“Oh my god, why am I so excited to see them riding a horse?”



“When Feifei handed over his hand just now, I actually felt that they both had a feeling of ten thousand years and showed my aunt’s smile.”


“This scene is too beautiful. It’s a pity not to be a wallpaper. I took a screenshot. It’s too fairylike.”



“The two of them are a good match. I can look at this picture for a year.”


“I feel so sweet. Eating sugar is so sweet.”


“Are you sick? It’s obviously that they’re recording a program. Would you mind not organizing CPs everywhere? The parties will be embarrassed.”


“Sister, you are too careful. Are they not sweet? Anyway, I am at the bottom of their pit.”


“I announced the establishment of ‘Black and White CP’.”



“What the hell is’ black and white CP ‘upstairs? Why don’t you say it’s black and white impermanence?”


Later, they didn’t know which viewer was making trouble, but they took out their mobile phones to play the national style “Don’t Call a Hero”, which suited the current atmosphere.


The comment screen couldn’t help laughing and praising the music player for being talented.


Shi Fei put his hands around Gu Yueze’s waist and they basically walked slowly while sitting on the horse.



In addition to horses, there were also carriages in the horse farm. The VJ and the brother in charge of the live broadcast were really competitive. In order to shoot smoothly, they discussed with the staff of the horse farm in advance and hired a carriage.


The staff of the horse farm was responsible for driving the horse, and they were recording in the carriage behind them. In addition, there were aerial cameras.


The sound of the horse’s hooves was loud, and the cameras a little distance away, it was unlikely to hear them talking, so Shi Fei spoke boldly: “Mr. Gu, your horse riding skill isn’t bad, you’re quite steady ah.”


Gu Yueze: “Well, I have practiced since childhood.”


Shi Fei’s expression became a little evil. “You’ve been practicing riding since you were young. No wonder you’re so skilled.”


Gu Yueze now felt that Shi Fei’s words held a different meaning. He was the successor of the famous Gu Group. Who dared to make such a joke in front of him? If he wasn’t a man, he would have been trapped by Shi Fei.



Shi Fei smiled when he didn’t speak. He was very happy to flirt with this ice gourd, especially when he saw that his red ears.


His hanfu was big sleeved, and his hands were hidden in the sleeves, so Shi Fei simply felt the waist line on Gu Yueze’s waist.



“Feel like there’s a little abs, do you work out?” Shi Fei naughtily pinched his abdomen.



Gu Yueze’s back straightened, and his voice became a little hoarse, “Don’t make trouble.”


Shi Fei’s cunning eyes flashed slightly, “But I think your waist is very good. Can’t I touch it?”



“You…” Gu Yueze’s voice lowered even more. Then he grabbed the saddle with one hand and placed his other hand on the hand on his waist, “Go.”



The horse that was just walking slowly began to run wild.



Shi Fei fell back with inertia and then fell back on Gu Yueze, he clinged to his back tightly.


This guy’s heart had started blackening.



The brother who was carrying the camera and the brother who was recording the live show were very sad. You two are riding horses and living happily together in the world of immortals. Have you considered us?


Originally, it was OK to move slowly on the carriage but it was difficult for them to catch up with the carriage when they suddenly accelerated. The carriage was also bumpy, and they almost broke their hips because they weren’t used to it. What was more, they had to carry the camera to take beautiful shots.


The cameraman was a little better. After all, he was used to it. He used to shoot wild programs and challenging programs, he had to go up the mountain and down the river.



But the live broadcast on mobile phone wasn’t so good. The camera seemed to shake when it moved a little.


Finally, the staff holding the live broadcast on their mobile phones said to the live viewers, “I’m sorry, I can’t help it. My two legs can’t catch up with others’ four legs. Why don’t we stand here and turn the camera with them to quietly enjoy their galloping horse and the company of the world of mortals?”



The netizens in the live broadcast room watched the two people getting farther and farther. Fortunately, the mobile phone camera had the zoom in function, and they just ran around the round track.



“I’m heartbroken for camera brother, these two people are spreading dog food.”


“I want to boldly say a word, this is love ah.”



“Did anyone hear what they said before Gu Yueze rode the horse? Anyway, I think Brother Fei said something, and then he reacted.”



“That’s right. I also saw Brother Gu’s ears turn red after Brother Fei said it. He’s so cute.”



“Brother Fei is flirting with Brother Gu. Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, I wonder what they said. Can anyone read lips?”


“Here, please go online.”


“There is no better feeling in the world than this.”



“Can you people who are high on CP be a little more sensible, just riding a horse is quickly interpreted by you into something else.”


The fans and CP fans here were pinching each other. In addition, several guests over there tried their best to increase their popularity during the live broadcast.



When the program group stipulated that the popularity king could choose a guest to do something, Jiang Yu’s mind had already shown the scene of letting Shi Fei point at Shen Qingran’s nose and scold the ‘unworthy villain’. Just thinking about it made him very happy.


So he secretly decided to win the award of the popularity king.


Jiang Yu probably also saw that his brown Hanfu wasn’t as beautiful as Shi Fei’s and Gu Yueze’s. He also gave up the “beautiful man” route. He also couldn’t go through the swordman’s route either.


Jiang Yu went to Xi Yuan’s Hanfu Store to borrow a stereo and microphone.


He had Tian Sihan sat on the ‘small bridge with flowing water’, a scenic spot inside the Xi Yuan, she sat on a wooden boat while Jiang Yu stood at the bridge.


After opening the live stream, a bunch of Jiang Yu’s wife fans were still wondering what was going on.


Then a musical accompaniment rang out and Jiang Yu took the microphone and sang to Tian Sihan under the bridge, “Sister you sit on the bow, brother walks on the shore, grace and love slender rope swinging ……”


“What kind of sin have I committed, when I open it I see my husband singing love songs with another woman.”


“Jiang Yu, tell me clearly who this woman is? What are you doing behind my back?”


“Husband, if you don’t tell me clearly today, wait until you go home and kneel on the keyboard.”



“Everyone doesn’t have to guess, the woman who is singing with Jiang Yu is me. To introduce myself, I’m Jiang Yu’s girlfriend.”


Over there Tian Sihan proceeded with the song, touching her head with one hand, while singing, “Little sister I sit on the bow, brother you walk on the shore, our two love our two love ……”


The expression was full, the dress was full, and the appearance was also good, but the opening became the scene of an accident. She sang a good love song with a feeling of horror.


Those wife fans who were just jealous of Tian Sihan stopped being jealous. Looking at Jiang Yu’s obviously stunned and collapsed expression, they laughed and sympathized with Jiang Yu’s ears.


Jiang Yu was really shocked. At the beginning, he thought Tian Sihan was a cute girl. He subconsciously thought that she was a singing girl and wanted to use the song “Love of the Trawler” to walk the mountain.


He was trying to sword away from the peak to win, but this was too far off.


Especially when he heard Tian Sihan sing the second half of the song: “Swinging on the slender rope oh swinging around ……”


Listening to the tractor-like unpleasant sound, Jiang Yu’s expression cracked inch by inch, the only thing left in his mind was ‘swinging yo yo yo swinging yo yo swinging yo ……’.


This wasn’t a fuc-king love song, this was clearly a brainwashing divine song ah.


Yu Wenwen and Li Hong were much better than Jiang Yu. Yu Wenwen had a foundation in dance. She learned some folk dances when she was a child. Although her focus had been on film and television in recent years, she could still move.



Li Hong used to play a dancer in order to make a play. She also practiced dancing for several months in order to fit in with the characters.



This time they would stand in front of the live camera in beautiful Chinese costumes and dance some simple movements.


The hanbok itself was beautiful, with their beautiful movements, turning made it seem like they were beautiful flowers.


However, the attraction of Shi Fei was greater than that theirs. In the end, Shi Fei’s group won the popularity king.



With this live broadcast, Gu Yueze’s popularity had risen a lot, and their CP fans had begun to appear quietly.



More people wanted to ask for links to the two men’s hanfus, and many people asked for links to Yu Wenwen and Li Hong’s outfits, while fewer people asked for the same model of Jiang Yu, and even more people asked for Tian Sihan’s hanfu.



Jiang Yu was so depressed that on the way back, it had been too unfavorable to go out today.


Since the winning group was Shi Fei and his group, Shi Fei and Gu Yueze were able to ask the guests of this episode to do one thing.



When the director’s team asked Shi Fei who he’d ask, Shi Fei looked at Jiang Yu without even thinking, with a devilish smile at the corner of his mouth, “Jiang Yu, I’ve ordered five sets of math papers for you online, and my request is that you finish all the papers before this show is over.”


Hearing this request, the crowd couldn’t help but laugh out loud, remembering how he had calculated that question before.


Jiang Yu’s expression worsened, “No way, Ma …… Shi Fei, can’t such a large number fill a well?”


Shi Fei shook his head, ” I’m filling in your shortcomings.”



Jiang Yu: “I think I’m pretty good at math, where do I need to fill in?”



Fei asked, “A well is 9 meters deep, a snail climbs up 4 meters during the day and falls down 3 meters at night, how many days do you think the snail will climb out of the well?”


Jiang Yu heard this question, looked at the Gu Yueze next to him, and then looked at Shi Fei, and then alertly pinched his fingers to calculate, while calculating, he also muttered: “climb 4 meters, fall 3 meters, equal to only 1 meter per day, the well is 9 meters deep that is to climb nine days.”


He recalculated again, to make sure it was correct before saying aloud: “9 days.”



The director’s team was resisting the urge to laugh.


Shi Fei sighed, then patted Jiang Yu’s shoulder, “You’d better do the math papers.”


Jiang Yu was unconvinced: “Where am I wrong again? Climbing one meter every day for nine days is right.”



Shi Fei reached out and touched Jiang Yu’s head, “Be a good boy, do the math papers, you’ll know if you do it more often, or I’ll hire an elementary school math teacher to teach you later.”



Jiang Yu was obviously unhappy, “……” His expression clearly showed that this baby was unhappy.



But there was another person who was unhappy, Gu Yueze felt more and more that there was a problem between Shi Fei and Jiang Yu, he believed his own eye for people, Shi Fei was different to Jiang Yu and everyone else present, Jiang Yu was also obviously closer to Shi Fei than to others.



Even if they were trying to hide it, sometimes the details couldn’t be hidden.



The director asked Gu Yueze who he wanted to ask, and Gu Yueze looked at Shi Fei and then said he’d ask afterwards.


What else could director Wei say, who let the other be the only investor in this program, if he wanted to make such a request, they could only agree.


After this session, it was time for the mystery gift session, Wei Weidong said with excitement: “As said before, the popular king can ask the guests involved in this recording to do one thing in addition to the requirements, they will also get a mystery gift. Now I’m telling you, the popular king will be able to get the latest model of ‘Dragon and Phoenix’ hanfus from ‘Lan Lian Fang’.”



Tian Sihan’s eyes lit up and her lips trembled with excitement, “What? Lan Lian Fang’s ‘Dragon and Phoenix’ is the mystery gift this time, ah ah ah ah ah ah, if I had known we should have worked harder ah.” Tian Sihan grabbed Jiang Yu’s arm with chagrin, “If we had sung two more songs, maybe the popularity king would have been mine.”



Jiang Yu: “……” He didn’t even know what to say.



The two sets of clothes were designed by him, and of course he was aware of how expensive they were, a whole set would cost tens of thousands, but it should be okay for the crew.



Wei Weidong went on to say, “In order to show the grandness, we also specially invited Wei Ru, the gold medal designer of Lan Lian Fang, to personally hand over these two sets of Chinese clothes to the hands of the popularity king.”



Tian Sihan squealed with excitement, “Aaaaaaaaaaah my idol is coming.”



Jiang Yu asked, “Isn’t your idol the ‘Designer Ai Wei’?”


Tian Sihan said, “You don’t understand, Ai Wei doesn’t like to appear in front of the public, few people have seen him, he is a god-like existence. Designer Wei Ru is different, relatively speaking she is more grounded, we can see on her TV frequently, now it’s face to face, I’m so excited.”



While Tian Sihan was excited there, Shi Fei blinked intensely, he swallowed his saliva. Why did the program team call in that microwave oven?




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