With the help of everyone, Shi Fei managed to avoid the reporters squatting in front of the school.




The few of them picked a large private room in the downtown Lotus Dinner Club.




The children who could attend Jiahuan private high school were all basically rich, and after the intense study for the exams, everyone wanted to relax.



Everyone was jumping around in the private room, Shi Fei mostly sat in the corner and quietly listened to everyone singing, when he was pulled up by them to sing, he only sang two songs.



After the songs, Shi Fei sat back in his chair, picked up a glass of juice and took a sip, as he turned, he saw Zhang Xiaomei holding a Japanese word book and memorizing it, so he curiously asked: “What are you doing memorizing these?”



Zhang Xiaomei said without looking up: “I didn’t get Brother Qingran’s domestic concert tickets, he has a world tour in the second half of the year, I plan to grab the Japanese concert tickets.”




Shi Fei: “You’re really desperate, what if you can’t get them again?”



Zhang Xiaomei firmly replied: “I calculated it, the concerts he holds in Japan has the most number of venues, a total of five, as long as my hand speed is fast enough, I will definitely grab a ticket.”




“And you’re studying Japanese for this? That’s a lot of work.” The first place in their grade would definitely be hers if she put this energy into her studies.




“Brother Qingran is very talented and versatile, I as his fan cannot cause him to be ashamed, I must study hard to develop strength, maybe after graduation I will have the opportunity to work in his studio.” Zhang Xiaomei’s eyes shined brightly as she spoke: “Our family’s Qingran is the best person in the world, I won’t accept refutation. He has a handsome face, talent, he’s so hardworking and kind, when he’s usually free, he does public service, he’s low profile, and especially good to his fans, usually when he smiles, it’s like the sun. Brother Qingran is our, Qingmei’s, learning example.” Qingmei was Shen Qingran’s fandom name.



Shi Fei pursed his lips: “……”



She was talking about Shen Qingran? Shi Fei understood his disciple, he looked gentle, but in reality, he was extremely different. The last time he used a scandal about him to destroy the promotions of Star Media’s new movie, when it overshadowed the movie, he quickly clarified it, but the publicity fee for the new movie was wasted, the hot search list was firmly occupied by Shen Qingran alone.



Looking at Zhang Xiaomei’s glowing eyes, Shi Fei replied dryly, “I also think he is quite good.”



Once she heard Shi Fei praise her favorite star, Zhang Xiaomei suddenly excitedly looked at Shi Fei, then she put a hand on his shoulder as if he was a comrade: “Shi Fei, we are good friends, as long as you praise my star, we’ll be best friends for life.”



Shi Fei: “……” Okay, but there’s no need.




Thinking of something, Shi Fei grabbed his bag, ready to take out the contents and hand it to Zhang Xiaomei.




At this time, Zhang Xiaomei touched her stomach and stood up, “I probably drank too much, I need to use the restroom, help me look after my book.”



Watching as Zhang Xiaomei walked away, Shi Fei put his hand on the bag and continued watching them sing.



There Zhu Yixin, who was holding a microphone, let out a ghostly cry, he excitedly held the drawing of a dragon on his left hand, while his right hand had a rainbow floating around, with his crazy expression, no one knew if he was angry or not.



The song hadn’t ended when someone rushed in and shouted: “Not good, the class leader and Zhang Qi are fighting.”




Zhu Yixin stood up: “Why are these two fighting again?” The microphone was still in his hand, and his voice was amplified through the microphone, then he reacted and hurriedly dropped the microphone.



His mouth was complaining, but his footsteps didn’t stop for a moment as he walked to the door.



Other people also followed along to see the situation, including Shi Fei.



It turned out that today’s sophomore Class 2 students also chose to celebrate their exams at the Lotus Club.



In Jiahuan private high school, there were two top classes, class 1 and class 2.



Every period the students on both sides compared their achievements, from the beginning of the school year to the end, from academic performance to private interests.



It was also a coincidence that the class teachers of class 1 and class 2 were both husband and wife, usually the two people liked to use the class average to distribute chores, because class 1 had Shi Fei, the class teacher of Class 2 Old Zhao had been doing chores for two years in a row.




When Shi Fei enrolled in Jiahuan High School, the two class teachers tried to grab him by all means, and finally Shi Fei picked Class 1, only because he thought 1 was easier to write.



At ordinary times,  for the mid-term exam and the monthly exam, etc., when tShi Fei was absent, that was when Class 2 stood proud, but Class 2 still lacked confidence.



Until some time ago, Class 2 got a transfer student who also scored perfect marks in all the subjects, Yi Jialin, which made the students of Class 2 feel hopeful to compete for the first place in the final average.



The rivalry between the two classes wasn’t only in studies, but also in their private interests.



Coincidentally, Zhang Xiaomei, the class president of Class 1, and Zhang Qi, the class president of Class 2, were also cousins, and two years ago they became fans of the same Star, Shen Qingran.




It was reasonable to say that the Star they liked was the same person, so the two should be able to become good sisters, but unfortunately when they met the two either sneered or verbally abused each other, they had also fought a few times.




When Shi Fei arrived at the bathroom, he saw Zhang Xiaomei and Zhang Qi yanking each other’s hair, fighting, next to them, a few boys wanted to go up to pull them apart, but they were mistakenly injured.



“How about I’m just better than you cow? Do you have the ability to get a ticket to Qingran’s concert?  Ahhhh!”



“You mother  *&%¥#@#¥……”




A series of curses flew past Zhang Xiaomei’s mouth, and not even one word was repeated, Shi Fei discovered that his class leader could curse well.



The two people at this time were grabbing and rolling to the ground, at the moment, Zhang Xiaomei’s legs were locked around Zhang Qi’s waist, her two hands clutched her hair.




Of course, Zhang Qi wasn’t willing to show weakness, both hands equally fierce grasped her hair, as the two rolled on the ground, their hair tangled along the way.



Zhu Yixin went up to pull them apart, but he was mistakenly kicked out of the fight circle, he touched his sore legs: “How can they be seperated ah, I’m most afraid of girls fighting, they can even overpower the hulk.”




Shi Fei frowned and moved forward, he immediately pulled Zhang Xiaomei out.



The people next to him immediately grabbed the other girl.




The usually serious class leader, Zhang Xiaomei, fiercely kept a hold of a handful of her hair and angrily yanked at it, stretching her legs trying to kick hard to the other side, “Come on, I’ll pull out all your hair today.”




Zhang Qi also didn’t show weakness, she was also kicking her legs forward: “Try it, you think I’m afraid of you, you can only fight here, but I’ll soon meet with brother Qingran, you will be jealous.”




Zhang Xiaomei retorted angrily, “Didn’t you buy the ticket from a scalper? How do you have the face to call Brother Qingran, brother. All day long you say you like him, say you are a member of Qingmei, but the result is that you either follow him to the hotels or follow his car, or you follow him on his private trips, is this what your like is? To him, you’re constantly create trouble, you call yourself a fan, you’re obviously a stalker.”



“We are all fans, what are you insulting me? He is a star, he’s supposed to be chased, you didn’t follow the car to the hotel, so what did you get in the end, what did you get in the end?” Zhang Qi said with disdain in her eyes.




“Bah, stalkers are not fans, don’t insult the hard-working fans, when you chase his car have you considered the safety of brother’s road conditions? When you followed him to the hotel, did you think it would affect his rest?” Zhang Xiaomei moved her messy hair to the side, she couldn’t wait to rush up and have three hundred rounds of battle with Zhang Qi.



There were these stalker fans that in the name of love, they seriously harassed Brother Qingran’s rest.




“You’re great, you think about him every day, and as a result you’ve been his fan for a few years, you haven’t even seen him, you haven’t even been to a single concert.” Zhang Qi said smugly.



“You still have the face to be smug, you found a scalper to buy the tickets, what are you proud of, do I lack of money to buy tickets? What I lack is this shameless spirit of yours.” Zhang Xiaomei said and wanted to rush up to beat her up.



Shi Fei tightly pulled Zhang Xiaomei, from the two people’s mutual cursing to now, he almost completely understood the situation.



Both were Shen Qingran’s fans, but compared to Zhang Qi with the car chasing and stalkerish behavior, obviously Zhang Xiaomei was the true fan.



The fan circle had always had a saying that ‘stalkers are not fans’, they just wanted to satisfy their personal desires.



Shi Fei looked to the side and asked Zhu Yixin to go to the box to bring his bag over.





The cursing war was still going on, no one could persuade a woman in rage, Zhang Qi pointed at Zhang Xiaomei angrily: “Who are you calling shameless? I think you are jealous of me.”



Zhang Xiaomei looked like she was about to burst out again and hit someone, Shi Fei clutched her back with force, “Don’t fight, you are a fan of Shen Qingran, your words and actions represent the quality and character of your Idol. As for the person you said is a stalker, even if you and she fight, she still won’t recognize her mistakes, you’re wasting your energy. Since you have the time to fight, why not use it to look at pictures of your favorite Star?”




Zhang Xiaomei was persuaded by Shi Fei and gradually calmed down, she loudly responded: “I know what you mean, it’s just that this little b*tch is too irritating, I couldn’t hold back anymore.”




Zhang Xiaomei understood, but she intentionally provoked her, she deliberately blocked her path to the restroom with the concert ticket.



Zhang Qi said: “Zhang Xiaomei, who are you calling a little b*tch?”




Zhang Xiaomei defiantly replied: “You, so what? Do you want to have a few more rounds with me?”




Zhang Qi wanted to hit someone, seeing that she had calmed down, she took out the concert ticket from her clothes pocket, “Your mouth is no use, a week later, I am going to go on a date with brother Qingran, I may even get his autograph, you can only watch his videos at home, you’re jealous. Don’t say you’re not jealous, you look like you’re about to turn into a lemon spirit.”



Zhang Xiaomei was so angry that her teeth clacked, she wanted to go to see brother Qingran’s concert, but his fans were too many, she could never get tickets, even if she persuaded her classmates to help.



She didn’t want to buy it from a scalper.



At this time Zhu Yixin ran over, “Shi Fei, your bag is here.” In fact, he didn’t quite understand what he wanted to use his bag for in this situation.




“Don’t be angry, it’s just Shen Qingran’s concert tickets.” Shi Fei pulled open his bag.



“Shi Fei, I know you’re a star now, but there’s a difference in influence between a new Star and a Star. Brother Qingran’s fans are all over the country and abroad, and every one of his concerts is packed to the rafters. Do you know how hard it is to buy tickets for his concerts? A week later is the concert, even if you look for scalpers to buy now, you may not be able to buy one, and even if you buy the seats in the back row, the back row of both the auditory and visual effects are not good, bad watchability.” Zhang Qi pursed her lips and said disdainfully, “I’m lucky, I bought the tickets for the A section.”



Shen Qingran had a very high popularity in the country and even internationally, but every time he opened a concert, the tickets were controlled within 30,000 people, no thing more could be sold, in fact, his concert tickets had always been in short supply, mainly because he himself considered the singing effect and fan viewing effect.



“Who said I have to find scalpers, I have more tickets than I can use, why do I need to buy it?” Shi Fei still couldn’t find it.



“You can really brag, you now rely on bragging in the entertainment industry?” Zhang Qi wasn’t a fan of Shi Fei, even if he had a handsome face, she didn’t care.



“Wrong side.” Shi Fei didn’t pay attention to Zhang Qi’s words, he calmly pulled open the other side of the backpack, and a pile of blue tickets spilled out.




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