Shi Fei entered into the mode of playing chess, with the eyes of teacher Wang Pingyang in the back, Shi Fei didn’t dare to take it lightly, and didn’t dare move his fingers when he wasn’t playing.



It was so hard.



Shi Fei started to concentrate on his move, the first move was three into five, and after one turn, he played the second move ……



Wang Pingyang below nodded when he saw this move. This guy’s style of play was still the same as in previous years, he liked to play a solid opening, consolidate his position first, and then wait for an opportunity to counterattack.



People who weren’t familiar with his style of play tended to think that he was a conservative type, but in fact his opponent was the layout.



Unknowingly, he sets up the game, and then finally showed his fangs and took out his scythe to swing at his opponent.



The speed of the artificial intelligence was very fast, but as a result, Shi Fei wasn’t slower than his opponent.



“I haven’t seen it clearly, and Shi Fei made a move, it’s too fast.”



“No regrets, doesn’t he think about it? If he make a wrong move, there’s no such thing as regret.”



“Anyway, I don’t expect to understand it, I’ll just watch my son’s beautiful face.”



“I don’t know chess at all, please asking the expert to answer, is Shi Fei’s move a pretence or is he really capable?”



“Hey, Shi Fei’s rook was eaten, is he going to lose? Asking the expert to answer.”



The opening game was a regular game so Shi Fei moved fast, but in the middle he moved slower, giving the illusion to the viewers who didn’t know chess that he wasn’t able to play.



After a while, Shi Fei’s other rook was eaten again.



At the beginning, there were still many people who had studied chess in the comment section, analyzing Shi Fei’s moves, some said Shi Fei was making a wrong move, and many people thought he was about to lose.



As more and more pieces were captured, the netizens were anxious for him, but Shi Fei himself was just as calm and collected.



Just when everyone thought he was going to lose, his ki-ll move came out and he ate his opponent’s pieces one by one.



The people who said Shi Fei was going to lose were slapped in the face one by one.



“Damn, this layout is too scary, the front obviously looks like it’s about to lose, but this time the situation has turned around.”



“The situation has been reversed? But I counted the pieces, the red chess pieces smashed by him is still less than the black chess pieces?”



“People who have been learning chess for five years say they can’t understand Shi Fei’s play at all.”




“I am an amateur chess player of 5 years, I think I am a loser, I hope some of you can analyze the game afterwards.”



As the game entered the peak, the number of people in the live room once again continued to soar, in the morning because of the presence of Shi Fei, the popularity of the live room had been climbing up, after all Shi Fei was Mr. J, it wasn’t surprising.



The anchors thought there wouldn’t be so many people interested in watching chess in the afternoon, but they didn’t expect the popularity to increase instead of decrease, more and more people rewarded, and the treasure chests had accumulated to several hundred without opening them.



‘Jagged Wave Little Fairy’ couldn’t believe the high popularity, before her channel could only be considered second-tier, now she could be a first tier anchor.



She underestimated Shi Fei’s ability.



With a burst of applause on the computer, a voice spoke, ‘congratulations to the player for winning this competition’.



Shi Fei used two abandoned pieces to create a ki-ll game, pushing his opponent step by step into the pit and finally completing a Jedi comeback.



The whole room was silent, was this a win for Shi Fei over the AI?



“Oh my god, although I don’t understand chess, this should mean that Shi Fei won, right?”



“I have goose bumps, Shi Fei actually beat the AI intelligence.”



“My husband has impressed me once again, I can’t understand it anyway, I’ll just praise hard.”



“I often feel that I am not good enough to match my husband, but fortunately, husband never gives up on me.”



“If it weren’t for the fact that Shi Fei was just sent a message that he won the game, I would almost believe you.”



“Don’t stop me, I’m going to take the water gu-n to wake up those grannies upstairs.”



The netizen’s comments instantly turned crooked.



When Shi Fei took off his headset, he heard the host’s surprised voice: “Shi Fei, congratulations on winning this game, and congratulations on being the first player to win against the artificial intelligence software version 2.0, may I ask what you want to say at this time?”



Wang Pingyang’s face finally showed a smile, this brat didn’t let him down.



Shi Fei looked at the computer screen, a little puzzled: “Isn’t this the 1.0 version?”



The host: “……” This question was too difficult to answer, the host laughed awkwardly: “Mr. Shi Fei is really joking, how can we be wrong, the difficulty factor in this chess software can be said to be the highest among all chess software at present, you conquered this 2.0 version.”



Shi Fei muttered to himself, “Is it hard?”



At this time, Cheng Yuan’s also ended the game, but unfortunately he didn’t end with a victory, he lost.



After taking off his headset, he realized that Shi Fei had already finished and won.



Cheng Yuan walked over to Shi Fei, stared at the screen for a few seconds, then looked up and asked Shi Fei, a bit confused: “You won against the AI?”



Shi Fei: “Yes.”



Cheng Yuan: “How did you win?”



Shi Fei thought about it, “Just randomly.”



Cheng Yuan: “Can you show me the replay?”



Shi Fei: “…… Don’t you play backgammon? You watching my replay is useless, right?”



Cheng Yuan replied seriously, “I also play Chinese chess, and I’ve compared with this AI software before, and I’ve never won.”



“Oh oh.” Shi Fei nodded, but he couldn’t find it yet, so he looked up and asked, “Where is the replay?”



Cheng Yuan gave Shi Fei directions and reached out to tap the screen.



The netizens saw this scene and were all confused.



“What are the two of them doing? Do they still remember they are opponents?”



“It is estimated that they have forgotten, looking at the interaction between the two of them, why does it look like that? I kind of want to pair them.”



“The two of them are too funny.”



“Am I in the wrong venue, this is not a competition site, this is actually a dating show.”



“The truth is upstairs.”



“I hereby announce that I have locked this CP, the key was thrown into the sea.”




The anchor looked at that group of netizens’ comments, a little stunned, today’s netizens were really excellent ah.



The two competition rivals almost exchanged ideas on the field, the host interrupted the deep chat between the two, looking for a topic.



Xue Wei also took the opportunity to stop him: “Cheng Yuan, this is a competition site, don’t fool around.”


Cheng Yuan blinked, “Shi Fei is better than me, I’m asking for advice so I can improve.”



Xue Wei’s face was almost green with anger, this Cheng Yuan was a chess master, his talent was also very strong, but his human interaction skills was a bit worse, he only concentrated on chess.



Couldn’t he see that the two of them were opponents? How could he for advice so naturally after losing? Wasn’t this an obvious way to tell others that their Drunken River Literary Society was inferior to the Idle Dream Literary Society.



After Xue Wei’s interruption, Cheng Yuan was pulled back to the camp of the Drunken River Literature Society, and the result was clear.



After the host announced the results, Wang Pingyang suddenly went on stage, the host thought he had something touching to say.



Instead, he took the host’s microphone and said to the two anchors, “Both of you, point your cameras at me.”



Then he introduced loudly, “Chinese chess, a culture inherited for thousands of years by our old Chinese ancestors, naturally has its reasons. Playing chess can not only develop intelligence, exercise one’s perseverance, but also cultivate the mind and cultivate the emotions. I think you all know about Shi Fei’s academic performance, he was cynical every day and didn’t go to school properly, but he still got the first place in his grade, which can’t be separated from the result of learning chess from childhood to develop his intelligence.”



“You don’t know, Shi Fei is the master of our chess academy, do you want your children to become as good as Shi Fei, then come to our Idle dream literature society to learn chess, develop your children’s intelligence, let them become the next outstanding teenager like Shi Fei.”



Shi Fei looked at Wang Pingyang’s series of advertising, this should be the right advertising, those skilled words and phrases, that he didn’t memorize the lines in advance, no would believe.



When did Mr. Wang Pingyang become so smart?



Sitting in the audience section, Tang Xiangyang secretly clenched his teeth, this old thing actually moved faster than him.



He hurriedly followed him to the stage and took the microphone from Wang Pingyang, “Learning to draw is good for improving observation, exercising patience, enriching personal life, and making people more confident. At the same time, when painting, our imagination is expanded and deepened. Shi Fei is also the door master of our Idle Dream Literary Society’s painting academy. Do you want your children to become excellent masters of Chinese painting like Shi Fei, to spread their fame abroad and to win glory for your country? If you want to, come to our Idle Dream Literary Society painting academy to study.”



Shi Fei: “……”



He became the door master of two academies at once, why was he the only one who didn’t know?



“Hahahahahahahahahaha Mr. Wang and Mr. Tang are both too amusing, advertising in the competition site.”



“Look at my husband’s dumbfounded expression, I can’t help but laugh hahaha.”


“Brother Fei is too miserable. He was made the head of two academies at once.”



“Brother Fei: who am I where I am what I am doing?”



“Anchor, trouble you to ask the idle dream literature Society’s tuition? Is it a yearly or hourly fee?”



“How old can a child start to learn chess?”



“I’m 18 years old, is it too late to start learning painting? Anchor, help me ask.”


There were really quite a few netizens who left messages asking about chess and painting.



Those two anchors were also bold, they really ran to ask.



Then Wang Pingyang and Tang Xiangyang sat in front of the camera, at first, they didn’t quite understand, but after the anchors taught them a few times, they began reading and answering the questions.



Shi Fei was speechless, theses old men were too good, they even knew how to live broadcast.



As for the drunken river literature society, their angry faces almost turned green, especially Xue Wei, when leaving, her friendly expression couldn’t be maintained, she left with a dark expression.




They organized the competition to increase the fame of their own literary club, but ended up losing painting and chess one after another, and instead they used their wallets to promote the other.



After losing two of the three competitions, once they returned to their own lounge, Xue Wei said to all the students with a dark and sullen expression, “We must not lose the piano competition in the evening.”



Herman said confidently, “There is no way we will lose in the evening competition with me.”



When Xue Wei saw Herman, she finally felt relieved.



The world’s sixth-ranked genius pianist, and the youngest pianist in the world’s top 20.



Xue Wei knew that Shi Fei also had an identity, gary, a very powerful guitarist.



Unfortunately, the guitar was a Western musical instrument. According to the rules of the competition, the leisure dream literature society had to compare with folk music. This threat could be put down for the time being.



However, Xia Haiyan was the head of the Qin academy, and Xue Wei had heard about her. She was afraid that she was a big threat. In case, she had to take some necessary measures in advance.



They couldn’t afford to lose the last game, otherwise the entire Drunken River Literary Society would really become the laughing stock of the industry.




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