C75 – Second Chance


At this time Zhang Mengmeng’s cell phone rang, she took a look at the caller ID, immediately picked it up and ran to her room, then closed the door, “Brother Gu, how is it? Did it work?”


Gu Yueze: “You guessed it, he didn’t agree to be with me, but agreed to let me boldly chase him.”


Zhang Mengmeng’s eyes lit up when she heard it, “As expected of my father, he’s too powerful. It’s obvious that Brother Fei is interested in you. You can be bold now, as long as you are bold enough, he will soon be your man.”


Gu Yueze: “How bold?”


Zhang Mengmeng: “First base, second base, feel free to go to the third base if you find the opportunity to do ……”



The call ended before she finished, Zhang Mengmeng stared at her phone, “Is he shy?”


Then she smiled slyly: “Brother Gu gets shy too easily.”


The way things were going, Brother Gu and her ‘father’s’ good thing was about to arrive.


No, as his daughter, she had to establish a gathering place for CP fans.



The idea of two handsome men together, Zhang Mengmeng’s corrupt girl’s soul came out again, her mind instantly flashed through the plot of more than ten delayed beauty novels.


Gu Yueze, who returned to the studio with his mobile phone, had been day-dreaming about the first and second bases.


But the more he thought about it, the more confused he was. How did he find a 13-year-old girl to be an adviser?


When he returned to the workroom, Shi Fei was already sitting in front of the tailoring machine and working.


The overhead light shone on his black hair.


The side of his face was illuminated by the light, and his features were hazily illuminated.



He could see the white clean hands pressed on the cloth, skillfully operating the sewing machine, sewing the two pieces of cloth together.


His expression was serious, but he didn’t look as carefree as he did before.


Gu Yueze felt his heart soften.


Gu Yueze, who was still struggling with first base or second base, suddenly regained his mind and went to pass the other two pieces of cut cloth.


Shi Fei just finished the piece in his hand, and seamlessly took the one in Gu Yueze’s hand.



Gu Yueze picked up the scissors, cut the lines at the connecting points on both sides, and put the knots in place.


The two people cooperated very well, and the speed greatly improved.


Shi Fei’s clothes were done before, not counting Tian Sihan’s, there were three more to do.


The two of them had hardly been idle in the second half of the night. They worked together to finish the clothes.


“If you’re tired, just rest a while.” Seeing Shi Fei yawning, Gu Yueze quietly spoke.


“It’s okay, there’s still one last set left, I’ll be done soon.” Shi Fei craned his neck.


“Go rest, I’ll do the rest.”


“President Gu, are you this gentle to everyone?” Shoi Fei smiled, his eyebrows were slightly raised.


“I’m gentle?” This was the first time this word was associated with Gu Yueze.


Mean and cold-blo-oded, smart, genius, handsome, Gu family’s only heir, these were the outside evaluations he often heard, the word gentle was a bit unfamiliar to him.


“Aren’t you gentle?” Shi Fei asked rhetorically. Although at first he looked icy cold, but after getting along, Shi Fei found that this person was still quite attentive.


For example, it was clear that he didn’t know how to do housework and cooking, but he took advantage of the time when he was out of the competition to secretly learn from someone how to do housework and cooking such things.


Did he think that if he invited someone to come while he wasn’t there, he wouldn’t know about it?


Even if the details at home didn’t expose too much, he could see with the monitoring on the corridor at the entrance of the apartment.


Shi Fei didn’t say anything, but he was a little happy that Gu Yueze, the big president, was willing to sacrifice for him.


It was clear that he had a lot of opportunities, but in order to be close to him, he came to record this reality show, which was a waste of time for his capital.


“Gentleness is a relatively new word for me. Do you like my gentle appearance now?” Gu Yueze retorted.



“I like it, I think you’ll be able to catch me soon if you put more effort into it.” Shi Fei’s eye brows arched, his smile was very cute.


Gu Yueze stretched his hand to test a little, then he gently touched Shi Fei’s head: “Go rest, I’ll stay.”


Shi Fei grabbed his hand and said, “President Gu, it’s wrong for you to touch my head like that. Look, my hair is all messed up.”



While saying this, Shi Fei grabbed Gu Yueze’s hand and gently instructed him: “You have to be gentle, and don’t mess up my hair style. You should look at me directly with your eyes, and be affectionate and spoil me, so it’s easier to catch me.”


Gu Yueze: “……” He was countered again. His heart, however, was getting softer and softer.



After teasing Gu Yueze, Shi Fei started yawning again, and tears appeared at the corners of his eyes.


Shi Fei put his hand over his mouth and yawned, “You can use the sewing machine? Otherwise I’ll do the rest tomorrow.”


Gu Yueze quietly responded, “You know I have a strong learning ability. I learned this long ago. I’m not sleepy. I will send you back to rest first.”


Shi Fei didn’t insist, the reality was that he could no longer insist. Didn’t people say that 18 year olds should have unlimited energy? Why couldn’t he be as active as Gu Yueze?


For each episode of The Sims, the investor provided food and accommodation, just like the last Leisure Dream Literature Club.



Tian Sihan was so poor that she took everyone to eat in Shaxian County. She had no money to take everyone to a hotel. She didn’t have so many rooms to sleep in.



Fortunately, she usually had a good relationship with her neighbors. There weren’t that many places to sleep at home, so she booked rooms for everyone in the places near her home.



Even if it was just next door, Gu Yueze wasn’t at ease with Shi Fei going back alone, after all, they came over here to record the show, there were still a lot of people that could find out, even stalker fans.


Even if he knew that as soon as he left this house, guards would follow, he still personally sent him back to the next house.


Shi Fei yawned all the way back.



“Then rest early, don’t force it, I can do the rest tomorrow.” Shi Fei yawned, ready to close the door and rest.



“Wait a minute.” Gu Yueze held the door, while his other palm raised, his coarse fingers wiped away the tears on the corner of Shi Fei’s eyes.


He endured all the way and didn’t do anything. At the last moment, he couldn’t help it.



Seeing that the delicate and beautiful little face was finally clear, Gu Yueze was satisfied, “OK, rest early.”



Shi Fei: “…”


As the door closed, he touched his slightly hot face and thumping chest, was this guy loaded with teasing skills?


He was ruffled again.



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