The car soon drove to the hotel designated for them by the program team, Shi Fei took the camera and got off.

The two of them walked towards the hotel elevator.


It was too late, so they were the only ones in the elevator, Shi Fei waved the camera: “This camera, you intercepted it from the paparazzi?”


The big president coolly placed his hands in his trouser pockets: “Yes.”


Shi Fei tilted his head to look at him: “You were waiting for me to come out?”



President: “Yes.”



Shi Fei asked: “In addition to yes, you don’t have anything else to say?”


Gu Yueze turned sideways: “If I ask, will you tell the truth?”


Shi Fei blinked his pretty phoenix eyes, “It depends, if you ask me directly, I won’t necessarily tell you.”



Gu Yueze asked, “You and Wei Ru have known each other for a long time?”


Shi Fei nodded: “Yes.”


Gu Yuzhe: “You are Ai Wei, the designer of Lan Lian Fang?”


Shi Fei’s eyes lit up, he didn’t expect Gu Yueze to guess, but he didn’t deny it: “Yes.”


Gu Yueze asked again, “Did you and Jiang Yu know each other long before the talent show?”


The corners of Shi Fei’s mouth were bent, and he couldn’t help reaching out to pinch Gu Yueze’s cheeks, “You are worthy of being President Gu. How can you be so smart? It’s all clear to you.”



Gu Yueze grabbed Shi Fei’s left hand with one hand and put it on his chest. He said earnestly, “I felt bad earlier. I also felt bad when I saw you touching Jiang Yu’s head affectionately.”



Looking at Gu Yueze’s serious expression, his deep eyes were staring at him. Shi Fei couldn’t tease him anymore. The seized hand was placed on his chest, and he could clearly feel his heartbeat.


Feelings were being passed to his heart through his hands.



The elevator rang and the door opened automatically.


Wei Weidong stood at the door in his pajamas and hotel slippers, he looked at them with a surprised expression, and then immediately responded, “Go on, go on, I didn’t see anything.”


After that, he covered his eyes like a burglar, and immediately turned around. He was just going down to buy a midnight snack, he didn’t expect to see such an exciting scene.



The big president walked out of the elevator calmly with nothing happening on his face, and Shi Fei also followed him.


The hotel rooms of Shi Fei and Gu Yueze were close to each other. It was good to have a sensible director. He knew the thoughts of the golden backer and tried to meet his needs in details.


He just found a reason to reserve the rooms for them.



Standing at the entrance of his room, Gu Yueze suddenly spoke: “Shi Fei, I want to get the reward of the popularity king now.”


Shi Fei: “…… ah? Okay.” This was something he almost forgot about.


Gu Yueze’s sexy voice rang out, “My request is that you promise to be my boyfriend.”



Although Shi Fei guessed something when he heard that Gu Yueze was going to make a request, he couldn’t help retorting, “If I remember correctly, it was just yesterday morning when you signed an agreement for me, saying that you want to chase me, but you haven’t paid for your actions yet. Now you want to pick fruit directly?”



Gu Yueze: “I thought that the content of the agreement was to confirm the relationship. Then we can confirm the relationship first and then add the content of the agreement.”


Shi Fei said, “If you think well, change the request.” This guy was too fast. He said he wanted to chase him in the morning and wanted him to agree at night.



Gu Yueze: “Okay, then a kiss.”


Shi Fei: “Huh?” Not waiting for Shi Fei to react, Gu Yueze directly lowered his head and kissed him, like a dragonfly pointing at water, then he quickly left.



Gu Yueze entered the room.


Shi Fei covered his lips, full of incredulity, his first kiss went like this?



“F-uck.” Shi Fei was depressed, the kiss went too fast, he didn’t even feel anything.


This guy must have known from the beginning that the request for brief contact would be rejected, so he deliberately took a step.


As expected, he was a profiteer, an old fox, he got his way.



Before going to bed at night, he was ready to brush his teeth, he squeezed the toothpaste, brushed his teeth and looked at himself in the mirror, then he remembered he was kissed before.


“F-uck.” Shi Fei cursed again, poured a big mouthful of water in, rinsed the foam in his mouth, took a towel to wipe his mouth, and threw it into the sink.


Then, wearing the disposable slippers of the hotel, he strode out.


Then he opened the door and knocked on the door of the next room. Maybe someone inside didn’t sleep, the door quickly opened.



Wei Weidong, who went upstairs with the midnight snack, just got out of the elevator and saw Shi Fei knocking on the door next door. The man was pulled in a moment later.


Wei Weidong hurriedly read the sutra in a low voice, “I haven’t seen anything, I haven’t seen anything, I haven’t seen anything.”

Hearing the movement outside, Jiang Yu came out with his cell phone, it looked like he was playing a game, “Who was knocking on the door just now, it affected my game. Was it you, Director Wei?”


“Yes, I wanted to ask Shi Fei to have supper together, but he said he wouldn’t eat.” Life was too difficult for the director. He not only needed to find a way to bring them together, he also needed to help cover up when necessary, even take the blame.



“Shi Fei probably wants to sleep. You can look for me. I’m not sleeping yet. I’m hungry. What delicious food did you get? Is there chicken feet? Is there ice beer?” Jiang Yu looked into Wei Weidong’s bag.



“No, there’s nothing. If you can’t get up tomorrow and miss your flight, the program team won’t help you book a replacement ticket.” After saying that Wei Weidong directly carry his snacks back to the room.


“He’s so stingy, he won’t even give me a bite.” He’d earned so much stock money, yet he was still so stingy. He’d tell teacher not to lend him money in the future. Jiang Yu went back to the room and closed the door while muttering.



This time, Shi Fei aggressively knocked on Gu Yueze’s door, and after being pulled in by him, he grabbed him and pushed him against the door.



He felt that he was a little shorter than the other, so he tried hard to keep his momentum from losing.


“What are you doing?” Gu Yueze asked.


“Kissing you.” Then he kissed Gu Yueze.


Gu Yueze felt his heart beat suddenly and his throat knot slipped twice.


There was a numb feeling on his lips, and there was also something urgent.


Gu Yueze tried to hug him and deepen the kiss, but he stepped back with a proud expression: “That’s fair.”


Gu Yueze: “…is it just for fairness?”



Shi Fei: “Not really, you kissed me too fast before and I didn’t feel it.”


Gu Yueze: “Did you feel it now?”

Shi Fei: “It seems that I also kissed too fast, how about we kiss again?”


The answer was that Gu Yueze wrapped his arms around his waist and pressed him backwards behind the door, lowering his head and kissing him fiercely.



The two of them relaxed, and Gu Yueze’s slightly coarse palm wrapped around his waist with one hand and stroked Shi Fei’s palm-sized face with the other.



Usually he had slightly cold palms, but at this time it was hot.


When they couldn’t breathe, Gu Yueze let go of Shi Fei, his original pink lips were now red and swollen.


Gu Yueze put his hands around Shi Fei’s waist and leaned against his forehead. His voice was slightly muted, “Do you know what it feels like now?”


Shi Fei nodded, “It’s numb and a little sweet.” Then he deliberately licked his lips.


When Gu Yueze saw his action, his brain went blank again. He lowered his head and bit his lip, “Don’t seduce me, I’m not sure I can control it.”


Shi Fei winked at him, “We can also go to bed first and then talk about feelings.”


“Don’t talk nonsense.” Gu Yueze gently pinched Shi Fei’s face and said gently and frankly, “I want your body and feelings.”


Shi Fei said craftily, “Too greedy.”



Gu Yueze stretched out his finger and caressed Shi Fei’s lips, his voice was gentle, “Go to bed early, you have to take a flight early tomorrow morning.”


The man was very clear about himself. He had never had any desires for so many years. He may not be able to control the sudden outbreak. He may tire him.



Shi Fei sighed, opened the door and muttered, “Refusing to eat the meat delivered to the door. Is this man stupid?”



Gu Yueze hugged him from behind and bit his ear, “Save it first and eat next time.”



Shi Fei: Next time. Do you think it will be so delicious next time?



After Gu Yueze sent Shi Fei back to his room, he went to the bathroom to take a cold bath and came out after an hour.




Sooooooo sweet 😫

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