Inside a 28-story building, Gu Yueze, dressed in a white shirt and black trousers, sat in the president’s chair.

One bony palm was holding a black file for correction.

Beneath his black parted bangs, his indifferent falcon-like eyes seemed to be able to penetrate everything.

A knock sounded on the door.

“Come in.”The cold and clear voice sounded good but as if it could make people pregnant.

Zhang Wu was dressed in a black suit and had an elite aura, “Mr. Gu, the results have been found out there, I’ve already sent them to your email.”

Gu Yueze stopped his movements and looked up: “Hmm.”

Putting the lid of the pen on, he set his eyes on one side of the notebook, and clicked on the email.

“Shi Fei is eighteen?” Although he thought that the other person was young, he didn’t expect him to be so young.

It simply wrote some things about Shi Fei, such as age, blood type, weight, height, and residence, and then it ended, just like filling out a resume.

Ten million only found such little information, he didn’t know of the the other party’s ability was too bad, or he was too lazy.

There was also a blue background ID photo attached at the bottom, there was no expression on the photo, yet it could be seen that this teenager possessed a delicate face, and to be able to take an ID photo like this, the average person without absolute facial features really couldn’t do it.

Gu Yueze’s eyes looked at the photo and said, “Go check on the recent movements of the person called Shi Fei.”

“I have checked, Shi Fei is currently participating in a reality talent show called ‘The Strongest Idol’, he’s still the number one popular person on this show, but he’s been quite lively online these past two days.”

“How so?”Gu Yueze raised his eyebrows.

“A contestant named Qin Zhi was eliminated by Shi Fei during the preliminaries, and dissed him on Weibo, causing a lot of discussion among netizens, with many scolding Shi Fei for shady promotions.Then Shi Fei replied him, then the show’s star promoters came out and backed up Shi Fei, and now the online wind has started to turn in his favor.”

“This is how these shows have always been promoted.You tell the company’s PR department to control the online reviews, and monitor Shi Fei’s situation in the show, so let me know if you have any problems.” After saying that Gu Yueze continued to work with his head down.

Zhang Wu was about to leave the office. Gu Yueze called out to him again and said, “Don’t buy the ticket for Yuncheng just yet.”

Zhang Wu nodded his head and left the office without asking.


Director Teng was watching the first sample video cut out of the post-editing department when the assistant director came over to tell him about the online winds shifting towards Shi Fei.

“So soon?” DirectorTeng had thought that after the two Star Promoters tweeted, surely the wind direction of the Internet will change, but also did not expect only after a short period of less than two hours, they unanimously went towards Shi Fei.

In less than two hours later, they all unanimously helped Shi Fei.

Were Jiang Yu and He Lulu so charming?

“Not only that, but those accounts that were hacking Shi Fei are being reported in a big way, someone is obviously behind it, I’m wondering if it’s Shi Fei’s backers ah?”

“Shi Fei hasn’t even debuted, how many fans and backers could he have. He obviously has someone behind him, and people have stepped in to help him.”

The assistant director was puzzled: “Two days ago, when Shi Fei was blackened like that, how come he didn’t make a move ah, this move feels a little redundant, anyway, a star promoter sent a post, Shi Fei’s reputation has improved, at most, the reputation improved fast in two days, the money wasted ah.”

Director Teng squinted his eyes and said, “I’m not sure, I wonder if another company is interested in Shi Fei? You talk to Director Wu about this and see if he considered it.”

The assistant director said ok and wanted to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Director Teng looked at the film in his hands, his face growing cloudy, “You tell the editing department to come over, what the hell is this cut.”

Assistant Director: “Okay.”


Four days later, the online popularity vote was over, and all the pending contestants had their results whether they were eliminated or stayed.

Dai Liang was lucky enough to get the promotion quota, from the pending contestants to the top twelve promotions in the beauty track, the other contestants who failed to advance, the program arranged a car to send them away.

Most of the people left, and there were only 36 people left for the three tracks combined, which left the practice room and dormitory mostly empty.

The program also rearranged the dormitory for everyone, from the original four people in a room to two people in a room, so that for those players in the dormitory to write songs and practice songs, they would also have a better environment undisturbed.

In the dormitory for two people, Shi Fei and He Xiaobei had a room.

After the departure of the other students, everyone began to intensely practice.

After another half month of training, the program team informed that the second phase of the recording would take place a week later, with the top 36 going into the top 12.

The songs for the performance were decided by the contestants themselves, and they had one day to choose the songs, after which they could submit them to the executive director.

In order to have viewability when the time came, the songs between the groups of students in the three tracks were chosen to be confidential, unless the students themselves said it, other contestants wouldn’t easily know.

It was past ten o’clock at night, and He Xiaobei and Shi Fei were holed up in the practice room with music playing on Shi Fei’s phone.

He Xiaobei listened with a tangled expression, his finger in his mouth as he chewed on it, “Brother Fei, are you sure you want me to sing this song? It’s too much of a contrast to what I usually sing, I’m afraid I can’t grasp it.”

Shi Fei said seriously, “It’s just that the contrast is too big, that’s why you should sing it.Your style is a bit similar to Zhuang Xinran’s, both are a bit on the cute side, but you’re not as handsome as he is in front of an audience, so if you don’t stand out a bit, you’ll be easily buried by him. In order for the audience to remember you, you have to have an eye catching point. A song that is very different from your style is the best weapon to make the audience remember you.”

Provided, of course, that the song was sung well.

He Xiaobei was very confused and asked, “Then I originally wanted to sing ‘opera2’ during the first preliminaries, you said at that time that I should change to a relatively simple Jiangnan style song that wasn’t too high profile, and now you’re saying that you want the audience to remember me, isn’t that a contradiction?”

“If you sang ‘opera2’ in the first scene, so are you going to sing ‘stars’ and ‘dedication’ after that?”

He Xiaobei shook his head and said, “Those two pitches are too high for me to sing.”

“Singing ‘opera2’ in the first scene, with the starting point so high, and not having a sustained surprise factor afterwards will only make the audience show disappointment in you.” In his previous life, He Xiaobei was the one who sang “opera2” in the first episode, a song that shocked the star promoter of the original sound group and caught the attention of other contestants.

He would later be blackened by the whole network, and there was a reason why, he was too high-profile in the beginning, high-profile but without the ability to protect himself.

“I understand, Brother Fei, I’m all ears.” Then He Xiaobei asked, “Then what song did you choose, Brother Fei?”

Shi Fei joked, “Love song.”

He Xiaobei was surprised, “Decided so quickly?”

Shi Fei ran his hand through his hair and said proudly, “Because I’m handsome, I can sing anything.”

He Xiaobei silently climbed into bed: “…….” He didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

Shi Fei dragged him out of the nest again and said, “You still have time to sleep, get up and practice, practice your gaze and practice your stage presence.”

The next day during the lunch break, Dai Liang returned to the dormitory and nervously closed the door.

Zhuang Xinran quickly stood up and asked, “How was it? Did you find out?”

Dai Liang nodded, “I found out, the song that Shi Fei chose was “I don’t want to see you sad”.”

Zhuang Xinran was a bit surprised, “A love song? Sure?”

Dai Liang: “Sure, when someone asked him which song he chose, he said the title directly. I was afraid that he lied about the news, and specially asked the staff to confirm it. He did sign up with this song. Looking at his usual crazy appearance, I thought he would definitely choose a catchy song, and he chose such a song. ”

Zhuang Xinran couldn’t help but smile, shallow pear dimples emerged on his face, “I thought of what I’m going to sing in the competition, I’ll sing “I’m in love again”.”

Dai Liang: “It’s also a love song? Are you…is this a plan to compete with him?”

Zhuang Xinran pursed his lips and said, “I still remember the last time he bullied you like that, and we can’t do anything about him in the program.We can only use singing to pressure him.”

Dai Liang listened and felt very moved: “Xinran you…” his heart frantically thumped, he took two deep breaths as he worried: “Shi Fei’s singing ability is not bad, you singing a love song in case…”

Zhuang Xinran said quite confidently, “Love songs are my strong point, if he sang any other song I might not be able to say that I’m confident that I can win against him, I’m confident that I can win against him now  And even if I can’t win against him at least it won’t be a problem for me to take the advancement quota, I’m doing this for myself.”

Dai Liang nodded his head, “I’m sure you can do it.”

A confident gleam appeared in Zhuang Xinran’s eyes.

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