The hungry CP fans were quietly growing, while Shi Fei began to be stuffed with a variety of work.



With Shi Fei’s popularity getting higher and higher, the previous so-called Tianxing Media’s blocking had simply become a joke.



Resources continued to find their way to the door, especially a lot of reality TV programs. Seeing the market for Shi Fei on reality shows, they sent a lot of invitations.



Even the Chinese CCTV program “Huaxia Heritage” issued an invitation to Shi Fei.



Many celebrities were proud to be on CCTV; it was a good place for them to get more fans, and it was a good resource that many people wanted but couldn’t get.



This program was mainly about the Chinese country’s five thousand years of cultural heritage. One needed to have a strong cultural heritage, so most stars really couldn’t be on this program.



Unfortunately, Shi Fei was an unexpected occurrence among all popular celebrities. While it wasn’t surprising that some celebrities had some talents, their talents were basically used to get more popular. There was no such person as Shi Fei, who not only knew how to do it but was proficient.


Guqin, playing Go, traditional Chinese painting, embroidery, and making Hanfu were all top-notch in the industry. No matter what, they were all part of the cultural heritage of China.



However, they were rejected by Shi Fei.



On the one hand, he didn’t have time; he had to make time to do music, so he couldn’t remain busy all the time, otherwise the fans would cry.



On the other hand, he had heard some things about that program and really wasn’t interested in participating in it.



Afterwards, he participated in the third recording of “The Sims,” and this time the theme was cosplay.



When Yu Wenwen heard about the theme, she excitedly chose her character: “I’m going to be Kikyo, the Kikyo from Inuyasha.”



Jiang Yu laughed as he mocked her: “Kikyo died a horrible death.”



Yu Wenwen glared at him. “What do you care?”



Jiang Yu, holding a sword, says, “I’m going to cosplay as ‘Sesshomaru’.”



Yu Wenwen couldn’t help but laugh. “You picked a good one, but I’m not the one with a missing arm.”



Li Hong quickly stopped them: “Both of you stop arguing; what is there to argue about?”



Yu Wenwen asked, “Sister Li Hong, what will you choose?”



Li Hong thought for a while and said, “I’m playing Daji from Honor of Kings; I want to be a demon who wreaks havoc on the people.”



Then everyone looked at Shi Fei and asked him which character he would choose.



Shi Fei originally wanted to choose a fan favorite anime character, ‘Hisoka’ from ‘Full Time Hunter’.



But a certain big president didn’t watch anime and was too confused to choose. So Shi Fei helped him choose a “black butler” character, the all-powerful butler ‘Sebastian’.



Then Shi Fei gave up his favorite ‘Hisoka’ and chose to cosplay as ‘Ceil’.



These two characters had a lot of CP fans, and Shi Fei felt that he would be able to attract a whole lot of CP fans again when the time came.



For the sake of the romance between the two of them, Shi Fei felt that he was really working hard.



Wei Weidong was simply ecstatic when he recorded this scene.



The main characters wanted to speculate on CP; what could he, the director, do?



The only unhappy person in the scene was probably Jiang Yu, who still thought that Gu Yueze was trying to take advantage of Shi Fei.



Jiang Yu had also read the manga and, of course, knew that these two characters had a lot of CP fans.



The master always made him worry so much. As such a big man, he didn’t know any better. He was making Gu Yueze more popular for nothing.



When the head of the cosplay department was about to hand out clothes to everyone, Jiang Yu suddenly changed his mind and said, “I want to change; I want to play the fiancée of ‘Ceil’, ‘Liz’.”



Everyone looked at Jiang Yu with a strange look on their faces, and even Shi Fei looked at him curiously. “Jiang Yu, I never knew you had a hobby of dressing up as a woman.” Shi Fei felt that he really neglected his disciple and he silently reflected on that.



Jiang Yu said with a resentful expression on his face, “What kind of big brother can dress in women’s clothing? I… forget it, I won’t tell you.”



Since he couldn’t stop them, Jiang Yu thought about how he would have to be a third party. Ah, bah, he would just play the role of a fiancée to save the fans from supporting this messy CP; at least he, as the fiancée would be there.



Once again, with a look of resentment, he looked at Shi Fei and then went to the locker room with his clothes in his arms.



This time, the cosplay required them to go to a cosplay exhibition, where everyone gathered together for a hobby and admired their hard work.



Walking on the street without fear of others’ gaze, just for the love in their hearts.


After the two days of recording the cosplay theme, they had to record the fourth theme, bikes, immediately after.



Both cosplay and bikes were niche cultures, which was in line with the program’s intention to promote niche cultures.


At the end of the four consecutive days of recording, everyone was a little tired. When they were ready to go back, the program group gave the five guests a special car to send them away to the airport.



However, when the cars were assigned, Wei Weidong said with a distressed expression, “We only rented four cars today, but you and Gu Yueze are going to the same airport, so can you two take the same car?” In order to make time for Mr. Gu and Shi Fei to spend alone, he, as the director, really worked too hard and had even begun to do the work of a matchmaker.



Jiang Yu was the first to object: “That’s not going to work.”



Wei Weidong looked at him: “Why not? It’s not like I’m asking you to carpool with them; why are you reacting so strongly?” He reacted so strongly, yet he still wouldn’t admit that he liked Shi Fei.



Jiang Yu couldn’t tell the real reason and could only say, “Anyway, it’s not okay.” If the two of them were photographed on the way or at the airport by a reporter or a fan that posted it on the internet, CP fans would be all over the place again.



“No problem, just arrange it.” Shi Fei said it carelessly.



“Mas … Shi Fei, your brain isn’t working right now.” Jiang Yu blurted it out in a hurry. After speaking, he immediately reacted and quickly admitted his mistake. “I was wrong.”



Shi Fei gave him a look, almost unable to hold back his desire to kick him. “Shut up.”



Jiang Yu knew that his master was too kind; he was always too embarrassed to reject others, but people who were too kind were prone to suffering.



Jiang Yu felt that he had to protect his master, so he lifted his leg and tried to get into Shi Fei’s car.



Shi Fei grabbed his collar with one hand and pulled him back. “What do you want to do with my car?”



Jiang Yu glanced at Gu Yueze and said defensively, “I’m protecting you.”



Shi Fei: “In broad daylight, what do I need protection from?”



Jiang Yu glanced at Gu Yueze again and said to Shi Fei, “I’m worried about crazy fans; I heard that they’re especially rampant these days.”



Shi Fei flicked his finger at Jiang Yu’s head: “Come on, you’re not going to the same airport as me; just protect yourself.”



Jiang Yu was depressed at the thought of this, and in his heart, he blamed Ling Xia for not buying the same tickets as his master’s.



“Quickly go back to your own car.” Shi Fei bent down and entered his car, then drilled out his head to look at Gu Yueze and said, “You don’t want to get in? You and I are going to the same airport.”



Gu Yueze got into the black car with his long legs; Jiang Yu was so angry that his hair was about to stand like a cat’s.



Just at this time, he saw Gu Yueze glancing at him; those clear, cold, and indifferent eyes were directly interpreted by Jiang Yu as a provocation. He immediately flared up. “You…”



Wei Weidong hurriedly pulled him to the other car and said, “Come, come, Jiang Yu, your car is on this side.”




The driver of the car was Zhang Wu, and the passenger seat was occupied by Xu Zeming, Shi Fei’s assistant.



In the back seat, Shi Fei was leaning on a comfortable soft chair, and after getting in the car, he took his cell phone and lowered his head to play a game.



Gu Yueze sat next to him and said, “After I go to the airport, I will be going on a business trip abroad.”



Shi Fei nodded his head carelessly and said, “Uh-huh.”



Gu Yueze: “Don’t forget to eat more meat when I’m not around. Don’t think about losing weight; you’re already very thin.”



Shi Fei: “Got it.”



Gu Yueze continued: “This time, I will be traveling for about half a month.”



Shi Fei responded, “Oh.”



Gu Yueze: “I won’t be able to participate in the next theme recording.”



Shi Fei: “Okay.”



Gu Yueze: “So if we don’t see each other for half a month, you won’t miss me, right?”



Shi Fei: “Yes.”



There was a sudden burst of low air pressure in the car, and when he realized it, the game in his hand ended and the screen turned black.



Seeing the other party’s face, which was so dark that it could drip ink, Shi Fei looked up with a smile and a fawning expression.



Gu Yueze’s face was stony, like he was coalescing before getting angry.



Zhang Wu, who was sitting in front, saw Mr. Gu’s face through the rearview mirror.



It was over. Boss Gu was angry; how could Shi Fei be so heartless? Boss Gu was obviously reluctant to leave him, yet he only focused on playing the game on the phone. Even if it was him, he would also be angry.



Glancing sideways at Xu Zeming sitting in the passenger seat, his gaze signaled, “Can you think of a way quickly?” It seemed like there was going to be a fight.



If Mr. Gu and Mr. Shi Fei really had a cold war, Zhang Wu could imagine how difficult it would be for him as his special assistant.



Xu Zeming gently shook his head. Both were big shots; even him, as a special assistant, couldn’t help. How could he, an assistant, have any way?



Shi Fei put the phone to the side and said seriously, “Mr. Gu, you joined the program in the first place to chase me. I’m already yours, so it seems there’s no need for you to waste your time anymore.”



Gu Yueze said, “Spending time on you is never a waste.” A noble look was displayed on his cool face, almost as if the words ‘hurry up and coax me’ were written in big letters.



The corners of his mouth curled as he picked up his own cell phone and held it up in front of Gu Yueze’s face to look at it. “Mr. Gu, look at the game I lost.” He leaned towards Gu Yueze’s body and said in a soft voice, “Mr. Gu, buy me a few skins, okay? I’ve got my eye on a few skins that look great, but they’re a little expensive. Let me also taste the feeling of using money to play.”



Gu Yueze asked, “How much?”



Shi Fei brought out his cell phone interface to Gu Yueze and said, “Each of them costs 2888 coupons, which means its 288 yuan for one skin, and the three skins cost a thousand yuan. I’m so poor.”



After saying this, Shi Fei also made a pitiful expression.



When Zhang Wu, who was sitting in the front row, heard this, he wanted to laugh a little.



288 RMB for a skin was a little expensive for ordinary people, but for Shi Fei, it was a drop in the bucket.



Don’t think he didn’t know that some time ago he even relied on Mr. Gu’s guidance and earned nearly ten million yuan, plus the pay for the jobs during this time and so on.



With such a low-level lie, Mr. Gu would see through it in a minute. Did he think Mr. Gu would fall for it? Don’t dream.



The result was…



Gu Yueze said in a faint voice, “Give me your cell phone.”



Gu Yueze directly opened Shi Fei’s Alipay and then bound it with his own Alipay, setting up an intimate payment.



So his Alipay spending would be directly deducted from Gu Yueze’s card.



“Not bad; you still know this.” Shi Fei looked at the red heart with a smile, and said, “I underestimated you.”



He thought that Gu Yueze only knew how to make money.


Gu Yueze added, “Buy whatever you want.”



Shi Fei leaned against Gu Yueze’s shoulder and said, “I’m currently in the entertainment industry, and it’s inevitable that I’ll have to attend various annual meetings and dinners in the future. I have to wear high-end suits for various occasions, and I can’t wear them repeatedly. So you need to make more money in the future. I just said you don’t need to record programs anymore, but I think you should spend your time earning more money.”



Saying this, Shi Fei hugged Gu Yueze’s arm with both hands and didn’t let go, saying, “According to the president’s routine, you earn millions per minute, but you’re now a person with a family, so you have to work harder to make money. I’m a person who can’t even afford to buy a skin.”



The word ‘family’ poked Gu Yueze’s chest very well, his voice subconsciously held a hint of indulgence: “Okay.”



Zhang Wu looked at Mr. Gu in the rearview mirror, and although his face was still as cold and indifferent as ever, the smile in his eyes couldn’t be hidden.



You can’t hide the smile in your eyes. Mr. Gu, you’re too easy to coax, right? If you’re this indulgent at the beginning, you’ll have no family status at home in the future.



Zhang Wu was quite experienced in this kind of thing.



Xu Zeming looked at this scene and couldn’t help but nod inwardly: “Worthy of being the great god Shi Fei, even his husband-taming technology is also first-class.”



After the two entered the airport, they went directly to the VIP lounge. Gu Yueze still had one and a half hours, then he’d go abroad. The two sat in the lounge and waited.



On the other hand, sitting in the car was a certain worried little disciple.



He always felt that Gu Yueze had ulterior motives for his master. His master was so kind and simple; would he really not be cheated by him?



Could it be that that person was looking at his master’s versatility and was another person who wanted to be his disciple?



No, this matter had to be told to that old fox, Shen Qingran.



Grabbing his cell phone, the ‘love rival Shen Qingran’ was called.



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