The next day, Jiang Yu had other work arrangements and took another flight.


The direction of Yu Wenwen and Li Hong’s home wasn’t the same as that of Shi Fei.


The two of them were sitting next to each other.


Shi Fei was enjoying the fruit on the plane while picking up the newspaper and looking at it, like an old man.


The big president sitting at one side was drinking red wine while taking a notebook to handle business.


“You’re so busy, why did you come to record any programs? Isn’t it good to guide the company?” Shi Fei forked a piece of watermelon in his mouth and ate it, he turned a page of newspaper.


Gu Yueze glanced helplessly at a man with no conscience. He clearly knew what he was doing and said such words heartlessly.


He should have slept with him yesterday to see if he has the strength to laugh at him.


“Do you want to eat a watermelon?” Shi Fei forked a watermelon and handed it to Gu Yueze, “I’ll feed you…”


Gu Yueze didn’t like watermelon, but he still opened his mouth, but he put the watermelon in his mouth, “It’s delicious.”


Gu Yueze smiled again helplessly, his eyes slightly shining.


They were all in the first class. When they flew on the plane, they ate, read and read newspapers all the way. Gu Yueze was busy reading his documents.


After getting off the plane, Zhang Wu’s car was waiting at the airport waiting area.


The two just got off the plane, Gu Yueze received a message from Zhang Wu, saying that there are many fans of Shi Fei waiting to greet him at the airport.



“There are a lot of fans in that channel, should we change to VIP channel?” Gu Yuzhe reminded.


“Let’s go through the normal channel. The fans came all the way here, squatting for hours just to see me, it’s not easy.” Shi Fei was sympathetic.



The two of them went out through the ordinary passage, although he was wearing a mask, but Shi Fei’s fans still recognized him at once.



Many fans were holding banners and support signs in their hands and screaming loudly.


Gu Yueze had never seen the scene of fans chasing after stars, seeing so many heads swarming over, she subconsciously shielding Shi Fei first.


As a result, the fans on the scene screamed even more.



They were all the people who saw the live broadcast yesterday.



“Brother, how did you come back with Mr. Gu Yueze?” the courageous fan asked with a curious wink. The smile on her face was like that of an old mother who saw her daughter with her son-in-law.


“We recorded the show together and came back on the same plane.” Shi Fei replied.


After yesterday’s live broadcast, it looked like a lot of fans were kowtowing to the ‘black and white CP’, but this was after all, Shi Fei’s fan base, and there were a lot of fans who hated shipping their brother with anyone.


Seeing the two of them standing together was very exciting.


Although they were excited to see him, the quality of the fans were still very good. They were excited but still rational. They didn’t take photos with their mobile phones, and nothing happened.


Shi Fei took the flowers sent by the fans, looked at the crowd and said, “Although it’s time for summer vacation, have you finished your homework?”



Those fans who were still excited to see him, suddenly showed bitter expressions, but some people smiled and responded, “After seeing you, we have the energy to struggle with summer homework.”


Shi Fei nodded, “Then you guys can do well, I will spot check the homework.”


The fans wailed, “Don’t.” Nonetheless each one of them felt sweet at heart.


The two of them left the airport together, and not long after that, the CP fans uploaded the photos of Gu Yueze protecting Shi Fei on the internet.


At once those CP fans were all happy enough to fly.


“Ah ah ah ah ah ah I think I must have bumped into a real CP this time.”


“You didn’t see it live. Teacher Gu protected brother all the time, afraid that our fans would over crowd him.”


“It’s too sweet to watch two people make trouble.”


“Let’s play the video. You can taste it carefully. The CP I hit must be true.”


“Can’t stand it, it’s too spoiled, I’m dead I’m dead, no one save me.”



“I’ll lie at the bottom of this pit, I’m not going to get up, no one pull me.”


Once the roadside photos of the airport were posted, the black and white CP fans grew a lot more.



After the establishment of the ‘black and white’ CP forum. Later, a fairy video editor cut their interactive photos of them riding skateboards and walking in the airport together, and put pink bubbles and sweet music on them, which almost made those CP fans fly .


Of course, these were the following things.


Shi Fei sat in the car, Gu Yueze let Zhang Mog drive him back first, this time hr couldn’t go upstairs with him.


The company’s backlog of work was too much, some documents must be personally read and signed by Gu Yueze himself.


When Shi Fei listened, he responded readily, “Okay.”

Seeing him so cheerful, President Gu wasn’t happy, “You want me to leave, do you?”


Shi Fei: “That’s not true. But you don’t have to go, too.” In short, it was like it didn’t matter whether he left or not.


This attitude made President Gu even more unhappy.


“Wait for me a few days, I’ll try to hurry up and finish things and come back.” Gu Yueze got out of the car and took Shi Fei’s suitcase down.



It wasn’t that he didn’t want to bring his work to Shi Fei’s home, but he was there every day watching Shi Fei go around and around, it was strange that he could work at ease.



“Mm.” Shi Fei nodded his head, hand on the luggage trolley.


Gu Yueze was a little bothered. Why didn’t he bring his work here?


But at this time, Shi Fei suddenly pulled in the big president and kissed him quickly, then pulled up his suitcase and walked to the apartment, waving: “bye bye, see you.”



Shi Fei was wearing a mask. Strictly speaking, they didn’t kiss at all. But Gu Yueze was still very happy, and his thin lips curved into a smile.


Sitting in the driver’s seat, Zhang Wu tried not be a light bulb. Seeing the scene of the two people, he couldn’t help sighing, Mr. Gu was worthy of Mr. Gu. So quickly, the two people had developed such a relationship.



After returning to his apartment, Shi Fei first had a beautiful sleep, the next day he went to the studio.


When he arrived at the studio, he was hugged by the happy-go-lucky Song Yiyuan.


“Shi Fei, why are you so cute? You are really a person sent by heaven and earth to save lives.” Song Yiyuan’s praises came out in piles. Shi Fei almost suspected that he was a fan.


“Let go of me first, and tell me what you want.” It was a hot day, and he was almost deprived of oxygen.


“We made money from the stocks I bought two days ago. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.” Song Yiyuan laughed so much that his face was almost wrinkled.



ShiFei said, “Brother Yiyuan, you were also an idol at the beginning. Pay attention to your image. Your image has fallen to the ground.”



“If I can make money, what image do I want? I listened to your words and threw it away. I made more than 50000 yuan, nearly 60000 yuan.” Song Yiyuan said happily: “For the sake of my money, I decided to invite you to dinner today. Just as I invited you to dinner, the subsidiary also came back.”



Shifei was a little surprised: “Zixing is back? So soon, didn’t he pass the audition and the primary competition?”


Yu Zixing went to participate in “China has rap”, which was mainly aimed at rap players.



Song Yiyuan nodded: “Both the primary and the promotion matches were passed, but he was beaten in the PK during the advance match. At present, the promotion match and the advance match have not been broadcast.”


So when the program was finished, it could also attract another wave of fans for Yu Zixing.


Shi Fei didn’t think it was too surprising. The program “China Has Rap” was based on fans’ votes and professional judges.


Basically, all the contestants invited were professional rappers.


Yu Zixing’s rap wasn’t bad, it could even be said to be very strong, but it was very strong in the idol circle, and was still a little weaker than those professional rap singers.


Song Yiyuan nodded: “I didn’t expect him to win the championship. He had a lot of fans when he was on the” The Strongest Idol “, so it was OK to give him a shot when the program” China Has Rap ” was broadcast. The audience will be more familiar with his face during this time, so it was convenient for me to get information for him.”



“In any case, Yu Zixing’s appearance condition is excellent. He just won the second male lead role in an idol drama in the last two days. Although it isn’t a big production, this script is good. It was originally adapted from a popular novel. As long as the writer doesn’t change anything, it should be a hit.”


Before that, their one-yuan studio was badly suppressed by Tianxing Media. They had been much better during this period.


Shi Fei nodded. Although Yu Zixing and Wu Yan were both brought to the studio of Yiyuan, he wouldn’t interfere in the work since they came. Besides, Song Yiyuan wasn’t a reckless person, and he would definitely consult the other party about these matters.



Song Yiyuan twisted his waist and said, “In order to grab resources for you, I have been running for two days and my back is sore. Fortunately, it is easier to grab resources now than before. Thanks to you and your relationship With Idle Dream Literature Society.”



Before many people didn’t need to offend Star Media for the sake of a few small artists who had just debuted, now that the commercial price of Shi Fei was getting higher and higher, plus his relationship with Idle Dream Literature Society, Star Media wanting to block him was a little difficult.


Together with the studio, there was a sense of unsealing.


“It is impossible for competent people to be blocked. We could be blocked before because we weren’t strong enough.” Both their strength and capital strength were the same.



Tianxing Media said that it could hide them. In fact, it wasn’t that Tianxing Media could really cover up the whole entertainment industry. It was just that they didn’t think it was necessary to go against a company for a few small artists who had just started their business. Maybe they would have cooperation in the future.


Now Song Yiyuan was good at attracting resources for everyone. On the one hand, his relationship with Idle Dream Literature Society had attracted some people’s attention, and on the other hand, their commercial value had improved.


Song Yiyuan: “That’s right.”


Speaking of this, Song Yiyuan couldn’t help laughing at the disaster: “I tell you, now Star Media doesn’t have any control over us. They invested in the big movie” Fierce Beast “two years ago It was released a few days ago, but they invested 300 million yuan. On the first day, the box office looked OK and won more than 70 million yuan. On the second day, there was only more than 10 million yuan left . In recent days, the daily box office was just several million yuan. Originally, this movie was used by Tianxing Media to transform the two small girls in its own company. As a result, the investment didn’t make money, and the transformation failed. Now many people on the Internet are scolding them for their acting skills.”


“During the publicity period, the film was inexplicably cut off by Shen Qingran’s gossip, and Shen Qingran kept the headlines for several days, which made their publicity not good. Later, after it was released, they wanted to remedy it, but they were occupied by your hot search every day. It is estimated that Tianxing Company hates you now.”


Shi Fei didn’t care: “Even if there is no such thing, they still hate me, no difference. By the way, how about Wu Yan and Xiao Bei?”



Song Yiyuan said, “Wu Yan broke through the primary and promotion rounds, his dancing strength in front of professional dancers also have a fighting chance, I think him using his strength to reach the finals is possible, there is a chance to fight for the top five. Since he joined the army, there has been no news from Xiaobei, and the security measures there had been well done. However, when he joined the army, his fans weren’t too impressed. So he’ll have less when he comes back.”


Shi Fei expected that.



Recently everything was developing in a good way, Song Yiyuan was really in a good mood and had made a small sum of money. When he arrived at the office, he hummed a little song all the way, but he didn’t sing well.


Shi Fei stroked his forehead and suddenly asked, “Brother Yiyuan, how much money did you just say you made in the stock market?”


Song Yiyuan: “More than 50,000 ah.”


Shi Fei nodded, then stretched out his hand to count, “Let me calculate how much I earned, oh, I earned almost 10 million.”


Song Yiyuan: “……”


Shi Fei pinned his hands on his body and his small face was full of pride. Now his ears could be quiet.


He wanted to keep a low profile, but his strength didn’t allow him.



He hadn’t seen Yu Zixing for a long time so they had a meal together. Yu Zixing, who had participated in the rap competition, was thinner than before.

Yu Zixing’s side was also good. Song Yiyuan helped him get an endorsement and two magazines. As long as he wanted, he also received a second male lead role in an idol drama.


There were many announcements that had taken the initiative to find Shi Fei. There was even a reality show of idol selection that wanted to invite Shi Fei to be the host.


Shi Fei directly refused, “No, I don’t have any experience. I’m not going to be the host of the idol talent show. I don’t want to be cursed at.”



Although he had thick skin and wasn’t afraid of being scolded, who liked to be scolded?


Song Yiyuan said: “I guessed you would not go, I will go tomorrow to refuse. But you should also find the opportunity to put out a song, Your original” Nian Xiang “in” The Strongest Idol “is not very popular. You haven’ t produced the original version yet. Please record the song quickly.”


Shi Fei nodded and agreed that it was time to record the song. He couldn’t let the pirated song of Zhuang Xinran be sung online.



Song Yiyuan later asked Shi Fei if he had any other songs he wrote. If he had the opportunity to record more songs together, if not, he would also contact some songwriters to write songs for him.


A singer who made his debut had to have his own music.


The next day Song Yiyuan contacted the recording studio, and Shi Fei went to record the song “Nostalgia” first.


“Nostalgia” was originally a mature song, and Shifei recorded it again, and directly posted it to Penguin music.


Then he opened his Weibo page: Song is done


Fans: Are you so unfaithful? Before the song was released, there was no special publicity, and no news was revealed. Were you forced to do business?



In any case, his first song came out, and the fans were dancing happily. The best thing was that it was free.



After that, Shi Fei began to write songs for himself when he was free.


Song Yiyuan also began to recruit more people. The studio was developing better and better. Several artists were developing well. Especially, Shi Fei’s popularity could be compared with that of a first tier star.

He managed so many artists by himself, which was really a little inadequate. Song Yiyuan didn’t want to delay their development because of his energy problems.


So now he need to hire at least another agent and assign them an assistant.



When Shi Fei was busy living his songs, Xu Tianshen of Qi Luo Pavilion sued Wei Ru.


Wei Ru wasn’t naive. She had expected such a thing. She wasn’t completely brainless when she hit him.



Wei Ru also filed a lawsuit against Xu Tianshen for se-xual harassment.


Of course, these things wouldn’t affect the entertainment industry at all.


Although there were a lot of stars watching the event that day, they didn’t participate in it, and the people of the Qiluo Pavilion couldn’t have blamed it on the “Sims” program team.



But it was mostly because they heard that Gu’s Group participated in the investment in this program.


However, they didn’t lead the dirty water to the program group and Shi Fei, but some people didn’t think so.



Wu Ziqiang stayed in his apartment, and his repeated failures led to the company losing confidence in his decision. The original situation of “The Strongest Idol” changed half way through the recording, and he had to bear the primary responsibility. This project made Tianxing Media lose a lot of money.



After a series of failures, the last time was the Chinese and Western Arts Competition, his misjudgment again made Shi Fei’s popularity soar again, causing the company to lose confidence in him.


He was fired.


Due to his previous successive decision-making errors, resulting in the company’s losses, other companies didn’t dare to want him, not to mention Wu Ziqiang over the years in the entertainment industry offended a lot of people.



In the beginning, in order to help Tianxing Media sign good quality newcomers, the hands that he used to grab people wasn’t soft, seeing his bad luck made people gloat.


Wu Ziqiang stayed in his apartment, drunkenly lying on the sofa, a face of decadence, beard scum.



A dozen empty beer bottles were placed at his feet.


The phone rang and woke Wu Ziqiang up, he opened his red eyes, scratched his hair and rolled over onto the couch.



Next to him, the empty bottles of alcohol fell to the ground, emitting a banging sound of collision.


After groping for a while, he felt out his mobile phone under the coffee table. He grabbed it and found it was his assistant Xiao Lin.


Of course, he was the former assistant. Now he was just a jobless vagrant.


The main thing is to care about his recent situation. Wu Ziqiang hung up after two impatient conversations.


After hanging up the computer, he saw that someone had sent him an email.


It was a picture of Shi Fei and a girl walking in the hotel. They looked very close.


The girl’s information was also attached.



“Wei Ru, 23 years old, graduated from Jianqiao University, is still a graduate student who graduated in advance, and seems to be a learning bully.” Wu Ziqiang then looked down, “The designer of Lan Lianfang.”


There were some materials about Wei Ru on the back, including the matter of beating Xu Tianshen, the designer of Qiluo Pavilion, in the hotel last night.


Shi Fei was also present.



Wu Ziqiang’s mind turned quickly. Seeing the two of them, it couldn’t be the relationship between ordinary friends. Was Shi Fei associating with Wei Ru at this time?


Wei Ru also beat people in public. There were many things to write about.



#Shi Fei suspected of being in love


A Weibo hot search suddenly landed in the top ten hot searches.


When his fans saw it, they were confused. How could he fall in love without warning? Many little fans still secretly focusing on the “black and white CP”. As a result, you told me that there is a mistress now?



Although Wei Ru was famous in the design circle, many people didn’t know about her in the fan circle. They quickly went to pick up her information and found that she was a very powerful learner.


Some fans were a little flustered. They couldn’t really be in love, right? It seemed that they hadn’t seen their brother and any girl so close.


While commenting, they also hoped that Shi Fei could come out quickly and explain clearly.


When Song Yiyuan informed Shi Fei that he was in love, Shi Fei was still a little guilty.


He hasn’t officially agreed to Gu Yueze yet. Was he discovered so soon?


Was it when he was intimate with him that he was photographed? No, he was very vigilant. It should be easy if someone stole a picture nearby.



He quickly went to the hot search list, and when he saw it was his and Wei Ru’s, he didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.



The photo was when he and Wei Ru met in the hotel.


It seemed that the paparazzi also backed up the photos in advance, and even took several photos of him and Wei Ru. The angle seemed to be relatively close, but there was no excessive action.


Shi Fei himself also posted on the page: [ I’m fine. There were others.]


This was his refutation. Although this kind of refutation wasn’t strong enough, after all, now netizens also saw many things about concealing love.


They didn’t care about the truth, they just needed gossip.


This kind of suspicious article was written, basically to earn popularity, just a few photos couldn’t determine that he was in love.


If the other party just wanted was to earn popularity, it was OK, but it reached the hot search list just after it was posted. Shi Fei didn’t believe that no one was behind it. The other party must have other purposes.



Shi Fei went back to the study and picked up his notebook and decided to check it. He put his knuckled fingers on the keyboard and quickly went online.



As he found out something, there was a new explosive news out on the Internet.



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