the 12th floor, Shi Fei walked to the door of apartment 1203, and gently pressed the doorbell, put on the duck tongue cap, and slightly lowered his head.



“Who is it?” Wu Ziqiang’s voice came out from inside, slightly alert in his voice, he also looked through the cat’s eye to see the situation outside. He only saw the other party wearing a hat with his head down, he couldn’t see who it was.



“It’s me, open the door.” Wu Ziqiang heard the voice of ‘Xu Tianshen’.


He hurriedly opened the door while complaining: “Did not we agree to keep contact through phones? Why did you still come to the door?”



‘Xu Tianshen’ walked in with his head down.



“Quickly close the door.” Wu Ziqiang ran over, he hurriedly moved to pull the curtains, he already moved halfway, then realized: “No, I never told you, where I live, how did you know?”


He turned back, just in time to see Shi Fei look up and take off his mask.



Wu Ziqiang’s eyes immediately showed a fright: “You you you you, how did you find this place?”



Shi Fei tucked his hand in the pocket of the sweatpants, while the other hand waved at Wu Ziqiang, “Director Wu, long time no see.”


Wu Ziqiang pointed at him and asked, “Was that your voice just now?”



Shi Fei smiled and said again in ‘Xu Tianshen’s’ voice: “It’s me, yes.”



Wu Ziqiang: “How could you?” If he hadn’t heard Xu Tianshen’s voice, he wouldn’t have opened the door so easily, how could Shi Fei imitate his voice?



Shi Fei smiled and recovered his voice, “Director Wu, you really don’t have a good memory, you forget that I used female voice to sing in reverse during the talent show, imitating voices is not a difficult task for me.”



Shi Fei fanned the air full of smoke then continued, “I don’t want to spend more time with you, you should know what I came to you to do, are you going to say it yourself? Or do I have to force you to speak?”



Wu Ziqiang really wanted to slap away the smile on Shi Fei’s face, without saying a word, he wanted to open the window to escape, he didn’t want to fight with Shi Fei.


Wu Ziqiang still remembered when Shi Fei withdrew from the competition, originally he wanted to send people to capture him, he sent four bodyguards, but all were beaten back.



Once he saw the height of the floor, Wu Ziqiang retreated back.


Shi Fei: “If you want to jump, go ahead, go ahead, I won’t stop you.”



The doorway was blocked by Shi Fei, Wu Ziqiang backed up two steps and picked up the baseball bat next to him, “Shi Fei, don’t mess around, there are surveillance cameras everywhere here, if you hurt me, you can’t get away with it. You are now a popular artist, as long as a little bit of news of your breaking and entering and beating people, your showbiz career will be over.”



Shi Fei: “Before my career comes to an end, believe it or not, I can cripple you first.”



Wu Ziqiang gritted his teeth, raised his baseball bat and rushed towards Shi Fei, swinging it at his face.



The man was knocked down by his foot, and Wu Zijiang fell. Shi Fei forcefully kicked him to the door and followed up with punches and kicks, “So you have to challenge my bottom line, right? Couldn’t you go after me alone? Since the show, you have been staring at me all the time. Is it my fault that I look handsome, and I’m smarter, and more talented than you?”




Shi Fei kicked and cursed, “It’s been so long yet you’ve been staring at me. Do you really think I don’t know that you’ve been playing tricks behind the scenes the past few times? I wanted to be a harmonious person now you forced me to start beating people. I originally wanted to clean up some of you scumbags later, but you kept coming back and looking for abuse but I still let you bounce around outside.”


“Don’t hit, don’t hit ……” Wu Ziqiang only knew that Shi Fei was quite clever before, but he didn’t know that he had a tendency towards violence, as if he had been so aggressive at a young age.



The doorbell suddenly rang, someone asked outside: “Hey, what’s happening to the person inside, are you all right with all that shouting?”


Wu Ziqiang wanted to cry out for help, but Shi Fei placed a foot on his face, blocking him from shouting, he quickly imitated Wu Ziqiang’s voice: “Nothing, I’m watching an action movie, I’ll turn down the sound a little.”


Then he grabbed a rag aside and stuffed it directly into Wu Ziqiang’s mouth, then punched: “If you have developed skills, you can fight me. You dare to collaborate with others to tie someone up. It was because I was so kind before that you thought you could pluck hair from me time and time again.”



Shi Fei suatted down, grabbed Wu Ziqiang’s collar with one hand and asked, “Speak, where did you hide her?”



Wu Ziqiang: “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo ……”


“Your mouth is still tough, you won’t tell me, right?” Shi Fei picked up the baseball bat next to Wu Ziqiang’s body, “if you don’t want to talk, then I’ll first abolish your leg, see if you’ll speak.”


Shi Fei pointed the bat at Wu Ziqiang’s left leg, “Say, which leg do you usually dislike, I’ll help you.”



Wu Ziqiang shook his head violently: “Ooooooooooooooo ……”


Shi Fei continued: “You walk with two legs, so it seems that the third leg doesn’t have much use, how about I scrap this one?” The baseball bat moved to between Wu Ziqiang’s legs.



[TN: I think everyone should know what a third leg is, but just in case…. Third leg — the Diiii-ck]



Feeling the sinking force between his legs, Wu Ziqiang jolted, he hurriedly took the smelly rag out of his mouth himself and cried out, “I’ll talk, I’ll ……”


“Oh, I forgot you were gagged.” Shi Fei said indifferently, the force of his hand became two points heavier, “You better tell me the truth, otherwise ……”


Shi Fei, who had always been playful, had a cold smile on his lips. With his usual seductive eyes, his eyes became even darker and terrifying, and a sense of danger appeared on his body for no reason.




Giving Wu Ziqiang a clear feeling that the young man on the other side was coming towards him with a killing intent. The other really had the idea of killing him, he wasn’t just scaring him.




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