After such an incident, it was impossible for everyone to keep having fun, and they had almost finished eating, so they decided to disperse.



Before she left, Wei Ru told Tian Sihan that she could go to Lan Lian Fang’s Hanfu design department for a month as long as she was willing to do an internship, which made Tian Sihan extremely happy.



She had been paid 200,000 yuan to participate in the program “the Sims”, so that she could make her favorite Chinese costume without worrying, and now she got the opportunity to go to Lanlian Fang for an internship.


When she left the hotel, she kept saying, “Great, I actually have a chance to get an internship at Lan Lian Fang, and maybe I’ll even get to see my idol, Mr. Ai.”



Wei Ru smiled, “You want to meet him so badly? The things I told you before, don’t you feel he’s sinister?”



Tian Sihan shook her head, “No, it means that Mr. Ai Wei is very smart, without him there would be no Lan Lian Fang now.”



Wei Ru glanced at Shi Fei, “Do you know why he never wants to show his face in public?”


Tian Sihan shook her head, “Why?”


“Because he is ugly, he has buck teeth, garlic shaped nose, and a pair of fish eyes, he’s not too old but he looks like a forty-year-old man.”


Tian Sihan was a little incredulous: “No way, you didn’t say so before ah, you said before he was too handsome, handsome as Teacher Shi Fei.”


Wei Ru: “To save his face.”



Tian Sihan still didn’t believe: “But someone has secretly photographed him, from the back, he doesn’t look like such a person ah.”


Wei Ru said: “He can also deceive people with that back view.”


Now Tian Sihan was confused, she wasn’t sure if what Wei Ru said was true or false, she quickly turned to Shi Fei: “Teacher Shi Fei, is what Teacher Wei Ru said true?”


Shi Fei: “I don’t know.” He glanced at Wei Ru. She must be angry with Fang Haozhou again. She was always angry when she started a rumor. At that moment, Wei Ru also turned and looked at him defiantly.


Jiang Yu casually spoke, “Don’t you like his designs? His appearance shouldn’t matter to you.”


Tian Sihan nodded, “That’s true.” However, if only he could had talent and looks at the same time, after all, most girls liked pretty faces.


When they arrived outside the hotel, Wei Weidong politely said, “Then, Ms. Wei Ru, we will work together again the next time we have the chance. If you need any help with what happened in the hotel today, please feel free to call me.”



Wei Ru nodded elegantly, “Okay.”


Wei Ru left first.



The flight the crew booked for everyone was for the next day, and the car arranged by the crew was going to take the remaining guests to a hotel.



After Jiang Yu got into the car, he saw that Shi Fei hadn’t gotten into the car yet, so he poked his head out, “Shi Fei, aren’t you getting into the car yet? The paparazzi will soon get the news and you won’t be able to get away.”


Shi Fei: “Go first. I happen to have a friend nearby. I’ll meet him.”



Having said that, it was impossible for the program team to keep asking.


Gu Yueze, who had been standing on the side without speaking, looked at Shi Fei, “Be careful.”


Then got into the car.


After the show group’s car left, Shi Fei pressed his hat down, put on his mask, and went back into Yuanhe Hotel.



The hotel elevator here could only be accessed by the door card. When walking to the elevator entrance, Shi Fei brought out his phone: “I’m here.”



Soon someone came down to pick him up. It was Wei Ru who just left.



“Sister Wei Ru.” Shi Fei smiled.



Wei Ru’s expression wasn’t good, “Now you call me Sister Wei Ru, you pretended not to know me before. And don’t call me Sister, I’m just a few years older than you. ”



The two got on the elevator, “After we meet later, don’t tell brother Fang about my fight.”


Under the mask, the corners of Shi Fei’s mouth slightly curved: “What’s wrong? Another fight?”


Wei Ru gently hit his forehead, “I don’t want to talk about it. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have come here.”


Shi Fei: “Do you think he won’t know if I don’t say it? Today’s matter is so big that neither Qiluo Pavilion nor Xu Tianshen will give up. Maybe it will appear in the newspaper tomorrow. It’ll say ‘ Lan Lianfang’s gold medal designer beat the designer of another company in public’.”


“Don’t be so active, you still have the nerve to talk about me. You really went to be an artist and then went compete with others to draw and play piano. Are you forgetting that you are still a designer ? No one can see you once a year in the company, yet you became a frequent visitor in the Weibo hot search list.” Wei Ru said with both hands around her chest: “You are not afraid that if we ruin the company, your share will also go down.”



“There are several of you in the company. I have nothing to worry about. I just need to be a dividend recipient. Besides, I’m only a high school student. If you give me too much burden, how will I feel? ” Shi Fei replied.



“You’re still a high school student? When you were as big as a little bean seedling, you dared to play us all around. Ten doctoral students are not your opponents, yet you still have the nerve to say you are a high school student.” Wei Ru didn’t dare to really look at Shi Fei as a high school student.


Shi Fei didn’t say anything. After seeing Wei Ru in recent years, her mouth became more and more sharp. It was better not to quarrel with women.



Just then the elevator opened, Wei Ru and Shi Fei went out together, pressed the doorbell of a room, and the door opened soon.


Yin Zibo came to open the door. When he saw Shi Fei, his eyes lit up. He pulled him in and held Shi Fei’s neck with one hand, “How dare you show up? In order to catch you, I pushed off my appointment with three beautiful women today. Let’s see how I deal with you today.”



The person standing behind Yin Zibo was Fang Haozhou, who was also the president of Lan Lian Fang, and he glanced at Wei Ru standing at the door, with a gentle smile.



Wei Ru still had her hands wrapped around her chest, “Are you blocking the entrance because you don’t want me to go in?”


“How dare I? Come in quickly.” Fang Haozhou gave way, and Wei Ru walked in directly around his side.



Yin Zibo, who was holding Shi Fei’s neck tightly over there, was already pressed on the sofa by Shi Fei’s backhand, twisting his arm. “You have grown fat and dare to grab my neck.”



“I was wrong, Father Fei, I was really wrong.” Yin Zibo was very quick to admit his mistake.


The four of them founded Lan Lianfang together. They hadn’t seen each other for at least half a year. There were many things to talk about during the meeting.



In addition to recounting the past, they also needed to talk about the direction of Lan Lianfang.


However, Shi Fei didn’t care much about the company’s affairs. Most of them were handed over to Fang Haozhou and Yin Zibo. Shi Fei trusted them and believed in their abilities, otherwise he wouldn’t have dug them up.


And at this time downstairs, across the street of Yuanhe Hotel, under a large tree, there was a man wearing a black shirt holding a camera while staring at the door surreptitiously.



Not a moment later a man in a white t-shirt rushed over and asked, “What about it? Did you get it?”



“I got it. Look, Shi Fei and a woman entered the hotel. This woman should be Wei Ru, a designer in Lan Lian Fang. After the recording of the “Sims”, they got together for the dinner, but after the dinner, they pretended to separate but met again in the hotel, the two must have problems.” It was a pity that no intimate photos of the two were taken, otherwise it would have been worth the money.



“Don’t worry, it hasn’t come out yet. Maybe it will be more exciting in time.” Another person said with a heated smile: “Even if it can’t be more exciting, just rely on the hotel night meeting. This title will be enough to earn a lot of traffic.”



The two men looked at each other again, smiling with obscene expressions, the black shirt man handed the camera to the white t-shirt man and said, “Help me stare for a while, I’ve been holding it in.”



White t-shirt man took the camera, very quick to respond: “No problem, go.”



Waiting for the other to go, white t-shirt man set up the camera, carefully watching the hotel exit.


After a while, he felt that the camera in front of him was dark.



Taking the camera away and taking a look. The first thing that caught his eye was black pants. Then he looked up along the black suit pants, and saw a man wearing a blue shirt, with beautiful facial features, but a cold and heartless expression.



“Gu Yueze.” As a paparazzi that earned money from entertainment gossip, he knew every company’s artists and newcomers well.



Although Gu Yueze was a newcomer without a company behind him, he was also a resident guest of the popular variety show “Sims”. Of course, the paparazzi would know him.



Shi Fei, Wei Ru, and the others were together until almost early morning.



When Fang Haozhou saw him off, the two stood in the elevator. Shi Fei told Fang Haozhou what had happened in the hotel before. Although Wei Ru said that he shouldn’t tell Fang Haozhou, he would know about this kind of thing sooner or later.



Fang Haozhou nodded, “I know.” He received the news when they were still in the hotel.



Shi Fei: “OK, then you know that you don’t need me to intervene. I’m sure you will deal with it. By the way, I think Wei Ru is in a bad mood. Why do you always make her angry? ”

Fang Haozhou: “Alas, although you’re smart, you don’t understand the feelings of adults, you are still young.”



Shi Fei: “…… you forgot which little kid beat you up back then.”



Fang Haozhou: “I was giving in to you.”


Shi Fei didn’t continue to argue with him about this, the elevator door opened, he put on the mask and waved at him, and walked out of the elevator door and left the hotel in a low profile.



As soon as he left the hotel, he saw a black car parked in front of him.


As the window rolled down, he saw the cool and noble face sitting in the driver’s seat, and the corners of Shi Fei’s lips slightly curved into a smile. He opened the passenger’s seat to sit.



Gu Yueze said, “Sit in the back.”



Shi Fei: “…” He pursed his lips, opened the rear door and sat in. After the door closed, he didn’t wait for Shi Fei to speak, the car drove away from the hotel.



Shi Fei looked at the serious expression of the person in front of him, then he tilted his head and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Gu Yueze handed him the camera on the passenger side, Shi Fei took a look, it was a photo of him and Wei Ru in the hotel, the photo was quite clear.


These paparazzi were very good at finding angles, it was obviously a normal moment of two people standing, but it was photographed like they were hugging.


When he turned around, he put his hands on the back seat and asked, “Are you jealous?”



Gu Yueze: “No.”



Shi Fei: “Then what are you angry about?”



Gu Yueze: “Not angry.”



Shi Fei: “Not angry, then why didn’t you let me sit in the passenger seat?”



Gu Yueze parked the car to the side, then turned sideways and said seriously to Shi Fei: “Once there’s an accident, the passenger side has the highest death rate.”



Shi Fei: “……”


Gu Yueze continued: “The driver’s seat has an airbag, the back seat has a front car seat which can act as a block. Only the co-pilot has no protective measures except the seat belt. Under the strong impact, the seat belt can’t block the force of people flying out.”


Shi Fei: “Okay.”


He was really like a straight man. In the H series, the man wearing the seat belt for the woman was a necessary romantic plot for every H series, but in this guy’s mouth, it became about the death rate.



But why did he feel a little sweet when he heard this? Gu Yueze obviously wasn’t romantic but he thought about it for him.




Happy new month ❤

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