Shi Fei flung the black fan up and tapped Jiang Yu on the head, “Don’t even think about it, it’s too late to redo it.”


Jiang Yu smiled, “Then why don’t we switch?”


Shi Fei: “Hanfus are made according to each person’s body size, you can’t wear it.”


Jiang Yu: “No, I think we’re both about the same size, it’ll fit.”


Shi Fei flung the fan again, the corners of his eyes were slightly raised, “Stop it, it’s too late.”


Looking at Jiang Yu’s unhappy expression, Shi Fei reached out and touched his head, “I’ll give you a present when it’s over.”


“Okay.” Jiang Yu’s eyebrows immediately opened up with a smile.


Looking at the natural interaction between the two, Gu Yueze, who stood on one side,alway felt strange.


In fact, even Li Hong felt this strange feeling.


Jiang Yu was Shi Fei’s mentor at the beginning. According to the truth, even if it wasn’t the relationship between teacher and student, Shi Fei should be full of respect for Jiang Yu.



But from the very beginning of the recording, Shi Fei didn’t have that feeling of respect, instead, he was as natural as a friend, which wasn’t so obvious at the last recording of the Idle Dream Literature Club.


This time it was probably because they had been recording for a long time, both of them had let go of a lot, like just now Jiang Yu obviously acted spoiled to Shi Fei, the key was that Shi Fei naturally took over, as if the two were usually used to this kind of get along.


As the two of them were getting along happily, Gu Yueze quickly urged: “Let’s go.”


It was still a short statement.


As they walked out together, Tian Sihan looked at the black and white hanfus in front of her, with stars in her eyes.


Just looking at the back, she had made up ten thousand words of a novel in her mind.


Xiyuan was about two miles away from the 18th Lane of Hanfu Street. The scenery inside was close to the mountain with ancient trees, Jinping Mountain on the left and Hong Kong River on the right. It was a wonderful garden.


The park was surrounded by mountains and water, winding corridors, step by step scenery, they could truly enjoy the beauty of nature and the joy of the landscape.


However, there was a very strange rule that those who entered this garden must wear Chinese costumes, otherwise they weren’t allowed to enter.


Therefore, it was considered a good place for many Hanfu lovers to meet.


People who came here all had the same hobby, so they could all talk to each other.


In order to cooperate with the regulations of the scenic spot, the staff of the program had all changed into Chinese clothes. However, to facilitate their work, they all wore caftans similar to the one Jiang Yu was wearing, and there were grey and blue styles.



Jiang Yu felt that he had chosen the wrong style, everyone kept coaxing him to carry the camera.


Jiang Yu proudly lifted his chin, “Even if I were to become a VJ, I would definitely be the brightest of the bunch.”


[TN: VJ — Video Jockey.]

Because of their star status, many people were excited to see them and took pictures with their phones.


There were even people who wanted to come up and get autographs, which everyone refused with a smile.


When they arrived at the pavilion, the program team gave them their mission card for this trip.


Their main task this time was to promote the culture of Hanfu, which they had previously learned about, and it was a test of how much they had remembered from yesterday.



Second, when publicizing the Hanfu, they needed to open a live broadcast on Douyin to see who would be the most popular champion, and then they’d get a mysterious gift. They could also designate guests to to do something, and the other party couldn’t refuse.

Someone soon found the loophole of this game and asked, “So can we make an alliance? For example, a group of two.”


Except Gu Yueze, who just had a good face and not much popularity, everyone else here had a high popularity base.


Wei Weidong said yes, but only two people at most, otherwise if everyone was allied, there was no point in playing.


Yu Wenwen looked at Li Hong happily, “Sister Li Hong, I’ll be in your group, I can be your maid.”


Li Hong nudged Yu Wenwen’s chin, “Such a beautiful maid, of course I’d love to.”



Over there Jiang Yu immediately thought of teaming up with Shi Fei, “Shi Fei, I want to be with you.”


Without waiting for Shi Fei’s answer, Gu Yueze coldly refused: “No.”


Jiang Yu: “Why not, it’s not like I’m going to be in a group with you? What’s your objection?”


Gu Yueze went to Shi’s side, “Because I want to team up with him.”


Jiang Yu: “If you want to team up with him, Shi Fei must agree? Why, if you have the ability, let’s compete fairly.”


Gu Yueze nodded, “Okay.”



Jiang Yu had a smug smile on his face and quickly asked the question, “Xiao Ming borrowed 500 yuan from! his father, borrowed 500 yuan from his mother, he spent 970, then returned 10 yuan to his father and 10 yuan to his mother, leaving 10 yuan for himself, so he owes 490 to his father and 490 to his mother, so 490 490 in addition to the 10 yuan in Xiao Ming’s hand equals 990, where did the 10 yuan go?”


When he heard this question, the corners of his mouth hooked up with a small smile, this question was the question he gave to Jiang Yu two years ago.


This was a very simple but concept-shifting question, although it was simple, it was easy to throw people off, that was why it was said to be a concept-shifting question.


Jiang Yu’s face flashed a proud smile, I don’t believe you can answer this question. At the beginning, he didn’t understand it for three days and nights. Later, Shi Fei took the initiative to explain the key points.



Gu Yueze’s face showed a very strange expression, Jiang Yu thought he couldn’t answer, his smile became more smug: “It can’t be calculated? It’s okay, you can just admit defeat if you can’t figure it out.”


Gu Yueze, “Have you graduated from elementary school?” His eyes were clearly saying ‘how can you ask such a retarded question?’


Jiang Yu: “What kind of look is that? You didn’t get the answer either?”


Gu Yueze responded, “Why should the amount owed be added to the balance left from the purchase? The $490 each owed by the two people should be added to the $20 previously paid.”



Jiang Yu: “……” He figured out the rationale so quickly? No way, I thought about it for three days and nights. He had also used this question to upset countless people, none of whom figured out the key as quickly as he did.


Gu Yueze didn’t care about Jiang Yu’s dumbfounded expression: “It’s my turn. Question: 36 people have to cross a river, there is only one boat and only 6 people can sit in it at a time, how many times do they have to cross the river to make everyone cross?”


Jiang Yu listened carefully to the question with his ears open, afraid of missing something. When Gu Yueze finished, he immediately said excitedly, “Who do you look down on? It’s such a simple question. 36 divided by 6 equals 6. ”


Shi Fei shook his head, it was true that this guy’s math was always taught by the gym teacher.



Gu Yueze also said directly: “You lost.”


Then he dragged Shi Fei to go somewhere else.



Jiang Yu was unconvinced: “Where did I lose? What’s wrong with 36 divided by 6? Gu Yueze, come back and tell me clearly.”


The VJ who was recording couldn’t help reminding in a low voice, “Mr. Jiang, stop shouting.” There are so many people. Please save face for yourself.


Some of his fans nearby also couldn’t help reminding: “Brother Jiang, stop yelling, the whole world will know that you’re not good at math.”


Jiang Yu: “……” So where did he go wrong?




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