After understanding the one-sided knowledge, the first thing everyone had to do was to draw the design they wanted.



Although they all said they had put their hopes on Shi Fei at the beginning, they didn’t really leave it all to him.


Everyone drew out the design with simple drawing methods and colors, and Tian Sihan was beside them with instructions on which hanboks had what shapes and couldn’t be spelled out.



When it came to Gu Yueze, Tian Sihan was surprised to find that Gu Yueze, who hadn’t been instructed, was actually correct in matching the hanboks.


Tian Sihan asked, “Did you learn this?”


Gu Yueze’s voice was cool: “I’ve read a few books about it.”


Timofei was a little surprised, “Wow, not bad.”


The complimented Gu Yueze was expressionless but an undecipherable emotion flashed through his deep eyes.


Last time, when facing Li Bowen’s question about traditional Chinese painting, he couldn’t answer it. Gu Yueze was upset later, so he wouldn’t let the same thing happen again.


As an investor, he knew about the recording of the program in advance, and was brushing up on the information of hanbok a few days earlier.


Shi Fei smiled and his white, bony fingers continued to draw.



Jiang Yu was halfway through his drawing when he looked up to twist his sore neck and then saw the two people across from each other just staring at each other, looking strange.


“Why do I feel weird about the two of them.” Jiang Yu quietly muttered.



The high-cold Gu Yueze, could it be that he had taken a fancy to his master’s beauty?


Then Jiang Yu shook his head and denied his inner thoughts. He must have been brainwashed by Ling Xia’s recent obsession with novels. How could that be possible?

Jiang Yu then lowered his head and continued painting.



In the end it took an hour, they all drew more or less what they wanted and wanted to see how each other drew.


Li Hong’s drawing were quite good, although the lines weren’t as smooth, at least they could see clearly what she wanted to express.


Yu Wenwen’s was also okay. Girls were more careful, and although the design wasn’t good, it could be understood.



When Jiang Yu’s drawing was erected, everyone couldn’t help but laugh.


Yu Wenwen covered her stomach and laughed wildly, “Jiang Yu, what did you draw? Is that a chicken wearing a skirt?”


Jiang Yu glared at her, “I’m clearly drawing a man’s Chinese hanfu, don’t you see it?”



Yu Wenwen laughed and slapped the table, “Forgive my clumsy eyes, but I really don’t see it.


Jiang Yu put his painting away and lifted his chin, not feeling bad at all, and said with self-congratulation, “That’s because you don’t have the level of appreciation. Besides, you haven’t seen Gu Yueze’s, maybe his painting is not as good as mine.”



Master’s side can’t be compared, but he didn’t believe that Gu Yueze could draw better than him.


Tian Sihan went to Gu Yueze’s side and looked at it, and said mischievously, “That’s really ‘Sao Au Rui’, the painting is really better than yours.”



She put up Gu Yueze’s painting and showed it to Jiang Yu.



Jiang Yu saw that Gu Yueze had actually drawn a complete design, the figure had no facial features, but that didn’t matter, the clothes underneath had clear lines, so he could imagine what the finished product of his clothes would be like.



Jiang Yu jokingly said: “Didn’t we agree to be scum together? This guy actually sneaked into the study behind our backs, ungenerous.”


Gu Yueze: “……”



As for Shi Fei’s, they all knew he had a strong foundation in drawing, even if he hadn’t touched design, the drawing wouldn’t be too bad.


It just didn’t occur to them that Shi Fei wasn’t only good at painting, but also better at designing clothes.


“This drawing is too good, I want to wear this set.” Jiang Yu held the design drawing and refused to let go of it, wishing he could turn the drawing in the design drawing into a physical object.


“Nice try.” Shi Fei took the drawing back, “That is also your child, do you still want to give it up?”



“I’ve decided to abandon it and adopt your family’s.” Jiang Yu blinked and said, “Or we can wear the same model, I don’t mind.”



“I don’t mind, but the directing team has a problem with it.” Shi Fei reminded him that the directing team had given the task of each person making a hanbok of their own.



Once the drawings were done, everyone then had to go to the fabric market to buy fabric according to what they needed.


That would require money, so everyone looked to Gu Yueze.



Gu Yueze’s cold eyes looked over to the director’s team.



Wei Weidong handed over a bag, “Okay, one hundred thousand yuan in cash is ready.”



Jiang Yu exclaimed, “More, how much?”



Yu Wenwen came up to check and her eyes lit up, “It’s 100,000, it’s really 100,000 in cash.”



Li Hong: “How come the director team is so nice this time? Give so much money?”



Tian Sihan looked at the ten stacks of money, her eyes had ¥ signs, “Wow, a lot of money, if I had so much money, I would be able to buy beautiful Hanfu fabric, I could buy silk, and I could get hairpins made by the hairdresser.”




Jiang Yu looked at Wei Weidong, “Director, did Gu Yueze threaten you by force, or do you have any leverage in his hands. Don’t be afraid, speak up boldly and I will use the same method to deal with you next time.”


Wei Weidong’s face was red: “Don’t ask.”


As soon as he saw Director Wei’s appearance, Jiang Yu felt that he must have guessed right, and immediately approached, “Say it, I’m kinder than Gu Yueze, right? You know I’m not the kind of person who asks for a lot of money.”



As Jiang Yu said this, he started to scratch Director’s Wei body, looking like he was going to torture him.


Wei Weidong finally had no choice but to say: “It was Gu …… Gu Yueze who instructed me to buy two stocks, one with a commission of 100,000, and I made the deal with him.” His private money, which he had hidden for so many years, he ended up losing most of it all at once, he was about to burst into tears.


But once he thought that with the two stocks guided by Mr. Gu, he would soon be richer, he felt relieved.


Yu Wenwen asked, “One stock is 100,000, the two should be 200,000, so 100,000?”


Wei Weidong said, “Two hundred thousand is too much, so there is also a bank card of one hundred thousand in that bag, the password is six zeros.”


Jiang Yu: “……? You really bought it? You bought what he said?”



Wei Weidong nodded his head: “Yes.” Not only did he buy it, the assistant director and several of them also bought it. The identity of Gu Yueze was only known to a few people in the program team, although Wei Weidong told the whole crew about the two stocks, few people dared to follow the purchase.



Jiang Yu couldn’t help feeling Wei Weidong’s forehead, “There is no fever. Why is he confused?”



Wei Weidong slapped Jiang Yu’s hand away, “You don’t know s-hit.”



Jiang Yu sighed, “Wei Wei, you’re a wise man, how come you’re so out of touch this time, you actually listened to him and bought stocks, do you think he’s a stock god?”


If he was such a bully, he wouldn’t be an artist.


Wei Weidong was confident: “You’ll know later.”



Jiang Yu asked again, “How much did you buy?”



Wei Weidong said miserably, “My wife is in charge of all my money, and after giving you 200,000, I only have 50,000 left in my personal money.” He told his wife about this, and she didn’t believe him at all, even if he told her about Gu Yueze’s identity, his wife still thought it was a reason to cheat money from him.


If he was a rich man, was he ill? Why did he come to a reality show?



Of course, Wei Weidong didn’t only invest 50000 yuan, otherwise he paid 200000 yuan in commissions. Of course, only 50000 yuan may not bring back 200000 yuan.



Relying on these years in the entertainment industry to lay down the foundation, he found someone to borrow a total of one million.



That said, for a big director, getting more than one million wasn’t a problem, but they all knew that he had a tigress at home, but also dared not borrow more money to Wei Weidong.



They were afraid that Wei Weidong’s wife would blame them, the second was Wei Weidong didn’t have private money, a million wasn’t easy to return.



No one’s money came from the strong wind. Of course, it would hurt. Of course, Wei Weidong didn’t say that he had invested a total of 1.05 million yuan, even his own private money of 50000 yuan.



He was afraid to say that everyone would be terrified.



Jiang Yu breathed a sigh of relief, “Fifty thousand yuan, fortunately it’s not a lot, even if you’re going back to kneel for a few hours, it won’t take a life.”



Suddenly Wei Weidong put his eyes on Jiang Yu, “Jiang Yu, lend me some money, three or five million will do.” It wasn’t a good idea to not invest more in a stock that was clearly going to make money.

Jiang Yu sniffed. “You are crazy and addicted. Won’t borrow it.”



Wei Weidong turned to Yu Wenwen, “Wenwen, we have cooperated several times. You see, Brother Wei usually takes care of you. In times of crisis, can you lend me some money? I promise to pay you back in two days.”


Yu Wenwen also refused: “Brother Wei, if you buy a house or a car or something like that, I can promise, but I really can’t promise this. Stocks are risky, nine out of ten is losses.”



Wei Weidong put his eyes on Li Hong, who immediately said, “I just had a baby and I’m working to earn milk powder money. No money, no money.”



Tian Sihan also hurriedly shook her head and said, “You know I’m poor, I’m still counting on the reward from your program after recording the show.”



If Wei Weidong really encountered any difficulties, they may not necessarily not help, mainly because everyone didn’t believe that Gu Yueze had the ability to turn stone into gold, people didn’t want money just to waste.



“You don’t know what kind of money-making opportunities you’re missing.” Wei Weidong said unfortunately, he also didn’t bother to ask Shi Fei, he thought Shi Fei only just debuted, as far as he knew, he only participated in a “strongest idol” and this “Simulation of Life” reality show.

He had only participated in this show twice and his full payment hadn’t yet arrived, it was estimated that he didn’t have much money.


Although his Mr. J, guqin master and other identities had reputation overseas, the paintings sold for billions of dollars hadn’t been sold, and the paintings behind hadn’t been used to make money. These identities only enhanced popularity, but didn’t bring any real income.



Who knew at this time, Shi Fei took the initiative to speak: “I’ll lend you a million, after making money we’ll both share it equally?”



Wei Weidong: “You have a million?”



Shi ,Fi nodded: “Yes, now I can only take so much.” Some money can’t be brought out now.


“No problem, if we win, we’ll split it equally, if we lose, it’s on me.” Wei Weidong said happily.


Jiang Yu couldn’t help but exclaim, “You two are crazy, right?”


Especially when they saw that Shi Fei really transferred a million to Wei Weidong, several guests, except Gu Yueze, were all stunned.


Tian Sihan: “Don’t stars need money?”



After Wei Weidong got the money, he wanted to hug Shi Fei happily, but Gu Yueze took a step forward seemingly unintentionally, blocking Wei Weidong’s movement.


” Shi Fei, you will be my brother in the future. I will definitely take you to fly.”


After that, he was happily went outside. Anyway, the deputy director and the cameraman were here.


Shi Fei seemed to think of something and asked Gu Yueze directly, “Which two stocks did you tell them?” Just now, jr didn’t ask director Wei whick two stocks he owned.





Shi Fei directly asked Gu Yueze: “You told him which two stocks?” Just now he didn’t ask director Wei.


Gu Yueze: “You want to buy?”


Shi Fei laughed, “We should all earn together.”


The two stocks were named directly by Gu Yuezhe.



Shi Fei hurriedly took out his cell phone and called Song Yiyuan, “Brother Yiyuan, buy two packets of money-making stocks, hurry and put all the money you can move in your hands into it.”



The crowd: “……”



Song Yiyuan, who was posting job ads over there, “Which pyramid scheme den are you in?”



Shi Fei: “Didn’t you say the studio didn’t have any money? Buy those two stocks, you will soon be rich.”



Song Yiyuan said, “I never touch stocks, I know how people lose their lives. If you are worried that the studio doesn’t have money, you can paint me a “sunset”, I’ll get a billion in a minute.”


“Get lost, believe it or not, don’t regret it when the time comes.” After Shi Fei told Song Yiyuan about the two stocks, he hung up the phone.



Tian Sihan whispered to Yu Wenwen, “Shi Fei trusts people too easily.”



Jiang Yu sighed, what was wrong with his so shrewd master? How could he be so easily fooled.


Was it because he was brought down by Gu Yueze?


Anyway, his master would definitely not be wrong.


Jiang Yu didn’t know what to say. Later, he thought it was nothing. His Shifu doted on him. The big deal was that he really lost one million yuan, he’d make up for it.



As a top performer, any reality show invitation was worth ten million yuan.



Then he looked at Gu Yueze and didn’t know what to say. The 200,000 yuan was the director’s private money, although Gu Yueze earned it.



But if the stock fell, Gu Yueze would be embarrassed. Some people quietly decided that they would save this money when the time came, and take their own money to subsidize it afterwards if it exceeded the budget.


As for the stock money Wei Weidong bought, there was no way out. They helped Director Wei wouldn’t be too disappointed when he saw no rise, so they could persuade him to stop loss in time.


When Wei Weidong returned with a smile on his face, Jiang Yu patted Wei Weidong’s shoulder and said comfortingly, “When you want to cry, you can come to me, my chest is always open for you.”


Wei Weidong tried to kick him, but Jiang Yu dodged it.



Looking at the others again, they all looked sympathetic.



Wei Weidong, on the other hand, wasn’t worried at all, what did they know?



If Mr. Gu couldn’t see the stock, who else in the world could see it correctly.



Next everyone was going to proceed to the next part of the recording, going to the fabric market to buy cloth.



With money, they didn’t have to be so stingy, they directly hired two cars to the Evergreen Market wholesale department.



There were all kinds of fabrics here, including, of course, the hanbok fabrics they wanted to buy.



But there were so many different kinds of fabrics that amateurs could easily be cheated.



They didn’t expect Tian Sihan, who had never been very reliable, to be very proficient in all kinds of fabrics and a good bargainer, but they spent more than two hours just buying fabrics.



After that Tian Sihan proposed to go to the hairpin lady to buy some hairpins, many people went to the lady’s shop to customize hairpins with their Hanfu.





They were tight on time, so they didn’t order they just bought the finished product that matched their clothes.



As soon as they entered the store, Yu Wenwen and Tian Sihan couldn’t restrain the flood of power in their bodies.


There were many kinds of hairpins, velvet flowers, jade hairpins, gold-plated hairpins and so on, there was always one that would catch their eyes.


Even Li Hong, the big sister, was also the same, no woman could resist the temptation of these.



They originally wanted to buy hairpin accessories for their costumes, but everything was so good that they couldn’t wait to move them all back.



In the end, they picked one from the east and one from the west, completely forgetting the problem of whether to match their clothes.


Jiang Yu stood on the edge, “This woman is crazy when shopping.”


Shi Fri leaned against the door and waited, he didn’t care much about it.


When he looked up, he saw Gu Yueze looking at the shop opposite.



The walkways here weren’t very wide. Although they were opposite shops, the actual street was about two meters long, so they could clearly see the situation in the opposite shops.


A couple just walked into the store, the boy said: “Baby, you don’t like the store hairpin lady’s craft? What do you like today, just pick, I’ll pay the bill.”



The girl was so happy that she hugged the boy and gave him a fierce kiss on the cheek, “Honey, you’re so nice, I love you so much.”


Shi Fei obviously saw the slight change in Gu Yueze’s deep eyes, then he turned sideways and met Shi Fei’s eyes.


Shi Fei blinked and looked at Gu Yueze’s mouth that was about to open: this guy wouldn’t want to ……?



Only to hear him ask with a slightly stiff expression: “You, is there something you like here?”


“You can pick, I’ll buy them all for you.”



Looking at Gu Yueze’s expression, Shi Fei couldn’t help but smile with his hand clenched into a fist at his mouth.


Before he didn’t know why Gu Yueze sometimes acted out of character. Since he found out, Shi Fei understood.



President, you aren’t good at this. If you don’t rely on your face or money, you will probably be single all your life.



Shi Fei wanted to tease Gu Yueze. He deliberately raised his eyebrows, “OK, let me pick one. Help me with it.”



The lady’s shop had more hairpin styles for girls, but there were fewer hairpin styles for boys, as well as some Confucian scarves.


Gu Yueze was pleased and he was about to reply when Jiang Yu said, “No, it’s okay for them three girls to buy these hairpins, if you two men pick this stuff, it’s too that.”


If it wasn’t for the fact that one of the two men was his master, Jiang Yu would have wanted to say the word ‘gay’ directly.



Jiang Yu didn’t know anything about hairpins and didn’t know that there were hairpins that boys could wear.


As soon as he said this, he clearly felt a murderous gaze and saw Gu Yueze’s two frosty cold eyes staring at him like arrows.



Afraid, Jiang Yu swallowed: “You, what are you doing?” This look was so fierce, did he owe him money?



“Customer, you’re wrong, there are many hairpins for boys to choose from in Chinese costume, look at this row.” The hairpin lady in the store explained to Jiang Yu.


“If you see something, don’t speak if you don’t understand it.” Shi Fei flicked Jiang Yu’s forehead. Jiang Yu always acted childishly in front of him.


But, both of them forgot to pay attention to the camera.


After the order was finished, Shi Fei felt that it wasn’t right. He pretended that nothing had happened and shouted to Gu Yueze, “Gu Yueze, come accompany me to pick a hairpin.”



Gu Yueze looks at Jiang Yu, then walked towards Shi Fei.


When he finally saw a cloud-shaped wooden hairpin, he was about to reach out and take it, when a hand came over and covered the back of his hand at the same time.


Gu Yueze’s hand was bit cold, but in this hot day, it relaxed Shi Fei. He looked up and saw Gu Yueze sliding it directly from his hand. He quickly and naturally picked up the wooden hairpin and put his hand on Shi Fei’s head.


Gu Yueze was about ten centimeters taller than Shi. He was somewhat stunned when he saw his sharp features so close, especially his thin lips, it was right in front of him.


They were close, Shi Fei could even smell the fresh mint smell on Gu Yueze. It should be that he liked the smell.


Shi Fei raised his eyes slightly, “What are you doing?”




Gu Yueze held the wooden hairpin to Shi Fei’s head, and a cool but magnetic voice rang out: “You said that I should help you look at the hairpin. I’m helping you match it.”


For the first time, Shi Fei found that Gu Yueze’s voice was really nice, and his features were impeccably handsome, with every contour like it had been carved.


Shi Fei also had some attributes of a face dog. He knew that he was bent and had always known that.



He was also not a real 18 year old. He had seen a lot of things and people, so he didn’t have to pay attention to love.


Gu Yueze’s appearance and ability were very much to his taste, and all aspects of the data were quite suitable for his requirements of choosing his other half.


The adult world, since it was suitable for him, he didn’t mind staying in one place. This was also the reason why he knew that Gu Yueze wanted to pursue him and didn’t refuse to indulge.



Previously, he always thought that Gu Yueze had full ability and face value, and only 1% of chasing skills.



At this moment, Shi Fei looked at the handsome face that couldn’t be provoked, listened to the quickening heart rate of his chest, and wanted to tease Gu Yueze.



It seemed that he had been provoked.



Gu Yueze’s chasing skills were similar to programs. Could it upgrade?





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