After an afternoon of idleness, Shi Fei got hungry, touching his stomach, he dragged himself to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, there was nothing in it except eggs.



“It’s clean though.” Artists who were at home every day, usually didn’t dare to put too much things in their fridge.


Shi Fei didn’t want to go out, there were too many discussions about him these days, and he was always recognized when he went out.


After ten minutes of patience and listening to his stomach growl, Shi Fei couldn’t take it anymore.


Alas, no matter what kind of person you become, you have to eat grains and cereals ah.



He changed his shoes, wore a white sweatshirt and cap, then he grabbed a mask, he wanted to go out to pick up some food.


As a result, when he opened the door and saw someone standing at the door, he was stunned.



Gu Yueze was wearing a black suit, his hand was raised, ready to knock on the door.


Shi Fei was surprised: “Why are you here?”


A trace of embarrassment flashed on Gu Yueze’s face, but he quickly suppressed it and solemnly spoke, “I was kicked out by my landlord.”

Shi Fei almost stumbled and fell, he hurriedly held the wall.



Young master, look at the clothes you’re wearing, you think this statement can be believed?



“Where did you learn this third-rate pickup line?” Shi Fei was speechless.


“I owe two months’ rent, I was evicted, and now I’m penniless.” The president decided to use the poor persona to the end.


He leaned against the door with his arms around his chest, “What do you want?”


The president: “Can you take me in for two days.”

Shi Fei: “Our relationship doesn’t seem to be good enough to accommodate you for the night.”

Gu Yueze: “I don’t have any other friends that can help.”


Shi Fei really wanted to roll his eyes, he didn’t believe him for a second.


This was when the elevator made a sound, and it sounded like someone was coming out, so Shi Fei hurriedly turned sideways, “Come in first.”



Gu Yueze stepped into Shi Fei’s home with large strides.


It was the same as what he saw in the pilot episode, it wasn’t big, but it was clean and tidy.


After Gu Yueze went in, he stood in the living room and looked around. When he saw a small bookshelf with a lot of books on it, he went over to look at it.


Shi Fei quickly picked up the notebook on the tea table.



Not a moment later, with his legs on the coffee table and the notebook on his lap, he stared at Gu Yueze: “Gu Yueze, male, 25 years old, height 189cm, weight 73kg, president of Gu Group, he has shown extraordinary intelligence from childhood, at 18 years old, he got a double doctorate degree from a famous university, proficient in 12 languages.”



When reading this, Shi Fei was amazed and looked up, “Are you really proficient in 12 languages?”


This face hit came as quick as a tornado, but Gu Yueze obviously wasn’t embarrassed after being exposed, he simply nodded.


Shu Fei continued to read: “Good at archery, golf and many other sports, he has the ability to never forget …… wow, your life is an open book.”


Shi Fei felt too lazy to continue reading. All the information he found was one-sided, but even so, he knew there was no such thing as Gu Yueze being kicked out by the landlord.


“President Gu, please next time you pretend to be poor, remember to change your clothes, the watch on your hand is worth more than ten million.” What was more, before the pilot episode, Gu Yueze’s home was shown. Such a big mansion, whether it was Gu Yueze’s temperament or clothes, revealed the aura of ‘ Lao Tzu is rich’.


Gu Yueze didn’t feel embarrassed after being debunked, instead he calmly asked, “So are you going to kick me out now?”

Shi Fei tilted his head and leaned back on the sofa, “If I ask, will you leave?”


Gu Yueze thought for a moment, “Yes.” No matter what, he couldn’t be shameless repeatedly.


Shi Fei raised his eyebrows, “Then I won’t rush.” He didn’t know why this guy approached him, at least he could stay around until he knew his purpose, with an IQ so high, sending him out would be troublesome.


Gu Yueze calmly spoke, “If you take me in, I’ll buy you dinner.”


Shi Fei: “…” Wasn’t this a bit stiff? Didn’t he feel awkward?


This was when his stomach growled.


Shi Fei became sure: Yes, nothing couldn’t be solved with a meal, if not, then two meals.


Shi Fei quickly put his hat back on, “There’s no food in the fridge, I have to pick some up.”


As the two entered the elevator together, Shi Fei couldn’t help but ask: “Who taught you those words? It doesn’t fit your image.”


Gu Yueze: “Zhang Mengmeng.”


Shi Fei: “Who is Zhang Mengmeng?”


Gu Yueze betrayed her very thoroughly: “My assistant’s daughter.” The little girl said people were sympathetic to the weak, as long as he showed weakness and played pitiful, he could definitely win the sympathy of the other.


This method was also taught by her.


Shi Fei smiled, “I guess she’s young.” Only little girls loved to use this method, most adults didn’t.


Shi Fei didn’t own a car, so he beckoned a taxi, with his hands in the pockets of the front of his trousers, he didn’t look like a star.


Next to him, Gu Yueze stood straight, he obviously looked like a nobleman.


Soon a green taxi stopped in front of the two of them, Shi Fei took the lead and sat in, he waited for a while but Gu Yueze didn’t get in, then he slightly lowered his head and raised his eyes to look at him: “You don’t want to come in?”


Gu Yueze lifted his legs and sat in, the small space made him uncomfortable and he didn’t know where to place his legs.


Looking at someone’s embarrassed expression, Shi Fei pursed his lips and smiled, he was in a very good mood.



Gu Yueze looked at the person next to him, seeing two swinging belts on his sweater, he suddenly stretched out his hand to buckle it.


Shi Fei turned to Gu Yueze with a dumbfounded expression, eyes blinking: “What are you doing? Why did you move my clothes?”


“I have a slight OCD, the straps were undone.” Seeing Shi Fei’s little white face, Gu Yueze felt that this was now much smoother to look at.


Shi Fei untied the straps and glanced at Gu Yueze with a puzzled expression: “Your OCD has nothing to do with me, isn’t it enough that I took you in, I also have to cooperate with your habits?”


Gu Yueze didn’t speak.


Shi Fei moved towards him and asked, “Since you have mild OCD, how come I didn’t see you arranging things during the two days we filmed the show?”


“I don’t care about people who have nothing to do with me.”



Something was wrong with this statement, “I have nothing to do with you either.”


Gu Yueze looked at him and stopped talking.


The two of them got out of the car together, and Shi Fei took the phone to pay then they entered the vegetable market together.


Shi Fei didn’t dare to go to the supermarket, there were many people there, he would be easily recognized.


In contrast to the supermarket, the market was full of women who were less likely to recognize him.


Shi Fei thought quite well, but ignored a certain big president in the suit and tie that was next to him, that handsome face was simply the best guarantee of a turnaround rate.



Gu Yueze was obviously unaccustomed to the smell in the vegetable market, he frowned slightly from time to time. But since he was unaccustomed to such occasions, he didn’t say anything.


Shu Fei seemed very excited to buy food, “Sister, how much is a catty of this green vegetables?”


“What about this corn?”


“I also want some tomatoes, can it be cheaper?”



“Uncle, I want to have some meat, has the price of the ribs dropped?”


Shi Fei was very skilled, he always asked for the prices, his mouth was also sweet, regardless of age, he uniformly called the women, sister.



Even if he covered his face with a mask, his voice was obviously that of a young man, so the vegetable market aunts were happy to give him a discount.



When they got out of the market, there were several fruit stalls over there.


Shi Fei wanted to buy some fruits, but with his two hands full, he couldn’t check if it was fresh or not.


Looking at the face with empty hands next to him still maintaining the image of the high cool president Gu, Shi Fei gestured to the bags in his hands: “Take it.”


Gu Yueze looked at the seven or eight bags in his hands, inside there were vegetables and meat, shrimp and fish, the fish inside even jumped twice, President Gu’s face twitched for a moment. But he quickly calmed down.


Shi Fei observed his expression without saying anything, then he turned to ask the fruit stall lady, “Sister, this plum looks good, is it sweet?”


“It was freshly picked this morning, taste one, I can guarantee it’s sweet.” The woman happily responded.



Shi Fei was wearing a mask, so he naturally didn’t dare to, looking to the side, he picked up a plum and placed it to his mouth: “Help me taste it, is it sweet?”


Gu Yueze looked at the small hand twirling a black and purple plum, his deep eyes flashed intensely, then he slightly lowered his head to eat the plum, the tip of his tongue touched Shi Fei’s finger, it felt like an electric shock.


Shi Fei didn’t feel much, and asked after, “How is it? Sweet?”



Gu Yueze looked at half of the face exposed by Shi Fei, his deer-like eyes stared at him, if he looked carefully, he could even see his own shadow: “It’s sweet.”


Shi Fei turned to the fruit lady, “Sister, give me a pound.”



The fruit lady quickly loaded a pound of fruit, Shi Fei picked several more fruits, then paid before leaving.



One hand carried three bags of fruit, the other hand held a watermelon under his arm.



Gu Yueze followed behind him and picked up the bag of fruits in his hand, “I’ll take it.”


Shi Fei didn’t try to stop him, “Okay, it just so happens that I have to stop a car.”


Holding the watermelon close to his chest, he circled the watermelon with both hands, then ordered a ride, and soon a white car stopped in front of them.


After the two sat in the car, Shi Fei looked at the person next to him, “Now you have a place to put your legs.”


Gu Yueze’s eyes moved, he was about to speak.


But then he saw Shi Fei bring the cell phone closer to his eyes, “You have to pay for the ride, a special car is much more expensive than the cost of a taxi.”




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