The concert tickets were scattered all over the floor.


Fortunately, Lotus Club’s restroom floor was mopped clean without water stains, otherwise these tickets would be soaked.


Shi Fei squatted down to pick up the tickets at his feet and said to the classmate next to him: “Help me pick it up, I put it in the bag casually.”



Zhang Xiaomei looked at the tickets on the ground and froze for a second, then she suddenly covered her mouth and screamed: “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, non of you should move, let me do it.”



She quickly squatted down and hurriedly grabbed the tickets while picking it up, the corners of her mouth were raised and from time to time she let out tiny screams.



That excited look was completely different from her fierce expression before, when Shi Fei saw her like this, he became worried that she would faint from overexcitement.



At this time, she didn’t even think to ask Shi Fei where these concert tickets came from.



“These are all VIP tickets, ah ah ah ah ah, Shi Fei, you must sell it to me. No this seems to be a ticket for the cloud city concert. And, this seems to be the city concert that hasn’t even started selling pre-sale tickets? And this is for Linjiang City.” Class President Zhang Xiaomei who was usually able to speak eloquently, was speechless, her lips constantly trembled as she tried to speak: “Shi Fei, you have to sell me tickets for all Brother Qingran’s concerts, if you sell it to me, I’ll spend the rest of my life working like a horse for you.”




“No need to be a horse, if you like it, just take them all, next time don’t be so angry.” These tickets were a waste with him, it would be better for Zhang Xiaomei to have it.




“R- r really? You’re not confused, right?” Zhang Xiaomei was so excited that she didn’t know what to say, her little heart was constantly thumping like it was about to jump out of her chest.



“Take it, I planned to give them to you.” Shi Fei responded with a smile.




Zhang Xiaomei was so excited that she wanted to jump on top of Shi Fei and hug him.




Shi Fei quickly moved back with his hands out, reaching out to block her, “Don’t, I don’t want a scandal with you.”




Zhang Xiaomei immediately calmed down: “A scandal? I also don’t want one, I am very loyal to Brother Qingran and I will never cheat.”




Zhang Xiaomei quickly counted the tickets one by one, “Shi Fei, there are 38 concert tickets here, is that everything?”




“I don’t know, I just grabbed it randomly.” Shi Fei wasn’t sure, every time Shen Qingran’s concert was about to start, whether domestic or foreign, he always gave him tickets, sometimes when he was too busy to personally come, he sent someone to give him.




Of course, Shi Fei hadn’t attended once.




Zhang Qi stood there dumbfounded and in disbelief, “This is impossible, how can you have so many tickets? It must be fake, they’re fake tickets.”




Zhang Qi reached out and tried to snatch the tickets from Zhang Xiaomei’s hand to confirm.




Zhang Xiaomei tightly guarded the tickets behind her, and warily glared at her: “What, you want to rob me?”




Zhang Qi: “The tickets in your hand must be fake, Brother Qingran’s concert tickets are so difficult to buy, how did Shi Fei get so many tickets?”




Zhang Xiaomei took out one of the tickets and brought it closer to Zhang Qi’s eyes and replied sarcastically: “Open your squinting eyes and see clearly, these are all VIP tickets for the first two rows of the inner arena, they’re not for sale.”




Zhang Qi saw that the seats above were actually the first two rows of tickets for the VIP infield A.




Fans who had been chasing Shen Qingran for a long time knew that his first two rows of tickets weren’t sold to the public, Shen Qingran left some for his friends and used some for lottery rewards to fans.




Zhang Qi asked: “Not for sale to the public, then how did he get his hands on them?” And so many at once.




With the concert tickets, Zhang Xiaomei’s mood was extremely high: “Then where did it come from? Shi Fei even has unsold tickets, of course, Shi Fei and Brother Qingran are friends, he must have sent it to him.”



Shi Fei nodded in agreement, “Hmm.”




With a proud gesture of victory Zhang Xiaomei went up and patted Zhang Qi’s shoulder, “Sister, your IQ is not too good, I’ll have the waiter give you two cases of walnuts later, I’ll pay for it.”




[TN: Walnuts are rumored to make people smarter.]



The last sentence was said with special bravado, but it exasperated Zhang Qi, she slapped Zhang Xiaomei’s hand away, and said with red eyes, “Be less complacent.”




Zhang Xiaomei held back the constantly rising corners of her mouth, “But I just can’t help but be smug, what to do?”



She waved the stack of tickets in her hand, “Look at the pile of tickets, I can’t use them all by myself, what should I do? Really sad.”




“You ……” Zhang Qi was so angry that her face turned red, she wanted to tear up the pile of tickets in Zhang Xiaomei’s hand, but was pulled back by a classmate next to her.




Zhang Xiaomei’s mood became even better when she saw that Zhang Qi was so angry.




After arranging her messy hair that was like a chicken’s nest, she went back to her compartment at a pace that was unrecognizable and shouted, “Students, feel free to eat and play, I’ll pay for it tonight.”




After returning to the box, Zhang Xiaomei counted her concert tickets from time to time. In fact, there were some people in the same class who were Shen Qingran’s fans.




After seeing so many concert tickets, they went to find Shi Fei.




Shi Fei simply replied: “I gave all the tickets to the class president, ask her.” The ball was kicked to Zhang Xiaomei.




Zhang Xiaomei was more serious, it was possible to get a ticket, but they had to have supported Shen Qingran’s endorsements and bought magazines that featured him.




And also it wouldn’t be free, they had to pay the same price to buy the concert tickets.




Not a moment later, the door of the box was pushed in from outside, a few girls’ small heads burrowed in cautiously, they were the second class of students next door.




They also wanted to ask for concert tickets, Shi Fei kicked the ball to Zhang Xiaomei again.




Compared to her own class, Zhang Xiaomei was more protective, the concert tickets looked more, but only six domestic concert tickets of this year were included, each about six or seven.




It seemed to be a lot, but the reality was that there wasn’t enough to share with her own class.




The next class of students could only leave helplessly.




At the end of the day, Zhang Xiaomei left one ticket for each concert for herself and all the others were absorbed within the class.




Despite the fact that Shi Fei didn’t ask for money, Zhang Xiaomei still asked everyone to pay the price of the A area tickets, and transferred everything including hers to Shi Fei.




Shi Fei didn’t bother rejecting it.



After hiding the concert tickets carefully, Zhang Xiaomei propped up her chin with her hands as she stared at Shi Fei intensely.




Zhu Yixin sat on the side: “Shi Fei, you’re finished, now that the class president knows that you and Shen Qingran are friends, she probably wants you to get her close to him.”



Zhang Xiaomei couldn’t help but reach out and push Zhu Yixin, “Don’t be ridiculous, I’m not going to cheat, I’m only going to be loyal forever in this life.”



After saying this, she turned back to Shi Fei.



Shi Fei almost got goosebumps: “Class leader, if you have something to say, say it directly, okay? Don’t look at me like that, it’s scary.”



Zhang Xiaomei tried to make her smile look gentle and lovely, she continuously blinked as she asked: “Shi Fei, since you and Brother Qingran are good friends, do you have his autographed photo?”





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