The second game was played by Wang Pingyang himself.



Drunken River Literary Club also sent out the chess master Guo Shuisheng.



Shi Fei looked at Xue Wei’s expression, it seemed that she didn’t want Guo Shuisheng to play, so he asked curiously: “Teacher Tang, didn’t you say that this Cheng Yuan’s level exceeded his master Guo Shuisheng’s? Why not continue to let Cheng Yuan play?”



” Guo Shuisheng lost in the hands of the old Wang before, this time he probably wants to regain face, but also break the shadow that has been in his heart for many years.” Tang Xiangyang sat on the side.



“One plays backgammon, the other, Chinese chess, how will they play against each other?” Shi Fei looked up and asked in disbelief.



“Guo Shuisheng and Old Wang used to be close when they were as old as you, they were both famous and talented chess players in the chess world. Tang Xiangyang slowly said, “Then it was time to go to the youth chess tournament, there was only one place, they both wanted to participate, their master asked them to play against each other, and finally old Wang won. Guo Shuisheng was unconvinced by the match, and thought that his master was biased, and told Wang Pingyang his chess play in advance, and then he gave up Chinese chess in a fit of rage, and learned backgammon instead.”



Shi Fei nodded, he didn’t think there was such a history, no wonder Guo Shuisheng looked at Teacher Wang Pingyang with such ‘affectionate’ eyes.



At this time, Shi Fei also felt two ‘affectionate’ eyes on him.



He turned his head to look over, and met the gloomy eyes of Cheng Yuan.



Shi Fei helplessly pursued his lips.


Brother, don’t look at me like this, I’ll think you have thoughts about me.



Then Shi Fei felt a more intense gaze, he looked over and saw a blonde hair and blue-eyed man, Carol’s brother.



His eyes were a bit like a cheetah looking at a prey, Shi Fei curled his lips, the corners of his mouth hooked up a smile.



Putting his eyes back on the big screen, he focused on the chess situation between Guo Shuisheng and Wang Pingyang.



Unlike the usually grumpy Wang Pingyang, after getting on the chessboard, Wang Pingyang’s entire aura internalized and became calm and collected.



His way of playing chess was to swallow his opponent’s pieces little by little.



“Who do you think will win between the two of them?” Tang Xiangyang asked Shi Fei in a low voice.



Shi Fei said with one hand on his chin, “The result will come out soon.”


Less than half a minute after Shi Fei finished, Guo Shuisheng’s screen turned gray, he lost, Wang Pingyang was still playing.




Tang Xiangyang looked sideways at Shi Fei and said with a smile, “You are really deep, you still know backgammon.”



Shi Fei: “……” He was trapped again.



The old man was so shrewd?



It was his fault for being too respectful of the old and young, and not being on guard.



Guo Shuisheng ended in about five minutes, Wang Pingyang also finished, he also didn’t win against the artificial intelligence, but according to the rules of the game, he won.



Guo Shuisheng looked defeated and probably couldn’t believe that he lost to Wang Pingyang. He looked at him with red bloodshot eyes and questioned loudly, “Impossible, how can you win against me?”



Wang Pingyang coldly snorted: “You couldn’t afford to lose back then, and you still can’t afford to lose after decades. Master didn’t help anyone back then, it’s just that you were unwilling to admit defeat.”



Guo Shuisheng shook his head, “It’s impossible. At the beginning, everyone clearly said that I was more talented than you.”



Xue Wei frowned slightly, then quickly picked up the smile on her face, “Teacher Guo Shuisheng is tired of playing chess, you two take him down to rest for a while. In the third game, Cheng Yuan will go on.”



Guo Shuisheng was taken away from the game.



The host announced the result of the game, and at the same time announced another thing, it turned out that Wang Pingyang broke the record of the highest time of the Chinese chess in this artificial intelligence game, capturing the record of the most pieces of the opponent.



“As expected of Mr. Wang Pingyang.”



“Although I can’t understand, but shouting long live Teacher Wang feels right.”



“This Guo Shuisheng really can’t afford to lose, he’s a grandmaster, and still looking for excuses when he loses.”



“Mr. Wang, are you still angry? Do you want me to help you catch Shi Fei over to beat again?”



“Mr. Wang go on, turn them over and win this game.”



Probably because Wang Pingyang played Chinese chess and represented China in a certain sense, many people online supported him.



The host also wanted to create a more exciting atmosphere and interviewed Wang Pingyang, “May I ask Mr. Wang Pingyang, will you still decide to play in the third game later?”



Everyone thought Wang Pingyang would definitely take the third game and win the match, but then Wang Pingyang rubbed his head, “I’m not playing, I’m old and I feel sleepy after playing a game of chess. Shi Fei will play the third game.”


The people were surprised. Mr. Wang, your heart is really big. In the first set, Shi Fei’s hand slipped. How can you be rest assured that he will go on.


“You little brat, if you dare to slip again, I will definitely break both your legs.” Wang Pingyang glared at Shi Fei.



When Shi Fei shivered in fear, this action was seen by netizens and a burst of hahahaha was launched in the comment section, some people also ‘corrected’ Teacher Wang Pingyang, Shi Fei clearly had three legs.



“I suspect I’m a fake fan, I so want to see Brother Fei roll over once more, I want to see Brother Fei being chased wolfishly.”



“I’m the same, I want to see him rollover.”



“You guys don’t have to think about it, maybe it will happen soon, I think Shi Fei isn’t good at chess.”



“I believe that Shi Fei can play chess, but it should be an amateur level, right? He can’t be good at everything, right?”



“Then why did Mr. Wang Pingyang send him on the field?”



“Wang Pingyang couldn’t have been distracted by the chess game just now, could he?”



“I thought I would see a match between two kings in the third game, but it looks like it will only be a king beating a bronze.”



Shi Fei pulled his shirt and walked on stage again, with the ‘imploring’ eyes of teacher Wang Pingyang behind him.



The host laughed and joked, “Shi Fei, you won’t slip again this time, right?”



Shi Fei rubbed his hands, “Look at Mr. Wang’s eyes, if my hands slip again, I’m afraid I won’t be able to walk out of the competition site when the competition is over.”



Everyone laughed out loud.



At this time, Cheng Yuan stared at the Shi Fei with a tangled expression: “You, good luck.”



Shi Fei: “……”



Cheng Yuan bit his lips: “I’ll try to let you lose without embarrassment, you, don’t give up easily. Winning without a fight on the field is a shame for me, don’t give me shame again.”



Shi Fei: “……”



This elder brother seemed so smart when he played chess, but he seemed to have a good feeling for him because he spoke these words seriously.



Shi Fei smiled faintly, “Okay, I will definitely do my best.”



Cheng Yuan nodded.



The two put on their noise-cancelling headphones at the same time, and as the host shouted start, the countdown began in front of their computer screens.



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