C15— CP Fans

Some people on the pop-ups didn’t know who ‘Gary’ was, and others immediately took up the science for them.

It turned out that Gary was a netizen on Dou Yin, he appeared on Dou Yin two years ago to play the guitar, with his finger-playing acoustic guitar, he became popular in Dou Yin.

Later on, he had uploaded two other guitar playing videos on the internet, frequently on the hot search, at that time also set off a lot of netizens of the competition to imitate, attracting a bunch of guitar fans.

It was a pity that after three songs, he never sent any other works on Dou Yin.

Every time Gary made a video, he only shot below the chest, people had never seen his face, but they were impressed by his great guitar skills and beautiful fingers.

In this age of internet information, whenever someone played the guitar, there was always someone who remembered the guy who was popular for a while but then disappeared.

At this moment the guitar sound stopped, and everyone thought it was He Xiaobei who had finished playing.

Chen Jingyuan was about to knock on the door to enter, but before his hand hit the door, the sound of the guitar came out again.

The first was a gentle guitar sound, the tone was smooth, and it could be heard that the guitarist was very proficient in the guitar, so without any warning, a fierce and unrestrained music was mumbled up, the momentum was majestic, as if it made people think that they were in the middle of a thousand horses galloping, or as if a tsunami had suddenly risen on the quiet sea.

It was hard to imagine such a difficult momentum yet it was played by just a guitar.

“Ahhhhhh this is Gary playing the Dream Song, this is his way of playing it, I can never hear it wrong.”

“This is one of Gary’s three sacred songs, the Dream Song is the hardest tune to play. Oh mai ah, am I about to discover some amazing secret.”

“Up front I know what you’re thinking, don’t dream it. I’m a hand controller, and I’ve paid attention to his hands a few performances ago at Ho’s North Table, and that’s never Gary’s hands.”

“But that’s definitely what Gary plays can’t be wrong, I’ve been watching him every day, there’s absolutely no mistaking what I hear.”

“Anchor, go inside and find out, my curious soul is out of control.”

“Anchor Chen, a rocket is for you, go in and catch the people inside.”
  It was a shame that Chen Jinyuan was listening to the music and didn’t notice this, he even bobbed his head to the music, obviously enjoying the physical and mental shock that the guitar music brought to him.

Also shocked was Zhuang Xinran, who had seen He Xiaobei’s guitar practice many times these days. He was really much better than the average person, but he had not reached this level.

What was going on? It was hard to believe he was clumsy before, so wouldn’t it be flat out making him more popular if he came to suggest watching him practice his guitar, which was not what he wanted.

He really wanted to pull Chen Jingyuan back, but he also knew that this situation was impossible.

Finally when the guitar sound slowly calmed down, the song ended as the last note was struck.

Zhuang Xinran took the initiative to speak up, “Teacher Chen, seeing as the netizens can’t wait, why don’t we knock on the door and go in.”

“Okay.” Chen Jingyuan reached out and knocked on the door, as soon as his fingers touched the door panel, the door opened in response, so the room wasn’t even closed, no wonder the music from inside just now came out clearly.

“He Xiaobei, Shi Fei, are you guys there? Let’s come in.” Chen Jingyuan shouted as he walked and interacted with the netizens from time to time, “I wonder if we’ll be able to see a restricted picture this time, and by the way, let’s come together to reveal what just happened with the guitar sound, and what’s going on with the sudden little bit of excitement.”

“Anchor Chen, I suspect you were driving and have recorded the evidence, no more than five packs of spicy bars to reclaim the evidence.”

“I’d like to hear the guitar again from earlier, and I don’t mind as far as the restricted footage and such.”

“Am I the only one who wants to see Shi Fei in his full glory? For a face dog, the music doesn’t matter anything, just a face to chew on.”
 Chen Jingyuan and Zhuang Xinran went in together. They saw He Xiaobei who was ready to open the door.

They saw that he was wearing a white long-sleeved T-shirt and black casual pants. He looked embarrassed and was a little surprised when he saw them. “You are …”

“Xiaobei, we are broadcasting live. I just heard a nice guitar sound coming from your dormitory. Did you play it?” Zhuang Xinran first spoke and asked.

He actually defaulted to He Xiaobei playing. There were only two people in the dormitory. He Xiaobei’s guitar level was seen in the competition before, which was quite good. Maybe he was really the person playing.

“I didn’t play that just now.” He Xiaobei took everyone to walk inside and was about to speak when he heard the guitar music inside again just now.

When everyone looked over, they saw Shi Fei sitting in front of the computer, playing music, and the video happened to be Gary’s video.

Netizens who thought they were about to uncover the truth: “…”

“Unexpected, reasonable, happy, everyone is scattered.”

“I was so excited that I thought I heard the live version of Gary’s guitar.”

“In fact, everyone knows in their hearts that Gary is a well-known artist, and he has more than 10 million fans of Douyin. Why does he need to participate in the show?”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, I finally saw my husband. My husband is so cute and handsome when he wears home clothes. If he doesn’t wear it, he must be more cute.”

“Am I the only one, it didn’t sound like a computer? I still feel like it was played live. Shi Fei’s hand is also very good-looking. With a closer look, it’s really similar to Gary. ”

“Only a few dishes upstairs, are you drunk?  Shi Fei is Gary, why don’t you just say that the mysterious gold songwriter’ not leaving’ is also Shi Fei? ”

Chen Jingyuan looked at the video and said, “So you are watching Gary’s guitar video?”

Shi Fei was not surprised by their arrival. He said politely, “Well, Xiaobei said he wanted to learn Gary’s guitar fingering, and he is practicing now.”
  He Xiaobei nodded immediately after being slightly stunned, “Yes, I think that one is pretty cool, so I want to learn.”

Chen Jingyuan was not surprised, but still joked with the netizen’s words, “Just now we were listening like crazy outside, we almost thought we were going to witness a large pickpocketing scene.”

Shi Fei laughed and didn’t say anything, He Xiaobei stood at the side slightly restrained, probably facing the live broadcast for the first time in his life, a little unsure of where to place his hands and feet.

Chen Jingyuan said, “May I show the netizens around your room?”

Zhuang Xinran interjected appropriately, “Would you mind taking me with you?”

“Sure.” Shi Fei stepped back to He Xiaobei’s side and said, “I’m actually usually lazier, and the room is basically cleaned up by Xiaobei.”

The netizens turned their heads as the camera looked around to see the room’s placement.

They had to say that the room was really clean, the table was neatly arranged, there were no dirty socks or other litter, and shoes were placed under the bed in pairs.

“As a girl, I suddenly feel a bit ashamed when I see a dorm like this.”

“This room has the feel of the situation after my mom came to visit me, it’s so neat and clean.”

“It’s not scientific, the room doesn’t smell bad, it’s either fake or gay, crap, did I discover some big secret.”

“People in front please hurry up and call the police, Shi Fei is about to come and kill someone.”

Chen Jingyuan jokingly said, “You guys cleaned up the room so well, what else do you want me to shoot? It can’t be that they knew I was coming and made it in advance.”

Shi Fei smiled and said, “It’s also possible, after all, I’m also someone who wants to save face.”

Compared to Shi Fei’s indifferent response, He Xiaobei’s hands and feet stiffened there, not daring to speak or move, and that goofy look also amused the netizens.

Chen Jingyuan would not stay in this room forever, and after sweeping the room and asking a few questions, he planned to leave.

Zhuang Xinran also said, “I also have to go back to practice my song, so I’ll go back first.”

Shi Fei also gave a very dignified nod in front of the majority of the netizens.

When Zhuang Xinran turned around and passed by the side of Shi Fei, he suddenly slipped on the bottom of his foot and fell directly onto Shi Fei.
Shi Fei subconsciously flashed to the side, and Zhuang Xinran’s entire body fell directly to the ground.

Zhuang Xinran was also confused by the fall, probably didn’t think that Shi Fei would actually dodge, did this person not even care about his image in front of so many netizens?

“Sorry, subconscious reaction, are you okay.” Shi Fei stood at the side with an apologetic mouth, but his hands didn’t want to reach out to pull the other person up at all.

Instead, Chen Jingyuan reacted quickly and quickly helped the person up: “You’ve just finished taking a shower, your slippers are too slippery, so be careful walking.” It was tantamount to helping Zhuang Xinran explain the reason why he had just fallen.

“Whahahahahaha I didn’t want to laugh, but Xinran just went down and froze, really cute.”

“Who am I? Where am I? Why did I fall to the ground, there are unruly people trying to harm me.”

“Zhuang Xinran looked at Shi Fei the first time after falling down, that aggrieved little eyes, it’s the same as my boyfriend’s eyes when I get angry, I am jealous of this sugar.”

“I kind of want to smash the CP of Xinran and Shi Fei. No one should stop me. I have long felt that they are tricky.”

“Shi Fei is too steel and straight, and his wife had fallen to the ground, but he was still indifferent. This kind of person would be pulled out and beaten if his face was not so good.”

“Zhuang Xinran inside: this baby is not aggrieved, not aggrieved! No grievance whatsoever, Shi Fei will not go to bed tonight.”

This farce ended as Chen Jingyuan helped Zhuang Xinran leave.

He Xiaobei was still a bit confused until he closed the door and asked, “Brother Fei, why do I feel that something was wrong just now? Why did Zhuang Xinran fall?”

“Looks like you haven’t missed eating walnuts lately, getting smart enough to feel something wrong.” Shi Fei picked up the guitar on the bed and was tuning the guitar strings there and said, “Zhuang Xinran just fell on purpose.”

“Fell on purpose? What’s he after? It’s still live, isn’t it embarrassing to fall in front of the general public?” He Xiaobei felt that his brain wasn’t quite enough.

“Because he wants to fry CP with me and suck up my fans ah.” Shi Fei didn’t care to throw the news out, blasting He Xiaobei to the point where he stood there with a shocked face.

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