Shi Fei had a relaxing dinner, anyway, they won the chess and painting competition, he had nothing to do with the music competition in the evening.



During the meal, Teacher Wang Pingyang and Tang Xiangyang both didn’t have much time to spare, the daytime advertising incident made them busy.



The live broadcast of the competition in the afternoon made Shi Fei’s popularity soar, and there were many videos of him on Douyin, with his name on the Weibo’s hot search list again.



#Mr. J’s new three-sided Chinese painting

#Shi Fei vs AI intelligence

#Shih Fei is A Door Master of the Idle Literary Society



One person took up several more hot searches, this hot search list made those stars who desperately wanted hot searches envious.



He had become a legend in the hot search list.



After the meal, he received a call from Wei Weidong, who spoke with gritted teeth, mainly because the first phase of “The Sims” started tonight, and as a result, he, the main guest, was on a series of hot searches, but none of them were about this.



Wei Weidong’s brain was buzzing with anger. Shi Fei smiled and quickly comforted him. After hanging up, he took his mobile phone to log in to Weibo to promote the Sims reality show.



The guests were supposed to cooperate with the promotion of the show.


Not long after the post was sent, Song Yiyuan called, saying that several spokesmen had taken the initiative to ask him to come this afternoon.



Shi Fei knew how these endorsements came.



After Tang Xiangyang finished his live broadcast, he sat on Shi Fei’s side and squeezed his shoulders: “Old Wang and I didn’t ask for your consent and directly announced that you’re the master of the chess and painting academy, are you unhappy?”



Wang Pingyang came over and crossed his arms with a glare: “He dares to be unhappy?”



Shi Fei shook his head, “I know you did it for me.”



In any case, although Wang Pingyang and Tang Xiangyang weren’t stars that had many fans, they had power and contacts.



Mr. Wang Pingyang had won many chess tournaments on behalf of his country, not to mention Mr. Tang Xiangyang, who represented the Chinese cultural heritage to a certain extent.



The two of them announced in public that Shi Fei was a door master of the idle dream literary society, people who didn’t know them would think that they were using Shi Fei’s popularity to recruit students, in fact, this was a way for them to protect Shi Fei in disguise, to let those capital parties understand that it meant that Shi Fei was covered by them.




If they really wanted to find someone to promote, it didn’t have to be Shi Fei, they could find bigger stars. With their popularity in the industry, there would many stars willing to endorse it for free.



With this, those who originally wanted to deal with Shi Fei would have to think twice. The blocking of Shi Fei by Sky Star Media had been torn out.



Otherwise, how could those endorsements come so quickly? With the popularity of Shi Fei now, there would be more resources coming to his door in the future.



In accordance with the rules, the music competition would start by seven o’clock, there was one and a half hours left.



When the time came, he could still watch the first episode of “The Sims”, which didn’t start until 9pm.



Although the Qin Academy was headed by the word Qin, the Qin Academy’s master Xia Haiyuan was also good at the Guqin and Pipa, but in fact the Qin Academy didn’t teach only these two instruments.



The entire Qin Academy promoted the folk music of China, so there were many excellent teachers who were good at other instruments.



This was also the case with the Drunken River Literary Society.



The two sides discussed the rules of the competition, eight musicians from each side, bringing their own instruments and competing together to see which side couldn’t keep up with the tune first.



There were many powerful instruments in Western countries, but there were also many instruments in China.




Thousands of years of pipa, thousands of years of zheng, their Chinese music history had several thousand years.




“It’s not good, teacher Xia Haiyan has a high fever.” Suddenly a student of the Qin academy ran in anxiously, the expression on his face looked like he was about to cry.



Tang Xiangyang asked, “What’s going on, wasn’t she fine during dinner?”



The student choked: “Teacher finished eating, then said she wanted to take a few teachers to the competition hall to practice, other students were watching, but as soon as the practice began, her body had rash, her face too, now she has a high fever.”



Wang Pingyang: “Let’s go check it out.”



Shi Fei also followed closely.



Xia Haiyan was in the room lounge, she was lying on the sofa, next to a group of students who anxiously held water and towels.




“What’s going on? It’s like this, yet you guys still haven’t send Haiyan to the hospital?” Tang Xiangyang’s face was difficult to look at.




“Teacher didn’t allow us to, she said that there’s the competition at night.” When she said that, Xia Haiyan was still awake, but now she was unconscious.



Tang Xiangyang was angry, “This is nonsense, how can she still be thinking about the competition, let’s take her to the hospital.”



“You guys, don’t move her yet.” When Fei squeezed in to check Xia Haiyan’s condition.



Wang Pingyang was anxious: “Little brat, at this time you’re still making trouble, hurry and get up.”



He was about to go forward and pick up Shi Fei.



Tang Xiangyang stopped him: “Let him look, Xiao Fei won’t cause trouble.”



Shi Fei squatted down to look at Xia Haiyan’s neck, there were a lot of red rashes, the corners of her mouth was slightly red and swollen, two fingers probed at her wrist, he frowned slightly and said, “Teacher Xia Haiyan should be allergic to something.”



“You all spread out first, quickly find someone to go to the nearby pharmacy to buy cetirizine drops or prednisone, you can buy any of those, go to the hotel and ask if there is an epinephrine pen, if there is, quickly bring it.”



Not clear if there were pharmacies in the vicinity, Tang Xiangyang ordered three groups of people to go in three separate ways to buy these drugs, and find someone to ask the hotel staff.




At this time Shi Fei saw Xia Haiyan show symptoms of breathing difficulties, “Quickly, someone help me to move teacher Xia Haiyan on the ground.”



Wang Pingyang looked puzzled: What was Shi Fei doing?



Although inwardly, he didn’t understand, he still hurried to find someone to help Shi Fei to lift her on the floor.



Shi Fei looked around the lounge, there were no pillows, he quickly turned to the crowd, “I need a few pieces of clothing, the boys can take off their tops.”



Probably because of Shi Fei’s previous ability in the painting and chess competition, anyway, teacher Tang Xiangyang chose to believe him, and the other trainees also chose to believe him.



Soon there were quite a few boys who took their tops off directly, originally it was summer, and once these clothes were off, all of them were suddenly bare-chested, but they didn’t care.



Shi Fei grabbed two pieces of clothing pads and placed it under Xia Haiyan’s feet, and placed two more clothes pads under her head.



“What is Shi Fei doing at this point?” A trainee asked in a low voice without understanding.




“He is keeping Ms. Xia’s airway open to avoid blocking the airway and causing asphyxiation.” One of the trainees was a medical student, so she immediately explained, in fact she also knew these methods, but she was too nervous and inexperienced, so she momentarily forgot.



“Teacher Xia seems to be breathing more smoothly.” Someone noticed that Xia Haiyan, who seemed to be having difficulty breathing just now, was obviously better.



At this time the people that went out to buy medicine returned, “We got, the hotel staff has prepared the pen.”



At the same time there were hotel personnel who followed them, this kind of thing happened in their hotel, how could they ignore it?



Shi Fei grabbed the bag of drugs, after confirming that it was correct, he placed up the pen next to Xia Haiyan’s outer thighs to measure the muscle injection.



Everyone nervously observed the situation, the good news was that Xia Haiyan’s situation was slowly getting better.



Just then the ambulance arrived outside, Shi Fei helped the paramedics get Xia Haiyan on a stretcher, Shi Fei quickly told them the medicine he’d used.



The paramedics looked at Shi Fei strangely, “Have you studied pharmacology?”



Shi Fei calmly responded, “I know a little, I read the relevant books before.”



“It’s good that you took measures in advance, this allergy of hers is very aggressive.” The paramedic said.



At this time, Xia Haiyan, who was originally unconscious, suddenly grabbed Shi Fei and said in a low voice: “The match …… match …… match …… folk music can’t lose, can not lose ……”



Shi Fei came close to hear clearly, his eyes slightly flashed, then he whispered in Xia Haiyan’s ear, “Teacher Xia, go to the hospital first and get medical treatment, the competition has me, we won’t lose.”



Probably hearing Shi Fei’s words, Xia Haiyan let go of Shi Fei’s hand.




Because only family members could accompany her, Tang Xiangyang and several students followed along with a car.




The students of the Qin Academy wanted to go along, each with a very worried expression.



Shi Fei stopped them: “You can’t help, she’ll be fine. Ms. Xia was still thinking about the competition before she got into the ambulance, so the most important thing we can do right now is to win the competition at night and tell her the good news when she wakes up.”



“Teacher Xia is sick, how can we still compete?” Xia Haiyan was the backbone of their Qin academy, and when the backbone was sick, the others lost their confidence.



Shi Fei seriously responded, “We have to win when Teacher Xia is here, and we have to win even more when Teacher Xia isn’t here.”




Someone weakly asked: “How to win ah?”



The corners of his mouth slightly hooked up, a flash of calculation passed his eyes: “Of course, it’s to win openly.”



Looking at Shi Fei’s confident eyes, inexplicably, their confidence was once again ignited.




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