C20– Stupidity

 A white nanny van was driving on the highway as night fell.

Inside the van, Jiang Yu gritted his teeth, one hand constantly tapping between his thighs, his eyes were squinting and full of ruthless, crooked ideas.

Ling Xia saw him like this, that was, thinking of any bad ideas: “I advise you to think less of those ideas.”

Jiang Yu was furious, “Then just let Master suffer for nothing?”

“Your master has been promoted, the one who was wronged is He Xiaobei, haven’t you been worried that he would become your junior brother? Wouldn’t it be better to eliminate him at this opportunity?” Ling Xia took her lipstick out of her bag and patched up her makeup.

“That’s two different things, playing shady just doesn’t work. That old thing, Teng Cong, when he hired me as a Star Promoter before, he even assured me that the competition would never be shady, but as a result, his words are just like farts, I shouldn’t have believed him in the first place.” Looking at the agent who was still making up next to him, he mocked her: “Don’t makeup again, you are also an old girl in her thirties, so do something for me quickly. I still want to go to Teng Cong and Chu Yuefei. ” He said as his fingers tightly held his ring.

Ling Xia reached out and slapped a hand on Jiang Yu’s head, “What are you babbling about, I’m only 18 years old, don’t be ridiculous.”

Ling Xia pursed her lips, covered her lipstick and put it back in her bag, looked at the person next to her who was about to go into mania and sighed, “When will you do things without being impulsive ah. Your master is definitely an old fox, do you think he would really be so impulsive that he would expose the show’s shady nature right in front of everyone and put himself in a passive situation?”

When Jiang Yu suddenly said that he had a master, Ling Xia had fought several rounds with Shi Fei overtly and covertly, as a gold medal agent, but she had lost back and forth.

The program team had calculated He Xiaobei like this, making Shi Fei angry, she was afraid that they would be in trouble.

“What do you mean?” Jiang Yu’s eyes were shining brightly, waiting for an answer.

“If I’m not mistaken, your master is definitely holding back a big trick to get something done. I’m worried about the program team now instead. It’s no good offending him. Just don’t do anything rash, keep on being a star promoter, and if you spoil your master’s plan, he’ll be the first one to come after you, if he needs you, he’ll naturally ask.”

“So I’m just going to wait for the results? That’s too suffocating.” Jiang Yu was full of displeasure.

Ling Xia said indifferently, “Teng Cong will have another reality show in two months called ‘Challenge Without Limits’ ask him to be the chief director, the two sides are already talking, that show has hired many big names, his ability to be the chief director will be a big boost to his network, no surprise he will be set. Chu Yuefei will partner with the popular little flower Tang Xin to participate in the “King of Song Season 2″ competition in a while, you should know how many big names will appear in that competition.”

Jiang Yu’s eyes lit up, “Oooh, I see.”

Dare to bully his master, just wait and see.

  After thinking about it, Jiang Yu took out his cell phone to contact his rival Shen Qingran: [Have you been surfing abroad enough? It’s taking so long to claim a stupid prize, it’s not over.]

There was no reply to him at all.

Jiang Yu sent a message again: [OK, you’ll just stay abroad all the time, Master has been bullied, you don’t care, don’t care, I care.]

A short while after sending this message, Jiang Yu’s phone rang.

Jiang Yu wagged his little tail, his smug mouth curved, “Thought you were more than capable, don’t call me if you’re capable.”

When he pressed the answer key, a clear voice rang out from the phone: “What’s going on? Make it clear. ”


The bus returning to the program’s training quarters.

After what had happened, everyone was in a bad mood.

Zhuang Xinran sat in his chair while his front and back rows were empty, he was isolated.

Anyone wouldn’t like a shady promotion, today he could rely on shady promotion to take away the quota that belonged to someone else’s promotion, tomorrow he might take away the quota that belonged to their promotion.

Some people even thought in their hearts that the previous few matches, Zhuang Xinran’s promotion wouldn’t also rely on a black curtain, right?

Zhuang Xinran’s hands were squeezed tightly, his calm face trying to restrain his emotions, his teeth clenched, hiding the anger in his heart.

This concealment almost collapsed when he saw Shi Fei and He Xiaobei appear at the entrance of the bus, Zhuang Xinran’s expression collapsed, he looked at Shi Fei’s eyes like he wanted to go up and tear him apart, the anger in his eyes were about to materialize.

He traded the incident of his throat being poisoned with the program, promising not to reveal the news to the public, on the premise that he had to be kept within the top seven.

Zhuang Xinran was very clear about the level of his business, among the current contestants, some of them were at a similar level to him, and when he met those who had the ability to fight and more ability to surpass him, it would be difficult for him to enter the top seven by himself.

Even if he was popular now, there was no guarantee that every time he was pending, he would have the fans push him back.

He didn’t expect this to be only 12 into the top 9, this kind of thing, although the program team could certainly rely on post-editing to get today’s broadcast accident,  the relationships he had built with the contestants was considered finished.

When he was exposed in public, all the contestants knew about his shady promotion, and before the end of the competition, all the contestants looked at him with disdain, including the staff.

It was all Shi Fei’s fault, why did he always like to be so nosy.

Shi Fei and He Xiaobei found a row of seats to sit down, and Yu Zixing who sat in front of them turned around with an unfriendly expression and gave a thumbs up to He Xiaobei and said, “Don’t feel bad, Old Fei, you’re the best, 6666.” [6666: hahahaha]
  He Xiaobei, who was still emotionally crumbling, broke into a smile when he heard this, “Yu Zixing, where did you learn the strange words again?”

Yu Zixing looked confused, “Is it wrong? The internet says ‘old man’ is a metaphor for being good friends, I think we’re pretty close ah, last time you were in my bed.”

For a person with a cleanliness fetish, non-best friends were not allowed to sit on his bed.

Wu Yan, who hadn’t spoken, was surprised: “Got into bed?”

He Xiaobei blushed and quickly explained, “No, no, it’s not…”

Xu Ruhao also opened his mouth to gossip, “When did it happen? Why didn’t I know.”

He Xiaobei blushed even more now, “Really no, it’s not what he said. Don’t you talk nonsense.”

Yu Zixing didn’t understand what He Xiaobei had to blushed to deny, “On, two days ago, yesterday too.”

He Xiaobei: “……..”

The crowd suddenly looked at the two with meaningful eyes, and after such a scene, He Xiaobei’s previously suffocated mood was diluted quite a bit.

The white bus drove towards the dormitory building, and the third phase of “The Strongest Idol”, where the top 36 made it into the top 12, was broadcast that night.

This time, everyone’s performances were a big hit with the netizens, and it was clear that the upgrades were more interesting than in the preliminaries, and the contestants’ performances were even more outstandingly excellent.

The editor really knew how to do things, when Beauty track He Lulu eliminated three people in a row, the atmosphere was already very tense, and now after the editor’s editing and then with the music, through the screen one could feel the tension of the contestants.

Especially also close-ups of some of the contestants’ facial expressions were clearly seen.

“Mum, I didn’t expect He Lulu to be so strict, I’m so scared that my palms are sweating.”

“Me too, I’m nervous for them now, it’s not like the next one won’t pass yet.”

“Although He Lulu is a bit stricter, I think he’s right, there’s always a breakthrough when you come here to compete.”

“The god is just great, he’s strict with himself and other contestants as well, it’s for their own good.”

The fourth contestant was He Xiaobei, everyone was not too optimistic about him at first because He Xiaobei had no memory points for his looks.

A small song from Jiangnan during the preliminaries was good, but it was easy to get drowned out in the midst of so many contestants.

As a result, when he opened his voice, he stunned the netizens.

“The only song that has given me goosebumps so far, the first and foremost.”

“I’m a little scared to see his face, my back is cold, he’s got good eyes.”

“Awesome, this music makes my blood all boil.”

“Loving this darkness! Ghost animal.”
   ”Sickly, it’s kind of like watching a horror movie, it’s so scary. He Xiaobei, you’ve managed to make me remember you.”

He Xiaobei’s stunning performance undoubtedly convinced the netizens, and when He Lulu began to comment, a bunch of ‘pass over’ subtitles even appeared on the pop-up screen.

When he passed, the netizens got excited.

Next came Zhuang Xinran, who had a completely different musical style than He Xiaobei, and a song called “I’m in Love Again” that saved Da Ai from her sickly fears.

“Mama, I’m in love, Mama doesn’t have to worry about me not finding a boyfriend anymore.”

“Xinran looks so handsome when he sings love songs, he sings well.”

“This song is so sweet to my heart, give me epsilon, I’m going to get diabetes.”

“How can Xinran be so cute, it’s so foul.”

“Oh no, Xinran blinked that time, I feel like I’m falling in.”

Zhuang Xinran’s sweet love song was as phantom as it made people fall in love.

Before Shi Fei came out, the pop-up screens were all still a bunch of people who were screaming at the top of their lungs to fall in love with Zhuang Xinran.

As a result, these netizens’ love came and went, one second they were in love, the next they were cheating to give Shi Fei a monkey.

Shi Fei’s song was so sad that it made a bunch of viewers cry when it was recorded, and now the show is the same.

“Is this Brother Fei’s breakup? Who broke his heart like that.”

“I cried when he opened my mouth, his voice was so steady and beautiful, and he sang very heartfeltly.”

“Listening to other people’s songs is just enjoying the music, listening to Fei’s song is like listening to a story, I’ll be the first to cry.”

“I could hear the loneliness in his heart that sang to my heart.”

“That person who dared to abandon Fei, I’ll fight you. Honey, don’t feel bad, you still have so many of us.”

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