After eating the noodles, Shi Fei checked Weibo and saw that the latest comments had increased by more than 100,000, all asking for his help with their homework.



There were also people on their knees begging for his reading notes, he really couldn’t help with that, he casually registered for school, him taking notes was impossible.



Then he sent a message to ask his class teacher Ming Lihui, [Teacher Ming, I want to ask what high school papers and books can improve academic performance ah?]



Ming Lihui: [You plan to study well? You are close to a perfect score and still want to improve your academic performance?]


It wasn’t that Ming Lihui didn’t want to talk about it, but other people studying papers had the effect of improving learning, Shi Fei had absolutely no room for improvement.



Shi Fei: [It’s not me, it’s my fans. It’s better to have a series of all the senior one, senior two, senior three students.]



The teachers of Jiahuan Private High School were very strong. The teachers here were basically the top teachers in the country. It was certain that her recommendation would be effective.



Ming Lihui: [It’s rare for you to have such a heart. Let me take a photo of your list.]



Ming Lihui soon wrote a list, and then took a photo and sent it to Shi Fei. After copying the photos, Shi Fei posted it on Weibo: [This is the list I asked my cheer teacher for. You should cheer up and read well. I will check you homework when I’m free.]


Under this post, the fans swarmed with compliments. What kind of star was this? He also assigned homework, supervised and checked their homework.



Then other fans were jealous again. They ran to their idols’ Weibo pages and left another message, ‘XXX college entrance examination is coming, won’t you give me homework?’



The other stars were all confused, and then it was Shi Fei who made a mess and felt a burst of helplessness.



Then this scene happened in the entertainment circle, Yu Zixing, Yu Wenwen and other stars who had a good relationship with Shi Fei tagged Shi Fei: [@Shi Fei, please be a person (dog head.jpg)]


People who didn’t know thought they were collectively disliking Shi Fei, but when they understood the truth, they all laughed.


After eating the noodles, Gu Yueze took the initiative to clean up the dishes, and this time there were no more bowl drops.


Shi Fei went to his room to take a nap, Gu Yueze went to his room to deal with the backlog of business in the past few days.


After all, tomorrow he would have to go for the recording of the second episode “The Sims”.

After two hours of sleep, Shi Fei comfortably stretched, sleep was really good.



His stomach rumbled, Shi Fei touched his stomach, a bowl of noodles in the afternoon wasn’t much.



Wearing slippers, he planned to go into the kitchen and get something to eat.



Hearing the noise, Gu Yueze came out. Seeing Shi Fei’s action, he asked, “Hungry?”



Shi Fei nodded, “Hmm.”


Since he just woke up, Shi Fei was confused. He blinked with confused eyes. With his nod, he looked like a lazy cat.


He hit Gu Yueze’s cute spot at once, which made his heart throb. He wanted to go forward and rub his lovely little head. Finally, he pretended to be serious, “Go and stay. I’ll do it for you. ” After saying that, he turned around with a cold expression, afraid of being seen as unnatural by someone.



Shi Fei pursed his mouth and nodded, “OK.”


Then he yawned and returned to the room again. In order to wake up, Shi Fei twisted his body twice. A few simple movements showed that Shi Fei’s flexibility was very good.



Shi Fei, who was more sober, suddenly thought that the interaction between himself and Gu Yueze was too natural. Why should he be so obedient.



It was strange, his mind was a little confused. Shi Fei pulled out the suitcase on one side and began to pack clothes for tomorrow’s recording.



When he was cleaning up, he suddenly remembered He Xiaobei.



Since he went to participate in the “I am a man” reality show, which required closed training for three months, Shi Fei hadn’t received any news from him, and he didn’t know how he was doing.


The training intensity of the special forces was very strong. He Xiaobei and others were new recruits, so they would reduce the amount of training appropriately, but it wouldn’t be too easy.



After all, the country had been promoting the positive images of the government and the military in recent years. Every year, there were national mission movies and propaganda songs. Now, they wanted to use reality shows to publicize the hard work of special forces and the determination to defend the country.



Xiaobei should stick to it. He hoped he could correct some of his weakness.


Shifei began to pack his clothes.



Soon Gu Yueze called him.



Shi Fei came to the table and saw the familiar tomato and egg noodles.



Er, Shifei had reason to think that Gu Yueze could only cook this kind of food?



At night, Shifei said that he was hungry. Gu Yueze said again that he would cook. When he brought out two bowls of tomato and egg noodles, Shi Fei wasn’t suspicious, he was sure.


The second “Sims” episode recording began, this time they weren’t in the city, but had to take a two-hour flight to Jing Yuan City.



As everyone’s work slot location was different, everyone came to Jing Yuan City from all over the place, only Shi Fei and Gu Yueze departed from the same place.



After getting off the plane, everyone gathered in one place and then took the bus together.



Jiang Yu was the first to arrive at the bus, guarding the middle row of seats, and shook his hand excitedly when he saw Shi Fei: “Shi Fei, come come come sit here with me.”



He patted the seat next to him.



Gu Yueze, who followed Shi Fei to the car, “That side isn’t good, it’s easy to get carsick, sit in the front row.”



After saying that, he sat in the second row first, and Shi Fei went over and sat down.



Jiang Yu wasn’t convinced: “Shi Fei, why did you sit with him again?”



Shi Fei said, “Because I like to be quiet.”



The implication was that Jiang Yu was too noisy.



Jiang Yu instantly put on an aggrieved look, “Shi Fei, you don’t love me anymore, you’ve changed.”



“Vomit!” Yu Wenwen pretended to vomit, “Jiang Yu, are you three years old? People who don’t know you would think you’re childish.”



“I’m happy, it’s none of your business. ……” Having had the first episode to bond, everyone was less restrained, and this time there was mutual dislike as soon as they met.



“I’m too lazy to care about you.” Yu Wenwen also found a seat, when she saw Gu Yueze, her eyes lit up, “Wow, Gu Yueze, you look a lot younger dressed like this.”



After listening to Shi Fei’s persuasion to not participate in the reality show with suit, this time Gu Yueze wore a light blue shirt and black casual suit pants, he looked much more youthful, he no longer seemed difficult to approach.


Gu Yueze nodded a little.



Shi Fei poked his arm and whispered, “Reply.” This was a recording. When netizens saw his cold appearance, they knew it was just his character, but they wouldn’t like him.



Gu Yueze hummed in response to Yu Wenwen.



Shi Fei stroked his forehead reluctantly. Forget it, the president’s temperament was like this.



Yu Wenwen couldn’t help laughing. “Shi Fei, don’t force him. He’s so funny. He looks like he was forced to come here.”



Shi Fei looked at his expression. Well, it really looked like he was forced.



Finally Li Hong got in the car and saw Shi Fei: “Shi Fei, you can really toss ah, you spent three days on the hot search list, now my fans are asking me teach them homework.”



Shi Fei smiled, a little embarrassed, “I don’t know I got on the hot search.”



Li Hong said, “Whether you are a painter or a master of the guqin, it helps you a lot in terms of popularity. But your popularity rose too fast, plus you’re still young, some people may be concerned about your relationship with the Idle Dream Literary Society and won’t take a shot at you, some capitalists won’t be concerned so much, so you need to pay attention during this period of time. A person on fire will move the cheese of others, there will always be someone who will look at you in a bad way.”



Li Hong and Shi Fei spoke casually in front of the camera, of course, the program certainly wouldn’t edit it in, unless they wanted to offend Li Hong.



They were all together, so the car drove to the destination this time.


The car stopped in front of a vintage scenic spot, from the entrance to the scenic spots, the streets and the houses were all vintage style.



Seeing the stores close by, the clothes inside were all hanfus, it was beautiful, even the staff inside were all wearing hanfus.



“Is the theme, Hanfu?” Yu Wenwen saw the fairy-like dresses, her love of beauty came out, “I can, I like it too much.”




Especially when they saw the streets, most people were walking around in Chinese costumes, it gave them a feeling of traveling back to ancient times.



Jiang Yu put his hat on his head to block the sun above his head, “So we’re getting an internship from the stores on this street this time?”



“The most famous one is Lan Lianfang, which can be considered as the first Chinese costume shop in China. I didn’t expect this street to have all of them, what street is this?” Li Hong asked curiously, seeing someone cast curious eyes, she explained: “I heard about it when I was filming before, but the contact wasn’t deep, I only know the brand name.”



Yu Wenwen pointed to the sign next to her, “It says it’s called Eighteen Lanes.”



Jiang Yu held his phone, “I found it, Eighteen Lanes is the most concentrated place for Chinese costumes in China, it can also be said to be a scenic spot here, the stores inside all deal with Chinese costumes, every day a bunch of Chinese costume lovers to buy or customize their favorite Chinese costumes.”


At this time Wei Weidong handed over the mission card and Yu Wenwen was close enough to take it and read the mission on it, “Please go to Eighteen Lane Road, Bincheng District, find the person in charge, please learn to make a Chinese costume within two days and wear it to the Chinese costume party at Xi Yuan tomorrow at two o’clock in the afternoon.”



Li Hong exclaimed, “Learn to make a Hanfu in two days? How is that possible?”



It wasn’t like making clothes on an assembly line.



The others also shouted, they got up in the morning, took the plane, came all the way here, and now it was already eleven o’clock.



Yu Wenwen continued, “This is simply an impossible task, none of us have ever been exposed to Chinese costumes, let alone learning to make a set of clothes for a party in two days.”



Shi Fei’s eyes flashed, he silently touched his nose.



This action was caught by Gu Yueze, it was said that if you want to chase a person you have to understand his personal preferences first.



After observation, Gu Yueze knew that every time Shi Fei touched his nose, it was a sign of weakness or embarrassment.


Now this situation was nothing to be embarrassed about?


So what was he being embarrassed about?




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