C7—— Painter J

 Trainee room #1!

“You guys don’t think Shi Fei really got fired, do you?”

 ”It’s hard to say, this time it’s quite a big deal, and it’s still hanging on the hot search.”

“It’s a real injustice to talk about this incident when it comes to Shi Fei, he was obviously promoted by strength, but he was hard pressed to be said to be a shady promotion.”

“Yeah, at the time of their battles, it was obvious that Shi Fei’s strength was much higher than Qin Zhi’s.When Qin Zhi eliminated him, I even sympathized with him, but I didn’t expect to him to do something like this in the blink of an eye.”

 ”Who says it isn’t, I guess he’s holding a grudge against Shi Fei.By the way, Xinran, weren’t you quite close to Qin Zhi? Didn’t you ask him what he meant?” Someone suddenly cued up Zhuang Xinran who was stretching his leg.

Zhuang Xinran pressed his leg down as he spoke, “I’ve been training these days and I haven’t contacted him, I’m not sure about this.”

 Someone relieved him: “You guys also don’t ask him, this kind of thing is actually the worst thing to ask people, Qin Zhi was eliminated, it’s certain that he has a grudge in his heart, Xinran rashly opened his mouth, maybe what Qin Zhi thought in his heart was that Xinran was showing off instead of helping him.”

“That makes sense, it’s just a bit of a pity for Shi Fei to suffer this unmitigated disaster.”

  The events of the previous two days had made everyone feel slightly resistant to Zhuang Xinran, but Zhuang Xinran was very good at being a human being, and in the past two days, he often gave away some snacks he had brought when everyone was tired, plus he had kind face, most people no longer remembered what happened to him before.

They had become friends with him again, and some even sympathized with Zhuang Xinran for knowing such a friend.

 He Xiaobei squatted in the corner and didn’t participate in their conversation, his eyes scanning towards the door from time to time.

When he saw Shi Fei return, his dull eyes showed joy, “Brother Fei, you’re back?”He hurried up and got up to meet him.

Shi Fei nodded and walked into the training room.

The others also got up and walked towards Shi Fei, asking with concern, “Shi Fei, how did it go? What did you say when the program asked you to leave? It won’t really be firing you like the internet said.”

 Shi Fei shook his head and said, “No, the director just told me to prepare well for the competition, so I don’t have to pay attention to those messages on the internet.”

 ”So you won’t be expelled, great.”

“I still want to compete against you in the competition, I’m only going to be sorry if you leave early.”

“The director really is a person who knows right from wrong, he won’t be misled by those messages on the internet, great.”

  Everyone acted like they were happy for Shi Fei one by one, in the end, there were a few people who really had the opportunity to praise the director a few times and flatter him in passing, Shi Fei didn’t bother with that much.

 After the day’s training ended, Shi Fei dragged He Xiaobei for a night run again.

  The team had no cameras other than those installed in the practice room and corridors, so the contestants were still a bit free to move around.

  After two laps, He Xiaobei was too tired to run, and sat down on the ground gasping for breath, “Brother Fei, I’m not going to run, I don’t plan to be a singer-dancer, there’s no need to train my stamina so well, right?”

  ”Okay, go sit over there.”Shi Fei pointed to the wooden chair under the tree.

  Shi Fei opened a bottle of mineral water from the sponsorship program and handed it to He Xiaobei.

  He Xiaobei picked it up and drank it, the sweat on his face flowing down his neck all the way down.

  Shi Fei opened a bottle for himself as well, and after taking a small sip, he said, “The program was looking for me today to sign a contract .”


  He Xiaobei spewed out a mouthful of water directly, wiped the corner of his mouth with his clothes, and asked with a shocked face, “Brother Fei, what did you say?The program is going to sign you?”

  Shi Fei turned the lid back on the bottle and said, “The correct way to say it is that Tianxing Media wants to sign with me.”

 He Xiaobei was happy, “This is a good opportunity ah, as long as you sign, you are an artist with a background, the future competition will definitely be relatively towards you, as well as those things that are messing up online now, the company will definitely also solve it for you.”

  ”I didn’t agree to that.”

  ”Why didn’t you agree?It’s one of the top five entertainment giants in the entertainment industry, with strong funding and resources. Brother Fei, I know you have strength, but that’s how the entertainment industry is nowadays, strength alone needs someone to package it ah.As long as you sign a contract with Tianxing Media, you’ll definitely be able to soar in the future.”He Xiaobei felt that he understood such a shallow truth, why didn’t Brother Fei understand it?

 Shi Fei stretched out his hand and patted He Xiaobei’s head and said, “Is this head of yours for just growing to increase height?”

  He Xiaobei flattened his mouth and touched his head, puzzled, “What’s wrong?Am I wrong?”

 Shi Fri said, “Do you know why the internet is now full of negative news about me?”

  As soon as this was said, He Xiaobei gritted his teeth in anger and said with a bulging face, “It’s still Qin Zhi, he went on Weibo to talk nonsense, he couldn’t PK you, so he slandered you on the Internet.”

 Shi Fei found a comfortable position, comfortable leaning on the chair and said: “That’s just a fuse. Qin Zhi isn’t a debut artist, so where did he get such influence reach ths hot search list. Look at those messages again, it’s just a water army washing the floor.”

  He Xiaobei was shocked, “Brother Fei, what you mean is, someone is messing with you behind the scenes, who would do that?”

  ”The show.”Shi Fei said carelessly.

  ”Ahem … what? Those hot searches and water armies were caused by the program group? Why did they? Isn’t this destroying their own signboard? ” He Xiaobei was surprised and spoke frantically.

“For the sake of publicity. Now, the netizens are tired of the normal publicity channels. Every TV station has a wide variety of reality TV series and variety shows every year, and it is difficult to fight their way out. Now sacrificing the reputation of a player, the whole program has not been broadcast yet. “

“How could they do this? This is too much. ” He Xiaobei said angrily. When he looked at the pleasant appearance of Shi Fei, he said in a hurry, “Brother Fei, why aren’t you in a hurry?” The program group is calculating against you. Look at your reputation on the Internet now. What is the difference? “

“Don’t worry, it won’t last long. The program team only wants to publicize this, and it will soon stop blackening for me. Otherwise, if the program is broadcasted, their reputation will be completely black and impossible to salvage. The first people to cry would be them. ” What was more, he wouldn’t just let it go.

“It’s no wonder that you didn’t look nervous and anxious in the past two days. It turned out that you had already guessed it.” Shi Fei’s image in He Xiaobei’s mind was tall again, what a clever brother Fei.

“If the program wants to sign a contract with you, you should not promise it first, just say that you will consider it after the game.”

“Ok.” He Xiaobei nodded and agreed.

“You won’t ask me why?”

“Anyway, I’m not as smart as you are. You’re thinking for me, and you won’t hurt me.”

Shi Fei smiled and picked up his water bottle and said, “Let’s go and go back to rest.”

“Okay.” He Xiaobei grinned and replied.

Under the night light, watching He Xiaobei’s slightly simple and honest smile, he wouldn’t let what happened to him before happen again.

On the afternoon of the same day, Jiang Yu posted on Weibo to openly tear a gap on Weibo in view of the dark scenes of promotion on Weibo in the past two days.   

Jiang Yu: [The ability to sing is not very good, but the ability to tell right and wrong is very good. Is there only such a dirty and despicable means for a man? If you have time to sell bad rumors here, it is better to improve your own strength. @ Qin Zhi. 】

Jiang Yu always existed as a hardcore artist in the entertainment circle, and when he didn’t like it, he would say so directly. At first, many people didn’t like it when he spoke and scolded him. As a result, he didn’t care, so he always said something when he encountered an injustice.

After a long time, his works came out constantly, and everyone recognized his strength. Instead, he got the name of an entertainment disciplinary committee member.

Basically, his reputation was relatively large in the eyes of netizens.

This post was just like his previous style, with concise and clean words and no mercy.

Soon after, He Lulu also updated Weibo: [I am the star promoter of Shi Fei and Qin Zhi, and it was my decision to eliminate Qin Zhi. And I don’t think there’s any problem. Survival of the fittest is my criteria for selecting people. 】

He Lulu’s post was a little mild and gentle, not as straightforward as Jiang Yu’s.

With these two people’s speeches, the wind direction on Weibo soon began to change.

“Jiang Yu’s words mean that the man named Qin Zhi is saying nonsense?”

“Before, I felt strange. An artist who hasn’t made his debut has been searched on Weibo? I don’t believe it when I say it’s not tricky. “

“Anyway, I believe what my husband said. The people he is optimistic about will never be bad. Those who say that there is a shady scene will not know until when the program is broadcast.”

“He Lulu had been a trainee for five years before, so she knows that it is not easy for a player. What she hates most is how it is possible to be such a person in the dark.”

“Lulu don’t worry, we have always believed in you, if you say that Shi Fei is good, we’ll believe that he will sing well.”

Qin Zhi’s popularity in the past two days was a bit high. Because of this incident, his Weibo fans had risen by tens of thousands. Suddenly, he saw that the original comments towards him had changed because of Jiang Yu, but now his mind became impulsive and he picked up the phone and went back.

[You are a star promoter, of course, it is up to you to decide whether it is good or bad. Beauty track is really beautiful. Do you dare to say that you didn’t change the rules of the system because of Shi Fei? 】

However, after his post, other people didn’t talk to him anymore, and only netizens were still there.

The fans on both sides of Jiang Yu and He Lulu were constantly throwing empty bottles. So with that way, people could learn about the broadcast time of “The Strongest Idol”.

The program didn’t broadcast before the drama online. With such an event, many people would definitely watch to see if Qin Zhi being eliminated was a shady scene, or if he was eliminated fairly.

For things on the Internet, Shi Fei didn’t pay much attention, but He Xiaobei paid special attention to it and told Shi Fei when there was a change.

About Jiang Yu and He Lulu’s praise of him on Weibo, He Xiaobei’s mouth also spread it to Shi Fei’s ears.

At night, Shi Fei took his mobile phone to read information after taking a shower.

Eagle: [Panda, the other party has offered ten times the price, still asking for you. 】

When Shi Fei saw the news, he smiled. How rich was the man. He offered so fast.

Eagle: [Little ancestor, let’s not have a hard time with money, it’s ten times the price. Why doesn’t the other ask me to take orders? Ten times the price is a lot of money. 】

Eagle: [You take this order, for you, if you can do it in minutes.】

Eagle: [Panda, are you still there? Red envelope. jpg]

Shi Fei opened the red envelope, with one yuan in it, and replied: [OK, I’ll answer it, send the other’s request. 】

Eagle: [You finally replied to my message. I sent you an email with the request of the other. Please return the red envelope of that dollar to me. 】

He wanted to concentrate on dealing with things here. If he didn’t pick up this bill, he would probably be bored all the time, he could solve it as soon as possible. As for the red envelope, it was impossible to spit out the money in his pocket.

Shi Fei went off the line directly, entered his mailbox, opened the mailbox with one hand, took the computer on his bedside table with the other hand.

Finding a comfortable posture to lie down, he picked up his phone and looked at the object that the other party wanted him to check.

As a result, he was shocked when he saw the contents of the mailbox.

What caught his attention was a watercolor painting, on which the reverse side of the painting was photographed. There was only one word’ J’ on it, and the J was with a special font.

The person the other party asked him to check was ‘ Painter J’.

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