C16— Hand Removed CP Fans

 ”What? An operation like this?” He Xiaobei was so surprised that he almost jumped up, the expression on his slightly young face was surprised and then transformed into anger, “Why is he so shameless.”

For He Xiaobei, ‘shameless’ was already one of the few curse words he could think of.

That little face was red with anger, and it was hard to speak without knowing how to curse.

“You have had contradictions before. Isn’t he uncomfortable with a speculating CP?” With a CP, they would definitely be bound together, and bound with a person they didn’t like every day. He Xiaobei felt his reasoning was the best.

“The entertainment industry is very deep, many people can do anything to be popular, some people can be ungrateful and stab their friends and brothers in the back for the sake of popularity, and some people can even throw away all of their human boundaries and dignity for the sake of popularity, and even sleep with some people who can be their father or grandfather.” This kind of Zhuang Xinran was at best childish.

In his previous life, Zhuang Xinran also fired CP with him, when he truly took Zhuang Xinran as a friend, the two interacted a lot and were very friendly, CP fans gathered very quickly.

As more and more people were eliminated, his singing skills were not particularly outstanding and he became insecure.

Several times he was on the verge of elimination pending, and was eventually pushed back hard by CP fans over and over again.

He may not have the strongest business level, but his handling skills and emotional intelligence was definitely the best among these contestants, so it was no wonder he ended up at that height.

This time he didn’t do it right from the start, because the attitude of Shi Fei to him was not good at the beginning, he probably saw the competition getting fiercer, he became anxious and thought of this trick again.

He Xiaobei’s mouth opened into an O shape there, and Shi Fei casually plucked the tuned guitar strings twice, then shoved them into He Xiaobei’s hand and reached out to play, “You can learn a little bit.”

He Xiaobei bit his teeth and said, “Brother Fei, don’t worry, I’ll never stab you in the back.”

Shi Fei caressed his forehead and smiled helplessly, “I’ve said so much, and that’s all you’ve listened to ah?” He Xiaobei’s upbringing was simple, and in addition to his simple and weak nature, he liked to return the favor with a twelfth of his heart when he met someone who treated him well.

But these days, people who seemed to be good to you, may also have an ulterior motive, a hidden evil intent.

If He Xiaobei wanted to sing, he had to mix with the entertainment industry, but his personality was the least suitable for mixing with the entertainment industry.

Shi Fei also didn’t want to scare him and reveal all the darkness of the entertainment industry at once, but he also wanted to reveal it to him little by little, so that he could do harm to others, or at least prevent them from doing so.

“Is there anything else to focus on?” He Xiaobei asked with a wink.

“Nope. You practice your guitar.” Shi Fei felt helpless.

He Xiaobei held the guitar and played twice, then asked, “Brother Fei, I used to think that you couldn’t play guitar, I didn’t think you were Gary, I even thought about learning those songs to your videos before, but unfortunately it’s too hard to learn. Why didn’t you say it when you were just live, I think your popularity would have gone up if you said it.”
  Shi Fei touched the drawing book on his bedside table and began to draw and said, “It’s not a very big deal, what’s there to say. Moreover, as soon as I say it, the anchor and netizens will have to let me perform live when the time comes, how will I have time to teach you.”

He Xiaobei smiled like a fool and said, “So you’re doing this for me, Brother Fei, don’t worry, I’ll definitely learn.” He also made a saluting motion after saying that.

He Xiaobei held his guitar and just wanted to practice, he suddenly remembered something and quickly took his phone and searched for it to find Chen Jingyuan’s live broadcast.

This time Chen Jingyuan just caught Wu Yan, who had just returned from dance practice, sweating profusely, and all the people on the pop-up were screaming at him.

He swiped through the previous messages quickly, and indeed found that many people were shouting to knock Shi Fei and Zhuang Xinran’s CP [couple]when they were live before.

He Xiaobei drummed up an exasperated face and said, “Brother Fei, look, even if you didn’t help him, those netizens are still knocking a CP [couple]. How can they even knock a CP in this situation?”

“It doesn’t matter, this kind has no standing.” Shi Fei said as he drew, “Hurry up and practice your guitar, you’re such a vegetable that you can’t even play such a simple song, you still have time to read gossip here.”

…….His guitar level was considered good among this group of players, okay? Who could be as perverted as you.

Besides, where was the simplicity in this tune?

Forget it, the world of big brother, he didn’t understand.

He Xiaobei hurriedly felt a few sheets of brief music from under his pillow and started practicing his guitar against it.

Shi Fei’s hand drawing at this time stopped, he picked up his phone and sent a tweet, then continued to draw.
  Zhuang Xinran quickly took his phone to watch the live broadcast after returning to his room, although it was a bit humiliating just now, but seeing that there were many people supporting him and Shi Fei on the live broadcast, he felt that the fall was not unfair.

He was halfway successful in his aim, after which he just had to find another chance to get in touch with Shi Fei a few more times, find a water army to guide him, and then find some fans pretending to be CP fans to guide the topic, and they would be able to fry up their CP.

It was just a bit costly, but don’t worry, wanting to become famous, such a little investment was nothing.
As long as he could successfully enter the top three, or even the championship, then he would be famous, when the successful debut happened, the money he spent, wouldn’t he earn it back?

There were already some netizens on the internet who had made emojis with the video of him falling just now, and Zhuang Xinran was not afraid of self-blackening, and incidentally took the emojis down and sent them to Weibo saying: [Next time I will pay attention to just taking a shower, and hold on to the slippers].

The first two episodes of the show aired, although they were not very popular, but when the show was justifiably popular, those fans were exactly nowhere to be seen.

Seeing Zhuang Xinran’s posted something, a swarm of people ran over to praise the message forward, only tens of thousands of attention, made hundreds of thousands come out.

“Xinran, are you trying to wash your hands of this wave of self-blackening? Can’t wash it off hahahahahahaha.”

“I’ve taken and saved a screenshot of that fall, I’ll have to get an autographed photo in exchange.”

“Brother Zhuang, even though I’m a fan of yours, I can only sympathize with you for a second because the way you looked when you fell was so funny, and that stoic look at Shi Fei was so cute.”

“I declare ‘Fei Ran CP’ I’m locked, I’ve swallowed the key, no one will be able to get it out.”

“Is there something wrong with the upstairs, locking CP at every turn, did the main owner agree to it? A good friendship let you guys get into a gay relationship.”

The messages were pretty much in favor of him and Shi Fei, and it was not in vain that he fell on his face, although it didn’t look like Shi Fei didn’t really want to be a CP pairing with him, but he made the first move, and Shi Fei knew it was a win-win opportunity as long as he wasn’t stupid.

The result didn’t wait for him to be happy for long, he found out that he posted on Weibo, and the content of his Weibo post was very simple: [Sharing a song with everyone].

At the bottom was the link to the song shared, and the song shared was “I’m a happy single dog”.

Zhuang Xinran: “……..”

“Hahaha how I wanted to laugh so much when I saw the song that Fei shared.”

  ”In front, Zhuang Xinran’s fans still want to knock CP, the next second the rightful owner went down to the field to hand demolish CP, the face hit came too fast like a tornado.”

“Everyone wash up and go to sleep, there’s no more sugar to knock.”

“Brother Fei, I, female, single, 17 years old, studying at Hong Yang High School, beautiful features, if you are willing, I can always help you end your days as a single dog.”””

“Honey, what are you babbling about out there, who said you’re single, was yesterday’s scrub knee not enough?”

“Shi Fei’s main wife is here, the other concubines aren’t coming over quickly to pay their respects.”

There were all sorts of comments at the bottom of Shi Fei’s post.

Zhuang Xinran held the phone tightly squeezed, his face ugly, this Shi Fei really wasn’t giving half a bit of face.

Was he the rightful owner personally coming down to demolish the CP? Didn’t he have any regard for popularity? Did he really think that if he was the king of popularity now, he would always be the king of popularity?

Three days later was the 12-in-9 tournament, and the original idea of relying on Shi Fei to pull his popularity up seemed to have fallen flat.

Fortunately, he had another plan.


Three days later, the 12-to-9 match began.

Twenty minutes before the start of the competition, the spectators all began to enter the field in an orderly manner. The contestants also had their makeup on and were waiting nervously one by one.

Some of them were still sitting in their seats, singing in a low voice, afraid that they might forget the lyrics when they went on stage.

The star promoters also went to their dressing rooms and waited to go on stage.

At this time, the director Teng was anxiously turning around, the logistics personnel rushed back,  DirectorTeng quickly grabbed him and asked: “How is it? Did you find him?”

“No luck, the phone did get through, he said he was going to be a little busy and will definitely be on time when the show starts later.” The support staff said wiping sweat from his forehead.

Because the first two shows aired, the ratings were very high and every contestant who stayed had their own fans.

This time, the 12 to 9 competition show team rented the performance venue in a larger stadium, which could hold over 8,000 people on site, so that they could at least earn back some more money for tickets.

This was the key point, but the Star Promoter Jiang Yu had disappeared, and there was only 20 minutes left for the show to start.

In the past, he’d only heard that Jiang Yu was straightforward and didn’t like shady things, but he’d never heard that he was such a big shot.
  ”Shall I make another call?” Among the audience that came to the scene were Jiang Yu’s fans, if he really had a temporary problem and couldn’t make it, those fans that had rushed to see him would blow up the stage.

“Check with him again, make sure to make it on time, there are at least 2,000 people on the scene who are his fans, let him think of the fans.” Other than that, there was nothing else Director Teng could say.

The logistician hurriedly took his cell phone to make a call.

At the entrance of the audience, the big fans of each competitor were organizing to give out support light signs, support posters, support bracelets, etc. to their fellow fans.

One by one, they were all dug in, wanting to give good signs to their beloveds.

A woman with long black wavy hair, a black beret and a black dress appeared at the entrance of the audience, her face covered by a sunglass and a scarf.

Black sexy and seductive stockings, even in flat shoes, she was at least one meter tall, walking in a group of petite and dainty girls, she particularly stood out.

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