After parting ways with He Lulu, Shen Qing Ran drove back to his place, and before the car could enter the neighborhood, it was stopped at the entrance of the neighborhood.

Shen Qingran looked at Chu Yuefei standing in front of his car, his expression blank.

The window of his car rolled down, and he looked at him, “What?”

A few days ago, after the “strongest idol” video and recording incident, Chu Yuefei’s reputation became completely bad, so many years had been wasted.

At this time, his face looked a little wretched, his hair and beard was messy, the dark circles under his eyes were very heavy.

Chu Yuefei was clear that he wouldn’t be able to do anything for a few years, “I know I can’t do any in the singing industry for some time, I plan to go abroad for a few years.”

Shen Qing Ran asked elegantly and politely, “There is no need to inform me about this, right?”

Chu Yuefei: “I want to know who ‘Not Away’ really is.”

In the past few years, Not Away had been Chu Yuefei’s obsession, once he was an arrogant person, he disdained doing such shady things, he once dreamed that his original writing would one day be internationally recognized. He also once wanted to get his music out of the country.

Unfortunately, after more than ten years of struggle, he was unable to do so, but a person who appeared from nowhere suddenly did it easily, and even replaced the results of his ten years of struggle.

The seeds of jealousy grew like weeds in spring, making him gradually forget his original intention of making music.

“Do you think I will tell you?” Shen Qingran asked rhetorically.

“It’s Shi Fei, right?” Chu Yuefei suddenly asked.

“You can guess all you want, I will not reveal any information to you.” Shen Qingran said.

Chu Yuefei continued: “At first I didn’t think of Shi Fei, he is too young, only eighteen years old, who would think of him, not to mention that some of the music made before requires a certain experience to write. I began to suspect him, after the original song. At first I didn’t expect anything, afterwards the more I listened to that song, the more I felt a familiar style.”

“I have always regarded Not Away as my biggest competitor over the years, I studied his style of music research intensely. When I thought that Shi Fei might be him, I was a million times reluctant to believe it.”

“But if he is ‘Not Away’, many things can be explained. For example, you rushed back to the country, that time was exactly when He Xiaobei and Shi Fei had an accident. And then He Lulu originally promised the program to criticize He Xiaobei and Shi Fei, then in the live broadcast she suddenly backtracked, seeing today’s headlines, that you promised to co-operate, right. Adding piece by piece together, made me suspicious.”

Shen Qingran said lightly: “You can go on guessing, you can just post it online, do you think there will be netizens believe your nonsense?”

Chu Yuefei said, “It’s okay if you don’t admit it, and I know you won’t admit it. I came here today just to make sure, don’t worry I won’t go out and say anything. No matter what I say the netizens will probably only scold me. Just didn’t expect ah ……”

Chu Yuefei bitterly smiled, while saying ‘didn’t expect’ as he left.

Shen Qingran looked at Chu Yuefei’s leaving figure from the rearview mirror, his light smile slowly turned indifferent and cold, and then the car went into the neighbourhood.

When Shen Qingran was questioned and suspected by Chu Yuefei, Shi Fei was also blocked by people.

Shi Fei originally wanted to come to the ‘Yiyuan Studio’ at night to see several other people.

As a result, he met Zhuang Xinran who came to squat at the entrance of the studio.

The situation of Zhuang Xinran was similar to that of Chu Yuefei, he had the same wretched appearance, his shy and very infectious smile was gone, leaving only a disheveled man.

When he saw Shi Fei, his eyes filled with hatred and he rushed up and wanted to hit him, but Shi Fei restrained his hands to the side and easily pushed him to the ground.

“What’s the matter? You came to the studio door, staged fight ah?” As he fell on the ground, Shi Fei remained unsympathetic.

“Shi Fei, why are you doing this?” The hatred in Zhuang Xinran’s eyes was about to materialize, “I’ve thought about it carefully at home these days. At the beginning, that song ‘Nostalgia’ was picked up by me in the bathroom of the dormitory, if it was really lost by you accidentally, why didn’t you mention the matter of losing the music score, you never mentioned it once.”

“Even if you had mentioned it just once, I would have been wary of taking it out and using it easily. You registered the music overseas copyright early, you deliberately left me a loophole in the domestic copyright, just to make me greedy, so that after I sang the sung during the live broadcast, you destroyed me, so that I can never turn over, right?”

Shi Fei laughed and said, “You actually said we have no grudges and no hatred? You really think I don’t know that Qin Zhi suddenly started making trouble online for me because of your instructions? Dai Liang’s poisoning was originally meant for me and He Xiaobei, if I wasn’t alert, then the person in the hospital would be me. Did I have a grudge against you at that time? Did He Xiaobei have a grudge against you at that time? Why did you have to make so many vicious moves?”

Zhuang Xinran’s eyes showed panic: “You, you know everything?”

These things he had always felt he did secretly, even Qin Zhi and Dai Liang that were used by him didn’t know, how did Shi Fei know?

“If you don’t want people to know, you shouldn’t have done such things.” Shi Fei bent down and whispered to Zhuang Xinran: “In fact, you are right, I was calculating against you from the beginning, compared to your tactics, I was still be courteous. Moreover, even if I dug a good pit, the choice to jump or not to jump is yours, if you didn’t have that greed, what I did would have been useless. By the way, the quality of the recorder in your pocket is not very good, afraid that nothing can be recorded.”

Zhuang Xinran’s eyes flickered intensely again, looking at the gentle smile of Shi Fei, he felt like he was the devil.

This person was too scary, he knew everything, everything was expected, he never said it, he just quietly dug a hole to coax him into jumping.

Looking at Shi Fei’s smile, Zhuang Xinran only felt a chill on his back.

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