After Shi Fei said he wanted to rest, he actually fell asleep.



These days, he had exams and the duel between Chinese and Western literature and art, which required a high degree of concentration, so he was a little tired.



Gu Yueze looked at his sleeping face leaning on the side of the door, he looked much younger.





His usual calm and relaxed temperament was different from when he was sleeping. Shi Fei really looked like a teenager now, the dark circles under his eyes made Gu Yueze feel distressed.



“Drive slowly.”


Zhang Wu immediately slowed down the car.



When crossing the traffic light, in order to yield to a sudden pedestrian, Zhang Wu slammed on the brakes, making Shi Fei jerk forward.




Fortunately, Gu Yueze pulled him back, seeing that Shi Fei was still in a deep sleep, his expression relaxed then he turned Shi Fei to his side.





He looked at Zhang Wu, who had already driven through the traffic lights: “Drive slower.”




Zhang Wu: “……”



He was already very slow at this speed, he was moving as fast as a toy car.




As soon as he looked at him in the rearview mirror, he saw his distressed expression. Zhang Wu replied helplessly: OK, he would challenge the speed of a child’s bicycle.




After driving the car back to Shi Fei’s apartment, Zhang Wu looked back sideways and found that Shi Fei was still asleep.




He was lying on Gu Yueze’s shoulder, and he swore he had never seen such a gentle side of Mr. Gu.



It was over. Mr. Gu was really trapped. He was such a rich and talented person, and the celebrities who wanted to chase him could at least form an army.




Last month, the princess of Country T invited Mr. Gu to have dinner. The little princess was really beautiful and charming, but Mr. Gu refused without being polite.





He didn’t want so many beautiful celebrities, how could he like such a person?



Well, Shi Fei was indeed very good, not to mention his excellent academic performance. He was Gary, Mr. J, and a Guqin master and chess king, these titles would make anyone proud.



Not to mention the fact that one person accounted for so many things.



But he was still a man, Mr Gu was the richest man in the continent, the most important thing was leaving inheritance for his children, but now it didn’t seem possible.





But those weren’t the things he was qualified to worry about.





“Mr. Gu ……” Zhang Wu wanted to remind Gu Yueze, just as soon as he opened his mouth, he was stopped by Gu Yueze’s eyes, he hurriedly lowered his voice: “Mr. Gu, we’re here.”




Gu Yueze looked at the person in his arms, and was about to speak and wait a little longer, when he saw Shi Fei twist his body, obviously about to wake up.




Gu Yueze was so scared that he hurriedly pushed him away. He was deeply afraid that Shi Fei would have a bad image of him if he knew that he just held him.





Shi Fei hit the door.



Zhang Wu feel that this scene was simply too difficult to watch, Mr. Gu’s way of chasing people…. It would be hard for him.



Shi Fei one-handedly covered his head, pulling down the corners of his mouth: “What’s the situation?”



Gu Yueze reached out to check and quietly asked: “Does it hurt?”



“What do you think? Bump your head and see if it hurts.” Shi Fei angrily rubbed his head.





“Zhang Wu, next time drive more steadily, don’t hit the brake so fast.” Gu Yueze looked up at the person in front of him, his face wasn’t red and his heart remained steady as he lied.




Zhang Wu: “……” Mr. Gu, you talk like this, does your heart not hurt? Are you still human?





Zhang Wu, who was wronged, ended up having to willingly take the blame and nodded, “Okay, I’ll pay attention next time.”



Shi Fei pushed open the car door and Gu Yueze followed him and took the elevator back to where they lived.



When he came back, he found the house cleaned up, Gu Yueze went to the kitchen to get a few ice cubes, wrapped it in a cloth and walked to Shi Fei’s side: “Come and sit down.”





“It’s not that exaggerated.” Shi Fei didn’t think it was that serious.



“It will be swollen, just apply a little.”


Shi Fei sat on the sofa. Gu Yueze was taller than him, so he sat next to him, holding the ice with one hand and checking the position of the bruise with the other hand. After confirming the position, he pressed the ice on it.




Afraid of it being too cold, he’d take it up every once in a while to dispel the chill.





“Does it still hurt?” Gu Yueze asked.




“Better, you can stop now, otherwise my head is going to become frozen pig head.” Shi Fei said exaggeratedly.




Gu Yueze looked at the time, it was more than twelve o’clock, “You didn’t eat lunch, I’ll go get you something to eat.”




Shi Fei was surprised, “Where will you get it?”





Gu Yueze naturally responded: “The kitchen has.”




Shi Fei immediately remembered his previous experience of dealing with the kitchen idiot, he washed plums, the pulp was almost gone, washed a bowl, the bowl also fell.



“Young master, don’t go to the kitchen, I still like the bowls I have and I don’t want to change them for the time being.” Shi Fei thought about it and felt that it wasn’t enough, and added: “I also don’t want to redecorate the kitchen.”



“I’ll only make noodles.” Gu Yueze finished picking up the ice cubes and got up and went to the kitchen.



Worried, Shi Fei quickly wore his slippers and closely followed.



Gu Yueze threw the ice into the trash can, then took off his suit coat, his strong figure loomed through the white shirt, he turned around and put it on the chair, then skillfully put on the apron.



After washing his hands, he added water to a soup pot then lit the fire, and put a smaller one on the small stove next to him, and also added water.



While the water boiled, he took two tomatoes out of the fridge, washed them and cut a cross on them with a knife.



The tomatoes were put into the small soup pot, and in a while the water in the pot boiled, Gu Yuzhe took the tool to fish out the tomatoes, and the skin was removed smoothly.



“Wow, it’s a surprise that you’re so good at this, I’m looking forward to your noodles.” Making sure that a certain big president wouldn’t blow up the kitchen, Shi Fei rubbed his stomach, “Then I’ll wait.”



Gu Yueze: “Mm.”


When he returned to the living room, he was trying to play with his phone, when someone sent him a message.



Fang Haozhou: [Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Shi Fei, your design won an award, first prize.]



Shi Fei: [Oh.]



Fang Haozhou: [Brother Fei, why aren’t you excited?]




Shi Fei: [Do I need to be excited?]




Fang Haozhou: [Well, for someone who is used to winning awards, it really can’t be helped. By the way, when are you coming back to Lan Lianfang, they all miss you and say that if you don’t come back, they will steal you from the entertainment industry.]


Shi Fei: [No rush, I’ll tell you when the time comes.]




Fang Haozhou: [You tell me that every time. I thought you were going to the entertainment industry for fun, but now you’re getting more and more famous, and I see you on Weibo hot search list twice a day. Brother Fei, you’re not really giving up designing clothes, are you?]



Shi Fei: [Is it because the clothes I designed last season are not selling well?]



Fang Haozhou: [Hahahahahahahahahaha understood. Then I’ll get off first, look forward to seeing you soon.]




Shi Fei speechlessly laughed.


This time someone else sent a message, it was Zhu Yixin: [god of learning, the final exam results came down, guess your spot?]




Shi Fei: [Not interested.]


Zhu Yixin: [Well, there’s nothing to guess. This time you are the first in your grade again, but someone else is the first in your grade, Yi Jialin from Class 2. Like you, only 2 points were deducted in Chinese, and all the others are full marks. I really want to cut your heads off to see how it grows. It’s so easy for you.]




Shi Fei: [Oh.]





Zhu Yixin: [You’re not even surprised?]




Shi Fei: [What’s surprising? I didn’t book the first grade. I can do it. So can others. You can work hard.]


Zhu Yixin: [No, I’d better forget. I think games are more suitable for me.]


Shi Fei’s first grade result was known not only by himself, but also by his fans.


After the amazing performance of the literary club competition, the first phase of “The Sims” also received very good ratings, and the popularity of Shi Fei was growing day by day.



It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that his popularity was now almost comparable to that of a first-tier star, but his fans were a bit scattered.


Some people liked him because of his paintings, some people liked him for his face, some people liked his guitar skills, etc., the cohesion of his fans wasn’t as strong as a first tier star.



However, many of his classmates in the same school were his fans, immediately the results came out, they ran online.



At once the fans were all excited, many artists were too busy with work, so their academic performance suffered.



In particular, some talented artists, trainees and the like went to practice after graduation from junior high school or even middle school, and had no chance to participate in the college entrance examination.



Although Shi Fei hadn’t yet taken the college entrance examination, he got first every single time. He could go to any university he wanted.




“Mom, look at my brother. A student doesn’t do his homework every day and doesn’t attend classes. He also got the first grade.”


“I’m trembling with fear, I can’t let my mother see this result.”


“As a mom fan, when I saw this grade, and then looked at the my son playing a video game, I’ll grab and beat first.”


“Husband, let your fans go, my mom is now using you as a role model every day, forcing me to learn. If you continue to be so good, I want to stop being a fan.”




“I feel like c-rap, I was born just to put together a number for the country.”



“Husband, in order to be able to match, from today I have to pick the lamp to memorize English words.”



“I wrote a bl-ood letter requesting Brother Fei to open a summer training course, I’ll be the first to sign up.”



“+2 bl-ood letter requesting brother Fei to open a summer training course.”





“99+ bl-ood letter ……”



“Brother Fei, how do I solve this problem? Can you help me explain it?”





Many fans went under Shi Fei’s posts, asking him to open a summer training course and take care of his incompetent fans. There were even fans who took pictures of homework problems they couldn’t do and left messages for Shi Fei, hoping to help solve the problems.




Of course, this was just a joke, no one expected that Shi Fei would really reply to those photos.



It just so happened that Shi Fei was free and checkedWeibo, he casually clicked on his comments section, and then saw the first few hot comments were just about the homework problems.




Shi Fei looked at the photos taken by several people, and then went to the study to find paper and pen, the answer and the way to answer them were all written out.




Then he took pictures and replied with messages at the bottom.



‘Dingdong, your little baby is online.’




At the same time many people received the news of their brother being online, one quietly waiting, husband remembered Weibo again?



Was it sending ads or sending selfies, those were OK. They were ready to point and click, comment and forward.



As a result, not a moment later everyone received a shock.



Shi Fei replied to the first few fans who left a message, giving a detailed process of solving the problem.



Then the fans went crazy.



“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my husband is actually teaching homework online.”



“My goodness, I’m a fan of a powerful brother.”



“My husband, my homework isn’t too simple, teach me, I’ll immediately send you pictures.”


“I actually got brother Fei to personally teach me my homework, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I will die in place.”


“There are actually four solutions to this question. I’ve worked out only two of them before. Let me introduce myself. I got 680 points in the college entrance examination.”



“Isn’t that a university physics problem? Brother Fei can actually do? You made me, this university dog, feel embarrassed ah.”


“My goodness, my husband actually teaches homework online, what kind of god am I a fan of?”


#ShiFei teaches fans homework online


Once again, Shi Fei made the headlines of the hot search list.



When netizens saw this name, they thought to themselves, “What talent is this person showing on the hot search again?





The other stars saw this hot search and inwardly thought that this person had come to fight with them again.





If they wanted to get on the hot search list, they either had to arrange it or buy a number on the hot search list. As a result, this person always went to hot search list every three days. The hot search list had become his family, and he could come and go freely.



Many passers-by wanted to see what this guy had done after seeing Hot Search list.


“I also want a brother like this, a star that teaches me to write homework.”


“Qiu Mingming are you still not coming to teach me homework?”



“Yu Zixing are you still not coming to teach me my homework?”


“Jiang Yu you still do not come to teach me homework?”



All of a sudden, there were a bunch of messages at the bottom of the entertainment industry’s bigwigs, saying, “XX are you still not coming to teach me my homework?



Some of the stars who hadn’t seen the hot search were confused, what was the situation?


When they figured out what happened, those stars were all speechless.



You think everyone is a perve-rted school bully like Shi Fei?


At this time, Shi Fei didn’t know that his action made him popular again. After replying to the fans’ messages, Gu Yueze’s tomato egg noodles were ready.



“It looks and smells very good.” Shi Fei looked at Gu Yueze and praised without mincing words, “It’s much better than I imagined.”



Gu Yueze placed a pair of chopsticks in front of Shi Fei, “Taste it.”



Shi Fei took the chopsticks and took a bite first, someone opposite looked calmly on the surface but was nervous inside as he asked, “How is it?”



Tasting carefully, Shi Fei nodded his head in affirmation, “It tastes really good, delicious.” Then he gave Gu Yueze a thumbs up.



Gu Yueze’s expression relaxed a bit, “Eat more if you like it, there’s still more in the pot.”



Gu Yueze also began to eat the bowl of noodles with his head down, this was the first time he made something for someone to eat.



Looking at Shi Fei eating happily, Gu Yueze felt satisfied with the two days of hard study.




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