I misgendered Miss He Lulu *sigh*, I’m sure she’s been cursing at me from a corner, her pronouns are she/her. I went back and changed everything I could find to “she”. Thanks to someone who commented about itttt.

“Quick, quick, insert the commercial in.” Teng Haining directly and quickly commanded the audience in front of the live broadcast was watching it without expecting it to turn into a commercial, and was so angry that they wanted to curse.

The good thing was that they all heard that He Lulu chose He Xiaobei, which meant that He Xiaobei won the game.

Backstage, Liang Wei was a little confused: “Could it be a slip of the tongue?”

Teng Haining, with a dark face, instructed: “Quickly ask what’s going on, and no matter what, after the commercial is over, we must let her change the name and say that she just said the wrong name.”

This was a bit of a farce, but it was better than directly letting He Xiaobei advance.

Liang Wei quickly took the backstage side of the notification over.

The result was that there was no reaction.

“It’s the opposite. What does He Lulu mean? He Lulu doesn’t really think she’s a diva just because she’s been famous for a year, does she? Quickly contact her manager and ask how they teach their artists.” Teng Haining did not expect that He Lulu would vote for He Xiaobei, all his plans were ruined.

Teng Haining asked the staff to find He Lulu and ask her what she wanted to do.

In a short while, the staff came back and replied to Teng Haining: “Teacher He Lulu said, since she is the Star Promotion Officer, she has the right to vote for whomever she wants.”

When Teng Haining heard this, he almost lost his cool again.

Liang Wei didn’t expect that He Lulu would turn against him at this critical moment. Since He Xiaobei’s scene would be the one where she turned against him, the later scene between Shi Fei and Zhuang Xinran may also be a problem.

Did He Lulu not want to be in the industry anymore? What was in it for her to offend the program team and Star Media for a new contestant like this?

This was a live broadcast, even if Teng Haining had a lot of anger, he could only take a step first, and then deal with He Lulu when it ended..

On the stage, after the commercial, Chu Yuefei turned off the microphone and asked He Lulu, “What do you mean by this, He Lulu?”

He Lulu: “I wonder what Mr. Chu is talking about?”

Chu Yuefei: “Just don’t regret your choice today.”

Because the microphone was closed, the conversation between the two was not heard by those in the back row of the audience.

Jiang Yu pursed his mouth, seeing Chu Yuefei’s sh*t-eating expression over there, holding back his smile, he put one hand on the table and gave He Lulu a thumbs up.


And He Lulu’s hands were shaking, she knew clearly that her vote was against Mr. Chu Yuefei, the whole program team, and Star Media.

Thinking about what that person had promised her, she felt it was worth it.

After He Xiaobei’s performance, the next one was the PK between Shi Fei and Zhuang Xinran.

Shi Fei knew that the program group wouldn’t give him too much time to change clothes. During the advertisement in the middle, he hurried to the dressing room, directly took off the red costume outside, revealing the plainclothes inside, taking off the jade crown on his head, and quickly took makeup remover to remove his makeup. There was definitely no time for makeup again.

He casually grabbed his hair and went straight to the stage.

Shi Fei took the microphone and said to everyone: “Today I’ll be singing the song” Black Tomorrow “by Teacher Yu Yizhou, which I think is quite in line with my current state of mind.”

The black tomorrow was a lyric full of confrontation with the world, when the singer Yu Yizhou was set up at the lowest point in his life to create this song, a move that brought him back to the top, but also let him incidentally whitewashed.

Even after Yizhou re-ignited, many songs appeared, but he said that “Black Tomorrow” was his favorite song among all his songs.

The song had a lot of musical elements in it and was not easy to master without solid singing skills.

Many people wonder if Shi Fei could sing this song well.

“I admit that he is a strong singer, but Black Tomorrow has a lot of inflections, a little low and a little high, can he sing it well?”

“The hardest thing to sing about Black Tomorrow is the feeling in the song of being set up and oppressed, and then having no way out, but also being misunderstood and reviled by the world, and living in darkness every day.”

“I’m not sure if this is the reason why so many people don’t dare to cover this song, but I think it’s because it’s too popular.”

“Who gave him the courage to sing this song, don’t let him sing it then.”

“Goddess Shi Fei, wake up, it’s not so easy to sing the song, why did you choose this song, I also want to hear your backward singing female voice again.”

“Shi Fei, time to fly free, Dumbo will always be with you!!!”

“As long as Brother Fei sings, unconditional support, love to listen.”

“Shi Fei’s fan go away, Shi Fei, don’t insult our Teacher Yu Yizhou’s hard work, we congee fans forbid you to sing this song.”

No matter what everyone’s guess was, the song still had to be sung.

When the music started, the originally smiling Shi Fei’s atmosphere suddenly began to change, the entire song was very dark, with a depressing sense of sadness in the first key.

Shi Fei began to sing seriously with his eyes closed. Unlike how everyone thought he would sing badly, his singing was full of depression, and everyone seemed to see Shi Fei weaving a big black net with his singing.

All the people who listened to the song were trapped in it, everyone wanted to escape but there was nowhere to go, all around them were black with no light, no matter how hard they tried, they could not see the dawn and light.

The voice revealed a frightening emotion of despair that struck one’s nerves.

“Why is it that when I listened to the song sung by Shi Fei, a kind of boundless despair arose?

“I’m a congee fan, but I have to admit that Shi Fei didn’t insult Mr. Yu’s songs, he sang them well.”

“I’d like to hear some of Shi Fei’s stories. People without stories can’t sing such heartfelt songs.

“I have wet eyes, Shi Fei is really poisonous, a women’s clothing made my pants wet, this singing and made my eyes wet, do I pay attention to the wet body.”

“Upstairs, you have been reported.”

“Brother Shi, what difficulties do you have, tell us Dumbo, Dumbo will always be your strong backing, do not hold back boohooo ……”

“I don’t want to talk, I just want to cry right now, my eyes are blurry, 555555[crying] ……”

The audience was also infected, with more and more red eyes and sobbing quietly.

The original call-outs were gone, but the crying got heavier and heavier.

The song had a lot of inflections, rising and falling, sometimes high and sometimes low, and it caught them off guard.

When one listened to the softer parts, they didn’t even think about the higher tones that followed, so much so that they were surprised when they heard the higher tones. That was the charm and uniqueness of this song.

He lowered his voice in the bass, like the gentle breeze on his cheeks, but with the helplessness of a devil, shouting loudly and recklessly, like a beast in distress begging for survival, begging the world to leave him alone.

When he first received the list of songs to be sung by the contestants from the staff, he saw the song that Shi Fei wanted to sing and agreed to it without giving it much thought.

The deep despair in the song was not something that an ordinary person could perform.

He thought that Shi Fei chose this song to express his feelings of rebellion against the program, but he really didn’t expect that he would be able to sing it well.

He was a gifted singer and could sing a soprano note, and now he could even sing “Black Tomorrow,” which required a lot of emotion.

It was no wonder that Director Wu had been thinking of him, but unfortunately, he was too stubborn.


In a beautifully decorated apartment, Yu Yizhou was sitting at home watching the live broadcast of “The Strongest Idol”, originally he was contacted by the program, someone needed the copyright for his cover of “Black Tomorrow”, he heard that the cover singer was an eighteen-year-old boy.

This made him a little curious, after all, his song was really not what many people dared to sing, let alone such a young child.

He didn’t expect to get an unexpected surprise.

This child was quite interesting and could actually sing this song so sympathetically.

The phone rang, and it was the agent who called, “Old Yu, did you watch ‘Strongest Idol’?”

“Watched.” Yu Yizhou held his chin with one hand and watched the TV.

“There’s a newcomer named Shi Fei who sang your song ‘Black Tomorrow’, and I feel it’s no worse than yours, so where did this evildoer come from?”

“I was surprised too.”

“This little kid has a lot of promise, I even saw him sing a countertenor before, such a talented kid, I’m a bit tempted to sign him.”

“This program is run by Star Media, and this company won’t let the talent go to another company.”

“Shi Fei’s looks, if he really signs with Star Media, he’ll probably have a hard time.” The agent regretted and then hung up the phone.

Yu Yizhou took a screenshot of a few images of Shi Fei singing with his phone and tweeted: [The Yangtze River’s backwash pushes forward the waves, the young people nowadays are really remarkable. I really want to sit down and listen to your story when I have the chance @ShiFei].

He hoped this post helped him a little.


A city, Gu’s head office building.

Gu Yueze was sitting in his office watching the program playing on his computer, and the song of Shi Fei was ending.

Tonight’s Shi Fei made him amazed, a beautiful woman, singing “Black Tomorrow”, sad and desperate.

It reminded him of the man who gave the painting by the bridge, how could he have so many faces?

‘”Shi Fei and He Xiaobei are so well matched, I love this pair, please marry in place.”

When he saw this pop-up screen flashing on the computer, Gu Yueze’s eyes sank slightly, and a strange feeling rose in his heart, seeing such a pop-up screen felt very harsh.

Then he thought of the video that was cut out by the program group when Zhang Wu came back from the investigation before the last program recording, and He Xiaobei was caught in the dark, and Shi Fei jumped down and condemned the program.

When he saw the video, he felt some irritability rising.

He reached out and called his assistant inside.

In the assistant’s office, Zhang Wu was sitting with a grumpy face, holding the bottle caps that the company’s employees had collected after drinking yogurt and scanning them one by one to vote for Shi Fei.

He was the chief assistant of the Gu Group, a graduate of a prestigious foreign university, earning millions of dollars a year, an industry elite, but now he was sitting in his office, voting for Shi Fei.

Was there any special assistant in this world who was lamer than him?

But he didn’t dare to disobey Mr. Gu’s order!

Zhang Wu looked at the bottle cap that was dwindling off and comforted himself.

At that moment, the phone in the office rang, and Zhang Wu held the phone in one hand and held it to his ear with the other, his hand scanning non-stop, “Hello, Mr. Gu.”

“Book me an insider ticket for the next show of The Strongest Idol.”

“Mr. Gu, you’re going to see this show?” Zhang Wu was very surprised, recently, he became more and more unable to keep up with Mr. Gu’s thinking. In the past, Mr. Gu, who was only focused on his work, somehow started to pay attention to a talent contestant, not only watching every program but also letting him, a special assistant, vote.

Now he had to go to the show to watch it himself. Wasn’t this like his wife and daughter’s star-struck behavior?

“Have a comment?” Gu Yueze asked faintly.

“No, no. I’ll go and make arrangements for you right away.” Time was so tight, normally this show was so popular, the tickets for the next show would have been sold out, but as Mr. Gu’s all-purpose assistant, how could he not even do this little thing well?

 “Send a box of yogurt to everyone in the company.”

He hung up the phone after saying that.

Zhang Wu: “…… ” Could he sing a song for himself?


After the song was finished, there was a lot of crying at the recording site.

Jiang Yu had red eyes too, if it weren’t for the fact that so many people were watching, he would have wanted to rush up and hug Shi Fei and have a good cry.

When Zhuang Xinran heard the voice of Shi Fei, he didn’t know why, but his singing voice had a kind of magic power that drew out the darkness in his heart.

When he was listening to the song, he kept picking up the water next to him and drinking it, and his mouth was so dry that he even had the urge to run to the toilet.

Lu Peng took the microphone on stage and said, “The performance of Shi Fei just now was really amazing, I saw his singing voice infected a lot of people there. But whether you can win in this round will depend on Zhuang Xinran’s performance, so please let Zhuang Xinran go on stage.”

When Zhuang Xinran came on stage, Lu Peng asked, “Zhuang Xinran, that was a great performance by Shi Fei, will that put pressure on you?”

Zhuang Xinran said, “There will definitely be pressure, but the pressure will also encourage more motivation, and I hope to perform better later.”

Lu Peng nodded, “Good, so your performance today is?”

Xinran Zhuang: “Today I’m going to sing an original song called “Don’t Want”, which is my own lyrics and music, I hope you will like it.”

Lu Peng: “Okay, looking forward to your performance.”

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