After the mass withdrawal from Drunken River at the same time, Shi Fei secretly disguised himself to visit teacher Xia Haiyan.



Yesterday she was sent to the hospital after emergency treatment, after a day of treatment, Xia Haiyan just had to rest, so she was living in the VIP ward, she’d be discharged in the afternoon.



“This is really good, really good.” Xia Haiyan sat on the sofa of the ward, her face was a bit pale, but she had a big smile on her face, with no sense of disheveled sickness.



Then she said to the next three students who came to see her: “Look, Shi Fei’s overtones here are very good, the Nanxiao is very steady, this Erhu can keep up. The front is so good, yet Shi Fei’s technique isn’t weaker than theirs, and the paragraph of the song was particularly well divided, his fingering is ……”



The students listened obediently and nodded together, and someone else said excitedly, “Teacher, you weren’t there to see, Mr. Shi Fei first took the suona players to go against the Drunken River Literary Society, and then went up to cooperate with a few students of the Qin Academy, the “Water Dragon Song” made them speechless.”



“Yes, yes, he was really handsome.”



Xia Haiyan sighed, “Unfortunately, I was hospitalized and couldn’t hear it live, what a pity.” Xue Wei, that crazy woman actually tried to ass-assinate her.


Everyone said Xia Haiyan was a gentle woman, but they didn’t know how terrible she was when she got angry.



Then Xia Haiyan pulled the students together again to watch the video.


Shi Fei knocked on the door and entered, as he took in this scene, Xia Haiyan stood up with a smile, “Xiao Fei, why are you here?”



Xia Haiyan went over and took the fruit basket from Shi Fei’s hand.


“I came to see you, teacher Xia, I picked all the fruits myself, there are no mangoes in it, don’t worry.”



Xia Haiyan smiled, last night she suddenly fainted because there was mango juice in a dish, because it was a sweet fruit dish, Xia Haiyan also didn’t pay attention as she ate.



The three students of the Qin Academy got up and said goodbye, “Teacher Xia, we have to practice in the afternoon, so we’ll go back first.”



Xia Haiyan: “Go on, practice well, try to be as good as Shi Fei.”


The three students laughed, “Teacher, you mentioned Shi Fei numerous times in an hour. Don’t watch the video all the time. The elder sister who came to see you said that you have been watching it all day. Take care of your eyes.”



This wasn’t the first time Xia Haiyan looked at this video, it couldn’t even be counted, immediately she woke up, she went online. For a person who loved folk music, seeing this performance was extremely exciting.



“Don’t forget I’m still your teacher.” Xia Haiyan pretended to be angry as several other students hurriedly ran away.



Exposed by her students, she was a little embarrassed when she turned to face She Fei, she quickly changed the subject: “Mr. Tang told me what happened last night, fortunately you were there to carry out emergency treatment, otherwise I don’t know whether I’d have made it to the hospital.”



Shi Fei: “Such things don’t need to be mentioned, have you seen the news this morning? Xue Wei is paying the price for what she did.”



“People in the police station said that the surveillance video in the corridor clearly recorded the waiter Xue Weizhi went to deliver the meal and added mango juice to the dishes. Later, the police also took Xue Wei’s assistant for questioning, and she admitted it. However, her assistant confessed that the video in the corridor was obviously deleted by her, but it was restored by someone.” When Xia Haiyan said this, she looked closely at Shi Fei, “Who did you say restored the surveillance video?”



“Who did it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that the guilty parties were caught.”



Xia Haiyan nodded, “That’s true, no matter what, this time I owe you a big favor, no it’s two. You saved my life and redeemed the reputation of our Qin Academy.”




Shi Fei smiled in response, “Teacher Xia, I’m now considered a member of the Idle Dream Literary Society, there is no need to be polite with me.”



Hearing this, Xia Haiyan laughed out loud, “I watched the live video, those two old guys are really unbelievable, forcing you to be the door master of the chess and painting academies.”



“Mm-hmm.” Shi Fei immediately nodded.



His goal was to be a free bird, how could he be stuck in this club.



Xia Haiyan continued, “So I decided to give you the Qin Academy to manage as well.”



The topic suddenly turned, Shi Fei almost couldn’t understand, “Teacher Xia, you can’t follow them, I can’t be the head of the Qin Academy?”



“I’ve seen your skill in playing the guqin, it’s better than anything I’ve ever witnessed. I heard that you came up with the idea to switch the song to “Water Dragon Song”, you know what instruments go with the zither, and you convinced Sirami, which shows that you have a deep understanding of folk music, you deserve to be the master of this discipline.”


Shi Fei: “That isn’t good. You know I’m an artist now. I don’t have much time to manage so many things.”



Xia Haiyan: “You don’t need to manage it. You can focus on your affairs. I’ll manage the Qin Academy.”



Shi Fei quickly replied, “It’s not appropriate for me to be the head of three academies, right?”



Realizing that what Shi Fei said made sense, she nodded, “Makes sense, I’ll think about it.”



Shi Fei was relieved she finally understood, just then Tang Xiangyang and Wang Pingyang also came to the hospital to see Xia Haiyan.



When Wang Pingyang saw Shi Fei, he grunted: “You are quite early, no one chased you?”



Shi Fei: “It’s not that bad, I shook them off.”



Tang Xiangyang asked, “What were you guys talking about?”



Xia Haiyan happily replied, “I just wanted to let Shi Fei also serve as the head of the Qin Academy, after thinking about it, idle dream literary society has a total of only four academies, he alone serving as the head of three academies really isn’t suitable, people who don’t know will think that our idle dream literary society is empty.”



Shi Fei nodded, teacher Xia was really sensible.



But then Xia Haiyan continued, “So I elect Shi Fei to be the president of the Idle dream literary society.”



Shi Fei almost stumbled, did he hear wrong?



Looking at Tang Xiangyang, he quickly spoke first, “Mr. Tang, Mr. Xia is joking, you and Mr. Wang shouldn’t take it seriously.”



Let an 18-year-old kid be the president of such a big literary club, it didn’t sound like a reliable decision.



Who knew Tang Xiangyang seriously considered it, “Your proposal is good. Since our literary club was founded many years ago, there has never been a president. One is that we feel that with the same Chinese heritage, there is no need, and the content we learn is different, it is inevitable that no one will be convinced of the situation.”



They weren’t the same as other literary societies when they were founded, they were a group of people from all walks of life that had prestige and fame, they just joined the Literary Society to pass on their skills.



But many other literary societies just recruited teachers and students, so they could make money.


Therefore other literary societies or training institutions would have a president or head of academy, only their literary society was divided into four academies.



“That’s right, if it’s Shi Fei, then I don’t have a problem with it. This kid’s chess playing level is far beyond mine, I have nothing to disagree with.”



“He is not only deeply knowledgeable about Western painting at a young age, but also good at Chinese painting, which is really rare.” Tang Xiangyang rubbed his chin and nodded.



Shi Fei tried to interrupt, “That actually ……”



Tang Xiangyang stopped him, “Shi Fei, you’re busy, you can leave first, we’ll discuss it ourselves.”



Wang Pingyang patted his hair, “Go back, we have to discuss.”



Xia Haiyan: “We still have to call and talk to the academy side about this.”



Tang Xiangyang nodded: “That’s right, it’s time to discuss it.”



Shi Fei was pushed out of the room by Wang Pingyang, looking at the isolated ward door, Shi Fei blinked, “Shouldn’t they discuss it with me?”



Shi Fei put on the hat and mask and got ready to leave, but before that, he looked through the window and saw several people squatting there.



At this moment, his mobile phone buzzed. Shi Fei picked it up and saw a message from Gu Yueze: [My car is parked at the back door, and the black license plate is XXX.]



Looking at the inquisitive paparazzi over there, Shi Fei directly turned around and walked to the back door.


There was really a black car parked there, he pulled the hat further down, entered the car and quickly closed the door.



Sitting in the car, Gu Yueze’s cool and elegant voice rang out: “Drive.”



Zhang Wu immediately started the car and drove off.



Shi Fei turned to him, “How come you came?”



Gu Yueze: “You also asked this question yesterday.”



Shi Fei couldn’t help but laugh, yesterday he wanted to leave after the competition, but the streets near the Ziwei Hotel were blocked, many fans around the area rushed over, and some even wanted to enter the hotel through various ways.



The hotel had to temporarily increase its security.



It was Gu Yueze who sent someone to pick him up and brought a lot of security guards to stop the crazy fans and reporters, and create a path, and finally succeeded in bringing Shi Fei out of the Ziwei Hotel.



Shi Fei comfortably leaned his back on the car seat, “Actually, what I want to ask is, Mr. Gu, aren’t you busy?”



Gu Yueze: “There are people in charge of the company, I don’t need to keep an eye on it every day.”



Shi Fei suddenly stared at Gu Yueze, then he raised an eyebrow and asked, “Mr. Gu, do you have any intention for me?”


Within the enclosed space, Gu Yueze’s eyes flashed with panic, the knot of his throat moved as he spoke: “You’re thinking too much.”



From Gu Yueze’s expression, Shi Fei couldn’t see anything, so he once again found a more comfortable posture, “Well, then it seems that I guessed wrong. I’m a little tired, so I’ll take a nap.”


With his head turned sideways, his thin lips closed slightly with a smile. He was worthy of being the excellent Gu Yueze, even his ability to hide emotions was first-rate.



Such a renowned president was free enough to go to a TV show, live with him and often appear when he needed help.



This Mary Sue scene, at first Shi Fei didn’t think that way, he just thought Gu Yueze was trying to get something from him.



Although his identity was strictly confidential to the country, it was difficult to guarantee that it wouldn’t be leaked, countless people in the world wanted to covet the results of his hand, it was possible that Gu Yueze wanted the same thing.



This was also the reason why Shi Fei agreed to let him stay at his house at first, to observe him up close.



But these two days spent quietly observing, Shi Fei gradually found that things weren’t as he suspected, even if he had a great business value, Gu Yueze spent too much time and energy on him.


Especially last night when watching the show “The Sims”, some netizens found Gu Yueze looking at him a little ambiguously and wanted to pair them.


Although the netizens who felt this way were a minority, at the same time, it reminded Shi Fei.



When he played it back, he realized that Gu Yueze’s eyes did often fall on his body, that cold ascetic face sometimes held an undetectable smile.


If Shi Fei hadn’t experienced many things, he would have been fooled if he was a pure white 18 years old.



Zhang Wu, who was sitting in the front row, was also complaining in his heart while driving: President Gu, you went to a reality TV show, and you went to be a guest and live in other people’s homes. Yet when Shi Fei asked, he couldn’t even confess.



Gu Yueze’s performance really made Zhang Wu worried.




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