Wei Ru was 23 years old, she grew up learning to paint, so she became the gold medal clothing designer of Lan Lianfang at a young age, it was evident that her design talent was very strong.



When he was traveling around the world, he met Wei Ru, who was studying in Jianqiao, and then he met Fang Haozhou and Yin Zibo, and together they created the clothing brand Lan Lianfang.



Wei Ru was the only girl among them, and her nickname, Microwave, was given by Fang Haozhou, they grew up together as childhood friends.



Wei Ru was late in developing as a child, and while other girls were growing, she was still flat, so Fang Haozhou gave her the nickname microwave.



Later, he saw that Wei Ru was successful. Although she was late in development, she eventually caught up.


Of course, these things happened before Shi Fei knew them. Now they called her microwave, not because of her figure, but because of her character. She was as passionate as a microwave to the point that it could melt people.



Wei Ru wasn’t only the gold medal designer of Lan Lian Fang, she was also the goddess in the eyes of many.



As the fame of Lanlian Fang grew, the nickname microwave was only called by a few of them in private.


Today, Wei Ru wore a white casual suit, she looked smart and competent, her brown wavy hair casually draped behind her, and she wore a seven centimeters white high heels, she obviously had a white collar beauty temperament.



Wei Ru spoke elegantly, “Hello everyone, I am the designer of Lan Lian Fang, my name is Wei Ru.”



Li Hong took the lead in the welcome, then everyone introduced themselves one by one, and Wei Ru went up to shake their hands.



Wei Ru went to Jiang Yu’s side and after shaking hands, Jiang Yu asked, “Designer Wei, do you have men’s Hanfu at Lanlianfang? I don’t think this one on me is good at all.” Anyway, he looked really ugly in this outfit.


“Of course we do. Our designer Ai Wei is especially good at men’s hanfu. You can look at our styles on the official website, but Lanlianfang’s hanfus are only available for pre-order. Of course you’re handsome so I can let you jump the queue.” Wei Ru responded jokingly.


When Tian Sihan saw Wei Ru, her two eyes were about to stick to each other. The gold medal designer of Lan Lian Fang, her clothes had participated in the fashion week many times, and had been on the cover of “Yi Shang Li Ren” many times.


Tian Sihan’s hands were shaking from excitement, she didn’t know what to say, “Teac— Teacher hello, I I am called Tian Sihan, I especially like you.”


Wei Ru nodded: “But I heard that your idol is Ai Wei.”


Tian Sihan nodded, a little embarrassed: “My idol is Ai Wei, but I also like your designs.”



Wei Ru glanced at Shi Fei, “I see your lips trembling with excitement, you are so excited to see me, so if you see your idol Ai Wei, how excited would you be?”



Tian Sihan’s eyes lit up, “I I I I can have the opportunity to meet Mr. Ai? I dare not think.”


Wei Ru: “This world is small, maybe Mr. Ai is right next to you.”


Then she looked at Shi Fei, “Don’t you think so, Shi Fei?”


Shi Fei touched his nose and smiled sarcastically, “Yes, that makes sense. The earth is round, there is always a way.”


Wei Ru walked up to Shi Fei, “Shi Fei, I’ve been following you for a long time, I’m also a fan of yours.”



Shi Fei extended his hand, “Thank you.” Come on, if you’re my fan then how come you’re gripping my hand this tight? Microwave could really scheme.



Wei Ru: “Shi Fei, you are really accomplished at a young age, you can play the piano, paint and also sing and play chess, I wonder if you can design ah?”



Tian Sihan praised him from the side: “Teacher Shi Fei is also very talented in design, look at the Chinese costume he’s wearing today, he designed it himself, and the Chinese costumes we’re wearing were also made by him. I can’t believe this is a beginner’s work.”



Shi Fei once again touched his nose and remained silent.



Gu Yueze’s deep eyes were slightly narrowed as he watched Shi Fei’s small action.



There Wei Ru also turned her head to shake hands with Gu Yueze, who was standing at the very edge, Gu Yueze’s introduction was short and strong, “Gu Yueze.”


Wei Ru saw that the man was cold so after a simple handshake with the other, she explained the reason for her visit today.



She came to present the clothes of ‘Dragon and Phoenix Bringing Prosperity’ to the popularity king of this competition.



Dragon and Phoenix Hanfu were two sets of clothes, one dragon set and one phoenix set. The workmanship was particularly complicated, and they were all handmade. The skirt reached 12 meters, which would look very beautiful and festive when worn.


Generally, such red clothes with moral meanings were especially suitable for marriage.



The customers who bought these two sets of Chinese clothes before did use them for traditional Chinese weddings as well.


Originally, the program team wanted to reward whoever won these two sets of clothes, but it turned out that they won in a team of two, so of course it was one set for one person.



Now the question was how to allocate this dragon and phoenix sets to the two men.


Gu Yueze and Shi Fei, one was the gold master and the other was the one the gold master wanted to pursue. Director Wei didn’t know who attacked and who suffered. How to divide them? If he wasn’t careful, he’d offend others.


[TN: Attack,suffer —– Top,bottom]

Yu Wenwen jokingly said: “Or give me that phoenix set, later when I get married, you won’t need to send red envelopes.”


Shi Fei laughed, “Good thinking.”


He handed over the wooden box with the phoenix hanfu to Gu Yueze and held the dragon hanfu in his hands, “It’s decided.”


Gu Yueze had a flash of doting in his eyes, “Good.”


After the recording of the program, Wei Ru proposed to invite everyone to dinner, it was time for dinner, of course, everyone would give her face.


After all, Lan Lian Fang was a domestic clothing brand that couldn’t be underestimated, and they still need the brand’s sponsorship to attend events from time to time.




After everyone changed back into their normal clothes, they chose to go to a Japanese restaurant.

The environment of this Japanese restaurant very good, and the people who came here to spend money were all rich people. Even if they saw stars, they wouldn’t do anything rude.


Several guests sat at the same table with Director Wei and Wei Ru, and other staff members went to other tables.


Tian Sihan’s admiration for Wei Ru was extremely obvious, as she ate, from time to time, she’d stare at her.



Wei Ru spoke first, “Sihan, if you keep looking at me like this, I’ll suspect you have a crush on me.”



Tian Sihan was a little embarrassed by the comment.



Everyone ordered their favorite dishes, ordered two more big dishes, and finally ordered some sake.



The waiter handed out a cup to each person to pour sake.



When Shi Fei saw the sake, his eyes widened then he picked up the sake jug and tried to pour himself a cup.



As a result, a hand reached out to stop him, Gu Yueze grabbed the jug in his hand, handsome features cool and indifferent: “You are still young, you can’t drink.”


Shi Fei: “I’m not young, I’m eighteen years old.”



Gu Yueze said, “Still young.”


Jiang Yu nodded, “That’s right. If you get drunk and are caught by a paparazzi, then the media might say we forced you to drink.”


Shi Fei looked at both of them, one that was in pursuit of him yet he began to control him, one was trying to bully his master? He dared to take care of Master Fei’s affairs.



No matter how much Shi Fei wanted to drink, Gu Yueze couldn’t help taking away his glass. He summoned the waiter, “Please, a bottle of AD calcium milk.”



Jiang Yu almost choked on his wine. He was a cruel man. At most, he wanted to let Master Fei drink juice but this guy directly brought out AD calcium milk.


Shi Fei face didn’t retort, but his foot ruthlessly stepped on Gu Yueze’s foot, this guy …… deliberately did it.


Gu Yueze didn’t have a pained expression, but Director Wei was very aggrieved, “Shu Fei, don’t step on me. Just tell me what you don’t like. If you step on me again, my toes will break.” Even if you are the one that the golden backer wants to pursue, you can’t do this. It’s too difficult for him to be a director of this program group.


Shi Fei: “…”


The food soon came up. As they ate and drank, they found that Wei Ru was better than expected, and not as cold as the rumours said.


In the middle of the meal, Tian Sihan became a little familiar. Finally, she couldn’t resist it. While pouring wine for Wei Ru, she asked, “Miss. Wei Ru, can I ask you? I heard that Lan LianFang was created by you, Mr. Ai Wei, President Fang and Vice President Yin. How did you think of creating Lan Lian Fang?”



Tian Sihan was totally a fan of Ai Wei and Wei Ru, so it was normal for her to be curious about her idol’s entrepreneurial history.



Wei Ru’s mind was immersed in the memories of that year. Tian Sihan saw that she didn’t answer, and hurriedly said: “If you feel it’s inconvenient, you don’t have to.”


Wei Ru smiled, “It’s not inconvenient, just that if I say it, you may redefine your idol.”



“Huh?” Tian Sihan was surprised, and this made her even more curious.


Except Shi Fei and Gu Yueze, others also pricked up their ears, after all, Lan Lian Fang’s fame was established quickly, the company’s core staff were people that just graduated from college, so everyone was inevitably a little curious.



Wei Ru lifted the poured sake and drank it, “Fang Haozhou and I have known each other since we were young, the media reported it before, I don’t know if you know about it?”



Tian Sihan nodded: “Yes, I also heard that you agreed to take the M country’s technical university together. Later, President Fang was admitted to the University of Science and Technology in M ​​country at the age of 18. He graduated from the University of Finance at the age of 20. He was the youngest student in the University of Science and Technology. However, Miss. Wei Ru didn’t go to the University of Science and Technology and studied in Jianqiao University in Y country.”



Wei Ru nodded, “I got the admission certificate of the University of Science and Technology one year later than him, and I also got the admission certificate of Yingguo University. I originally decided to go to the University of Science and Technology. Later , when I went to country M, I quarreled with Fang Haozhou. In anger, I chose to go to Jianqiao University in country Y.”



Tian Sihan felt a learning bully was indeed a learning bully. In anger, she went to Jianqiao University, which was one of the top ten schools in the world.



“Yin Zibo was one year earlier than me. Once I entered the school, Yin Zibo made a bet that he would get me in a week. Later, I learned about this. I was just about to beat him when Ai Wei appeared, Ai Wei said that I was still a student at school, and fighting would affect my studies. He said that he would help me beat Yin Zibo to relieve my anger, provided that I would promise him one thing later. I promised.”


“Two days later, Yin Zibo was beaten black and blue and his face was swollen. Ai Wei also sent a message that it was done.”


Tian Sihan asked, “Was Vice President Yin beaten by Mr. Ai Wei?”



Wei Ru shook her head, “No, it was Fang Haozhou who beat him. This guy told Fang Haozhou about Yin Zibo’s bet. He came to Y country by plane overnight and beat him. Don’t you think he’s insidious?”



Tian Sihan laughed, “A little.” And a little cute, worthy of being her idol.




Wei Ru drank another glass of sake, “Not only that, Yin Zibo and Fang Haozhou didn’t know that Ai Wei was behind them. Yin Zibo often lost to Fang Haozhou when he was a child. He felt ashamed and wanted to find Fang Haozhou to fight back. At this time, Ai Wei came to him again. He made a bet that he would help him beat Fang Haozhou. The premise was that he needed to promise him something later, and Yin Zibo agreed. ”



“Then Ai Wei went to find Fang Haozhou and said that he would beat him to avenge Yin Zibo. He also bet with Fang Haozhou that if he won, he would agree to do something for him. If he lost, Ai Wei would do something for Fang Haozhou. As you can guess, Ai Wei beat Fang Haozhou, making his face blue and swollen. Fang Haozhou and Yin Zibo both lost to Ai Wei and had to do something for him, including me.”



Tian Sihan was shocked: “That is to say, Mr. Ai Wei bet with the three of you with one thing and successfully trapped all of you.”


Li Hong summed it up, “So Mr. Ai Wei is really smart, but why did you all agree to bet with him so easily?” If they didn’t agree, all that wouldn’t have happened.


Wei Ru put the cup heavily on the table, “Because Ai Wei looks too deceptive, whoever sees him wouldn’t feel that they would lose a bet with him.”



Ai Wei was 14 years old, and they didn’t take it seriously, who would expect to lose to a little kid?



Finally this little kid led them to single-handedly create the Lan Lian Fang, and it developed into the current high luxury clothing brand.



Tian Sihan thought, “When you say Mr. Ai Wei looks too deceptive, do you mean he looks honest?”



Wei Ru looked at Shi Fei with a smile, “No, he’s too handsome, like Shi Fei, so handsome that people let down their guard.”



Wei Ru finished and poured herself a cup of sake, wanting to continue drinking.



Shi Fei then took the sake in her hand and, “Don’t drink it. It’s too much.”



As soon as he said this, he wanted to drink it, but he was cut off on the way. Gu Yueze stopped him, “I said you can’t drink.”



He put the cup of sake aside, and placed the bottle of calcium AD milk in front of Shi Fei.



Shi Fei: “……” Should he refuse Gu Yueze now?


Wei Ru went to the bathroom, while they all continued to eat and chat.



Tian Sihan watched Wei Ru leave, she couldn’t help but admire: “I used to think that Teacher Wei was very cold, I didn’t expect her to be so easy-going.”



Li Hong also nodded: “Yes, I heard other fashion designers say that Teacher Wei Ru is a bit irritable, they also said that she beat people, it’s definitely just a rumor.”



Yu Wenwen praised: “Young, smart and beautiful, graduated from Jianqiao University, she’s also very capable, I don’t know which person will have the fortune to marry her.”


Wei Weidong retorted, “We are both named Wei, but I don’t have her brain, I just hope my daughter has her intelligence.”



Jiang Yu asked, “How come in the time it takes to eat a meal, you’ve all fallen for her?”


Tian Sihan: “So do you think she’s not good?”



Jiang Yu shook his head, “She’s nice and gentle.” At least much more gentle than his manager Ling.


Shi Fei picked up a chopstick of food and shook his head. Human were superficial.


It was so easy to be cheated.


Tian Sihan felt her stomach and felt that she had eaten too much. She planned to go to the toilet.


As a result, not a moment later she rushed back, “This is bad, fight, Teacher Wei Ru and a man are fighting in the toilet.”


Wei Weidong and others rushed to get up, “What, someone bullied Teacher Wei Ru? Let’s hurry.”


In any case, Wei Ru was also his invited guest, nothing bad could happen.


Because they were all stars, Wei Weidong also called up the program staff at the next table.



“A little while later, we will go over and pull them away, if the other side is rough, if necessary, fight back, we can’t let the guests we invited suffer in our hands.” The big deal was that after the fight, they’d pay some money, in any case, their guests couldn’t suffer.



As a result, the group rushed over and saw Wei Ru grabbing a man’s hair and slapping him furiously, the man was beaten to the point that his nose was bleeding.



“This this this this, what’s going on here?” Wei Weidong swallowed his saliva, “Didn’t you say that teacher Wei Ru was beaten? Does this look like a beating?”


“I saw that this man wanted to take advantage of her. If I didn’t call others, he would probably hit her.” She was her favorite designer, she couldn’t watch her get hurt.



“Let’s pull them away first.” This was a public place, Wei Weidong wanted to find someone to pull Wei Ru away.


Shi Fei reached out to stop him, “No need, I think there must be a reason.”


Wei Weidong wanted to say something else, but Gu Yueze spoke first, “Listen to him.”


What else could Wei Weidong say? The golden backer had spoken.



At this time, four men rushed out of the other box, all wearing suits. They saw their friend who was being beaten by Wei Ru. Someone angrily said, “Wei Ru, you are too extreme. Do you think we dare not touch you because Fang Haozhou is protecting you?”


Wei Ru kicked her foot away and unbuttoned her white casual suit.



She also kicked her white high-heeled shoes aside, exposing her feet with red nail polish.



Those people weren’t polite either. A lot of dirty words came out of their mouths, each one becoming worse than the other. Many of them insulted women.


Wei Ru didn’t scold them. Anyway, it was just words instead she moved first.



It seemed that she had learned some skills, and she could make all kinds of insidious moves, such as lifting her leg, poking the eyes, and pulling the ears.


Wei Weidong, Jiang Yu and others who saw, clamped their legs and swallowed saliva.


Wei Weidong said, “I take back what I said before.”


Jiang Yu nodded, “I take it back.”



Wei Ru shook her brown curly hair very handsomely after beating others.


Yu Wenwen’s eyes were wide, “Teacher Wei Ru is so handsome.”



Wei Weidong, Jiang Yu and other members of the program team couldn’t help looking at Yu Wenwen, and then found that not only she, but also Li Hong and Tian Sihan showed a look of worship.


Yu Wenwen went on, “I’m not in the right position, otherwise I would like to go up and hit them. Look at what those people said. They obviously look down on women. Now we women are not inferior to men. ”


Tian Sihan nodded furiously.



Girls and boys really didn’t think the same way.


Jiang Yu saw that in a short time, the men were put down, so he was curious: “Who taught these moves to teacher Wei Ru? It feels like it’s specifically for men.”



Shi Fei reached out and touched his nose.



These were all taught by him.


The people on the floor shouted that they were going to call the police.


Wei Ru wasn’t afraid.


She put on her shoes as if nothing had happened, washed her hands and went back to continue the dinner party.



After what just happened, there was a moment of silence at the dinner table. After such a thing, Wei Weidong couldn’t not ask the cause of the fight.


After all, Wei Ru was as a special guest to the program, and just now many people saw them.


Although they didn’t fight, there was no guarantee that people from other companies wouldn’t take advantage of the opportunity to try to ruin their reputations, the program team needed to prepare in advance for a public relations crisis.



“The first person I beat is called Xu Tianshen, he’s a designer in Qiluo Court. The scum does things based on how much money he has. He plays tricks on women’s feelings and ruins them. That’s all. He also reached out to the design department of our LanlianFang, deceived Xiao Hong of our design department then she got pregnant. Finally, he wanted to use Xiao Hong to steal the design drawings of our Lanlian Fang.”



“Xiao Hong disagreed, so he took a woman to Xiao Hong to humiliate her and stimulate her. Xiao Hong was so sad that she miscarried. This guy never went to see her once in the hospital. I saw him with another woman in his arms in the bathroom, so I slapped him a few times.”


Wei Ru lightly explained.


People: You slapped him several times? It was at least a dozen. Xu Tianshen’s face was swollen into a pig’s head, they couldn’t even recognize his facial features.


It was true that the rumors had some truth. Teacher Wei Ru really fought fiercely.



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