Shi Fei carefully thought about it, had Shen Qingran given him an autographed photo?



“No.” Between two men, giving an autographed photo seemed strange.




Zhang Xiaomei anxiously responded, “How can there be none? Think about it again.”



Shi Fei shook his head: “There’s really none.”



Zhang Xiaomei sighed in disappointment, then laughed, “I’m already satisfied with so many concert tickets, there’s always a chance for an autographed photo.”



Then Zhang Xiaomei took the concert tickets and kissed it from time to time while laughing like a fool, “Hahahahaha I can finally watch brother’s concert, the front row, up close hahahahaha.”



Feeling a little worried, Shi Fei turned to Zhu Yixin, “There’s no problem with her, right?”



Zhu Yixin sipped his drink, “Don’t worry, she’ll seem crazy for a few days, after a while she’ll be fine.” Then he said slightly envious: “I especially understand her feelings, if I can meet my idol, I guess I’ll act as crazy as her.”



They sang and ate until 10:00 p.m., and he didn’t know who spread the word, but the media knew that Shi Fei was at Lotus Club, and some reporters tried to sneak in and take pictures, but they were blocked outside.



When Shi Fei came out with his classmates wearing a mask and hat, he found several groups of reporters stalking him from afar.



As a result, the next day the Internet reported the photos of his dinner with his classmates, the headline is # Shi Fei and classmates dinner, suspected of kissing a girl #.




It was obvious who the female classmate was, it was Zhang Xiaomei. From the angle of the photo, the two did look like they were hugging and kissing.



Shi Fei was familiar with the routine of the entertainment industry. The rumors didn’t matter, but it still needed to be clarified as soon as possible.




Song Yiyuan was shocked when he saw the news and rushed to call and confirm with him, only after knowing that he wasn’t in a relationship was he relieved.



“Little Fei Fei ah, I’m not trying to stop you from falling in love, if one day you really fall in love, you must tell me in advance, so I can prepare the public relations team ah.”



Shi Fei cheekily responded, “I’m only eighteen years old, Brother Yiyuan, you’re not even married. I am even less anxious.”



Song Yiyuan, “Okay, don’t be mean, I’ll send a clarification statement in the name of the company, but the angle of the picture is really suspicious, I’m afraid the statement alone won’t be useful, can you contact your classmate? You two can join forces to clarify, this way will be better.”



Shi Fei nodded, “I’ll do it, after we clarify, then you can issue a statement in the name of the company.”



In the entertainment industry every day there was always a scandal, some were true, some were false.



It wasn’t difficult to clarify this matter, the Lotus Club Hotel entrance and its surroundings were monitored, as long as the surveillance video was gotten, it could be clarified.



Zhang Xiaomei was a girl, so Shi Fei asked her to clarify first and then he’d forward it, so she wouldn’t be mocked by netizens.



Zhang Xiaomei: [Reporters, please let me go, don’t make such rumors, I have a favorite person. (Qingfeng Xu Xu, love you forever!)]



The last sentence on the post was the support slogan of Shen Qingran’s fans.



At the bottom was a photo of Shen Qingran, as well as the ranking of Zhang Xiaomei’s posts and her comments, proving that she was really his fan.




Then Shi Fei forwarded her post: [Everyone, don’t believe such rumors in the future, this is embarrassing, I am a boy and I have thick skin, but girls still want their reputation, in case she can’t get married because of the rumors, what can be done?]



Shi Fei explained the matter in a slightly teasing tone, of course, he also added the surveillance captured photos.



From a different angle, the two were clearly just talking and chatting normally, looking at the gestures, they were saying goodbye.




Soon Zhang Xiaomei left a comment under this post, “You caused me to almost be expelled from the Brother Qingran Support Association, you are toxic.”



Shi Fei also replied cooperatively: “After I went out with you, I was suspected to be in love, if I can’t marry later, who will I cry to?”



With a look at Zhang Xiaomei’s page, star-struck girls knew that she wasn’t likely to have her feet on two boats.


[TN: Two boats aka two men aka cheating]




Shi Fei’s fans saw their interaction and completely believed that the two of them were absolutely not together.




“Hahahahahahahaha it’s too hard for Brother Shi Fei, his first romance scandal, and they person is someone else’s fan.”



At this time, there was another person who was also concerned about this news.



Gu Yueze sat in the office, from the beginning when the news was exposed, Zhang Wu investigated clearly, so he knew that they were just normal classmates and the class had a get-together that day.



Zhang Wu couldn’t help but sigh, he was a good special assistant, at the beginning he became a vote gathering machine, during the show, he worked hard everyday to gather votes for Shi Fei.



After he withdrew from the show, he thought he could resume his duties as Special Assistant Zhang.



As a result, he had to pay attention to Shi Fei’s movement every day.



At this time, Zhang Wu’s hands were on the door of the president’s office, his ears pressed against the door surface, trying to listen to the movement inside.



The sound insulation was really too strong, Zhang Wu heard nothing. His daughter was inside, why did Mr. Gu ask for his daughter?



At this time inside the office.



Gu Yueze tried to suppress his aura, but Zhang Mengmeng was still standing there nervously.



Her ponytail was tied high and a pink bow clip was pinned to her hair.



Her hands touched the corners of her clothes as she glanced at Gu Yueze from time to time.




Gu Yueze coughed lightly twice, he didn’t quite know how to communicate with such a small girl, he tried to find a good entry point: “I heard you finished your final exams?”




Zhang Mengmeng swallowed, “Yes, I finished the exam yesterday.”



Gu Yueze sat on the chair and looked up, “How are your results?”



Zhang Mengmeng: “Still …… don’t know yet, it’s no …… not out.”



Zhang Mengmeng was on the verge of tears, even though Gu Yueze suppressed his aura, the aura of a superior still spread out intentionally or unintentionally, especially because this person was her dad’s boss, Zhang Mengmeng was afraid to say something that would hurt her father.



It was quiet for another minute.




Within this minute Zhang Mengmeng’s mind flashed through at least a dozen romance novel plots.




Finally, Zhang Mengmeng couldn’t hold back any longer and asked with a sorrowful expression: “Mr. Gu, you, just tell me directly, does my father owe you a lot of money? He sold me to you?”



Gu Yueze: “No.”




Zhang Mengmeng said, “Then it means you have had your eyes on me and plan to threaten me with my dad’s job to become your underground lover?”



Gu Yueze: “…… No.”




Zhang Mengmeng pursed her lips and sniffed, “Could it be that you fancy a girl and you don’t want her to experience pain from childbirth, so you want me to be your surrogate.”



Gu Yueze let out a breath, “None of them.” Assistant Zhang said his daughter was only 13 years old, what books did children usually read in school nowadays? Such a mess of thoughts.




Gu Yueze pinched his eyebrows, “I heard that you are a fan of Shi Fei?”



Zhang Mengmeng froze, then nodded.




Gu Yueze continued seriously: “I asked for you, mainly to know some fan circle knowledge.”



“Huh?” This time it was Zhang Mengmeng’s turn to freeze, her still tender face was full of incredulity.




She probably didn’t expect that such a big boss would actually join the ranks of people chasing stars.





Gu Yueze: If he wanted to chase a person, he needed to understand him first, apparently star chasing fans had more comprehensive information.






Five minutes later Zhang Mengmeng was already holding a bag of snacks sitting on Gu Yueze’s side as she spoke: “The fan circle culture is very profound, people who don’t know only think that this person is a fan of whoever, but they don’t know that there are many kinds of fans. For example, daughter fan, sister fan, girlfriend fan, wife fan, mother fan, grandmother fan, etc., your kind belongs to the boyfriend fan.”



“If it was an Idol group, then it’d also be divided into groups of only this person’s fan, etc., of course, since brother Fei isn’t in a male group, this will be skipped. Each fan has a different psychology, but we can focus on the basics.”



Then Zhang Mengmeng glanced at Gu Yueze, who had been silent, and asked, “Brother Gu, don’t you take notes?”



Gu Yueze said, “Continue talking, I’ll remember. What about CP fans?”



Zhang Mengmeng went on to say, “CP originated from the English word Coupling, meaning character pairing. The fan circle mainly refers to a pair in a variety show or a TV series, their interactions may be sweet, leading to fans pairing them, CP can be male and female, male male, female female. Brother Gu, I want to be a station sister, can you invest in me? I have recently been using after-school time to learn photography skills, PS, etc. I believe I can for a very good station sister, provided that there is money.”



[TN: PS – Photoshop]



This topic turned too fast, Gu Yueze almost couldn’t catch up, “As long as you don’t miss your studies, you can.” Then he calmly asked: “What is a station sister?”



“A Station sister specializes in carrying a camera to follow the public trips of the star……”




Gu Yueze raised his hand, “Change the request, you’re still a student, your main focus should be on learning.”




Zhang Mengmeng sadly replied, “Then can you take me with you the next time you shoot The Sims, I’ll just mix in with the staff, I’ll just look at him from afar and at most ask for an autographed photo.”




Gu Yueze: “That was your real purpose, right?”



Zhang Mengmeng showed a small fox-like smile, “Meeting their star is a temptation that every fan can’t resist.”



Gu Yueze: “Okay.”




Zhang Mengmeng couldn’t hide her large grin, her goal had been achieved, so she continued teaching President Gu.




Shi Fei didn’t even know that someone started learning about fan circle knowledge in order to understand him, at this time he was preparing for the competition in two days.



Teacher Wang Pingyang called to remind him to go to the Idle Dream Literature Club early tomorrow.



After all, the day after tomorrow was when the competition between Idle Dream Literature Club and Drunken River Literature Club would be held.



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