Early in the morning, Li Hong was the first to get up.


After becoming a mother, the quality of her sleep had dropped considerably, and she couldn’t be lazy in bed, but she was concerned that her hanbok wasn’t ready yet.


When she got there, she saw a shocking scene, her eyes widened.


In the workroom, six fake mannequins were neatly arranged in sequence.


Each of them was wearing a beautiful Chinese costume.


It was the design they had drawn yesterday.


“My goodness, what is this?” From behind her came Yu Wenwen’s exclamation, and she asked, “Sister Li Hong? Did you do this?”


Li Hong shook her head, “How can I do that? I was just a minute ahead of you.”


Yu Wenwen: “So is this Aladdin’s Lamp or the Weaving Maiden coming down to earth? Or maybe we still have a conch girl hidden here?”


Then her eyes immediately shone, “My goodness, this is also beautiful, this set is the set I designed? The result is simply more perfect than I imagined.”


Yu Wenwen pounced over and touched the clothes, like she was touching a good jade, the bottom of her eyes couldn’t hide her love. And then seeing other people’s clothes, she also revealed the same surprise: “other clothes also look good ah, this men’s clothing is too handsome, I want to wear men’s clothing. I love these sets of clothes, I want all ……”


A woman could never resist the attack of beautiful clothes, and so did Li Hong, but she was just a lot more restrained compared to Yu Wenwen.


Jiang Yu had the same stunned expression when he arrived, and finally excitedly pounced on his clothes to try them on.



The three people asked each other, they didn’t make the clothes, that only left Tian Sihan, Shi Fei and Gu Yueze, they guessed that it was Tian Sihan.




On the program team side, Wei Weidong woke up from a nap, and heard the report of his men.


Last night’s camera captured the unimaginable things, the assistant director pulled to see the rewind screen, “Director Wei, look.”


Wei Weidong saw Shi Fei and Gu Yueze working together to cut material to make clothes, with Gu Yueze in the workshop last night, he happily patted his thigh and said that this was good material, the audience would be happy.


These two people’s faces, a young and energetic, a high cold man, placed together was a golden CP ah.


Then he saw Gu Yueze put his hand on Shi Fei’s waist, and then saw them whispering in each other’s ears to say private words.



Wei Weidong’s eyes blinked strongly, this seemed too fierce a bit, once this was broadcast, netizens, even blind people could see that the two weren’t right.


Appropriate speculation CP was to increase the popularity of the show, if the netizens knew that these two people were really together, it may lead to a backlash.



In fact, in the entertainment industry, ho-mos-exuality had been a very normal thing everywhere, but the netizens’ acceptance was still limited.


So most of the same se-x in the entertainment industry were less likely to choose to be open.



These two people were too careless, didn’t they know that there was a camera? They were confidently whispering and touching waist and shoulders.



The assistant director asked: “Director Wei, then should we edit this out?”



Director Wei reprimanded: “Broadcast? You dare to broadcast it? Other people don’t know the identity of Mr. Gu, but don’t you know? Without his consent to broadcast such images, if he withdraws his investment, our program is finished.”



Such a good material. It was obvious that they could only watch it backstage, even though this would cause a big audience rating.


Director Wei stroked his forehead with heartache.


Couldn’t these two restrain themselves from recording?


Otherwise, he wouldn’t be distressed and uncomfortable.


Finally, Wei Weidong told the person who had seen the video recording last night to keep his mouth shut and not talk outside.



After Li Hong asked the staff, they knew that these beautiful hanfus were made by Gu Yueze and Shi Fei who stayed up all night.


They even took their self-esteem into consideration and didn’t directly process or throw away their half-finished products.



“Listening to the camera brother guarding the entrance, Shi Fei didn’t go back until more than five in the morning, the sky was dawn. Gu Yueze was a little later than him, and only went back to rest at 7:20 am.” Yu Wenwen told everyone what she had found out.


Li Hong said, “That’s like resting less than half an hour before I got up, those two kids really worked hard.”


After becoming a mother, Li Hong, looking at people younger than herself, had a feeling of motherly love.


She instructed the crowd, “Everyone, don’t bother them, let them sleep more.”



Jiang Yu and Yu Wenwen and Tian Sihan all nodded their heads.


Then a few people began to surround the hanfu again, it was really too good-looking, Tian Sihan said this handicraft skills didn’t look like a novice.



The students really learnt everything fast.


Shi Fei slept for about five hours, he woke up at eleven o’clock.



He stretched, sat on the bed for five seconds, and then remembered what happened last night.


The pair of sly eyes turned, from their suitcases to find a pen and paper to start writing.


Ten strategies to chase people.


President Gu was too cynical about chasing people. Shi Fei decided to give him his own strategy. His adviser didn’t look very good either.


After getting the strategy, Shi Fei tore off the paper and put it in his pocket, then went out to brush his teeth and wash his face.


The result was that he bumped into president Gu who just came out of the next room. He was wearing a white t-shirt inside and a sky blue shirt outside, still dressed as a young man.


Shi Fei waved at the other with a bright smile: “Good morning.”


Gu Yueze corrected: “It’s noon.”


Shi Fei: “…” So he wasn’t right. Why did he have to correct him? Did he have a strong sense of time?

Shi Fei threw the towel on his shoulder, looked at the other and sighed helplessly, then walked to the well site in the backyard.


These were old houses. They were still used to using well water and hadn’t introduced tap water.


This well was a hand-operated well. Shi Fei held his cup, one hand holding the cup, and then began to brush his teeth.


Gu Yueze came over and saw this strange looking ‘well’ and was studying it.


“You’re afraid you’ve never seen such a well, right? Can’t use it, want me to teach you ah?” As a result, Shi Fei’s words just finished….


Gu Yueze went up and shook the handlebar up and down with one hand, and the water on it came out, “This is a simple way to use up and down movement to cause internal and external air pressure to escape water. Do you still need to teach this thing?”


Gu Yueze was very serious about asking.


Shi Fei was so depressed that he almost thought that he was really an ordinary chief executive with high IQ and strong learning ability.


Such a simple principle could be understood even if you looked at it.


Gu Yueze asked, “There is a lot of water. Do you want it?”


“…” The words felt a little dirty. Shi Fei smiled and responded, “No, I can come by myself.”


After washing their faces, they walked forward together.

Nearing the door of their respective rooms, Shi Fei looked at the other man.



“I have something for you.”


“I have something for you.”


Both spoke at the same time and then asked together, “What are you going to give me?”


Shi Fei said, “Then I’ll give it first.”


This was someone else’s home, they would be seen easily, so Shi Fei went into the room first and beckoned, “Come in.”


The camera brother wanted to come in, but Gu Yueze used his backhand to close the door.


As soon as Shi Fei entered the room, he put down his towel and tooth cup, then he handed a folded paper that he took from his pocket: “Look.”


Gu Yueze took it for a look, and his sexy voice read: “Ten strategies for chasing people…” He looked up at Shi Fei and confirmed that he had taken it correctly, and then continued to look at it.



After reading, Gu Yueze also took out a piece of paper from his pocket, “This is mine. Look at it.”


Shi Fei took the A4 paper folded neatly in four corners, and he was really a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder.


At the first glance, he saw the big characters’ Pursuit Agreement ‘on the top.

Party A: Shi Fei
Party B: Gu Yueze

As Gu Yueze of Party B fell in love with Shi Fei at first sight, after obtaining Party A’s consent, Party B will take action to pursue Party A



Shi Fei was able to bear it a little at the beginning, and then he kept smiling with his mouth pursed, trying to bear it.



This guy even made a pursuit agreement. The format of the agreement was completely in accordance with the way the contract was signed. It was a computer printed version, with standard bold headings and Song typeface text.


“Is there a problem?” Gu Yueze felt that his suggestion was quite good.



Shi Fei pointed to the above clause, “It says that in order to increase understanding, Party B should arrange meals and movies once a week, and the third article is that Party B should send a bunch of flowers to Party A every day and a gift to Party A every week…”


Shi Fei didn’t know what to say. “This is not a pursuit agreement. It’s clearly about fulfilling the rights of a boyfriend. You want to enjoy the rights before you’re with me? Why don’t you just write down how many kisses you get in bed every week?”


Gu Yueze was seriously considering the possibilities, and then said seriously, “If you want, I can also add these terms.”



Shi Fei: “What do you mean I want to? Don’t you want to…” In the middle of the conversation, Shi Fei paused, and raised his eyebrows slightly: “Flirting with me again?”



Gu Yueze: “I am very serious in considering your request.”

Shi Fei bit his lip gently, and the smile in his eyes was slightly thick. He didn’t ask this question any more. Instead, he asked, “Is it your adviser who helped you think about this agreement?”


Gu Yueze shook his head, “I made it myself.”



Shi Fei smiled in response, “Now I know why you need an adviser.” With this means of chasing people, that was, if anyone made such an agreement, he would probably think that the other was humiliating him and he’d definitely throw the paper in his face.



He picked up a pen from the side, signed on it quickly, and return the agreement to Gu Yueze.


Gu Yueze reached for it, but Shi Fei didn’t let go. He whispered in his ear, “Then you should perform the contract well, Party B.”


Gu Yueze’s eyes blinked intensely twice, the breath in his ears was soft and still tickling, he turned his head to see his close thin lips, swallowed and said, “I think, I should add the terms of the….…”


Gu Yueze slightly lowered his head and wanted to kiss his dreamy lips, but Shi Fei backed up a step, “Late.”


He said, “It’s about time, it’s time to go out.”



Looking at the slightly chagrined expression of someone who didn’t succeed, Shi Fei proudly took an easy step and opened the door.


Then he saw the camera brother who was locked out and had a bitter face at the door. Shi Fi gave the other a gentle smile and went to Muxi Pavilion.


In addition, Jiang Yu, who didn’t need to make clothes, could only wander around here and there.



When it was time for lunch, Li Hong asked Jiang Yu to go see if Shi Fei was awake, and if not, leave him to take a nap.


Before he could go, the two of them came one after the other.


After thanking Shi Fei and Gu Yueze, they went to have lunch nearby.


When a group of them were eating, the cameras were lined up in front of them, a normal way to shoot a reality show.


But Jiang Yu found that when the meal was almost ready, he saw Wei Weidong and several other people standing in the director’s pile, each holding a cell phone in a very excited manner.


Even Wei Weidong was afraid that it would affect the recording, so he could only put his hand in his mouth and bite it in order to prevent screaming out.


One moment, he was spinning in place, and the next moment, he was excited with tears, so Jiang Yu was curious, “Wei Wei, what are you guys doing? Are you all possessed?”


Wei Weidong said excitedly, “Stocks, stocks ……”


Jiang Yu: “The stocks are down? Don’t feel too bad, fortunately the money invested is not much, when the part of the money ……”


The stock purchas originally had a luck component in it, losing didn’t matter, the good thing was that he had long thought of how to help.



Wei Weidong slapped his thighs and said happily, “Up up up, the stock is up big time.”


Jiang Yu: “What? It’s gone up?”


Several other guests were also confused and rushed over to watch.




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