Ziwei Hotel room 804.


This was the rest room of the president of the Drunken River Literature Club, Xue Wei, who was standing by the window at this moment, looked at the ambulance that was long gone from the hotel entrance, with a smile at the corner of her mouth.



Someone knocked on the door, Xue Wei went over, it was her assistant, she quickly asked after letting him in, “How is the situation there?”




“Xia Haiyan was suddenly sent to the hospital for allergies, and the other teachers and students of the Idle Dream Literature Club are all in a panic. It is estimated that the mood will definitely be affected later, and it is impossible for them to play normally during the competition.” The assistant explained the situation.



“That’s good.” Xue Wei nodded.



“There is one more thing, Shi Fei carried out first aid measures, he’s said to have read the relevant medical books, does he still know medicine?” The assistant was a bit puzzled




“I heard that he has been doing very well in school, him reading a few related medical books is normal.” Xue Wei took out a lady’s cigarette and lit it and exhaled a smoke ring, “Whether he knows medicine or not, and we have nothing to do with it, we are not a medical competition, as long as he doesn’t know folk music.”



The assistant nodded, now it seemed that the night game was a sure win.




The daytime competition was too intense, many reporters heard the news, one by one they blocked the gate of the hotel, the hotel had no choice but to send security guards to block those reporters outside, but there were still many reporters who sneaked in.



An hour later, the contest between the Drunken River Literary Society and the Idle Dream Literary Society began, still in the original banquet hall venue.



Both anchors and reporters were present, even the host was there.



The students of the Drunken River Literary Society were all smiling with confidence, completely unaffected by the continuous failures during the day.



On the side of the Idle Dream Literary Society, Tang Xiangyang and Xia Haiyan were not there, only Wang Pingyang and Shi Fei sat there to regulate the scene.




Xia Haiyan was sent to the hospital, the host also knew about it, but it was useless to mention it on this occasion, so he didn’t say anything, instead he tried to set a lighter atmosphere: “Another exciting competition, this evening is a Western music and Chinese folk music collision. As we all know, there are many kinds of Chinese folk music, with a long history dating back thousands of years. Of course Western music is not bad either, whether it’s guitar or piano these have long been integrated into everyone’s life ……”


Xue Wei said as if jokingly, “I heard that Shi Fei is a guitar prodigy, before the competition, I wonder if we have the honor to listen to you play a song, and also guide our guitar students?”



This seemingly joking request was actually a secret attempt to give Shi Fei a warning, after all, Shi Fei represented the Idle Dream Literature Club.



This side was full of traditional learning folk music, while the guitar belonged to Western music.



“So you don’t even have a good teacher in the Drunken River Literary Society? You need to rely on other literature club teachers to help guide you? If that’s the case, why don’t you let all your students come to our literature club, it’s a waste of time to stay there anyway.” Shi Fei firmly retorted, his calm expression in the morning and now was completely different, at this time, he was more fierce and didn’t give Xue Wei face.




Xue Wei’s face paled, she didn’t expect Shi Fei to disregard his image.



“I hope your Idle Dream Literature Club is really as powerful as you say it is.” Xue Wei snorted coldly.




Seeing that the atmosphere of the scene was getting awkward, the host immediately found a topic to make a round, and then pointed the words to the important match tonight.



“So we now invite the two sides of the contestants to come on stage, first is the Drunken River Literary Society musicians.” The host shouted loudly.



On the playing field, a piano was placed on the left center of the stage. Sirami Herman, one of the world’s famous pianist, slowly walked onto the stage wearing a classic black suit.



He was known as a genius pianist since childhood, at the age of 28 years old he had achieved such achievements, not to mention that the other party looked very handsome, blond hair and blue eyes, compared to the soft features of the Chinese, as a Westerner, his features were more profound and three-dimensional.




He became famous early, his face fans and career fans were all over the world. Unlike the previous daytime game, there were many people screaming with excitement.



Now that he finally played, everyone couldn’t help it.



“Ah, ah, ah, ah, finally when Sirami came out, I really envied the staff on the scene for listening to him play the piano for free. I’m jealous.”

“I can’t even grab Sirami’s recital tickets, I so want to go to the scene to listen, ah ah ah ah.”



“I want to cry, I just left yesterday from Juan City’s Ziwei Hotel, I should have stayed an extra day.”


“I’m on my way to the Ziwei Hotel, but it’s still miles away from here, the car can’t move because of traffic ah.”



“I’m near the Ziwei Hotel, but unfortunately the security block is too solid, I didn’t have a chance to get in ah, I want to get in so badly.”



The international piano master plus the popularity of Shi Fei completely attracted everyone nearby, not to mention the competition between the two literary societies, no matter which side, it’d definitely be a top performance ah.



Originally the daytime competition attracted a lot of people nearby, and now the streets near the Ziwei Hotel were all jammed with traffic.




Sirami elegantly sat in front of the piano, the other students with their own instruments followed on stage.



One by one, they all picked up their usual instruments, violin, cello, harp and so on.



After they were all seated, the host looked over to Shi Fei and asked, “Now can we have the musicians of the Idle Dream Literary Society on stage?”



There were a dozen of people from the Qin Academy under the Idle Dream Literature Club, some of them were holding erhu, some were carrying guzheng and guqin, some were holding pipa, or holding flutes, all kinds of folk musical instruments were visible.



Everyone thought that this group of people must be the ones who were going to compete next.



But they saw the corners of Shi Fei’s mouth curve slightly at this time: “Teacher Xia Haiyan is sick, I was temporarily ordered to stand in her place, so I want to determine the rules of the competition again? May I ask if each side’s literature club will send eight students to play music on stage with their own instruments to see if the other side can replicate it?”



Xue Wei nodded, “Yes.”



Shi Fei smiled, “That’s fine.” Then he clapped his palm, “Come in.”



At this time eight children ran in, one looked like 13 or 14 years old, the older ones were estimated to be 15 or 16 years old.



“Your opponents are them.” Shi Fei led the eight children on stage.



Xue Wei immediately became angry: “Shi Fei, what do you mean?”



Shi Fei: “Competition? Can’t you see?”




Xue Wei: “You’re letting children compete, you are humiliating the musicians of our Drunken River Literature Club, right?”



Shi Fei: “It’s a normal competition, how is it humiliation? Does the rules of the previous competition say that children are not allowed to participate?”




Xue Wei was so angry that she squeezed one hand tightly, the fire under her eyes were about to materialize, forcing the anger in her chest down, she looked at Wang Pingyang: “Mr. Wang, Shi Fei is young, are you just going to let him fool around like this?”



Wang Pingyang holding his thermos cup, said slowly: “Teacher Xia Haiyan is sick, before she was sent to the hospital, she asked Shi Fei to take over, so I can’t control this.”



Shi Fei said: “Xue Wei, don’t be so anxious, maybe you can win.”



With the fall of Shi Fei’s words, at this time those children respectively took out their suona pinned to the back of their pants.



Xue Wei: “……”



Drunken River Literary Society students: “……”



Netizens: “……”



“Da-mn, Shi Fei’s move is ruthless ah, with the suona, how can the others still compete ah?”




“Suona is a rogue in the world of musical instruments, one is enough, not to mention eight, Drunken River Literary Society should directly admit defeat, it can’t be compared.”



“Shi Fei, this is too shameless.”



“That’s right, you agreed to a competition, but you taking out the suona to pressure your opponents, not to mention eight, this is too much.”



“You guys are sick, right, what does morals have to do with the game?”



“I was originally a fan of Shi Fei, but his behavior just now makes it difficult for me to accept, goodbye.”




There were many people online who felt that since this was a showdown between Chinese and Western music, it should be done in an upright manner, and this tactic of Shi Fei seemed too low.



Shi Fei looked at Xue Wei and Sirami, “This next song, you guys just need to replicate it and you’ll win.”



Then he turned to the children, “Come on, kids, play ‘Hundred Birds to the Phoenix’.”



The sound of the suona stood out, rough and high-pitched with great volume, the tune “Hundred Birds to the Phoenix” was cheerful and lively, which lifted people’s spirits.



The children over here were getting more and more energetic, they had been learning suona for many years, perhaps they weren’t as good as those teachers, but they were still good.



The power of eight suona playing at the same time was really not to be underestimated, and the sound could be heard outside the hotel.




Whether it was the tone of the suona or the pitch of the suona, there was no Western instrument that could match it, and the suona could imitate the sound of birds when playing ” Hundred Birds to The Phoenix”, which was something that Western instruments couldn’t imitate.



There was a folk saying: ‘A thousand years of pipa and a thousand years of zheng, an erhu for life, and a suona for the whole play’.




As long as the suona played, all other instruments would be forced to become accompaniment.



When the tune was finished, Shi Fei didn’t care how dark the faces of all the students across the room were, he himself led a happy applause: “It was really well played. These children are students of our Idle Dream Literary Society’s Music Academy, now what do you say?”




The Drunken River Literary Society side looked furious, before Xue Wei could say anything, Sirami was the first to get angry, accusing in fluent Chinese, “You’re cheating.”



Shi Fei: “How did I cheat? The Chinese and Western music competition was agreed upon, isn’t suona a folk instrument? What’s wrong with us competing with folk instruments? You can also come up with instruments that can compete with it?”



Sirami had never encountered such shamelessness since he became famous, it was humiliating for him.



He was the world’s sixth-ranked piano player, and every time he gave a recital, it was hard to get a ticket.



As a result, he was competing with someone here, but was humiliated: “I heard that you are also an excellent guitarist, how can someone like you be qualified to touch the instrument?”




The originally white face of Sirami, turned red, he was obviously really angry.




The netizens in front of the live broadcast, originally when the children came out to play the suona, there weren’t many people that scolded Shi Fei, now seeing Sirami angry, suddenly many people couldn’t help it.




“Shi Fei is sick, right, no matter what, Sirami is also the world pianist, how can he be humiliated this much?”



“When I saw the live broadcast in the morning, I still liked him, now I’m an anti-fan for life.”




“Fuc-k fu-ck fu-ck fu-ck, Shi Fei don’t let me meet you, I’ll k-ill you.”



“What’s the big deal about you, as an artist you don’t even have a decent piece of work, you’re only popular in the hot search list, go to hell, you trash.”




“Shi Fei has really lost the face of the country, I feel ashamed for him, let him get out.”



“This is just a normal competition, he didn’t violate the rules, must you people be so radical?”



“Shi Fei, fu-cking get lost.”



Sirami’s anger led to his fans jumping out.




After all, Shi Fei had only been popular for a short time, even if he also didn’t lose to Sirami’s identity as a painter, but his fans’ combat ability wasn’t enough, Sirami got famous early, his fans were all over the world.



The netizens who watched the live broadcast quickly posted what happened on Douyin and Weibo, this competition wasn’t yet over, but Shi Fei was already being attacked online.




Sirami’s brain-damaged fans began to implicate attacked the other teachers and members of the Idle Dream Literary Society, Tang Xiangyang and Wang Pingyang were bombarded with hate.

Shi Fei’s fans were urgently summoned to fight against the anti-fans, and Jiang Yu sat in front of the computer and typed rapidly, refuting the messages on the internet.



Jiang Yu held a piece of bread in his mouth, “This group of lunatics started to curse without knowing the truth, and they don’t even know that they are being used as a gu-n. Master, you have to counterattack quickly? Otherwise these little flying elephants will not be able to hold up.”



Over at the competition site, Shi Fei was unaware that he had been hacked all over the internet. Faced with the angry questioning of Sirami, Shi Fei looked at the teachers and students of his zither school and said, “Since Mr. Sirami wants to listen to Chinese music, how about we play him a song.”





At this time someone handed a backpack to Shi Fei, and some people quickly started to set up the table, Shi Fei put the backpack on the table, and as soon as he removed the cloth bag, he revealed the cedar wood zither inside.




At this time, the students of the Qin Academy of the Idle Dream College also took their instruments one by one to the stage, and the students from other academies moved chairs for them to the stage.




One by one, led by Shi Fei, they sat down and looked at the musicians of the Drunken River Literary Society’s competition across from them with torch-like eyes.




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