Xue Wei was still thinking about how to deal with the follow-up of Shi Fei, but she hadn’t even left the scene when the police arrived.



“Ms. Xue please come with us, there is a malicious poisoning incident that requires you to cooperate with the investigation.”



Xue Wei panicked for a moment, but after thinking that she did a pretty clean job, she calmed down: “Do you have any evidence?”



“Come with me.” The police didn’t care whether Xue Wei was willing, he directly took her away.



The main broadcasters who hadn’t closed the live broadcast directly took this scene in, and the netizens were amazed.


“Da-mn, what is this situation, President Xue Wei was taken away?”



“I was in the vicinity of the Ziwei Hotel, I saw teacher Xia Haiyan being carried to the ambulance, I don’t know if it’s related to this.”



“No way, it’s just a competition, how come there’s also a palace scheme?”



“Who knows, didn’t Shi Fei reveal that the challenge was also placed by the Drunken River Literary Society? Who knows what they were thinking.”



“This trash Drunken River Literary Society, I knew that president didn’t look like a good person.”



“You guys are judging too early, the police haven’t said anything yet you’ve finished talking.”



“Although I also don’t like Xue Wei, concluding without evidence is wrong, wrongly accusing people isn’t good.”



In any case, Xue Wei was finally taken away by the police.



Whether it was the morning win over the famous Western painter Galen, or his win over AI intelligence in the afternoon, or his performance of “The Water Dragon” in the evening.



This only 18-year-old teenager was multi-talented.



Even his fans also encountered this strange situation, the fans of others were worried about their idol’s business ability not being good or not having enough talent, while Shi Fei’s fans were always worried about him leaving the industry and running away, because he was too talented.



There were also big fans that jokingly made comments: [Brother Fei, please stop being so erudite, please settle down and be an idol who makes money with his face. (helpless.jpg)]


Anyway, for Shi Fei’s fans, today was a happy day. In addition to watching the live broadcast of the competition during the day, they could also see the reality show “The Sims” at night.



It was exactly one hour after the Chinese and Western music dueling competition, happiness was like a tornado, it couldn’t be stopped when it came.



The Sims started on time at 9 p.m. This was broadcast in real time with the video site.



They’d seen the houses before in the pilot episode, so the opening scene in the first episode started with everyone on the bus.



The netizens saw Jiang Yu get on the bus and looked like he was rushing to sit with Shi Fei, only to be preempted by Gu Yueze, that depressed and aggrieved look made Jiang Yu’s fans and passersby laugh.



“Brother Jiang: I’m aggrieved but I won’t say anything.”


“Brother Jiang was the star promoter during the talent show, they have a really good relationship.”


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Li Hong my goddess, why is she still so beautiful after having a baby.”


“Yu Wenwen is too cute, totally different from her character on the screen. She’s soft and cute here.”


“Say, who is that with Shi Fei? His face value is also too high, I’ve follow stars for six years, I don’t remember which company has new people that look like this ah.”



“I know, this person called Gu Yueze, the official introduction says he’s 25 years old, now he’s debuting as an older star, but I love his face.”



“It is estimated that the newcomer has no work yet, but as a face dog I don’t care about the work, I’ll just look at his face.”



The people in the car were guessing where the shooting location would be.


Yu Wenwen and Jiang Yu were teasing ach other. Jiang Yu’s words, “Xiao Wen said I was born with a face like a hero”, when made Jiang Yu’s fans very happy.


On the screen, a group of people were all shouting, ‘My husband just called her Xiao Wen, good nickname’.


When the vehicle arrived at the destination, the camera swept around the surroundings and finally stopped at the big words ‘Idle Dream Literary Society’ on the round arch, the netizens were all crazy excited.



“OMG, is this the Idle Dream Literary Society? This episode must be fun.”



“So the first episode of ‘The Sims’ is coming to Idle Dreams Literary Society?”



“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh why do I get an inexplicable sense of excitement.”



“I know the one leading the way, he was there during the day when the two literary societies were dueling, it was Mr. Li Bowen.”



“It seems that this is their first meeting, seeing Li Bowen’s expression, then he didn’t know that Shi Fei is the big brother of national painting, hahahahahahahahaha, so funny.”



Originally, many fans came for their favorite stars, but when they saw that the first episode was filmed at the Idle Dream Literature Club, this brought everyone’s interest up.



After all, according to the timeline, when Shi Fei was filming this reality show, people didn’t know he was Mr. J, let alone that he could also paint Chinese paintings.



This was tantamount to wearing a vest on the show, but unfortunately now the whole internet knew about it.



Everyone followed the footsteps of several guests and Li Bowen’s introduction to learn things they hadn’t known about the Idle Dream Literary Society.



It turned out that this literary society was so powerful, the level of teachers inside was so strong, the people in the live broadcast were all hidden big brothers.



When they heard that one ‘mountain grass house’ was auctioned for 38 million, someone commented that ‘poverty has limited my imagination’.



The program also showed Mr. J’s legendary ‘Sunset’ painting that fetched a billion dollars, the only one in the entire corridor of Chinese paintings.



Especially when they saw Yu Wenwen excitedly pointing at the painting and talking about how Mr J’s painting “Sunset” fetched a billion dollars, the comments were even happier.



“Wenwen, turn around, the billion dollar painter is right behind you.”



“Goddess, I’ll tell you a secret, in fact, I know Mr. J is Shi Fei, you mustn’t tell others.”



“Wife, quickly let Mr. J behind you paint you a picture, you’ll be a rich woman.”



“Brother Fei, don’t touch your nose, your heart is weak, who told you to wear a vest on the show?”


The kind of feeling that the whole world knew Shi Fei’s real identity, yet only those who participated in the program didn’t know, netizens felt that every interaction between the guests were full of laughs.



Li Bowen explained Chinese painting for more than an hour, and finally asked questions to test everyone.


Originally, netizens guessed that it would be Shi Fei that’d save everyone, but they didn’t expect the first to answer was Gu Yueze.


They saw that he spoke slowly but answered fluently. In the conversation with Li Bowen, they knew that he had never touched on traditional Chinese painting before. He just heard it and remembered it all.



“Is this the legendary school bully, listen once and remember it all? Sure he’s not the strongest brain contestant who came to participate in the reality show?”



“I don’t believe he has such a good memory, he must have learned it before.”


“There are always people who feel stupid, and think the whole world is as stupid as they are, I think he’s telling the truth.”



“This memory is amazing. Seeing Gu Yueze, I doubt that he came to the industry to make money.”


“Do you only see Gu Yueze and doubt yourself? Don’t you doubt life when you see Shi Fei?”



“I suspect Gu Yueze also has a hidden vest, his vest is Mr. G.”


After Li Bowen gave up asking Gu Yueze, and instead named Shi Fei, a group of ‘hahaha’ appeared on the screen.


“Brother Fei I suspect that you are bullying teacher Li Bowen and I have recorded evidence.”


“Teacher Li Bowen, who can’t you pick? Why did you pick Brother Fei?”


The program team’s editing was still relatively good, that day when recording this program, the group of guests and Li Bowen still had some unpleasant interactions, especially in the afternoon when painting.



But after the program’s editing, those too harsh words weren’t added in.


On the contrary, Li Bowen saw that Shi Fei and Gu Yueze were able to draw the knowledge points and novice Chinese painting that he talked about once, and that dumbfounded and struck look, instantly drew laughter.



“Teacher Li , don’t test, not to mention this small Mei Lan, Shi Fei is able to draw a three side painting.”


“The strongest pretend master in history, Shi Fei.”



“Brother Fei, you’re so unkind, obviously a big brother yet you’re pretending to be a small chicken, look at teacher Li.”



“Heartbroken for Li Bowen, he doesn’t know what kind of painting big brother has done.”



“Heartbroken for Li Bowen.”



“Heartbroken for Li Bowen.”



“Heartbroken for Li Bowen.”



Before this show was finished, the hot search #HeartacheforLiBowen actually shot up to the top 10 of the hot search list.



The first and second searches were all about Shi Fei, so this hot search popped up out of nowhere, and viewers who didn’t watch the show thought it was a bit strange.



Who was this Li Bowen?



The result was that after taking a look at the content, passers-by also began to feel sorry for Li Bowen.



Li Bowen was too miserable.


Some netizens teased that this hot search was still related to Shi Fei. Did Shi Fei buy a monthly package on the hot search list?


How could it be everyday?



The first episode was an hour and a half, finally ending when they finished painting.



The preview of the next episode appeared to be a group of people selling their paintings.



When they saw the preview, the netizens were all very interested and shouted in anticipation of the next episode.



Because of Shi Fei’s influence, the number of students in the Idle Dream Literature Club grew rapidly over time.



During the day, many people saw the competition between Drunken River Literary Club and Idle Dream Literary Club, people who didn’t know folk music, Chinese painting and chess, only after watching the live broadcast did they know that the traditional Chinese literature was so powerful.



Although they still didn’t understand after watching it, anyway they thought it was very good.



Those parents who wanted their sons to become dragons and their daughters to become phoenixes, all wanted to send their children to the Idle Dream Literature Club to cultivate their artistic interests and wanted their children to become as good as Shi Fei.



Idle Dream Literary Society’s teachers weren’t enough, so they could only recruit teachers, many people applied, but they had very high requirements.



Of course, these were afterthoughts.



The next day ‘entertainment gossip sauce’ on Weibo suddenly released a bombshell: [Breaking news, many people know about yesterday’s showdown with the two literary clubs in the Ziwei Hotel. Originally, the Chinese and Western music duel in the evening was originally led by Xia Haiyan, the master of the Qin Academy, but only an hour or so left, teacher Xia Haiyan suddenly had an allergic reaction and fainted then she was sent to the hospital, which led to Shi Fei replacing het. Because after checking, all the evidence pointed to the president of the Drunken River Literature Club, Xue Wei. And the reason why Shi Fei at first arranged eight suona on the field, was to get justice for teacher Xia Haiyan.”



The ‘entertainment gossip sauce’ also attached a few pictures at the bottom, a picture of Xia Haiyan being carried into an ambulance.



Once this news came out, a bunch of people online scolded the Drunken River Literary Society and crusaded against Xue Wei.


“This woman is sick, right? Allergies can ki-ll people if they are not treated in time, she tried to mur-der someone.”


“If you can’t beat her, you’ll think of such a heartless idea, aren’t you afraid of being thunderbolted by heaven?”



“This kind of person should be arrested and receive a social beating, and then thrown to prison to suffer a beating, and then thrown to foreign countries to be beaten.”



“This woman must d-ie, animals are more humane than her.”



“People really have no bottom line, dirty words used on her isn’t too much, she’s simply shameless to the extreme.”



“I’m annoyed to see that so many are calling that unworthy thing a human being.”


“This kind of scum really refreshed my perception of shamelessness.”



“Yesterday Shi Fei was too gentle with the eight suona, it should be a hundred suona to burst that woman’s ear.”



“You’re all being hasty, although I don’t like Xue Wei, we can’t rely on a blogger to determine that this is her work, right?”



“That’s right, what if it was Xia Haiyan’s allergy? Isn’t it cyber violence for you guys to scold like this now?”



Some people felt that Xue Wei’s act was too abominable, especially since Xia Haiyan had played the piano at the Olympics to win glory for her country. The thought of Xue Wei doing this to an artist that benefited the country , she should be arrested and locked up for a hundred years.



Some people thought that things weren’t clear yet, it was impossible to convict someone based on a blogger’s post.



As a result, at 11 a.m., the official page of Juancheng Police Station issued a statement that Xue Wei was suspected of intentionally adding allergens to Xia Haiyan’s meals, and now the evidence was conclusive and she was detained.



This was the official confirmation that what ‘Entertainment Gossip Sauce’ said was true.



This time the Internet scolded Xue Wei even harder, and even many excited netizens pointed the conflict at the entire Drunken River Literary Society’s teachers and students.



Sirami Herman, the temporary head of the Qin Academy, took the initiative to announce his withdrawal from the Drunken River Literary Society after losing the competition last night, so he wasn’t hit hard.



While other outstanding students and teachers, Cheng Yuan, Ma Juntao, Carol and others such were scolded badly.



There was also a massive withdrawal from the Drunken River Literary Society.





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