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In the Western restaurant of A city!

Wei Weidong was slightly nervous as he sat on the chair, his hands squeezed his legs in pressure and discomfort.

Who would have thought that a well-known reality show director, who had seen many big and small scenes, would have such a nervous side.

No way, the person opposite him was really too strong, he had seen a lot of rich people since he joined the industry, the second generation of rich people, bosses and so on, but he never knew that someone just sitting there could give him so much pressure.

He had heard that the president of the Gu Group wasn’t very old, but if he hadn’t seen him with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have thought that he was younger than what he had imagined, he was so young yet he controlled such a large multinational company, Wei Weidong didn’t dare to underestimate the other due to his age.

He heard that the Gu Group had companies in various parts of the world, in the end how rich he was, others didn’t know.

Although the global rich list would be updated every year, the accuracy was limited, some rich people announced their properties and wealth, while some people didn’t like to announce it.

For example, the man in front of him was a low-key rich man, he wasn’t even on the list of the world’s wealthy list, but Wei Weidong didn’t dare to treat him as a civilian.

But he didn’t understand, for a sponsorship, President Gu could send a manager to talk to him, was there a need for the president to show up?

Facing Wei Weidong’s various ideas, he sat elegantly across the table, as he held a project planning book in his hand and quickly flipped through it, from time to time the sound of paper rang out.

“I can invest in this project.” Gu Yueze’s slender fingers gently closed the planning book.

Wei Weidong was excited. Although he guessed that he would agree when he saw Gu Yueze, he was very excited when he really heard it. “Thank you for your support, can I ask President Gu in advance, how much will the sponsorship be?”

According to Wei Weidong’s idea, this reality show involved several industries, it wasn’t a very expensive programme, but it would be fine with less than 100 million.

Of course, the average company wouldn’t sponsor so much at once, whether it was a film or reality show, it basically took several sponsors to get it done.

Gu Group was the largest sponsor, he was prepared to pull more than 50%, and the rest he would get fron two or three other companies, it would be easy to handle.

“How about three hundred million?” Gu Yueze calmly asked.

Wei Weidong’s mouth directly opened wide, “3 ……300?”

Gu Yuzhe said, “Not enough? Then add two hundred million.”

Five hundred million came out from Gu Yueze’s mouth, as if it was five hundred dollars.

“That’s enough.” Wei Weidong’s mind quickly turned, with so much money, he didn’t even need to run to other companies to get sponsorships, he had sufficient funds to properly plan the show, but also to hire a few more first-tier idols to ensure ratings.

“I’ll sponsor your show with only one requirement, two of the reality guests will be determined by him.”

“This is certainly no problem.” Wei Weidong was particularly quick to agree, with this kind of capital? Unspoken rules existed in the entertainment industry, not to mention the other party wanted to invest five hundred million.

But other companies generally brought their own company artists, as far as he knew, the Gu Group’s business chain was spread across all walks of life, but they didn’t have an agency.

Could it be that this big company saw a future in the entertainment industry now and was planning to get involved as well?

“Tomorrow, bring the contract to the company, the contract will be signed, and the money will be sent immediately.” Gu Yueze said quickly, “I still have things to do, I’ll go first.”

“Okay Mr. Gu, then I will walk you.” Wei Weidong hurriedly got up and sent Gu Yueze to the door.

There, Assistant Zhang had long parked the car at the door and opened the door for Gu Yueze.

After sending him away, Wei Weidong still felt it was a bit unreal, was it so easy to get it done?

Was the president of Gu Group so easy to talk to?


Shi Fei joined Yi Yuan Studio after a few days.

Song Yiyuan had arranged a dormitory for them, but usually Shi Fei still had a lot of his own things to do, living in the dormitory was a little less convenient, so he stayed in his apartment.

Shi Fei received a call from his class teacher Ming Lihui, “Teacher, why are you calling me?”

A lion’s roar came from Ming Lihui’s side, “Why can’t I call you? Do you still remember that you are a student? I’ve been a teacher for so many years, but it’s the first time I’ve come across a student like you, who comes to report at the beginning of the school year, and then disappears for the whole semester, and doesn’t attend the usual classes, and doesn’t take the midterm exams. ……”

Ming Lihui clamored for a full half hour, but fortunately, Shi Fei was a patient person, ah, he listened carefully and didn’t interrupt.

When she finally almost finished, Shi Fei responded: “Teacher, I have been like this for several other semesters, you’ve never reacted so much ah?”

The teacher was right when she said he was a capricious student, he was enrolled in a private college in Jiahuan, he had been like this since his first year of high school, every time he just enrolled at the beginning of the school year, and then he disappeared.

At first Ming Lihui would be worried that Shi Fei’s grades couldn’t keep up, then every time Shi Fei proved himself with excellent grade, Ming Lihui also stopped caring.

“I’ll tell you, the school recently transferred a new transfer student to old Zhao’s class, I heard that his IQ is more than two hundred, his last midterm exam in addition to language, he got full marks in his other subjects. There is still a week to go before the final exam, if you dare get one point less than him, you will not get a day off next semester.” Ming Lihui said fiercely.

“Teacher Ming, you and Mr. Zhao have been fighting for so many years, isn’t it too much?” Shi Fei wanted to say something else, but Ming Lihui interrupted first, “It’s a matter of family status.”

Old Zhao called Zhao Dexuan, was her husband, the two were teachers, they weren’t young, but their natures were similar, they usually loved to fight.

These years because of Shi Fei in Ming Lihui’s class, her class led in every final exam, he also heard that Teacher Zhao washed clothes for more than two years in a row.

“Also, I heard that you and Yu Zixing are together?” Ming Lihui asked coldly.

“Hmm.” Shi Fei nodded, “What’s wrong?”

“When you come back for the exam in a week, don’t forget to bring back an autographed photo of him.”

Shi Fei: “Teacher, I am your student. Shouldn’t you support me?” He couldn’t see that Mrs. Ming was a fan of Yu Zixing.

Ming Lihui: “Your popularity is so high, you don’t need my support ah. Besides, you have scary eyes, baby Zixing is cute.”

Shi Fei: “……” This is a fake teacher.

After agreeing to Ming Lihui’s request, Shi Fei hung up the phone and helplessly sighed, time went really fast, it was almost time for the finals.

Shi Fei thought he should temporarily study properly, otherwise if he really failed the exam, Teacher Ming’s lion’s roar would certainly be in his ears for at least three days.

So Shi Fei went to the bookshelf to take out a …… German book.

If other students saw this, they would have cursed, what did this German book and the final exam have to do with each other?

Shi Fei was preparing for the exam, at five o’clock in the afternoon, something happened on Weibo, which directly led to the paralysis of Weibo.

# Shen Qingran He Lulu suspected of dating.

Someone photographed the music talent Shen Qingran and He Lulu eating together at a restaurant, although from the photos they didn’t see any excessive intimate actions of the two, it still set off a storm in the entertainment industry.

This was the first time that someone had photographed Shen Qingran and a girl walking so close together.

Shen Qingran was the only singer in China who had received the international Grammy Music Award, not only did he have domestic fans, his international influence was quite large.
[TN: aka the scammys]

His private life was a mystery, and he was polite and detached, in addition to the usual cocktail party, this was the first time he was photographed eating with someone in private, let alone the other was a female.

“The god and goddess eating together? What is the situation, the two people are in love?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, eating a meal together is in love? Don’t you eat with your friends?”

“I don’t believe it, Ranran can’t be in love, he’s all about his music career, how can he have the heart to fall in love.”

“I’m out of love.”

“I’m sad that my husband is in love, but I can only tearfully bless it.”

After the photos of the two came out, the Internet had blessings, there were sad posts, but also some people who didn’t believe it.

In less than half an hour, Weibo directly became sluggish, showing Shen Qingran’s influence.

The Weibo programmer wanted to cry, this was only a few days after the last Weibo issue, could this day still be lived? His heart cried as he maintained the system.

Befor Shi Fei found out, Jiang Yu called to tell him, the man’s voice couldn’t hide his glee.

During Strongest Idol’s third episode, the programme team bought Chu Yuefei and He Lulu, so that Zhuang Xinran could advance.

The reason why Shi Fei only targeted Chu Yuefei was because Chu Yuefei, as a veteran in the entertainment industry, he had the ability to refuse the programme if he wanted to, but he didn’t.

Later, because of guilt, He Lulu secretly approached him to apologize.

This was the reason why Shi Fei didn’t target He Lulu in the subsequent plan, and he didn’t expect that later on when the show was broadcast live, He Lulu didn’t choose Zhuang Xinran.

At that time, he thought it was a bit strange, but now it seemed that Shen Qingran must have made some kind of deal with He Lulu.

Shi Fei picked up his cell phone to call Shen Qingran, he quickly answered, “Master, why are you calling me, have you eaten?”

Shi Fei: “Qingran, did you promise He Lulu something?”

Shen Qingran also didn’t hide it: “I promised her that as long as she voted fairly in The Strongest Idol, I would sing a song with her.” With Shen Qingran’s current status in the singing world, this was like sending her to take off.

Shi Fei: “Then you don’t have to speculate with her. I don’t believe those photos were really taken by paparazzi.”

Shen Qingran: “Master, you can rest assured, I have a line.”

The two of them were trying to use the scandal to decrease the hype of the upcoming movie “The Trouble with Tang”, which would be released in a few days.

These days, Star Media had been promoting the movie “The Trouble with Tang” all over the world, with Shen Qingran, at least this week’s news was all about him, Star Media’s publicity was all wasted. When this fad passed, the film would have missed the best publicity period.

Shen Qingran: “Star Media dared to block you, I have to find something to return to them.”

Shi Fei: “Qingran, don’t mess around.”

Shen Qingran: “Master, just like you don’t want to disclose our relationship and want to protect me, I also want to protect you, I’m not the same person I was four years ago, I have the ability to protect you.”

Shi Fei: “But I also have the ability to protect myself, your enemy is not Star Media, you should use your energy to deal with more important people. Clarify those scandals, if you have to damage to your image to annoy Star Media, you know I won’t be happy.”

The other side was silent for a while before responding, “I know, I’ll have the studio issue a statement later.”

After hanging up the phone, Shi Fei sighed.

Soon after Weibo was fixed, Shen Qingran’s studio and He Lulu’s company jointly issued a statement.

The two had dinner together because they needed to cooperate on work matters, and the two would release a song soon.

The internet became even more lively, Shen Qingran’s fans were all happy that their husband was still single.

The fans of He Lulu were also happy, their goddess could sing with Shen Qing Ran, this was a good opportunity.

This song had not been released, yet the netizens’ sense of anticipation was full.

Then Weibo collapsed again, and the programmer wanted to cry his heart out again.

He Lulu knew that both messages were sent at the request of Shen Qingran.

He Lulu asked in confusion, “I don’t really understand, why did you do that? This is beneficial for me, but for you, there is no benefit ah?”

Shen Qingran was taking the initiative to help her, with Shen Qingran’s current status, he simply didn’t need all this hype. What was more, she didn’t need the feature to prove herself, but for He Lulu, it was a very good way to boost her popularity.

“You don’t need to know this, in any case, I will not go back on my word on what I promised you.” Shen Qingran’s voice was as clear as before, but there was a faint sense of detachment in his voice.

He Lulu looked at Shen Qingran, when she was still in the “strongest idol” as a star judge, Shen Qingran’s side had taken the initiative to contact her, promising that as long as she did not engage in shady business during the show and voted fairly, Shen Qingran would be willing to sing a song with her.

There were no other songs besides love songs that could be sung between men and women. He Lulu had fantasized about whether Shen Qingran was interested in her.

Now it seemed that she really thought too much, then she didn’t understand, since there was no interest in her, why he did do it?

Just now, he actively wanted the scandal, the result was that, he went out to answer a phone call and decided to issue a statement in advance.

What He Lulu didn’t know was that it was because the first time she listened to the programme group and helped Zhuang Xinran, then later, she felt guilty. She had gone to find Shi Fei to apologize in private, if not Shen Qingran wouldn’t give her this opportunity.

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